Undefeated God of War - Chapter 409 – The Enemy Arrives!

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Chapter 409 – The Enemy Arrives!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian opened his eyes.

“How is it, how is it?” Old Man Fei anxiously asked, his face full of anticipation. The drop of Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian with a purity rate of 92%, was their most accomplished and highest purity rate of ancient blood meridians to date.

Such a high purity rate, was rarely seen on the market, practically never appearing in them. To any strong powerhouses, with such a drop of blood meridians, it’s value was no less than a gold treasure.

And this drop of Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian, required immense effort and time of the blood meridians specialists. Dealing with over ten thousand blood meridian samples, so after successfully creating it, no one would ever think of selling it.

It would be worth at least 5 billion, or maybe even more.

Even Onyx Soul who specialized in blood meridians, could not achieve such pure blood meridians. If they were able to convert their contributions to it, it would be an astronomical number.

“Such a weird feeling.” Tang Tian did not know how to explain the feeling he was having.

“Come over here.” Old Man Fei immediately said: “We have a specialized type of training to test for the blood meridians. Many blood meridians, when first absorbed, will be ignored. Like a bird that knows how to fly, it is their innate ability to do so, but, we are unable to understand the feeling of soaring in the sky. When having a similar feeling, which is not strong enough, we will ignore it. In the past, we would usually let the martial artist personally experience the feeling. In the past, after a martial artist absorbed the blood meridians, only after 10 years would they feel the power of the blood meridians. But now with this specialized study, it’s a field of research for our blood meridians specialists.”

“That’s right, many things feel weird and unfamiliar, and I have no way to express them.” Tang Tian nodded his head.

With Old Man Fei’s lead, everyone arrived to a training room, the inside of it was filled with many apparatus.

An old man with white hair and a robust body was waiting inside for everyone, he was wearing tight martial clothings, his expression was full of vitality.

“This is Wang Xuan, the blood meridians specialist in this field.” Old Man Fei introduced him to Tang Tian: “He used to be the in charge of this field in Onyx Soul, but sadly, he offended some higher ups, and no one dared to hire him anymore, so I brought him here.”

Wang Xuan laughed, feeling moved. He used to be in Onyx Soul, and Old Man Fei, with his position, to even see him was difficult, let alone attract him in.

If not for him being in dire straits, he would never have accepted.

But after a period of time, he had already merged and gotten used to Three Spirits City, and began to like it there. Everyone could do what they want, and communicated a lot. Although everyone’s temper was weird, and the meet ups would be filled with slamming of tables and quarreling, direct quarrels were a common occurrence. He had even seen a few female blood meridians specialist have sparring matches with men, but there were no complications in power struggles, no complications in relationships, you need not worry about offending anyone, need not worry about suffering from revenge when blaming someone for their errors.

It truly was a good place to live in, the atmosphere being much better than Onyx Soul.

Wang Xuan’s gaze landed on Tang Tian, it was the first time for him to see the true Master of the camp.

So young!

Wang Xuan praised in his heart, to be so professional at such a young age, if he was placed in Onyx Soul, he would definitely be a genius talent.

“Follow me.”

Wang Xuan performed a welcoming gesture, bringing Tang Tian to the side of an equipment.

“The Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian is a rare ancient blood meridian, and there are very few pieces of remnant information about it.” Wang Xuan’s expression became serious, steadying himself: “But ever since we have accomplished creating that drop of blood meridian, we have greatly increased the study on it. We have carefully gathered situations of battles regarding martial artists with the Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian, and we have even studied its sister blood meridians, and finally gained a few hypothesis. Today we need Boss to try out a few things, and it could be quite burdensome.”

“No no, it’s fine.” Tang Tian said: “You can tell me what to do.”

Wang Xuan nodded secretly in his mind, Tang Tian did not put on an act, or the air of being arrogant for being a young genius.

“Then let us begin…”

Before Wang Xuan even finished talking, a loud alarm came out from outside.

Everyone’s face changed.

Without thinking, Tang Tian was the first to rush out. All the other parties involved in fighting were not slow either, they followed behind tightly, in a blink of an eye they had disappeared.

The room was only left with Wang Xuan and Old Man Fei who just looked at each other.

When Tang Tian rushed out, the intense battlefield situation immediately entered his vision. The people following behind him, upon seeing it, all changed looks.

“So fierce!”

Someone shouted, everyone all sharing the same sentiments.

There were not many opponents, only four of them, but each of their individual strength far exceeded the strong. The method used previously to capture Duan Mu, was currently broken, and although the four of them were not well coordinated, but all of them were extremely powerful, and any loopholes caught by them were used immediately.

They were like easily broken and rotten things, all the mechanisms lying on the floor.

A lanky archer stood on the city wall, holding his bow in his hands, pulling the bowstring, but the string did not have any arrow!

The bowstring that was pulled lit up with a red dot the size of a bean.


He released the string, the red light dot in his hand transformed into a red light arrow, accurately striking the nest umbrella in the sky.


The nest umbrella transformed into smoke.

The archer’s movements were very fast, the red light arrows were like rain, in a blink of an eye, the nest umbrellas in the sky all became smoke.

The Bald martial artist in the front, wielded a thick and solid bronze rod that had a light aura circulating around it, it was definitely a star treasure. He was brave and fierce, after breaking through the city walls, he instantly stepped into the sea of bronze men.

The bronze rod in his hand lit up with a dazzling aura, all the firm bronze men upon touching the light aura of the bronze rod would break into pieces, transforming into scrap.

Another martial artist, had a pair of extremely sharp sawtooth blades that were enveloped with a green light, and his attacks were very fast. When the sword aura touched the bronze men, they would be cut into half like tofu with no obstruction or resistance.

There was another black robed assassin, he was a concealed weapons grandmaster!

He hid behind the two of them, the concealed weapon in his hands flew out from nowhere. His concealed weapons did not have any aura, they were silent, in such a chaotic environment, nothing could block them.

Sai Lei who was in the underground room had a green face, her eyes spewing fire.

The strength of the four people were simply too freakish. If it was only one person, she still had a chance. But with the four of them, she could not do anything.

“The four of them are Gold Ranked Martial Artists.”

Duan Mu who was tied up said, he was tied up well, but his mouth was open and free. Sai Lei was worried that he would be saved by the enemies, resulting in big trouble. Duan Mu was strong, and if he joined their ranks, their might and threat would be too huge.

Duan Mu’s words caused the surrounding mechanical engineers to expose worried looks.

No wonder they were so powerful, they were all Gold Ranked Martial Artists!

But very quickly, their faces changed again.

Gold Ranked Martial Artist!

Regardless of what powerhouse, Gold Ranked Martial Artists were the strongest. They were the peak of the pyramid chain of martial artists, the location that countless people dreamed of nd strenuously pursued.

“Are you a Gold Ranked Martial Artist?” Sai Lei suddenly asked.

“No.” Duan Mu shook his head.

Sai Lei’s face changed even more. To her, Duan Mu’s strength was strong enough, but he was not yet a Gold Ranked Martial Artist! Such an expert, one was terrible enough, but now four had come.

Bell was biting on her lips, her face extremely dark.

Two of the four people were in her list, but the other two were not.

Damn it!

Pi Pa immediately consoled her: “The opponents are not from our generation, there will always be people who fall through the cracks. How can we possibly anticipate all of them?”

The four Gold Ranked Martial Artists, caused the atmosphere in the basement to become extremely dim.

“Look, our mechanical army!”

Suddenly someone shouted in glee, arousing everyone’s attention.

Mo Zi Yu and Mo Wu Wei’s two teams had already entered their appointed areas. In battle, the advantage of being in defence was that there were always sufficient advantages. The areas where the two teams were at was deployed after meticulous planning, and it was lucky that they both conformed to it, as they were able to cooperate and lock down intruders inside the base.

The four Gold Ranked Martial Artists were not afraid. The bald martial artist held on his bronze rod, suddenly rushing forth. The martial artist carrying the sawtooth blades ran up next.

“First Team Prepare the first formation tactic!”

“Second team, prepare the third formation tactic!”

Mo Zi Yu and Mo Wu Wei roared at the same time.



All the students roared at the same time.

Suddenly, all of them lit up with their respective light auras, as though fireworks had enveloped the entire place.

The bald martial artist’s face turned sinister, the light aura on the bronze road exploded, welcoming the incoming 30 rays of gold gigantic blade auras, he used his tyrannical qi to sweep in front of him!

The air around rippled out like water, the seemingly weak ripple extended out, the terrifying 30 rays of gold blade auras clashed into the ripple, but was unable to move forward.

The bald big statured man turn, his face flushed with a drunken red.

Mo Zi Yu’s face changed.

The first formation tactic’s main point was to get the opponent to choose to dodge.

Mo Zi Yu was extremely confident of his tactic, he did not believe that people would brazenly choose not to dodge in front of the powerful attack, but instead block it!

But, the unbelievable thing happened right in front of his eyes.

Chi chi chi!

A second wave of blade auras came, and the bald martial artist exposed a disdainful look.

But no one expected that his rod aura would break through the next layer, his reaction was so fast, he quickly retreated, then lightly swinging his bronze rod, he returned back to his position.

Ding ding ding!

The second wave of aura struck the bronze rod and dissipated.

The bald martial artists’ rod technique enlightenment was extremely high, all the unpredictable auras rushed in like a net but were caught by his bronze rod. He casually exhaled, but he did not relax, instead, his pupils contracted.

10 solid light auras carrying terrifying power shot forward!

The face of the bald martial artist changed, a fierce look flashed past his eye, raising the bronze rod in his hand up high, he welcomed the incoming Ray Spears, smashing down with his rod!