Undefeated God of War - Chapter 411 – Power of the Blood Meridians

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Chapter 411 – Power of the Blood Meridians

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The green mist engulfed Tang Tian’s face immediately, completely covering him in the blink of an eye.

The green mist contained countless tiny blade auras which were fine like sand but extremely sharp. It surrounded Tang Tian like quicksand, flowing and spinning at extremely high speed just like a green monster.

Ten concealed weapons with their unique powers all immersed in the green mist.

Puff puff puff!

They glanced at each other at the same time and saw a sign of relief in each others’ eyes. Actually the little kid was bluffing and they almost got tricked.

Even the archer on the wall felt relieved.

Both of them combined their killing techniques, the opponent did not dodge which means he was dead for sure. Even he was placed in such a situation, there would be no chance of survival for him.

It has ended!

He looked at the mechanical spirit weapon. All of a sudden, he glanced of something from the corner of his eye.

Not good!

Suddenly he turned his face.

The green mist began to fall slowly like green quicksand, wait…

There was no sight of anything else in the green mist of blade aura.

The archer’s jaw dropped in disbelief, he was absolutely sure that he saw how the green mist was swallowing Tang Tian. The archer was trained to have excellent heart and eyesight, he never had a hallucination and nothing could escape his powerful eyes.

Progressively more green mist began to fall like quicksand.

“Watch out!”

The archer shouted abruptly to remind the others after he regained his consciousness from the shock.

A projection of cold aura passed in the air like the razor-sharp wolf claws.

The concealed weapon martial artist noticed the danger approaching, he threw the concealed weapon in his hand to the back and his body thrusted forward uncontrollably.

With a splash of blood, an arm flew up towards the clear sky.

The concealed weapon martial artist screamed in agony after he lost his arm but he knew that it was a life or death moment. He clenched his teeth, sprinted forward as the only way to stay alive was to pull apart their distance.

What surprised him even more was that the concealed weapons he threw had flown in all directions and scattered throughout perfectly, but none of it had harmed the opponent.


It was such a close distance, his concealed weapons will definitely never miss!

But there was a strong killing intent following and clinging onto him, he felt a shiver down his spine, aghast by the feeling he bolted without looking back.

The archer on the wall with great eyesight saw everything clearly.

The young man was swift and agile, to the point that he was unlike human, while dashing forward, he retrieved back all the concealed weapons scattered around, not missing one!

From the beginning till the end, the unreasonably young man had no discontinuation nor hesitation. Once he successfully got the first weapon, he completely unleashed his power without hesitation and all the weapons were gathered in his hands. The scene was beautiful and pleasing to watch yet possessed exploding executive power, with different elements mixed together, it offered the ultimate visual impact.

Had he already figured out the opponent’s attacking methods beforehand?

The archer was so shocked to the extent that he almost lost his senses.

The sawtooth blade martial artist being involved in the fight had an even greater impact and thus reacted more quickly. He couldn’t figure out how Tang Tian managed to escaped from their killing techniques but he knew that if he was still not willing to help his partner then his partner will be dead.

His wrist became soft and flexible, and the sawtooth blade he held shot a blade aura.

[Swift Flying Blades]!

The blade auras began raining down, all of them the size of a palm. They glided gracefully like a green swallow, their miraculous speed approaching Tang Tian’s direction.

In the basement, Duan Mu who was securely tied up, expression changed for the first time.

“You noticed something?” Sai Lei asked immediately as she had been observing Duan Mu which has got a much deeper understanding of fighting than her.

“He is going to win!” Duan Mu spoke with a low tone but never looked away from the screen.

“Who is?” Sai Lei was eager to know.

“Your boss.” Duan Mu had a weird expression on his face.

Almost the second after Duan Mu replied, they watched the screen, as Tang Tian’s body bent like a crescent. He suddenly appeared behind the concealed weapon martial artist like a ghost and used his palm to attack from the back.

The deadly spiralling energy exploded.

The impact got the concealed weapon martial artist to fly out like he got struck by lightning.

The sawtooth blade martial artist was shocked, and he immediately swung his blade and drew a circle in the air with its aura. The force magnetized him and dragged his body away 30 meters.

Tang Tian did not chase after him but stopped and looked lost somehow.

Bang, the concealed weapon martial artist’s body smashed onto the ground. His face covered with blood, breathless, everything in his body got destroyed by Tang Tian.

The sawtooth blade martial artist looked at Tang Tian in shock and disbelief.

“Good job!”

In the basement, Sai Lei punched Duan Mu with excitement. Duan Mu glanced at her, without a word, Sai Lei’s punch was weak like a feather and caused no pain to him.

Sai Lei looked over quickly, smiling broadly and asked,”How did you manage to see that coming?”

Duan Mu was surprised, he felt shiver down his spine. He had seen how vicious the beautiful woman could be.

“Rhythm. They have lost their rhythm.” Duan Mu explained,”Firstly, your boss escaped from their killing techniques which means that he’s got the advantage. Followed by the two being so careless which gave him more leverage. They were just too relaxed and messed up towards the end as they couldn’t work well together.”

Sai Lei approached him with a smirk, scratching against Duan Mu’s chin with her bloody red fingernails. She spoke softly,”Why did you make it sound like the opponent gave up on the fight and made it an easy win for my boss instead of him winning because of his outstanding ability? You should think through again!”

Duan Mu had goosebumps after hearing that as he knew that this woman would do anything.

“Your boss definitely has amazing ability beyond words. Just like how he escaped from the killing techniques which I’ve never seen before and is impressive, I think it’s related to his blood meridians. The sneak attack from the back and the chase was well performed. Not forgetting the final punch, it was incredible! He attacked at the perfect moment when the opponent was distracted, it was a deadly blow…”

“Such an obedient child!” Sai Lei laughed and patted Duan Mu’s face. She felt something surprising, he had never seen him before but he was able to guess that Tang Tian’s ability had something to do with the blood meridians.


Duan Mu heaved a sigh of relief, deep in his heart he mocked himself of his low integrity and being intimidated by a woman.

“I recognize the sawtooth blade man and the bald one, they are Bi Qi and Ru Hai from the Huo Er Man family. But who are the other two?” Sai Lei asked.

“Yu Feng is the concealed weapons master, a Gold Ranked Martial Artist, I never expected him to die here.” Duan Mu felt slightly emotional,”The archer is Qiu Yi, also a Gold Ranked Martial Artist.”

Duan Mu was speechless suddenly, Sai Lei’s young but overbearing boss was way too young but under the two Gold Ranked Martial Artists acting together, he took down one Gold Ranked Martial Artist.

Even though they were careless and complacent, although….

But that was the truth of the outcome..

This fellow, he had the capabilities to kill a Gold Ranked Martial Artist!

Who exactly is he? There aren’t many martial artists so young and capable! Duan Mu started to recall all the names in his head and suddenly he blurted out,”Tang Tian! He’s Tang Tian!”

Bell seemed alarmed, she was an agent for intelligence thus highly sensitive to such information.

Duan Mu felt Bell’s harsh killing intent, he wondered what went wrong with him today? Why did he make such stupid mistakes? He had exposed Tang Tian’s identity which had only placed him in a even more difficult situation……

Right at this moment, Sai Lei turned over, smiling with a playful look on her face.

It sent shivers down his spine again.

Ya Ya looked depressed while walking down the hallway.

It had been with its group of mechanics beast everyday digging against time, the boredom was killing it. It had not seen Master for many days, Uncle Bing had told it to be more like its Master , to train arduously, to become as powerful as its Master.

Uncle Bing taught Ya Ya to train its technique, which was to use Swallowing Light Steel Fist to dig. Uncle Bing said, if the whole sand mountain could be shattered then the Swallowing Light Steel Fist would definitely be impressive.

My Swallowing Light Steel Fist did became better…… But, I have not seen the Master in so long…..

This is so boring…… Furthermore, bud spirit generals are born to fight…..

I am very powerful…..

Why does the Master look down on me….. And not even want to play with me…..

Ya Ya was sad, kicking the tiny stones on the road with annoyance, moving forward with its head down, steps were pathetically small and moving as slow as a turtle.

All of a sudden, a figure showed up, it lifted its head noticed that it was the goat, turtle and squirrel.

The goat squated down gracefully, turtle stuck out his head from the shell and squirrel stood with its arms crossed, looked at it with a cute face asking it to come up.

Ya Ya’s mood was enlightened, as it hopped onto the goat’s back.

“Ah Ah Ah Ah Ya Ya!”

Ya Ya held the goat’s horns, childishly shouting with high spirit. The goat felt its good mood and charged forward with all the energy he had.

The turtle got a shock and hid back into its shell.

In the gust of wind, what remained was that adorable face of the squirrel and a tail that was blown to one side.

Not long later they saw the entrance to the Three Spirits City, Ya Ya started to become happier.

Three Spirits City had Sai Lei and the twins, but Sai Lei was too scary and Bell was usually busy, so Pi Pa was still the best, as least more interesting than then clearing the mountain.

When Ya Ya passed the entrance and was about to enter the camp, its tender face became serious and eyes brightened up like the stars in the night sky.

There was a fight going on!

It heard soft noises of fighting.

The goat was also alarmed and cautious, it sprinted following the hallway, worried for Sai Lei’s safety.

Soon they located Sai Lei, she didn’t say a thing when she saw them, turned her face away and continued to focus on the fight. Everyone’s focus was on the fight at the moment.

Ya Ya tilted its face up, its eyes sparkled while watching the Master in the screen.

Master was fighting!

The bud spirit general’s lifelong dream was to fight together with it’s Master!

Ya Ya clenched its tiny black fist.

It looked around sneakily, after realizing that no one was looking, it tiptoed and left the room quietly.

The bud spirit general must also fight!