Undefeated God of War - Chapter 404 – Ophiuchus Constellation Appears

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Chapter 404 – Ophiuchus Constellation Appears

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Duan Mu looked at the densely packed bronze men, and suddenly threw down the sword in his hands and raised both his hands.

“I surrender.”

His voice resonated out in the camp.

The blood meridians lab broke out into an uproar.



“Bullying him with numbers! Not heroic and fair at all!”

“Idiot, she is a woman!”

“It’s over, our funds….”


Mo Zi Yu’s group.

“Trash! You don’t know how to run! Run to the left! There is a passage there! Why can’t you last just two more rounds?”

“I overestimated him, if I had known he’d surrender, I would have only bet three rounds!”

Mo Zi Yu was elated ,and could not hide the smile on his face: “Big sister is so powerful, you all still act so conservatively, hahahaha, as expected I am the real gambling king! Quickly, give me all your money!”

“Damn it! My allowance this month is gone! We have to bet again!”

“I will bet too!”

“Old rules, the winner will treat, and since boss won so much, let us go to Hao Sheng Restaurant!”

“Bullshit!” Mo Zi Yu scolded: “This money isn’t even enough for us to go in to drink soup! You want us to wash the dishes and sell our bodies?”

“Then can we eat Tyrant Meat?”

Mo Wu Wei’s group.

Mo Wu Wei was touching his chin and muttering: “So weak, it’s so disappointing, the training tonight will increase.”

The students behind him were stunned, they thought they heard wrong, so one of the student gathered his courage and asked: “Master, if he is weak, what does it have to do with us?”

Mo Wu Wei shook his head: “Nothing.”

“Then why must our training be increased?”

“I was just casually thinking, do you have an objection?” Mo Wu Wei looked at him.

“No, Master that is truly a genius way of thinking…”


“No no no, it is definitely!”

The group of them had tears flowing down their faces.


Cetus Constellation.

The sunlight penetrated into the room, two people laid in the attic.

Ouyang Shi opened his eyes in a blur, and immediately crawled up, shaking Zhuo Yan up: “Zhuo yan, wake up! We need to work!”

Zhuo Yan mumbled unclearly: “Let me sleep a bit more…”

He turned his body and continued to sleep.

Seeing that they were late, Ouyang Shi stopped speaking, carried Zhuo Yan over his shoulders and flew out. Zhuo Yan continued sleeping peacefully on Ouyang Shi who was running frantically, even salivating from the corner of his mouth.

These were the two who snuck their way privately out of Aries Constellation. The two of them did not have any experience in travelling, and with much difficulty arrived in Cetus Constellation, but they did not expect that they would run out of star coins there.

Ouyang Shi ran all the way towards the restaurant.

Seeing Ouyang Shi carrying Zhuo Yan on his shoulders, the uncle from the restaurant shook his head: “Big Shi, your little brother is too lazy, you should get married soon and live happily, don’t get dragged down by him.”

Ouyang Shi smiled: “We are still young, Uncle.”

Finished he brought Zhuo Yan’s head to beneath a tap, and turned it on to the largest.

“Ah!” Zhuo Yan suddenly screamed out.

The other people around were used to it.

Bang, a large wooden pail was placed in front of Zhuo Yan, inside it was many meat pieces, forming a mountain of meat. Beside the big pail, there were many bamboo sticks.

“Ah Yan, skewer them all!”

Seeing that Zhuo Yan was awake, Ouyang Shi also went to work. Everyone admired Ouyang Shi, he was a small boy who was willing to work and had a good temper, never skived, and would help out in everything. Some daughters of their families had long thought to take him as their husband, if not for him being an outsider.

Compared to him, Zhuo Yan was much worse, lazy and loved to skive, although he was very smart, but his character was not steady.

After being poured by ice water, Zhuo Yan was fully awake. Seeing the mountain of meat, he immediately became dispirited, casually picking up a bamboo stick and without looking, he pierced into the mountain of meat.


Five pieces of meat on one bamboo stick, with the standard of four lean and one fat.

Chi chi chi.

He absent-mindedly went on to pierce the meat, every meat skewer was standardised, without spending much effort, the pail of meat had all become meat skewers. He stood up with the big pail and went into the barbecuing room.

Not many people ate barbecued meat in the morning, but they all enjoyed drinking tea.

“That Tang Tian is truly powerful, he can even kill off Gold Ranked Martial Artists, he is really too strong!”

Tang Tian….

Zhuo Yan’s footsteps became sluggish, as he immediately perked up his ears to listen.

“That’s right, he appeared and disappeared so unpredictably, who would have known that he would have run to Andromeda Constellation.”

Andromeda Constellation!

The light in his eyes rose dramatically, his heart became joyous, almost crying out tears of joy.

This big master is finally getting out of these meat skewers!

When Tang Tian returned to Three Spirits City, Sai Lei was the one welcoming him, flushed with success.

“Little Tang Tang, you finally have time to visit big sister? Did you not miss big sister? Come, let big sister see if you have become skinny?”

Sai Lei had her charming eyes on, which meant her mood was good.

Tang Tian jumped in fright, like he was jumping away from a snake, he dodged Sai Lei’s demonic palms.

Just at that moment, everyone else all gathered over. Big Boss was here, no matter what everyone was busy with, they would drop everything and meet him.

Sai Lei, Pi Pa, Bell, Old Man Fei, Tang Chou were all here, wait a minute, where was Uncle Bing?

“Eh, where is Uncle Bing? Is he busy?” Tang Tian asked.

“Tang Chou reported to him: “Master, Master Bing is currently busy with the Sky Wolf Martial Academy.”

“Sky Wolf Martial Academy? What’s that?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

Tang Chou immediately told him about everything that had happened.

Tang Tian’s face became extremely bad, Sky Wolf Martial Academy, the Energy Hall…..his first reaction was, ‘my pockets are empty again’!

That asshole!

Even before he could enjoy admiring the star coins he had, that asshole had spent them all.

Tang Tian had decided, when he saw Bing, he would definitely scold him.

The rest of them took so much effort to get to Tang Tian, and at that moment they had all wanted to report to him properly, a subordinate who did not inform their superior about their achievements were not good subordinates!

Instantly, Old Man Fei took the credit of taking out the 92% purity rate Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian, and when Tang Tian heard that it was worth five billion star coins, Old Man Fei immediately became the most handsome man in his eyes, he instantly started to praise him, to the point that Old Man Fei’s face almost formed a flower.

But Tang Chou’s report on the battle attracted Tang Tian.

Tang Tian did not understand: “Flowing Wind Group? Why do they want to attack us?”

Bell spoke out: “They were instigated to. There were people in the shadows who told them about us. The day they attacked, there were many traces of martial artists sneaking in. There are people hiding, but I have not found out where are they from.”

“You don’t have to check.” Sai Lei said happily: “I already know.”

Shua, everyone’s gaze turned towards Sai Lei at the same time.

“You forgot that I have a hostage in my hand.” Sai Lei giggled.

“Who is it?” Bing’s voice came out from behind, he had rushed back just in time to hear Sai Lei’s words, and asked.

Sai Lei replied: “It was Ophiuchus Constellation.”

Ophiuchus Constellation!

Bing’s face changed immediately: “Are you sure?”

The smile on Sai Lei’s face disappeared as she became serious: “Yes, he is called Duan Mu, a subordinate of Ophiuchus Constellation’s Duke Huo Fu Man. Bell do you know him?”

“Duan Mu!” Bell jumped: “[Weapons Rack] Duan Mu!”

“Weapons Rack?” Tang Tian thought he heard wrong.

Bell then explained: “Duan Mu is an extremely famous assassin, Heaven Road List ranked 3222. He is naturally gifted with all sorts of weapons, and in his hands, he can use any weapons to their fullest potential and might, so after a long time, many people started to call him [Weapons Rack].”

“To know all the weapons, that’s so powerful!” Tang Tian gasped, that sort of power was truly inconceivable.

“His mind is extremely cold and decisive, he has a very glorious record of battles, but I have never heard that he was involved in anything with Duke Huo Fu Man.” Bell explained: “But, if it is Duke Huo Fu Man, then it is not weird. The last time Boss and Sai Lei had tricked that Young Master Ge, he was Duke Huo Fu Man’s little boy.”

Tang Tian noticed Bing’s change of expression, and knew what he was worried about, and started to console: “Uncle, don’t worry too much. Although the Ophiuchus Army is strong, but after so long, they have already been destroyed. The current Ophiuchus Constellation is not as strong as it was in the past.”

“Yes, you are right.” Bing’s expression regained back to normal, and changed the topic: “Why are you here at this time? Are the matters at Andromeda Constellation done?”

“Not yet.” Tang Tian shook his head: “I wanted to ask Bell, what’s the situation like outside. I do not wish to delay too much time at Andromeda Constellation, i want to go to Southern Cross Constellation.”

“How does Master want to go?” Bell asked.

“I have checked the maps, if it is from Andromeda Constellation, then I can save on many things. I only need to enter Orion Constellation, meaning I have to enter the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls. From there, I have many ways to enter the 12 Ecliptic Palaces…” Tang Tian counted with his fingers.

He was cut short by Bing: “We only need to go to Aquarius Constellation.”

“Aquarius Constellation?” Tang Tian was startled.

“Yes, as long as we get to Aquarius Constellation, we can go back to Southern Cross Constellation.” Bing said with assurance.

“Are you for sure? You better not be wrong!” Tang Tian was suspicious, the feeling of distrust was strong.

Bing said solemnly: “Believe me!”

Seeing how Bing spoke, Tang Tian did not argue, so he turned his head and looked at Bell: “Then we will go to Aquarius Constellation.”

“The situation is not too good.” Bell spoke: “Leo Constellation and Honorable Martial Group have just entered the war, and the loss of The Martial Group’s Gold Ranked Martial Artists numbered over 16. They are constantly trying to gather their strength, and if Boss wants to go, then you need to go fast. Pi Pa and I have discussed it, on some importance, the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls are the vassals of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, and the first place that will be affected from the flames of war would definitely be spread to the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, and at that time, it would not be wise to travel there.”

Tang Tian felt some headache, the question quickly became complicated.

Seeing that, Bing suggested: “We should all gather to analyze it, Yes, Pi Pa and Tang Chou, you two will be in charge. We will now introduce every progress from every direction, and see if we can come up with a good idea.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian immediately praised and agreed to it, he did not harbor any hopes for his own mind.

Since it was so, it would be better to listen to intelligent people.