Undefeated God of War - Chapter 408 – Yan Tu

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Chapter 408 – Yan Tu

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“They’re gone?” Wu Xia asked in disbelief.

Hunter Adrian had gone to suddenly say goodbye to Angelina suddenly.

“Yes, they have really left.” Ge Ruo’s eyes lit up with a sparkle, and said excitedly: “The Andromeda- Orion Star Door has suffered many battles, and many martial artists from unknown backgrounds have all appeared near the Star Doors, and have fought intensely with Orion Constellation martial artists. I heard that the current situation is very intense, corpses left everywhere. There must be some connection with Adrian leaving!”

Wu Xia’s face congealed, Ge Ruo’s conjectures were reasonable and without question. Compared to Andromeda Treasures, the Andromeda – Orion Star Door held much more importance. If they lost the Star Door and landed it in Honorable Martial Group, that would definitely lead to a disaster.

Adrian urgently rushed to contest over the Star Door, regardless of what angle anyone looked at it, it was reasonable.

But Wu Xia felt that something was amiss.

Adrian was termed as the Hunter, and other than the fact that people said that he had hunter eyes, it also meant that he was as cunning and patient as a hunter. His inconceivable achievements, caused Wu Xia who was always self confident to become extremely wary.

Suddenly, an underling rushed in anxiously and whispered to Wu Xia’s ear.

Wu Xia’s face immediately changed, he immediately stood up and left the room.

Three people stood at the door.

Wu Xia respectfully greeted: “Your Majesty!”

“Master Wu doesn’t have to be so courteous.” The young man in the middle of the three smiled, his skin was tanned, his appearance simple and honest, looking like a robust brown bear. He was Ursa Major Constellation’s future Master, Yan Tu.

Wu Xia did not dare be disrespectful, Yan Tu looked simple and honest, but was shrewd and firm, if he were to get cheated from the outer appearance, then he would be so dumb to the point that he did not even know how to write the word death.

Do not be mistaken by His Majesty’s affable character, acting like he was not calculative. Wu Xia knew, His majesty regarded etiquette very highly, if he was a little off, it would cause his majesty to be unhappy.

He immediately replied respectfully: “Quickly enter Your Majesty. This is really a small matter Your Majesty, for you to come down personally has eased your subordinate’s apprehensiveness and has freed my heart from anxiety.

He was a glib talker, and knew what to say at the right time.

Yan Tu laughed, did not decline and sat down: “Master Wu’s mouth is so good that it is as if you can describe a dead person as living, no wonder so many people are reluctant to leave Master Wu, you make me envy you.”

Wu Xia nodded his head: “Your subordinate is only confident in this point, and I have to thank your majesty for it!”

“Why thank me?” Yan Tu asked with a weird face.

Wu Xia straightened himself and continued: “Because Your Majesty did not take away this subordinate’s rice bowl, otherwise if your majesty went out instead, with all the happenings inside Your Majesty’s palace, I would be suffering everyday, to the point that I wish I was dead?”

Everyone started to laugh out loud.

Yan Tu laughed involuntarily: “I have truly experienced Master Wu’s ability to speak.”

His expression then turned solemn and said: “I have come this time to change my plans.”

Everyone’s expression froze, and all stood straight.

“Our previous plan was to seize all the Andromeda Treasures, but Angelina’s Andromeda Project has made us passive, but to us, it is also an opportunity.”

Yan Tu suddenly waved his hand: “Other than Master Wu, all of you can leave.”

Hearing that, everyone all left immediately, leaving no on else but them.

Wu Xia knew of his majesty’s cautious character, so it would definitely be an important matter.

Yan Tu said slowly: “Honorable Martial Group will come to our doors.”

Wu Xia was stunned, his face changed and could not help but say: “Did Your Majesty decide to station the troops already? It is not appropriate right now!”

The fight between Honorable Martial Group and Leo Constellation has just begun, and to anxiously join in the battle would not gain any benefits.

Yan Tu’s face suddenly exposed a smile: “ I say, Master Wu is truly well deserving of being entrusted big matters! We do not plan to join the Honorable Martial Group’s alliance.”

Wu Xia was startled: “Then….”

Yan Tu continued: “Honorable Martial Group’s request is very simple, they hope that we can hold on to more of Andromeda Constellation Star Doors, or the best is to control them.”

“Get the wolf to swallow the tiger?” Wu Xia understood slightly, and then frowned: “What are they thinking?”

Yan Tu looked at him in praise, He knew Wu Xia was famous, but he did not directly delegate work for Wu Xia. Wu Xia’s sharpness made him pleased.

Yan Tu: “Honorable Martial Group had planned for many people to seize the Star Doors but failed. In this period of time, we need to control Andromeda Constellation.”

Wu Xia smelt a plot under all the words: “After that?”

“After that they will enter Orion Constellation from another direction and ignite a fierce assault.” Yan Tu said: “This attack will be extremely intense, and they have the confidence that in the shortest time, they will threaten the Orion Constellation King’s Palace!”

Wu Xia was shocked, he was in disbelief: “How is that possible? Orion Constellation might not be able to compare with Leo Constellation, but they are the strongest Constellation of 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, how is Honorable Martial Group able to take them down so easily?”

“I too, do not believe them.” Yan Tu said: “But they showed something to father, and he instantly believed in them.”

Wu Xia managed to calm down from the shock, his mind was quickly moving and thinking, he understood His Majesty very well, to be able to make His Majesty trust them, then Honorable Martial Group definitely had a fatal move.

(DeandreR: I hate royalty titles. Your Majesty is Yan Tu who Wu Xia is talking to. His Majesty is Yan Tu’s Father.)

“At that time, an army defending the Star Door will definitely rush to the rescue, and when the Star Door opens, we sweep in?” Wu Xia said coldly.

“That’s right!” Yan Tu nodded his head.

“What good is there for us?” Wu Xia said straightforwardly.

Yan Tu took a deep breath then said: “Orion Constellation!”

Wu Xia slumped his body. He finally understood why his Majesty was willing to agree, the condition was basically unrejectable. Ursa Major Constellation, as one of the Five Polar Domains, had good governance and had strong power, and was without doubt a constellation worthy to join the ranks of the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls. But the current Ursa Major Constellation was already at its peak, and was unable to improve any further.

To rise to the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls was always the undisclosed ambition of His Majesty, but the true higher ups all knew it too, and it was also their calling.

After a long time of peace, it made His Majesty even more pressed and strong in his great goals.

If there was such a good opportunity to eat up Orion Constellation, why would His Majesty reject it? Not only would His Majesty not decline it, the entire Ursa Major Constellation would not reject it!

“Honorable Martial Group does not have any interest in Orion Constellation.” Yan Tu licked his lips, saying excitedly: “As long as we attack Orion Constellation, we can connect Ursa Major, Andromeda and Orion Constellation, forming a gigantic Constellation! Such a constellation will allow us to become the strongest constellation of the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls.”

Wu Xia’s mood was stirred as well, Ursa Major Constellation has been waiting for such an opportunity for too long. But he held down his excitement and said: “Leo Constellation’s counterattack will definitely be extremely fierce!”

“Leo Constellation?” Yan Tu snorted: “Why would they waste their effort on us? Orion Constellation is behind Leo Constellation, if Honorable Martial Group doesn’t use this chance to attack, then they are not Honorable Martial Group anymore.”

“Then what is our task this time?” Wu Xia did not want to continue on the same question anymore, he believed in His Majesty’s decisive judgement, and he would not make an error.

“Using the fight for Star Doors, we will secretly control Andromeda Constellation.” Yan Tu said: “We will not send the army, as that would rouse the people.”

Wu Xia nodded his head in agreement: “If that is the case, then we only need to control Angelina. Ta Dun is Angelina’s father, if his own daughter lands in our hands, he will definitely compromise.”

“That’s good.” Yan Tu exhaled.

A mere Andromeda Constellation was nothing to him, Ursa Major Constellation was able to be hailed as a tyrant of the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, so what was Northern Sky? In his eyes, they were nothing. To him, to seize such a thing did not require much strength.

Wu Xia shook his head: “we first need to resolve the people of Lupus Constellation.”

“Lupus Constellation?” Yan Tu frowned: “You mean Tang Tian’s Lupus Constellation?”

“Your Majesty is right.” Wu Xia replied: “Lupus Constellation found a waterway channel, it is the ancient Season Fields Waterway. Angelina knows she does not have strength by herself, and has allied with Tang Tian, and gave the land all around the entrance to him. Tang Tian is building a Wolf Stronghold there. If we do not first settle Tang Tian and his men, as long as they realize we are controlling Angelina, it would definitely lead Orion Constellation to be suspicious.”

Hearing that, Yan Tun nodded his head: “It seems Master Wu already has a plan.”

“We only need to resolve Tang Tian.” Wu Xia’s eyes flashed a trace of ferocity, and he said coldly: “as long as we get rid of Tang Tian, Lupus Constellation is nothing. If we are able to kidnap Tang Tian, that would be even better. The Lupus Army under his subordinate is an extremely elite army!”

Yan Tu was surprised: “For Master Wu to view them as an elite army, that is something.

“They are truly very strong.” Wu Xia did not hide it: “If we can bring them in, my Ursa Major Constellation’s strength would grow exponentially.”

“Good!” Yan Tu suddenly said: “Then we will kidnap him!”

“But Tang Tian’s personal strength is very powerful. And by his side….” Wu Xia became doubtful.

Yan Tu laughed out loud: “Master Wu, don’t worry, father knows the importance of this matter, and has sent two of his personal King Bear martial artists to help.”

Wu Xia’s doubtful face immediately disappeared as he laughed: “Then there will be no problem for sure!”

King Bear Martial artists were Ursa Major Constellation strongest martial artists, with only seven people. They were the Majesty’s personal elites, they rarely came out, and were extremely mysterious. All of them had unfathomable strength, and they all were paired with top grade treasures.

Thinking about it, Wu Xia realized there were two men by Yan Tu’s side, he secretly laughed at himself, he had never realized it all along.

As expected of the King Bear Martial artists, they could conceal their qi completely!

At that time, he was full of confidence!

No need to say kidnapping Tang Tian, even attacking and occupying the entire Andromeda Constellation was definitely not a problem. And with Yan Tu, who was hailed as the most outstanding martial artist of the young generation, it showed how much expectation His Majesty had for Wu Xia.

His strength, was also very strong!

Wu Xia suddenly thought about a rumor, causing his heart to be moved, suddenly filled with anticipation.