Undefeated God of War - Chapter 399 – Ah Xiu’s Prediction

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Chapter 399 – Ah Xiu’s Prediction

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

After experiencing the initial shock, Liu ZHong Guang quickly calmed down. He had followed his teacher, travelled extensively, had seen many things, so the quality of his psychological state was still something.

After calming down, he could not help but secretly praise, other than the impulsiveness to kill the Aquila Constellation’s martial artist, he felt that he could not find a better way to handle the situation. Kill everyone here? Impossible, at their situation, not only do they hold the intimidation and power, they have also given everyone a leeway.

A scheme!

Definitely a well thought scheme!

Liu Zhong Guang had already completely believed in Ah Xiu’s prediction. To him, Lupus Army was truly powerful, but it would be impossible to make everyone stay. There were too many martial artists on scene, if it became messy, how many could Lupus Army kill? And if they angered everyone and created enmities, then facing the powers of everyone present, they still had the chance of defeat.

Tang Tian’s method of shouting was well planned, he had successfully split everyone up, and no one was willing to take the lead.

A superb artistic achievement ability of controlling people’s mind!

Since it is so, I have better act like I am a hoodlum from nowhere, and create a false image. He truly is so young, and yet so evil, he truly was too powerful!

Liu Zhong Guang exclaimed in his heart, at that time, a awkward and embarrassed voice came out: “Thank you for your patronage!”

Crane held onto the bag with two hands, and appeared in front of Liu Zhong Guang, his handsome face had a tinge of shame.

Liu Zhong Guang then noticed Crane properly and had to secretly praise, what a beautiful young man!

Crane was dressed in full black, he was not a normal handsome, his face brought a guy next door feel with a tinge of shame, and Liu Zhong Guang could not help but think of Ah Xiu. But his aura was more robust than Ah Xiu, oh, I still don’t get it, comparing to that scheming Tang Tian, he truly was pure and clean.

Liu Zhong Guang judged in his heart, his hand movement was not slow as he threw a card inside.

But, the phrase ‘thank you for your patronage’ still made Liu Zhong Guang feel awkward, in the other person’s place, to be called out to fish money out to redeem yourself, that was truly shameful.

Crane took the cloth bag and continued moving.

The black robed lady whistled behind her veil to tease, and laughed delicately: “Handsome little brother!”

Crane stopped in his footsteps.

Tang Tian, holding the blade that showed no mercy, had a flower in his heart. 100 million per person, that truly was a gain! Tyrants! They were all tyrants! After being happy for a while,

He started regretting. Seeing the way they looked so happy, Tang Tian felt that the sum asked was too little.

Damn it, I am too inexperienced!

But very quickly, Tang Tian consoled himself, it’s not little. There are 13 people, which meant 1.3 billion. He was even considering to rob as a living, the money coming in was truly too fast!

Forget it, godlike young man, it is a dream that is too far….

Tang Tian muttered in his heart. He suddenly had that thought, and felt that only by firmly cutting the thought of straight away, that way he could calm his anger. The main point was, the star coins! Who could get past star coins?

If Crane knew of what Tang Tian was thinking, without saying a word, he would definitely throw the cloth bag into his face.

After collecting everything, Tang Tian happily stood up and clapped his hands: “Alright, I won’t hold you all back, go home and eat, feel free to come back anytime!”

Feel free to come back anytime…

All of them looked at Tang Tian, Tang Tian could clearly see the anger in their eyes, but he did not care at all. But some of their gazes were cold, no joy or anger, causing Tang Tian to feel danger from them.

The crowd quickly dispersed, leaving Lupus Army to clean up the place.

Rumble rumble rumble, an extensively large cavalry troops came close, Lupus Army immediately stopped and maintained their guard.

Ta Dun’s Plateau Army appeared in front of everybody.

My apologies, I have come late.” Ta Dun spoke, his face with a hard to read expression: “This subordinate did not expect that these things placed here would invite such trouble! No matter what, Andromeda Constellation will definitely be responsible for this! To express our sincerest apologies, and for the friendship between Andromeda Constellation and Lupus Constellation to be stronger, Her Majesty have already decided, the area of 50 li around Season Fields Waterway, will be given to Lupus Constellation, and your noble can build a city there.”

When he said that, Crane became stunned.

The rights to a starry door, has always been the most beneficial thing in Heaven’s Road, and to that, any constellation would not give up easily. If the rights went to Orion Constellation, they would control two Star Doors. That was normal, because Orion Constellation was one of the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, compared to Andromeda Constellation of Northern Sky, they were much stronger.

The other Star Doors to the other Northern Sky Constellations were all managed by the respective constellations each.

For an exit that was occupied by force, according to the law, would not be allowed. If instigated, it could cause a bad reaction of Andromeda Constellation towards Lupus Constellation.

Never did they think that, Angelina would submit it to them, in that way, they could truly gain the control of Season Fields Waterway. That also meant, Angelina has already viewed Lupus Constellation as a constellation stronger than Andromeda Constellation.

Although they did not clarify the matter, but if he were to push away such a large gift, Tang Tian would not be Tang Tian anymore. He passionately replied: “Thank you, your majesty Angelina! Our Lupus people will definitely be good friends with Andromeda Constellation!”

Seeing Tang Tian’s salivating face, Crane could not bear to watch any further, hey, please watch your image!

But Crane was truly surprised at Angelina’s decision, she knew that she had made a mistake, and did not hesitate at all to throw in a rich capital to redeem herself. That was not something anyone could do. Even he, who was initially unhappy that she brought so much trouble here, but after apologizing in such a way, the anger was gone.

Crane knew, from then on, the waterway would solely belong to Lupus Constellation. At the same time, Andromeda Constellation no longer needed to defend against Lupus Constellation.

To Lupus Constellation who was completely locked up, the importance of the waterway could not be compared to.

Even the stupid boy could see that. Crane glanced at the joyous Tang Tian, his heart was moved, somehow or another, this seemingly unreliable person almost looked like a tyrant already.

Vividly recalling the past, although there were a few fights that were extremely shocking, But how they had come so far was still a blur to Crane.

It seemed, somehow unknowingly, my memories are all filled with this unreliable brat?

Crane self mocked and laughed at himself, from the corner of his eye he saw Ling Xu impatiently going back to train, ah, I envy that simple minded fellow!

He knew, the wave and aftereffects of the night’s battle would not be so easily dissipated.

Liu Zhong Guang returned to his current resting area, even before entering the door, he saw Ah Xiu and his Teacher standing by the wall, Ah Xiu’s face had a teasing look, while his teacher was smiling.

Liu Zhong Guang helplessly waved his hand: “Go ahead and laugh.”

He knew long ago, after the rowdy night, his teacher and Ah Xiu would definitely be shocked. Who knows if his Teacher and Ah Xiu were hiding in the darkness, ready to save him.

After returning, Liu Zhong Guang finally relaxed, and laughed bitterly: “I have thrown my face tonight.”

“Nothing much to be ashamed of.” Ah Xiu shook his head, his eyes filled with a sparkling light: “Luckily they fought tonight, showing Tang Tian’s true strength, if not, if we had clashed with them, we would definitely be at a disadvantage.”

“That’s right, it was a good thing.” Adrian nodded his head: “Tell us about everything that happened. We went there rather late, and did not see much.”

Liu Zhong Guang’s expression became solemn, and vividly went through everything that happened.

After finishing, he closed his mouth and watched Ah Xiu, for he knew Ah Xiu was thinking hard. His teacher also kept quiet and closed his eyes, as though he was pondering about something.

After a while, Ah Xiu raised his head, his shy and graceful face was replaced with self confidence: “There are a few noteworthy points.”

Liu Zhong Guang was roused, he knew Ah Xiu was much more intelligent than himself, and definitely could see more things.

“Firstly, it was obvious they had planned everything earlier, tonight was something they had predicted.”

“Secondly, Tang Tian’s martial technique that he used, he has never used it before, and from its’ might, it should be a unique martial technique, and his enlightenments on it are very deep and profound.”

“Thirdly, Lupus Army is much stronger than what we anticipated, and we can no longer view them as an ordinary army.”

“Fourthly, Zhong Guang spoke about the Lupus Army soldier’s strengths, they should be at the sixth level, they had perfect coordination, thus their assault was powerful and harmed a few people. But, Tang Yi’s assault, we were there, and that might is not something 40 sixth level martial artists could combine and produce.”

Liu Zhong Guang was startled, he thought for a while, then nodded his head: “Ah Xiu is right! Tang Yi’s blade was too powerful, to the point that we did not even have the courage to try and block it.”

“We have already found out about the person who was killed. Aquila Constellation’s expert, Qian Kui Song, Heaven Road List ranked 4558.” Ah Xiu’s eyes flickered with a strange light: “Tang Yi had appeared in the battle with Ye Zhao Ge, at that point in time he led around 200 Lupus martial artists to assault, and was blocked by Ye Zhao Ge’s attack, and lost his battle strength. But today, he brought only 40 soldiers, and killed Qian Kui Song. This is a leap in power that is inconceivable.”

“Teacher and I have already discussed about it, although Lupus Army is very coordinated, but the True Power of the soldiers did not go through too much of a change. That means, the might of their blade auras did not change much either. But the might of Tang Yi’s blade far exceeded 40 sixth level blade auras layering, and there is only one possibility.”

Ah Xiu raised one finger.

Liu Zhong Guang consciously asked: “What possibility?”

Ah Xiu said slowly: “Tang Yi is a unique military leader!”

“U-unique military leader!” Liu Zhong Guang’s eyes became wide, he stammered, those words were much more shocking that what happened before.

“That is the only possibility.” Ah Xiu said loudly, feeling his throat was dry, he sat down to drink water.

“Ah Xiu, he is just a spirit military leader.” Liu Zhong Guang refuted, shaking his head.

“So what?” Ah Xiu who was drinking water stopped: “Can’t a spirit military leader be a unique military leader? Have you forgotten about the one in Ursa Major Constellation?”

Liu Zhong Guang was stunned.