Undefeated God of War - Chapter 421 – The Tears of Victory

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Chapter 421 – The Tears of Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Rong Rou panted for breath, staring at Ling Xu who was in front of him.

When was the last time, that I got this tired?

Is he not tired at all?

Ling Xu looked to be in an even more difficult situation, his white gown was tattered and torn, his face and body were full of dirt. Rong Rou was only out of breath, Ling Xu was heavily gasping for air, like bellows.

From the looks of it, Ling Xu was about to fall anytime, but in the 50 moves, Ling Xu was like that, after 200 moves, he was still like that.

Rong Rou’s gaze stared intently into Ling Xu’s eyes. Those orange eyes were blazing like fire balls, filled with fighting intent, from the start of the fight, it did not change one bit. Even under the harshest pressure, those orange pupils still showed the will to fight, as though it would burn the world in flames no matter what.

A trace of respect surged in Rong Rou’s heart.

Ling Xu’s spear technique was very outstanding, and it was also very strange and unique, to be able to be enlightened on the “Spirit Domain” at such a young age, he was definitely not an average joe. In Rong Rou’s eyes, although he was powerful, he did not confine himself to it. Only the unique ever burning battle intent, was something he had never seen on anyone else.

This young man is very strong……

A flash of admiration flashed past Rong Rou’s eyes.

Ling Xu gasped heavily for air, Rong Rou’s strength was definitely stronger than him. But, he was not afraid at all, only with such a strong martial artist can it grind his spear techniques to be even stronger!

Little Xu will never retreat!

Ling Xu roared, one step out, the silver spear in his hand started to spin making a ‘weng’ sound, and a slight cold aura, followed by lights that started appearing like stars, starting to become brighter and brighter.

Rong Rou’s eyes lit up, Ling Xu’s spear, as compared to before, was even more pure and remarkable.

His fingers started to move, forming one ripple after another as translucent round ripples continuously came out of his fingers towards the cold auras shot out from Ling Xu’s spear.

Chi chi chi!

A muffled sound came out, Ling Xu felt as if his spear tip was being sliced off layer by layer, the power becoming lesser and lesser. The ripples from Rong Rou’s hands were firm and soft, like an extremely tough spider web.

I should have known earlier, it would still be the same!

A strict look flashed past Ling Xu’s eyes, the true power in his body suddenly blazed up. He held the trembling silver spear in an aggressive straight form, his legs releasing strength, with his long spear, he took a large stride.


His footsteps were heavy, producing a low bass sound.

Dong dong dong!

As if he was stepping on a bass, Ling Xu lowered his waist, the silver spear in his hand held at a horizontally flat level, the burning craze in his pupils, his face solemn and strict, like an ancient cavalry, he rushed forward!

The battle song of the Silver Frost Mounts sounded out in his ears.

“Silver spear should be as soft as snow, and be as pure as the clouds. Sheep Horn Wind Bells, the cool breeze will never capture your sound…..”

As though something had flooded into his mind, Ling Xu did not hold back as he bellowed: “KILL!”

Rong Rou’s face changed.

In the big hall, Adrian watched dumbstruck, the situation of the battle was not something he would have ever thought of.

Both parties were fighting to the point of going crazy.

The movements of the two people were extremely fast, with their astonishing energy that shot out far and wide, the floor and walls all around had holes and all sorts of bruises.

The firm house was on the verge of collapse, the roof was already blown apart.

The powerful energies produced clear and low sounds, along with the crisp and clear sounds of breaking were mixed together. Hearing it could cause anyone’s heart to palpitate.

Yan Tu’s counterattack was in a frenzy, regardless of whether his qi or the force of his attacks, he was using all of them as though as he did not want to live. He was like an enraged bear, attacking left, slashing to the right, he was ignorant of everything. Even Adrian who was at the side had to admit, such a berserk way of fighting, if it was him, he would not be able to defend against it.

Thinking about his plan previously, Adrian realized he had made so many excessive mistakes. Yan Tu was far stronger than he had imagined. Not only was Yan Tu’s strength, but his berserk mode. Ignoring everything that happened to him, ignoring his injuries, ignoring defence, all of his focus and power, was only on one goal, to tear the opponent to shreds!

Too fearsome!

The rage of a wild beast, the desperate counterattacks of a wild beast, the recklessness of a wild beast, Yan Tu was like an invincible wild beast!

Such fierce and outstanding attacks, if he did not see it himself, Adrian would never believe that anyone could defend against them, or at the very least, anyone below the saint level would definitely be unable to block such attacks. Facing Yan Tu, the only way, was to slowly avoid the attacks, slowly scheme, and exhaust his body strength and True Power….

But, Tang Tian was blocking them!

Every technique caught in the least fanciful way.

That pair of magical hands, under the onslaught of berserk and powerful attacks, did not retreat one bit.

This fellow….is actually not afraid at all….

Tang Tian’s expression did not change at all, Yan Tu was fierce and crazy, but it did not even instigate a bit of a wave in Tang Tian’s eyes. He was focused like a rock. The sharp energy struck across his cheek, bringing forth a few drops of blood, but he did not seem to feel it. The rapid air flow blew across his eyelashes, but he did not retract at all.

is eyes only had a ray of brown True Power aura.

He was not afraid at all!

Because the victory of the battle was for his mother.

Every time Yan Tu attacked, he welcomed it without hesitation. He wanted his mother in heaven to see his improvements, let her see how much stronger her son had grown.

He wanted his mother to see, the young man who cried in the night, had become tough and strong, the young man who made her worry, currently had a constellation burdened on his shoulders.

Heh, he was already a man who could support both heaven and earth.

Why should he retreat? Why should he dodge?

He just wanted to win through displaying his strength and discipline, he wanted to beat every move with his own, and let that asshole become speechless!

Tang Tian’s eyes were like the stars in the night sky, shining brightly, his movements became faster and faster, his intuition and his judgement, became even more astute and sharp, the Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand became even more terrifying.

Yan Tu’s bellows and roars, became weaker and weaker, as a frightened state was slowly breeding in his heart.

The opponent seemed to be getting more and more clear of his attack intent.

From the start, Tang Tian was unraveling his style, and after a 100 bouts, he was shocked to realize, when he just thought of the method, the style that had not even been formulated completely, was already unravelled by the frightening pair of hands.

Tang Tian’s unwavering eyes, looked as though he could see through everything.

He could not even form his True Power aura….

The invisible web was slowly tightening.

How is it like this….

His gaze landed on Tang Tian’s face, his heart was fearful and unsure, what kind of martial technique was Tang Tian was using.

The chaotic and intense air flow swept past, his face became a blur, but, that young and immature face, was serious, very serious!

The chaotic air flow swept across his face, but Tang Tian did not seem to be aware of it, every single ounce of his senses were focused on Yan Tu!

Him being focused seem to change him into a different person, his smile had disappeared, his lips pursed tightly, his face, was firm and persistent, like a carving in steel.

Yan Tu finally felt afraid, Tang Tian’s attacks were everywhere, he felt as if he had dropped into an invisible web, no matter how much he struggled, he was unable to get out of it. And, the web was also slowly tightening, the strong choking feeling made him feel, for the first time, death was just a step away, so close that he could see the death god smiling at him, revealing the sinister teeth.

No, I am Ursa Major Constellation’s first in line successor, how can I die here!

How can I die to trash!

How can I!

Yan Tu knew, at the last moment, if he did not use it, he will die!

No, I cannot die here, I can definitely not die at this guy’s hands, I cannot, I, Yan Tu, want to be an overlord martial artist in Heaven’s Road, I, Yan Tu……

Yan Tu kept screaming in his mind, his right hand suddenly burst forth a ray of light aura that shot to the skies.

The shocking energy undulation released from his arm, made it look like he was hiding a terrifying creature inside him. The strong energy undulation swept across the air around Yan Tu, the air flow becoming violent and berserk. The airflows that were cut flew around Yan Tu’s body like blades, frantically revolving around.

Yan Tu’s heart calmed down, all of the pressure seemed to have disappeared. His self confidence had returned to his body, the feeling of having the world in his hands, made him smile once again.

The winner in the end will be me! Only I am fit to be victorious!

Suddenly, a figure, like the wind, barged into his vision, entering the pillar of light.

The intense flow of air that contained an energy undulation that could cause people to shiver, blew at Tang Tian to the point that he could not open his eyes. His entire body felt the pain of needles piercing in, the energy undulation gave his intuition a very strong sense of danger, at this time, the safer choice was to retreat.


Tang Tian struggled to keep his eyes open, his face did not have any emotions. He did not care about the terrifying energy undulation or the pincushion sense of danger.

The chaotic airflow was unable to extinguish the flames in his eyes.

Everything that you have mocked, are things that I cherish, everything that you scoffed at, is everything that I look forward to, everything that you abandoned or trampled on, are things I thirst for but could never get, the things that you think are naive and immature, are my faith and conviction.

Tang Tian was like an enraged arrow, piercing straight into a berserk hurricane.

Time seemed to have stopped.

Tang Tian threw himself forward, his eyes showed willpower that was like steel, the sharp fragments of air covered him, drawing blood from all over his body, but his face did not change at all.

I….. no matter what, no matter how, I want to win!

The air blades that were dancing, drew countless amounts of blood. Tang Tian gently extended his arms, extending his ten fingers out, like vines at first day of spring, filled with the energy of life.

They suddenly disappeared in the air.


A hand flew out from far away, bringing forth dazzling light aura, a terrifying flame soaring up because of it.

Yan Tu stood in his spot in disbelief, his right arm was gone, a big wound was what replaced its position, blood flowing out.


Yan Tu’s heart piercing bellow, filled with unreconciliation and rage echoed into the air. Rage, despair, fear all mixed together, He had lost control of his True Power, flowing straight into his heart. Yan Tu’s bellow stopped abruptly, his eyes widened, chi, he spat out more blood, and instantly dropped down.

Tang Tian floated down to the ground, the blood on his clothes slowly soaking everywhere.

He stared at Yan Tu’s body, the qi in the body was gone.

The fatigue and tired yet firm and strong face, slowly changed.

Mom, I won….did you see it…. I’m strong now right….

Mom, I miss you….

I really really miss you…..

Tears starting dropping, flowing all over his cheeks, down to his injuries, dropping with his blood, ‘pa-ta pa-ta’ at his feet, wetting the ground.

(TN: How many tears is that?!?!?!??!?!)

The young man was crying and wailing!