Undefeated God of War - Chapter 414 – What the Hell is This Place!!

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Chapter 414 – What the Hell is This Place!!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The bald man sensed danger, he roared and waved his bronze rod around. But it seemed weak to the soldier as he noticed the opponent was less capable than he desired.

For the martial artist, physical strength and True Power are the most crucial for fighting. For a long period of time, the martial artists that had weak understandings of what’s within the body which made them believe only True Power was crucial. It wasn’t until the uprise of blood meridian martial artists whereby they did research and studied the physical strength further and had new findings.

For a martial artist who was physically drained would be less capable of controlling his True Power.

Whereas if both the physical and True Power were weakened, that indicated he would be in an extremely disadvantaged situation.

That was what Bing intended to achieve with the series of tactics.

The opponent looked tired, implying that the victory is near.


Sky Tiger’s fist punched directly at the bald man’s bronze rod, the dull sound vibrated the ear drums which caused pain in the ear, it also created turbulence in the surrounding air like there was a storm.

The bald man’s facial expression changed, as he retreated far back. This was the first time he fought tough head-on with toughness. Before, Bing relied entirely on his strange footwork which made him unable to defend, in his heart, he believed that the martial artist was an assassin, causing him to be very cautious.

Only when the power transmitted through the bronze rod did he then realized he was wrong.

He had fought countless bloody battles, he soon figured out Bing’s intent and his facial expression changed.

Damn it, I got caught in the trap!

The soldier did not hesitate and attacked nonstop which gave no chance for the bald one to fight back, the Sky Tiger moved like a ghost, the attacks were erratically cold then became fierce and violent suddenly, every blow was overwhelming to the opponent.

Bang bang bang!

The fist met the rod, they collided meticulously like two hammers weighing a ton each bombarding together. Every collision caused turbulence in the air and created a transparent air circle with them in the center, everything was blown away from the circle.

Sky Tiger stood tall, raging fiercely in the aggressive fight.

The bald martial artist continued to retreat, every blow causing his arms to tremble, the endless onslaught by the opponent made him nearly breathless, so he could only swing his rod around instinctively.


He swung his rod instinctively but there was nothing in front of him.

Oh no!

Before he could react it was too late, he felt a sharp pain behind his neck.

A skull flew towards the sky.

“Poker face! Good job!” Sai Lei exclaimed, she jumped up and punched her fist in the air. All the mechanical engineers were exhilarated.

Sai Lei noticed the stoned look on Duan Mu’s face suddenly, she felt suspicious,”What are you staring at blankly?”

Duan Mu stared at the blue Sky Tiger in the imagery, he muffled,”So scary.”

“Of course!” Sai Lei tilted her beautiful face left and right, said proudly, “Pokerface Uncle, that was definitely amazing and powerful!”

“Not just powerful.” Duan Mu sounded dry in the throat,”It was scary. He was too calm, he could win just by fighting toughly alone but he ended the fight in that manner. This indicates that he doesn’t want to waste his energy, he was calm and had a clear conscious throughout the violent continuous attacks, it was really frightening.”

Sai Lei scoffed,” What calm! It was just laziness! Pokerface Uncle has always been lazy.”


Duan Mu suddenly had an urge to crack open this beautiful woman’s head to see if there was any content inside.

It should be totally empty inside.

Alright, I shall not provoke her.

Hey, don’t forget you were still a prisoner, Duan Mu, hurry up and reflect…..

Duan Mu teased himself in his heart.

After a while, ching ching chang chang, the Sky Tiger returned and Bing stepped out of it.

Spirit General?…..

Duan Mu was shocked.

“Hey, Uncle, why are you back? There is still one more opponent close to Little Tang Tang!” Sai Lei spoke quickly.

Bing glared at her, felt annoyed and said,”Are you bluffing me? Asked me to snatch the psychotic teen’s opponent? And then reduce my funds?”

Bing was obviously upset with his decreased funds.

“Oh ya.” Sai Lei understood, mumbled to herself while holding her chin,”If you snatched his opponent, he would sure be mad. So shall we try?”

“Big Sister, please don’t do that!”

“Big Sister, you could throw your tantrums at me but please don’t do stupid things!”

“Calm down! Calm down! Big Sister! The funds……”


The basement was suddenly chaotic, all the Mechanic engineers were shocked, they surrounded Sai Lei and hung onto her so that she couldn’t do anything stupid.

Duan Mu was stunned by the situation.

Hey, you guys…… The opponent was at least a Gold Ranked Martial Artist……

Ya Ya temptingly glanced over at the sawtooth blade martial artist, as if he was a freshly grilled sausage. But once it caught a glimpse of Tang Tian, it stiffened again.

The Master would not reprimand Ya Ya right…..

It was uncertain, whether the Master would reward or reprimand, difficult to judge…..

Ya Ya looked around, retreated back and decided to sneak back.

Hey Ya Ya, you are a bud spirit general which will become a hero in the future, let us not be blinded by the fame…..

Please do not be caught by the Master…….

The Triple Flowers saw that the opponent had collapsed, they simultaneously turned their heads to the last opponent left, the sawtooth blade martial artist. Their eyes sparkled, screamed and were about to attack.

Ya Ya felt anxious after it saw what happened, these three idiots!

He hasted, gathered all its strength suddenly, surrounded the Triple Flowers like a incredibly fast dark shadow.

Swallowing light steel fist!

Bang bang bang!

The Triple Flowers got knocked out, he glanced at Tang Tian in fear, seeing that Tang Tian wasn’t alarmed, it patted its chest to settle itself down.

It swiftly tied the three idiots into a knot like it had done this a million times before, dragged them to the corner along the wall and pulled them back desperately.

“You guys almost got me killed!”

“Three flowers receives the crown, you want our heads to roll? You are dead if we get a reduction in funds……”

“Thank god for Ya Ya! I will never feed it poison anymore!”


Everyone in the blood meridian research lab shouted and reprimanded the skinny old man as Ya Ya became their new love after its meritorious act just now.

The sawtooth blade martial artist panicked.

He was the only Gold Ranked Martial Artist left, the other three had all been killed. What he couldn’t understand was that the comrades of his opponent had all retreated.

There was no sight of anyone else other than him and the young teen inside the huge city walls.

What was going on?

Suspicious, too suspicious!

The dazing teen had already surprised him, followed by everyone disappearing and only two of them were left inside the arena, the whole place was covered in suspicion.

There was a conspiracy!

Definitely there was a conspiracy!

But what exactly was the god damn conspiracy……..

The sawtooth blade martial artist was going crazy, he had decided, since it was almost impossible for him to win, he just had to fight tough, so he swung his sawtooth blade and charged towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s pupils dilated and regained focus immediately from the daze.

Without thinking, his figure flashed, his ten fingers like hooks, grabbed into the blade aura, his 10 fingers trembled, and a sound ‘ping’ came out, and the blade aura crumbled.

The sawtooth blade martial artist was astonished, his blade aura was blocked off before, also got crushed, but never like this being…….

He thought for a second, then thought of a word: dismemberment.

Being dismembered…….

Tang Tian was also shocked, he used the [Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand] in a normal way, , just that the [Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand] could only attack the flaws of the moves but it should not be able to dismember the blade aura like this!

How could that possibly happen?

He suddenly recalled, there was a moment that he spotted several weak points of the blade, then he subconsciously used [Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand] to break the blade aura.

And then, the blade aura was dismembered……

So amazing…….

It was like Tang Tian discovered the new world, he was filled with excitement.

Right at this moment, the sawtooth blade martial artist regained his senses and roared,”Watch the blade!”

Blade aura flashed, an impressively stunning blade aura went directly at Tiang Tian.

Tang Tian was like an aggressive cat, his eyes widened up, he consciously lowered his body, the forefinger of his left hand sticking into the blade aura, following that, in his vision, six dots seemed to appear. Without thinking, the five fingers of his right hand extended out, sweeping past the six dots.


The blade aura shattered like broken glass, it once again was destroyed and vanished in plain air.

The sawtooth blade martial was shocked again.

Tang Tian was also shocked.

The sawtooth blade martial artist regained consciousness, fiercely roared,”Watch the blade!”

Tang Tian gained his consciousness as well, immediately he got furious, he was being screamed at just now and he didn’t even fight back, the godlike young man was the one on the verge of winning okay! He also screamed back to outdone,”Come again!”

The blade aura was more congealed, more cold and more terrifying!


The shattering sound of the blade aura was even clearer.

The sawtooth blade martial artist stunned.

Tang Tian was as well.

Both regained consciousness together, glared at each other furiously and bellowed

“Watch the blade!” “Come again!”


“Watch the blade!” “Come again!”


“Watch the blade!” “Come again!”


The blood meridian experts at the blood meridians laboratory were flabbergasted.

The Mechanic Engineers in the Mechanic weapons laboratory were no different.

But the person who was the most stunned was Duan Mu, in the screen, one attacked with blade aura followed by the other breaking the blade aura, it went on and on and on…….

He felt that he was going crazy, what kind of place was this.

So there was no normal person inside here? Forget that, but why were you behaving weirdly like them?

After a while, the noises from the surroundings brought Duan Mu’s soul back at the basement.

“Now I will be allocating the job assignments for next week, Shi Tou, your assignment would be to bring back the No. 55 bronze display in our plan, I need to see at least three of them.”

“Ah Li, I looked through your report, I reject!”

“Why Big Sister?”

“It is not feasible and not creative, oh, most importantly, too expensive!”


Duan Mu looked blanked, Sai Lei was already seated by the table, accompanied by the noises from the screen, she was banging on the table and allocating jobs for the Mechanical Engineers for next week.

Allocating next week’s job……

They were still fighting……

Despair was written all over Duan Mu’s face, can someone tell me, what the hell is this place!