Undefeated God of War - Chapter 418 – The Boy Who Seeks Trouble

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Chapter 418 – The Boy Who Seeks Trouble

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Duke Huo Fu Man looked at Xi Lin. Initially, he thought that his mission would have brought Xi Lin to see the majesty. Little did he know that it would have ended in a huge loss.

With the might of four Gold Rank Martial Artists, it was considered an easy task and would take little effort to conquer a small planet or destroy an entire city.

But the Bronze Camp in that constellation managed to engulf the four Gold Rank Martial Artists.

He should have known that with the strength of Duan Mu, even if he could not obtain his victory, it should not have been hard to escape, but up to this date there were no information from him.

He had underestimated the power of the Three Spirit City.

Duke Huo Fu Man felt that he was partly to blame. Xi Lin, who looked dull and helpless, had taken this recent defeat personally. The loss of the four Gold Rank Martial Artists did not affect Huo Fu Man. But Xi Lin’s current state, made him worried.

Huo Fu Man did not display his emotions explicitly. He glanced towards Xi Lin: “Hey, raise your head up.”

Xi Lin slowly forced his head up.

Huo Fu Man frowned and continued: “Stand up!”

Xi Lin quivered as he stood up immediately.

Huo Fu Man frowned even more as he stood up from his chair: “Look at yourself. I am not dead yet! You are so affected by something so trivial. The four Gold Rank Martial Artists have died then so be it. Everyone dies eventually. Even if you were to fail in the future, do not worry. Stand back up whenever you meet failure. You have the capabilities to do so. If you ever admit defeat, you are not fit to be my son.”

Xi Lin felt ashamed of himself.

“Go and wash your face.” Huo Fu Man told him gently.

Xi Lin rushed to the toilet and washed his face to freshen up from the emotional ordeal.

Huo Fu Man passed him a piece of tissue: “Go, pack your stuff. The majesty wishes you to travel south. There was some restlessness among the aboriginals.

“What about Three Spirit City?” Xi Lin was reluctant.

“I will settle that.” Huo Fu Man patted Xi Lin’s shoulder: “You should settle your own assignment first.”

He did not tell Xi Lin that the failure of this assignment would require them to lie low.

A small troop of martial artists scoured across the plains but were stopped short of their track by three martial artists.

“Li Du has such a sensitive sense of smell.” The middle martial artist smiled.

The leader of the small troop replied: “Honourable Martial Group!”

The martial artists were interested: “Do you all want to support Adrian? What a shame. I have always admired The Hunter.”

The expression of the leader of the troop changed drastically. A ring that was donned on a martial artist standing behind him suddenly gave out a burst of light.

Three Spirit City.

As the ring of Adrian’s subordinate brightened up, an unknown voice blurted out: “Do you all want to support Adrian? What a shame. I have always admired The Hunter.”

The three men grew pale.

“Let’s go!” Adrian said without hesitating.

“To where?” Liu Zhong Guang asked.

“To find Tang Tian.” Adrian replied softly.

“To find Tang Tian? Why?” Liu Zhong Guang could not understand why they needed to do that. Ah Xiu knew what master was trying to do.

Yan Tu heard Wu Xia’s report and let out a smile at the edge of his mouth: “Ah, Adrian will go look for Tang Tian?”

“Yes your majesty.” Wu Xia replied respectfully.

“That’s good too. It would save us another trip down.” Yan Tu replied as he displayed his killer intent on his face: “Bring your men and capture Angelina. There shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Wu Xia replied: “There won’t be.”

“Let go, I have waited too long for this.” Yan Tu said to the two Ursa Major martial artists beside him.


The manor that Tang Tian was residing in.

Adrian did not try and conceal any information as he repeated everything that he knew.

Crane mused silently as Tang Tian was surprised: “Wa! That is cunning! So crafty!”

Ling Xu was feeling so bored that he ran to a corner to practise his spear techniques.

Ah Xiu felt weird. Ling Xu was similar to the rumors, that he was a hot tempered crazy individual. But he simply could not comprehend an individual like Tang Tian.

How could a person like him be the leader?

Adrian was instead calm as he stood silently after finishing what he had to say.


The laughter drifted from outside the wooden doors of the hall. Three shadows slowly strutted into the manor. Yan Tu looked proudly on as a smile appeared on his face: “I have heard so much about you, Tang Tian, as a powerful individual. I certainly did not expect you to be like that. What a disappointment.”

Tang Tian was curiously and asked: “Hey, who are you?”

Crane palmed his forehead. This was a typical problem of Tang Tian that made him feel ashamed since they were only just discussing about Yan Tu…

Ling Xu stopped his training and walked towards Tang Tian side. Based on what had transpired, it looked like there would be a great fight today.

Yan Tu ignored Tang Tian and turned his attention to Adrian: “Mr. Hunter, I have always respected you. If you could provide your strength to the Ursa Major Constellation, we would fulfil any demands that you might have.”

Adrian smiled: “Thank you your majesty for this gesture. It was an honour to receive the appreciation from you. But I have all the wealth that I need. There is nothing more that I would want.”

Yan Tu was not surprised and replied: “Mr. Hunter you should reconsider. Wouldn’t you even consider being a noble disciple?”

Liu Zhong Guang raged: “Do not waste your time here. To be under you? You must have a thick skin to even dare ask for this request!”

Yan Tu shook his head and was feeling regretful from this reception: “Since you are not willing to be served under me, I am regretful to say that today shall be the day that you die.”

“Hey hey hey, this is our territory, right?” Tang Tian found out that he was being left out of this conversation as he tried desperately to invoke his presence.

How could a godlike young man be ignored!

The two Ursa Major martial artists beside Yan Tu opened their eyes wide as they exuded a strong aura of energy around them. Everyone could feel their astonishing power slowly rising and feeling every corner of the room. The air became colder as tension ran high.

Ka ka ka!

The martial artist who was leading the attack let out a screeching noise.

Small cracks starting appearing on the screen like a spider web being spurned.

The expressions of Ah Xiu and Liu Zhong Guang changed. Was this the power of the martial artists from the Ursa Major Constellation?

To be personally despatched by the Constellation Master for an assignment, they must be the most elite martial artists in that constellation. In the Major Ursa Constellation, only seven individuals were known to be King Bear martial artists. Despite not executing any attacks yet, their aura was already astonishing. Energy was exuding like rays of light from the two. They looked on cold bloodedly at Tang Tian and the rest.

Crane stood up as his black robe wavered in the air. He coolly addressed the crowd: “The actions of everyone here is certainly disrespectful.”

“What?” Tang Tian jumped in surprised and scolded: “Hey Crane, these kind of actions, are merely ‘disrespectful’ in your view?”

Crane: “….”

I was just being courteous…

Tang Tian’s expression had become fierce and sinister than before as he bit his teeth and shouted at them: “How dare you come to my territory and kick up a fuss. Do you guys not know how death feels! Brothers, let’s settle them!”

Crane stood silently as he was prepared to turn around right away. It was definitely not the strategy that he had in mind to be rash and impulsive. If you did not know to how settle a conflict, why not let me handle it?

Loud clamour!

A silver shadow dashed past the vision of Crane. The impatient Ling Xiu was hungry for a battle as he charged towards the three men like a sharp arrow with his spear leading the way.

Liu Zhong Guang looked on in daze, and so was Ah Xiu and Adrian.

Was this guy crazy?

Did he want to die?

Those…were King Ursa martial artists!

The zealot Ling Xu, who was already high up in the air charging towards the three men, was feeling excited from the incoming battle, which had overwhelmed his senses and numbed his fears. He was finally able to unleash his suppressed yearning to fight.

The sound of bells rang distinctly across the hall from Ling Xu’s spear.

Cold air surrounded the room as tensions ran high with everyone anticipating the attack from Ling Xu.

The two martial artists beside Yan Tu glared at the oncoming Ling Xu. When has anyone dared to face them directly and with such arrogance?

One versus three. When was the last time they have seen such impulsiveness?

What an insult!

The actions by the opposition was an insult to the King Ursa martial artists!

But the three men seemed to have been immersed into a realm of boundless starry skies as silence descended around them.

All of them were astounded by this technique from Ling Xu.

What…What kind of spear technique was that?

The two King Bear martial artists retaliated simultaneously!

The martial artist at the left of Yan Tu was called Rong Rou. His expression congealed. A circular aura exuded from his finger and was aimed at the starry stars that were flying towards them.

The other martial artist was called Jian Feng Yuan. He snorted, the Demon Head Saber appeared in his hand as he swung his saber at the oncoming Ling Xu’s attack.

Ding ding ding!

The concentrated and sharp attacks collided with each other, generating a resounding noise in the midst of the battle.

Ling Xu retreated at a faster speed than he lunged at them and smashed into the walls, crumbling them.

That was more normal…

Ah Xiu and Liu Zhong Guang both breath a sigh of relief. They both had the same thought. These were King Bear martial artists after all. Ling Xu’s behavior was simply too impulsive.


Suddenly, an eerie laughter burst out from beneath the rubble. The rubble burst open as rocks flew everywhere. Ling Xu grasped his silver spear and trotted out of it.

The corner of Ling Xu’s mouth was a large gash with bright red blood snaking down. Instead of feeling despaired or disheartened, he was zealous to continue to fight.

“That felt so good!”

He pointed his spear at the three men and proclaimed: “Come again!”

Both Ah Xiu and Liu Zhong Guang were worried again for Ling Xu as they stared in daze at him.

To be able to defend the attacks from the King Bear martial artists while not incurring massive injuries was already a feat on its own. And this time, he still asked for more…

This fella, he sure was crazy.

As the ever calm Adrian looked on at Ling Xu, he was well-aware of the perilous situation they were in.

That spear…