Undefeated God of War - Chapter 402 – Number One Big Sister

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Chapter 402 – Number One Big Sister

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Duan Mu was extremely careful, he had plenty of experience in sneaking stealthily, regardless of whether it was controlling light and shadow, or controlling noise, he was perfect. He felt that his bodies situation was extremely good, his body had suitable amount of excitement, his mind was extremely calm, and everytime he was in such a mood that he was able to exceed his potential, and achieve incomprehensible victories.

Suddenly, his ear moved.

His face exposed a look of caution, his pupils instantly contracting.

A few mechanical wolves quietly appeared from a wall nearby, all of their bodies releasing a gold luster.

Bronze Wolves!

Duan Mu held his breath, like a shadow, he retreated back into the corner. Duan Mu was calm, he had already anticipated that there would be mechanical beasts, as there were many outstanding mechanical engineers in Three Spirits City, only without any mechanical beasts would it be weird.

The bronze wolves formed a line and patrolled the walls.

In the corner, Duan Mu carefully sized them up, his heart secretly praising, they were created in perfection. All the bronze wolves were roughly the size of real wolves, and were different from other mechanical wolves. They looked extremely elaborate they did not have thick joints or an obese body, but looked more like pieces of art which were beautiful. Their gleaming blue claws and teeth made them look very dangerous.

Their movements were graceful and nimble, the sound of their steps were light, forming a formation, they were just like troops.

After investigating for a few days, Duan Mu knew the camp very well. Three Spirits City had many people, who were extremely proud in calling their base as the place with the most advanced mechanical techniques. It seemed to him that it did not go without reason.

Duan Mu had seen many things, and yet it was his first time to see such standards in the mechanical wolves.

The mechanical wolves seemed to not have noticed him, and continued to slowly advance without any indication of aggression.

Just at that moment, a ‘sha sha’ sound came out from the city walls. Duan Mu felt suspicious, but at the moment the mechanical wolves were very close him, and he had no time to go and find out what was happening.

His heart gave rise to an uneasy feeling.

He never saw mechanical engineers as equals before, in all professions, mechanical engineers had declined for far too long, to the point that only mechanical martial artists and them could talk.

But now he had realized, mechanical engineers truly were a detestable profession, as they continued to create weird things that no one could retaliate against. Especially when the mechanical engineer’s standard was extremely high, people resented them even more.

Suddenly, a shadow flew from over his head.

Duan Mu raised his head, somehow those bronze umbrellas had already floated to the outer city walls.

Were there other people who came from outside?

Duan Mu was surprised, but he quickly calmed himself down. He kept a lookout on the camp’s people, he was not the only one, maybe there were other people planning to take action as well.

If that was the case, it was not a bad thing for him, as he could take advantage of the situation. Without finding out the situation first, he would not act blindly. That was his rule.

Duan Mu stopped moving.

In the camp, it was a total havoc.

It was Mo Zi Yu’s group in charge of look out, and a group of people were huddled around the recording, intensely discussing.

“Has this guy’s brain gone mad? To run into our killing ground, that is our strongest offensive area!” One of the students asked in confusion.

Mo Zi Yu crossed his arms and replied: “He is an expert!”

“Are all experts like that, unable to think?” Another student asked naively.

Mo Zi Yu glanced at that said student: “If you’re able to think, are you an expert?”

“Profound! Boss, your words are too profound and too classical!”

The students continued to bootlick him, Mo Zi Yu seemed to enjoy it, he patted on the student’s arm: “Brat, work harder!”

“Boss, are we just going to continue watching?” Another student asked unhappily.

Mo Zi Yu looked at him: “Why? Don’t tell me you wish to steal business from Big Sister?”

The student immediately retracted his neck, not saying a word.

Mo Zi Yu warned: “Do you know who, in this camp, can never be messed with?”

The student who spoke out last mumbled: “Boss, didn’t you say it was Big Sister Sai Lei!”

“Duh!” Mo Zi Yu immediately knocked the student’s head, and swept across all the rest: “Remember my words next time, you can provoke anyone, just not Big sister!”

“Boss, you’re exaggerating right…” The student who was knocked on the head felt he was wronged.

“Exaggerating?” Mo Zi Yu sneered: “Do you know why I am the leader and you’re just a small fart? That is because of evolution, the disparities of foresight and know how! Master Bing is a big figure, and he will definitely not care about the small things. Boss Chou, if we were to offend him, at most we will be punished with more training or confinement. But think about it, what happens if you offend Big Sister?”

Mo Zi Yu continued to laugh: “When training, you suddenly hear cackling collapsing sounds, the mechanical spirit weapon joints break, you will become like a graceful swan, even the arc in which you fly will be as graceful. In battles, you will become a graceful dead swan. Use your brains a bit, please, the people behind who deals with the logistics or your weapons, if they do something slight, your little lives would instantly be gone.”

The student swallowed his saliva: “Boss, your words are too scary…”

“Scary?” Mo Zi Yu used a pitiful look to look at the naive students, and continued to sneer: “This is scary? You are all truly too inexperienced!”

He cleared his throat, then imitating Sai Lei’s tone, he waved his fingers: “Recently we have researched an all new mechanical spirit weapon, and to test its’ battle capabilities, we will temporarily have your First Team to test it out.”

“That’s a good thing!” The students all shouted, not understanding anything.

“Good thing?” Mo Zi Yu waved his fingers at the students: “Then, you, you and you, you’re all dead.”

“Why am I dead? Boss.” The student who was pointed at asked unhappily.

“A mechanism malfunction accident during training.” Mo Zi Yu said emotionlessly.

Sssi, everyone all sucked in cold air, the pure kids were all scared to the point that their faces turned white.

Mo Zi Yu’s hand gestures came out again, mimicking Sai Lei’s mourning tone: “Never did I expect this batch of mechanical spirit weapons, would actually have such a dangerous defect, we will bring them in to fix them. The students who were sacrificed, for the advancement of our mechanical spirit weapons, gave up a lot, we will always respect and revere their contributions.”

All the kids’ faces were filled with fear, becoming pale white.

Mo Zi Yu did not even look at them, and continued his drama: “For the honor and glory of continuing this tradition, the First Team will become the first test team for the new mechanical spirit weapons.”

Ssi! The children whose faces were filled with fear, congealed even more, God, that was too scary!

Mo Zi Yu waved his hand: “Next time, please call her the Number One Big Sister!”

All the little children flushed with fear all nodded their heads and said in unison: “Number One Big Sister!”

Mo Zi Yu nodded his head in satisfaction: “Now who dares to steal Big Sister’s business!”

Everyone all shook their heads rapidly.


In another location of the base, inside the blood meridians lab, a group of multi colored and odd people gathered together.

One of the old man scolded unhappily: “That ironware woman stole the first move!”

They did not have any good feelings towards the mechanical weapons laboratory, giving them the name ironware department, and the boss Sai Lei, was named as the ironware woman.

Old Man Fei was vexed: “That was because our reaction was too slow!”

“It shouldn’t be of a concern, I guess.” Madam Lin said without certainty.

“The concern is too big!” Old Man Fei shook his head and said solemnly: “All of us have been living too well these few days, but we cannot be negligent. It was difficult to find such a generous big boss, if we were to lose him, then our days of living well will be numbered.”

In a while, everyone exploded.

“What happened to big boss?”

“Big boss doesn’t have money anymore?”


Old Man Fei got everyone to remain calm, then said: “Everything that you all had said has not happened, big boss is still good. But everyone, think a moment, even if he does have money, there is a finite amount. If it was all given to us, that would be good, but we still have a competitor!”

“You’re saying the ironware woman is our competitor?” The skinny old man asked.

“That’s right!” Old Man Fei became aggravated: “This period of time, everyone should know about the expansion of the ironware department. Humph, it’s their ironware department, seeing that our scale is so big, they want to expand, so old boss was pressured and had no choice but to agree.”

“Good! I have already said earlier, that woman is not so simple! She has long set her sights on us!”

“We definitely must not lose to them, especially to that woman, I cannot accept that!”

“What’s wrong with that woman?” Madam Sen asked coldly, the few female blood meridians specialists all had a gloomy face.

Seeing that an internal strife was happening, Old Man Fei immediately changed the topic: “We cannot be looked down upon by the ironware department, we must let big boss see, that investing in us rather than the ironware department is more worth it!”

“That’s right!”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“Trample the ironware department!”


Everyone became excited.

Old Man Fei nodded his head in satisfaction: “Everyone must watch out, from the way I see it, the ironware department is not reliable, the one to truly make the final decision, will be our blood meridians laboratory! Everyone gather your spirit, for the funds!”

“For the funds!”

The group of old people dressed in a myriad of colors all released killing intent.


Mechanical Weapons laboratory.

“The umbrella nest has locked on the position!”

“The mechanical wolves have completely surrounded him!”

“Activate the scissors defense!”

“The assembling of the 108 bronze men square formation is complete!”

“Start the entire 360 mechanism crossbows!”


All the reports passed into Sai Lei’s ears. Excitedly, Sai Lei had one leg on her chair, her tensed body dressed in skintight battle clothes, accentuating her beautiful curves to saturation, under the light, her pretty and flirtatious lipsticks could be clearly seen, emitting a sexy yet crazy luster.

“Xiao Yang, Stay calm!”

She stared at Duan Mu in the recording, her face showing a crazed look, her pure white palm, pulling and loosening her collar, she fiercely muttered: “You dare to intrude into my territory, you must be sick of living!”

All the mechanical engineers held onto their breath, Sai Lei’s rampant talk flowed into their ears, causing their battle intent to soar!

“Everyone get ready! We, will, begin, now…”

Her pupils became round, like an angry dragon, she roared.

F“Wreck him!”