Undefeated God of War - Chapter 419 – Extreme Unhappiness

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Chapter 419 – Extreme Unhappiness

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Adrian was astonished.

He had seen countless spear techniques and countless talents. But Ling Xu’s spear technique made him feel in awe. Because the spear already had an aura of a Spirit Domain. The reason why the two King Bear martial artists retaliated was because they could not control their instinct of attacking due to the Spirit Domain.

Even if the spear technique was low ranked, as long as it could generate a Spirit Domain energy, it could become a lethal attack.

Any techniques at the grandmaster level were Spirit Domains.

Others were more familiar with the term Saint Domain. Becoming familiar with the energy of the Spirit Domain was a prerequisite to be conferred the Saint title.

Adrian had never seen such an energy from a person of this tender age before. Even though the Spirit Domain energy was mild in Ling Xu’s spear technique, but it was still Spirit Domain nonetheless!

This boy…could he actually be a genius?

Adrian was focusing his attention on Ling Xu. His silvery hair covered his face which was burning with passion. His eyes exude the yearn for every increasing battle.

Bigotry, passion and unyieldingness were not traits that he admired. But, when these traits were combined, it would certainly capture one’s attention.

Seventh or eighth level?

Adrian was unsure. Normally, he prided himself on his sharp ability to evaluate the potential of a person. But Ling Xu’s ability made it difficult for him to grasp. Could the Spirit Domain be disrupting his judgement of Ling Xu? Adrian felt that even though he was near to obtaining the Saint Domain, he understood the Spirit Domain much more than Ling Xu was.

But why was he so uncertain of his judgment now?

It might be due to the unyielding passion that would send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Ling Xu placed his spear forward as his steps grew heavier. With a sudden surge of passion and impulsiveness, he dashed once again at the three men.

“Wow!” Yan Tu was surprised: “His strength is not bad. Rong Rou, leave him alive.”

“Yes your majesty.” Rong Rou bowed and slowly trotted towards Ling Xu.

“Little Xu Xu, defeat him!” Tang Tian shouted from across the distance.

“Shut up!” Ling Xu turned his head as his face was filled with rage.

Tang Tian opened his eyes wide: “Hey, Xiao Xu Xu, I am cheering you on! This old bloke looks strong from here!”

“Shut up!” Ling Xu shouted back.

“Do not underestimate him. He is one wise man. If you are not cautious, you will be in danger…”

“If you continue talking, I will plunge my spear into you!” Ling Xu pointed at Tang Tian as he could not contain his rage.

“Hey, how can you treat your partner like that…” Tang Tian replied.

Crane touched his nose. He knew that Tang Tian would agitate Ling Xu and empower him. Am I too quiet? Why did I suddenly think of the phrase ‘a crane in a flock of chickens’?

Looks like I would need to take more initiative.

Okay then, since the enemy seems to be better than the crazy Tang….

Crane stepped forward, looking elegant: “May I ask, who shall be my opponent?”

No one replied to Crane’s request.

Crane was stunned by the silence.

Tang Tian witnessed it and pointed at Crane: “Hahahaha! Crane, everyone ignored you. Nobody! Wants! To! Bother! With! You!”

Should have expected such banter from Tang Tian.

Crane did not express any emotions. He grasped onto his sword tightly.

Keep calm.. Keep calm… Crane, you are a well-mannered individual. You do not need to stoop to his level…

Crane raised his stoned face and glared cooly. He slowly loosened his grip on his weapon.

He was pissed at those who made fun of others’ appearances!

Crane’s pupils grew bigger as he loosened his grip on Crane Sword. The aura of his sword slowly filled the entire hall. Every corner of the hall, including the tiles and the walls, were now filled with small scars from the aura exuded from the sword.


The screen, which was initially just filled with cracks, had now shattered into pieces.

Crane was now exuding an astonishing array of energy from his sword.


The entire hall fell into silence. The aura exuded by Crane took everyone by surprise. Was this the same as the warm and lighthearted teen that they knew from just now?

Only Tang Tian’s incessant laughter could be heard in the hall: “Hahahaha! Crane, you have failed! No one paid any attention to you!”

Crane: “…”

Crane looked downwards as his arms trembled in anger.

This bastard…Crane, this is a form of training…Yes, this is a form of training…

Crane mused silently: This was a form of training…

Adrian did not know how to describe what he was feeling. Just now, Ling Xu’s spear technique was already breathtaking for him. Now, the normally reserved Crane, suddenly was bursting with a magnificent energy. He could sense the same energy from Crane as he did from Ling Xu.

This was the energy from the Spirit Domain!

Adrian shifted his attention towards Crane. His style was different than that of Ling Xu. He was much more calm and reserved, which would have struck mentally at its opponent.

Adrian incidentally cast a glance at his pleased disciple, Ah Xiu. Even though the two teens had similar style and temperament, Crane was far stronger than Ah Xiu.

Could he be the Sagittarius Empress’s nephew?

That would explain his formidable abilities!

Yan Tu frowned even more. Compared to Ling Xu, Crane was more intractable. There were only a few famous female martial artists in the whole of Heaven’s Road, and none of them were easy to handle. Crane was somehow similar to the Sagittarius Empress, who was the ruler of Sagittarius Constellation and was a Bow Saint, and was always defying nature’s orders. Even Yan Tu’s father did not dare to incite the wrath of the Empress.

“Elder Jian, I want him alive.” Yang Tu stated sternly.

“Yes, your majesty.” Jian Feng Yuan replied. Naturally, he knew of Crane’s stature and that Yan Tu did not want to incite the wrath of the Empress. He too did not want any share of it. But since Yan Tu had given down his orders, he had no other choice.

Jian Feng Yuan glanced at Crane: “Prince Crane, the Sagittarius Constellation and our Ursa Major Constellation do not have any conflicts nor hatred towards each other…”

For Jian Feng Yuan to call Crane the “Prince Crane” was not inappropriate since Crane was the likeliest successor to the crown of the Sagittarius Constellation.

Crane was expressionless and broke Jian Feng Yuan sentence before he could complete it: “I do not have any relations with the Sagittarius Constellation. You can stop your speech now! Bring it on!”

Jiang Feng Yuan was in disbelieve. Just because you said that there were no conflict between the two constellations doesn’t mean that there really weren’t any. Even if the Empress stated the same thing, it wouldn’t be true. But no one dared to defy what she said.

Yan Tu looked the other way, trying to ignore the problematic Crane aside for his subordinate to handle. As long as Crane was not harmed, everything would be fine.

He focused his attention on Tang Tian. Once he got hold of Tang Tian, they would be victorious. He was too cautious to be spending so much time on someone like him. It was up to his two subordinates to handle everything.

Let everything end now.

Yan Tu suddenly charged up his energy and charged towards Tang Tian like a released arrow. His move was both sudden and explosive, as he lunged forward like a hungry tiger.

A shadow suddenly blocked his way. It was Adrian. On both of his sides, two more shadows appeared. It was Ah Xiu and Liu Zhong Guang.

The trio struck at the same time, surrounding Yan Tu.

Yan Tu noticed the incoming attack but did not slow down his pace as he charged towards Adrian and tucked both of his hands close to is body.


Yan Tu’s body suddenly burst into orange rays. He then released his two arms outwards like an hungry bear hunting its prey. The energy released was massive.

Adrian squinted his eyes. Rays of light seemed to be emitting from his eyes, while his arms moved slowly in the air as if it was covered in thick glue that was restricting his movement.

Yan Tu could feel that the resistance on his movement was growing, as if he had just fell into quicksand.

The aura of lights flourished even brighter around Yan Tu, as both of his arms were shrouded with blinding energy. Like a hungry bear, he roared and charged towards Adrian’s palm technique.


Rays of bright light radiated across the hall from the clash. Adrian trembled upon impact and was forced backwards by the immense energy.

Both Ah Xiu and Liu Zhong Guang’s assaults managed to hit Yan Tu as he roared in pain. With a slight quiver of Yan Tu’s body, Liu Zhong Guang could feel a strong energy directed at him, flinging his body skywards.

As his eyes radiated a blinding light, Ah Xiu aimed his finger technique at Yan Tu and inflicted countless marks on his body

Yan Tu shouted: “Get lost!”

Ah Xiu winced in pain as Yan Tu’s energy burst threw him aside.

Yan Tu’s body seemed to have stars appearing from the attack of Ah Xiu. These wounds started to brighten up. Yan Tu shouted in rage: “You want to defeat me with such trivial techniques?”

Bang bang bang!

The stars took turns to explode. Within moments, all the bright spots on Yan Tu disappeared.

Ah Xiu’s expression changed drastically. How could Yan Tu be so strong…

He realized that their strategy of striking the fatal points of Yan Tu had failed. They have underestimated his true strength!

Adrian also realized this problem but kept his cool. He stood straight and stared down at his opponent: “Your majesty’s strength sure is impressive.”

“Hahahaha!” Yan Tu burst out in laughter: “It is an accomplishment to have taken The Hunter by surprise with my technique.”

“Yes.” Adrian admitted his mistake of underestimated him: “I have never been able to understand this little problem. Why would the King Bear despatch his nephew for such an assignment. Now I know, it was due to your majesty’s immense strength. You are definitely the strongest fighter out of the three!”

“No wonder you are called The Hunter.” Yan Tu laughed: “Even though you could comprehend the Spirit Domain, you are still no match for me.”

“Now I understand.” Adrian nodded: “Your majesty knew I could comprehend the Spirit Domain and yet still had the confidence to defeat me. It was down to two possibilities. The first, your majesty knows the Saint Domain, but it doesn’t look like you do. Even though you might comprehend the Spirit Domain, you are still far off from obtaining the Saint Domain. Then, it is down to the second possibility, which is that you are carrying a secret treasure to fight against us.”

“That was a smart analysis. I am in awe!” Yan Tu praised Adrian for being able to analyze in detail despite such circumstances.

“I have never expected that despite my intelligence, I would end my life in defeat under your hands. I guess that’s fate then.” Adrian laughed.

“If you…” Yan Tu could not finish his sentence before Adrian interjected.

Adrian replied: “Your majesty can save your words. To be appreciated by you, I have no regrets to die upon your hands.“

Ah Xiu grabbed his chin in agony as blood trickled down from the slit.

Yan Tu expressed his regret: “What a pity.”

Suddenly, an incessant voice invoked in between the two of them.

“Hey hey hey, I have told you guys the main guy is over here! The strongest martial artist you all are aiming for is over there! Look closely!”

“I am very disappointed for you guys to make such a big mistake!”