Undefeated God of War - Chapter 400 – Sai Lei’s Response

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Chapter 400 – Sai Lei’s Response

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“This is what you think?”

A low and stern voice came out from inside the room, causing the Long Robed teen’s heart to shiver. The voice had left an unerasable stigma in his heart from young, and even though he was now grown up, no matter what, whenever he heard the voice, his heart would involuntarily shiver.

“Yes, Father.” The long robed teen said respectfully: “ I personally witnessed the fight, although they are still immature, but the state of the army has already formed undoubtedly.”

Behind the desk sat an old man aged about 50 dressed in military uniform, seating straight up on his soft velvet chair, his white hair combed meticulously, his gaze brimming with oppression.

“Where are they from?”

The old man’s question, was equally as oppressive as his gaze.

“With the reports we have in hand, they have a very intimate relation with the Mo Family.” The Long robed teen spoke, trying his best to relax, allowing himself to become more calm: “But their mechanical spirit weapons obviously have the influence of the Southern Cross Army.”

“Influence of the Southern Cross Army?” A light aura that could not be missed flashed past the old man’s eyes, he was suddenly attentive by the other sentence: “You said something about mechanical spirit weapons?”

“Yes Father. m-mechanical spirit weapons is a brand new mechanical weapon created by Three Spirits City, because they have martial spirits.” The long robed teen explained.

“You said they have martial spirits!” The old man opened his eyes wide, he suddenly erupted out with Qi, causing the long robed teen to become tensed.

“Yes, Father.” The long robed teen did his best to resist the terrifying qi, his heart was full of suspicion, it was the first time witnessing his father losing himself.

Was there some non disclosed information?

The old man knew that he had erupted, regaining his composure, he muttered: “Southern Cross Army….mechanical spirit weapons…don’t tell me….they succeeded?”

They? Who were they?

The suspicions in the long robed teen’s heart grew denser.

After a moment, the old man raised his head, his face became expressionless again: “That’s all I need to know, you can go.”

His father who was always swift and decisive, actually did not have any orders!

The long robed teen was taken aback, his father was stubborn and old fashioned, and anyone would be fearful of him. He loathed procrastination and half hearted actions. Everytime he reported to his father, he would receive an accurate order. For the phrase “all I need to know”, from his memories, it never came out before.

In the huge family, it was under his father’s orders to advance quickly.

The long robed teen knew that something was wrong, but he did not express anything, and respectfully replied: “Yes, Father.”

The old man remained in deep thoughts in his room, and only awoke when the day turned to night.

Looking at the lights gradually come on outside his window, his eyes flashed resolution. He pressed a button on his table. In a moment, a normal looking man entered the room.

The old man said: “Go to Three Spirits City, bring the leader of the bronze camp back here.”

“Are you sure?” The man looked at him: “This is the last favor I owe you.”

“I am sure.” The old man said without hesitating.

The man’s figure was like a reflection in the water, gradually turning blurry, and then disappearing.

The old man’s expression turned calm, his face exposed a rarely seen fatigue, and actually fell asleep sitting on his chair.


Tang Tian delightfully sent Ta Dun off, and what went with Ta Dun were 300 energy beasts corpses. Ta Dun was elated, with these 300 energy beasts, he could shut everyone else’s mouth. Now in Andromeda Constellation, there were both internal strifes and external aggression, it was like an entrance of a volcano, without any warning, it could erupt.

“These are Andromeda Star Treasures?”

Tang Tian and the other two huddled together, looking confused. Even Crane’s face was full of curiosity. He knew of Fairy Textiles, but it was still his first time seeing treasures created from them.

Ling Xu was impatient: “Take it out and let us see.”

The three of them held one each.

Crane inspected the treasure in his hands, it was truly very different from ordinary treasures, there were obvious marks of handworks, but the dense Star Power proved that it truly was a treasure. It was light to the touch, as though it was weightless, causing Crane to be surprised.

It was truly special.

It looked like a typical battle gown.

Tang Tian and Ling Xu who could not wait any longer had already put the battle gown on.

“Eh!” Tang Tian exclaimed, his face full of surprise.

Upon wearing the battle gown, it would tightly wrap around his body. Tang Tian felt his entire body being wrapped by a dense Star Power, it was very warm and comfortable.

Tang Tian could feel his own martial spirit forming some sort of connection with the battle gown. He tried to communicate it with, and suddenly, he felt a surging Star Power rushing into his body.


Tang Tian roared, one fist punching out, a dim fist aura surged out from his fist.

Not right!

Tang Tian immediately shook his head, the use of the Star Power was obviously not meant to increase the might of his True Power.

Suddenly, he suddenly had an idea. The Star Power from the battle gown flowed inside Tang Tian, causing Tang Tian’s body to slowly disappear in front of the other two.

“Invisibility!” Crane exclaimed.

Tang Yi who was at the side could not help but expose joy, as a military war general, how could he not know the value of invisibility!

If the Lupus Army had the ability of invisibility, their battle power would immediately raise one level. With the Flaming Steps Horses, their sprinting power is outstanding. If they added invisibility, they would definitely be a cause for enemies to worry about.

Ling Xu also found the trick to use it, but his face was full of disappointment, and whined: “boring!”

He was a fanatic for battles, he passionately and uprightly fought to win, and disliked those methods to sneak behind enemies to win.

Seeing Tang Yi’s joyous look, he shook his head and said unhappily: “Hey, big guy, you’re corrupted! Only by using a spear to pierce the enemy to death, would that truly be called a real battle!”

Tang Yi acted like he did not hear that.

“Little Xu Xu, as expected, you truly are a real man!” Tang Tian praised.

LIng Xu proudly went to train with his nose held up high.

Tang Tian was also slightly disappointed with the Andromeda battle gown, the ability to become invisible was not something he really liked. How can a godlike young man use such a wretched method to win?

“They’re all yours!”

Tang Tian waved his hand, giving all of them to Tang Yi.

“Thank You Master!” Tang Yi exclaimed in joy, he could not hold back: “Master, we need even more of these Andromeda battle gowns!”

“I know, I know.” Tang Tian replied casually.

He then turned his face and smiled: “Little Crane, Wasn’t it great collecting all that money!”

Crane’s expression froze.

Deep breaths, deep breaths, Crane was holding himself back strongly, the impulse of hitting Tang Tian was great, then he started to earnestly advised him: “Tang Tian, that was wrong of you to do that, although righteousness is very inflexible, but to rob like that, it is like an addiction, it will continuously corrode your willpower. Only with an upright spirit, are we able to achieve the cornerstones of our grand ideals. And we are not lacking in money….”

Wait a minute!

Crane looked at Tang Tian in dumbstruck, he was actually leaning on the wall, asleep!

Tang Tian was asleep like a baby.

Crane was taken aback, Tang Tian looked to be extremely tired, even salivating from the corner of his mouth.

What exactly was he doing for the past few days….


Three Spirits City. The battle a few days ago, brought about an enormous commotion in Three Spirits CIty. But, the population did not drop, but explode exponentially instead.

Flowing Wind Group were infamous, but after returning from the assault, they had suffered great losses, and Three Spirits City reputation became more well known.

What made people even more excited was that, ever since the Generation of the Three Big Armies, it was the first victory gained by a mechanical weapons army. From there, many mechanical martial artists and mechanic engineers from all different constellations all poured into Three Spirits City.

The small Three Spirits City quickly exploded in population.

The entrance to the bronze camp was the most crowded place in Three Spirits CIty. Countless mechanic martial artists all racked their brains to try to enter the self proclaimed “Number 1 Mechanical Training Barracks”.

Mechanical army, it was a direction everyone was heading towards. What made them happy was that the Bronze Camp had started to recruit people, but with levels and levels of crazy and bizarre tests, it made the place even more mysterious.

No one had any objections Regarding these tests, and instead sent everyone on a wild goose chase. All of the mechanic martial artists thought that, that was the new method of the Bronze Camp. And everyone who had passed the tests were the hottest topics amongst the mechanical martial artists in Three Spirits City.

But on the opposite end of the crowded outside, the Bronze Camp was extremely quiet and solemn.

Sai Lei’s face was frost white, seating at the top, she listened to every mechanical engineer as they proposed their plans.

“These type of mechanics, can specially break any illusions, especially the illusions created by water element True Power….”

“These type of mechanical weapons have the strongest defence, it can defend against rank eight martial techniques. The only drawback is the consumption of star rocks is high.”

“These mechanic wolves are extremely nimble, their speed is fast, the might of their attacks are equivalent to rank seven martial techniques. After adding martial spirits to them, they will become extremely intelligent, and are comparable to the real star spirit wolves!”

“This mechanic spider was created by me, they are the size of a star coin, and are extremely sensitive to the slightest vibrations, excluding the movements of the air. We can mass produce them, cover every single corner of the base, it would be their wishful thinking if anyone plans to sneak into our camp.”

“I have created an umbrella shaped mechanic weapon, it is called the Umbrella Nest, and it is allocated the No. 29 Bronze weapon. It can float in the air, and automatically fly in the air. Inside the umbrella is the sticky mucus of the Ah Lin beast, with mechanic nozzles that can shoot out at high speeds, with a maximum distance of 60m. upon touching air, the Mucus of the Ah Lin beast will transform into extremely durable nets, and as long as the enemies are within the range of the umbrella nest, 13 high speed mechanic nozzles are able to construct air tight spider webs!”


In the previous battle, Sai Lei had no idea how to help, and she always kept that helplessness with her.

Her own home was being intruded by people, without being able to do anything, was the name of Grandmaster Mechanical Engineer for fun?

In the same night, she had ordered all the mechanical engineers to give some form of plan with regards to mechanical weapons, she wanted to create an actual bronze fort!