Undefeated God of War - Chapter 415 – Everyone’s Ambition!

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Chapter 415 – Everyone’s Ambition!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“I surrender!” The sawtooth blade martial artist simply dropped his sawtooth blade, he was exhausted, so he sat on the ground, staring at Tang Tian with his eyes wide open He was worn out to the extent that his face was cramped and looked stiff.

Tang Tian was also panting, sweat raining down from his body, he looked like he just got out from a pool. Tang Tian also stared back, and to outdo him, he just bent down and held his knees to keep his balance.

Wouldn’t I be the same as him if I sat on the ground as well? Of course not! How can the winner be the same as the loser? Stand still look more grand……

So the two of them just kept panting while staring at each other.

Duan Mu was about to break down after waiting aimlessly for an hour, but it was finally over and he felt relieved……

Only a few people were left around him, the rest of the mechanical engineers had returned to their desks and began working.

“This is hopeless!” Sai Lei looked up at the screen. She shook her head and sighed, then looked down right away and continued with her work.

Roughly half an hour has passed, the nerves which were numbed finally had recovered and Duan Mu became calm and decisive again.

The mission by the Duke was considered a failure. It was a tremendous loss, three Gold Ranked Martial Artists dead, the sawtooth blade martial artist surrendered, and he was caught. But after giving it a second thought, Duan Mu thought that this was nothing to the Duke. Although he had lost four Gold Ranked Martial Artists, it did not hurt his foundations. On the contrary, Three Spirit City had revealed its strength, so the Duke will be even more cautious. Furthermore, being noticed by the scheming and evil Duke, was much more dangerous to the Three Spirits City.

Duan Mu had served the Duke for a long time, and he knew his character well, the Duke was persistent and stubborn, failure would only make him work harder and be better prepared for the future. He would make sure that the next attack would be a deadly blow and nothing could defend his attack.

But he thought of Ophiuchus Constellation’s situation, and he shook his head, these people were so lucky. For the Duke to take action, it would require time.

Duan Mu, what does this have to do with you?

He smiled in self-deprecation, waiting for his fate quietly.

Day after day past.

And then, Duan Mu suddenly discovered that he was actually being forgotten.


He was indeed forgot about.

It was a mess at Three Spirits City, everyone was busy evaluating the fight. Even though it ended well, neither party was satisfied with the fight.

Sai Lei was annoyed with how the mechanical weapons they created were unable to withstand a single blow. Once the fight ended, they quickly wrapped up and all the Mechanic Engineers were gathered by Sai Lei, they were screamed and mocked at by her for two hours.

“What is the name of the Three Spirits City now? Mechanic City! In the end, the opponents broke our mechanics in pieces without any effort, I’ve never felt so embarrassed in my life before!”

You thought Gold Ranked Martial Artists were impossible to defeat? So it’s reasonable even if we couldn’t withstand their attacks? Bull shit! Are you all still considered men?”

“I have said before, my goal was to be the strongest mechanical engineer ever! How dare a Gold Ranked Martial Artist act tough in front of me?”

“Now we only have one goal, it is to design a mechanical weapon powerful enough to take down Gold Ranked Martial Artists!”

“Yeah, no one has done that, so what! We must do it! We must be the best! We need to prove to the rest that mechanical weapons are the most powerful in the world, we have been long forgotten and I’ve had enough of it! I need to announce to them that the Mechanical Era has come and it is now our time to shine! We are the best mechanical engineers!”

“Not of the few! I want to be the only one! Do you all understand?”

Sai Lei stood on the table, seemingly crazy, and not a single trace of the usual glamour and temptation found on her.

All the mechanical engineers felt their blood boiling, all pumped up, as though fresh lava flowed and burned inside their bodies.

They were already used to being mocked, ever since they started doing this job, there was always exhortation and tease.

Useless, hopeless, be more practical…….

They accepted it all without any complaints, but they have dreamt of the peak era for mechanics many times before.

At that time they were the strongest, they had dignity and glory.

The near dying ambition deep in every mechanical engineer’s heart got resuscitation by Sai Lei’s crazy hysterical screams.

The Mechanical Era! Our era!

That’s right, was there anything more tempting than this goal? Was there anything else more irresistible to the Mechanical Engineers?

Even the steadiest mechanical engineer was trembling uncontrollably.

In the blood meridian laboratory, they were equally unsatisfied with the fight, Ya Ya ended the fight, their only successful tactic was the sea of poisonous rabbits. But they were unable to determine how effective the poison was.

More importantly, there were many restrictions to the tactic.

The Triple Flowers were obviously useless, Ya Ya tied them up easily and pulled them back.

“Gold Ranked Martial Artist, our goal from now on will be Gold Ranked Martial Artist. If we could take down the Gold Ranked Martial Artist, we could request for as much funds as we wish! Even increasing by a few times isn’t an issue……”

The old men and women present began to look more alert when they heard the word “funds” from Old Man Fei.

“What to be afraid of Gold Ranked Martial Artist, we could kill them easily!”

“Kill them!”

“Kill them!”

The room filled with anger and killing intent.

Tang Chou looked blankly at the students in front of him, they were completely silent and looked ashamed, they performed badly for this fight.

Tang Chou did not receive any scolding from Master Bing, because he knew that to Master Bing, the army was just cannon fodder. But Tang Chou felt intense anger in his heart the anger directed to himself.

Tang Chou was unaware that there was a spirit general named Feng Chou, that always had a passion for fighting.

Neither did Tang Chou knew that his passion for fighting and desperation for victory was exactly like Feng Chou, even that ego and proudness of him.

He bowed down suddenly.

“I am mainly responsible for this loss. I am directly related to designing the tactics therefore I need to formally apologize, I’m sorry.”

Everyone looked at him, stunned.

Mo Zi Yu’s face was red, he felt that there was a gush of blood flowed directly to his head, a sense of intense humiliation rose from the bottom of his heart and he wished there was a place he could hide. Mo Wu Wei’s face was livid, expressionless, but he clenched his fists so tight that he was trembling which showed that he was not that calm within.

Tang Chou rose, stared at everyone and solemnly said,” I will redesign the tactics, I will make major improvements to it and I hope everyone will do the same!”

Mo Zi Yu and Mo Wu Wei stood straight, roared simultaneously,”Yes!”

The 200 men synchronously roared,”Yes!”

Ya Ya was depressed, it frowned, played with its tiny fingers, how would the Master settle this issue? Would he just leave it in the past, or would he……..

Bing came over,”Ya Ya, you are worried that the Master would find trouble with you, right.”

Ya Ya looked up, eyes sparkled and nodded profusely.

“Actually I have a solution.” Bing tried to lure Ya Ya,” You see, if you don’t show up in front of the Master, with his poor memory, will he still remember it?”

Ya Ya’s eyes sparkled brighter.

“Therefore, the best solution now is continue to digging, and pretend as if nothing has happened.”

Ya Ya was startled and quickly ran off happily.

Bing was satisfied with how he managed to lure child labour, there was a huge reduction of funds, there was nothing better than the existence of free labour such as Ya Ya.

On the training grounds.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Again!” Tang Tian tossed the blade to Chi Guang.

Chi Guang was the one who specialised in the sawtooth blade, anger was written all over his face,” I’ve already surrendered, what else do you want? I would rather be dead than to be humiliated! A Gold Ranked Martial Artist has dignity!”

“That right, that’s right!” Tang Tian nodded, perfunctorily said,” Ten more times, just ten, then we will end.”

“Really just ten?” Chi Guang looked at Tang Tian in disbelief, and reminded him with a strict face,” A man must keep his words.”

“I will I will!” Tang Tian kept nodding.

“Watch the blade!”




“It was already ten times!”

“You must have counted wrongly, it was obviously just three times only!”

“Three…..you you you……despicable!”

“How could you count worse than me! Ten minus three, there’s still nine more times!”

“Bullshit! Obviously it’s only seven!”

“Alright! Then just seven times!”


Tang Tian was pleased with how tired Chi Guang was as he was about to collapse, the fight from the other day gave him great inspiration. What was better than sparring with a Gold Ranked Martial Artist?

After Chi Guang surrended, Tang Tian did not kill him, he kept him for sparring, to work on his [Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand]!

Chi Guang did not resist at the start, as for a prisoner of war, he was rather well treated. But who knew that Tang Tian had endless energy and did not know the word fatigue.

Soon Chi Guang could not take it anymore, he was almost dying of fatigue everyday.

Tiang Tian improved tremendously, this made him happy too as he had not been improving so quickly in a long time. But, he felt that something was lacking……

He was not satisfied with just Chi Guang alone.

Oh, right, Sai Lei might have another prisoner of war……

Tang Tian’s eyes shined.

Duan Mu was tied up, he seemed to have felt something suspicious which gave him chills.

Tang Tian was having fun over here, he had no idea that there was a group of people back at Fairy City, they were like cats on a hot tin roof.

Yan Tu spoke with a gloomy face,”Where did Tang Tian go?”

Wu Xia felt pins and needles,”Not so sure at the moment.”

Suspicion added to Yan Tu’s tone,” How could he disappear under our watch? And it has been so many days.”

“Your Subordinate……” Wu Xia was also unsure of what to answer.

“Where did he go? What has he done?” Yan Tu spoke coldly,” We know nothing! Ha, I thought we had detection posts all over the manor and no one saw anything, so he flew away? If we don’t catch Tang Tian, then our plan is just a joke. Am I here to be a joke?”

There was wrath hidden in Yan Tu’s words.

Suddenly, a post guard barged in in excitement.

“Tang……Tang Tian is back!”