Undefeated God of War - Chapter 396 – Tang Tian Opens The Door

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Chapter 396 – Tang Tian Opens The Door

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In the darkness, Liu Zhong Guang slowly counted the number of Qis hiding.

1, 2,3…19!

His simple and honest face expressed surprise, his heart secretly mumbling. Wow wow, that’s something! Around the small manor, there were actually 19 people in hiding, oh, including himself, it was 20.

Liu Zhong Guang was speechless but excited, he had not met such a scene in a long time. He was a student accepted by Adrian when he was travelling, a straightforward and honest person, he did cleaning most of the time in Adrian’s peaceful life. Following his teacher for so long, his power was also no small matter.

His talent was not good, but with Adrian’s patience, he had learned everything. Like hiding in the dark, finding those seemingly faint Qi, he stayed there for two whole hours.

In the two hours, six people left, and another seven joined in.

Out of the 19 people, five of them were around the same level as him. Out of the number of names Ah Xiu and him spoke of, he could hold his own against three of them.

Murderer with the nickname of Wolf, Cen Deng, ranked 3112 on the Heaven’s Road List.

Replicating Swordsman. Real name unknown, ranked 3109 on the Heaven’s Road List.

Black Puppet, real name unknown, ranked 3106 on the Heaven’s Road List.

Wow, it was basically of gathering of heaven Road’s ranked 3100 martial artists!

Liu Zhong Guang was surprised, he was ranked 3098, and he felt that it was interesting. But, he was even more cautious. Even though he had the highest rank, but in such a situation, if he met with any of the other three, he would most likely die very terribly.

He was good in a head to head confrontation, but for places that the hands and fingers could not be seen, he would be at a disadvantage. He judged and compared in his heart, estimating out of the three, Black Puppet had the highest success rate, followed by Replicating Swordsman, then Cen Deng was third.

He could not comment for the Qi that he was not able to judge, so he did not say anything.

He was unoccupied and carefree, so he could join in, and that was because he did not need to take action. He was hiding there just to shadow. Ever since General Ta Dun sent the treasures to the manor, many eyes came out to spy on them.

He had maintained the dry and dull job for a few days. But he could feel a slight difference in the atmosphere tonight.

Even though he felt that it was boring, the other people’s patience was also around the same limit. From the start, everyone was cautious, and did not wish to make the first move. But as time went back, people started to get restless.

Liu Zhong Guang was harboring the hopes of a good show.

To them, If someone was able to steal the treasures away, it would be the best. Tang Tian had the Lupus Constellation behind him, Angelina and Ta Dun represented Andromeda Constellation, where they were not good to go against. If the treasures landed in the robbers’ hands, then they need not care about the consequences.

But Liu Zhong Guang felt that it would not be so easy, even Ah Xiu did not believe that the people in hiding were able to take the treasures away.

Ah Xiu had high judgements on Tang Tian, causing Liu Zhong Guang to become extremely curious. He had followed him for very long time, and sincerely respected Ah Xiu’s capabilities with all of his heart.

Suddenly, a few hard to catch shadows quietly moved towards the manor.

Liu Zhong Guang’s mind was startled, it was Replicating Swordsman!

He finally could not hold it back anymore and had to make your move, huh?

For the Replicating Swordsman to take action, it was like a fuse, it immediately made all the other martial artists hiding in the darkness to simultaneously make their moves. In the next moment, the sound of the ripping of air could be heard.

Liu Zhong Guang was filled with anticipation, he had heard that Ling Xu and Crane were very powerful.

In the next moment, 10 figures flew out. Everyone was extremely guarded against one another, and had all maintained a safe equidistance from each other. From Liu Zhong Guang’s position, it seemed that the surrounding wall of the manor had plenty of people standing over them all.

Although General Ta Dun did not create a big fanfare that day, but the location of the treasures did not escape anyone’s eyes.


The big door was smashed into pieces, amongst the wood shavings, a sky full of small cold auras appeared like stars.

In the blink of an eye, all these cold auras exploded open, as countless amounts of cold aura fell like rain, engulfing the incoming people.

The few martial artists who were not in time to defend all screamed out, one of their chests had a hole blown in it, another person had his stomach blown wide out. But many more of the martial artists who had prepared earlier all released their techniques to block.

Ding ding ding!

The continuous attacks and deflections came like rain, continuing to reverberate inside their ears.

In the other direction, a few martial artists were locked down by Crane. Crane’s movement technique was free and easy, flying everywhere like a black crane dancing in the sky. His sword techniques changed rapidly, one against three but in a stalemate.

Liu Zhong Guang’s eyes grew wide, although he had long heard about their outstanding strength, but everything that he was personally witnessing, he was still blown into shock by Ling Xu and Crane.

Ling Xu’s spear auras were like raging tides, countless cold auras flickering, causing people to birth a feeling of being unable to escape. Replicating Swordsman was struggling inside the sea of spears, and was placed in a difficult situation.

But Replicating Swordsman’s strength was also considerably strong, and after experiencing the bad start, he quickly stabilized. Replicating Swordsman’s sword technique was extremely unique, every sword of his would produce a replica, whether it was real or fake, it was difficult to tell.

Two shouts came out from the sky, it was two other martial artists who died under Crane’s sword.

The last martial artist obviously was much more powerful than the other two. Liu Zhong Guang’s eyes recognized him, it was the lone wolf Cen Deng. Lone Wolf Cen Deng was a famous martial artist, he had always been alone, and never cooperated with anyone, thus his personal strength was extremely strong in all areas.

In a short 10 moves, Cen Deng’s blade techniques changed into all sort of different martial techniques. A few of them were not high levels, but in Cen Deng’s hands, their prowess was increased greatly, and was able to release changes that could cause people to be alarmed.

Liu Guang Zhong watched in excitement, the exchange of experts was a rare opportunity.

Replicating Swordsman and Cen Deng’s strength were not surprising, but Ling Xu and Crane who were able to fight through 10 moves and not be at a disadvantage, that made Liu Zhong Guang truly surprised.

Ling Xu and Crane’s ranking was truly underestimated.

Suddenly, Liu Zhong Guang felt a few ripples of energy undulations, and only after that did he react and could not help but laugh. That was someone in the darkness using a treasure to record the battle. One had to say, all these recordings sold well at the markets.

Liu Zhong Guang’s attention was quickly attracted by the battles.

He glanced onto a black fog and his pupils immediately contracted, Black Puppet! Black Puppet was aiming for the treasures inside the room, his intention extremely clear.

Black Puppet’s entire body was covered in a black greenish fog. It was the famous [Black Puppet Barrier], which was extremely poisonous.

No one knew where Black Puppet got his wood element martial technique inheritance, and managed to train in an extremely strange martial technique. The moment someone slightly touches the Black Puppet Barrier, it would intrude into the body and there was no cure for it.

But, there were so many eyes staring at the treasures, how would it be easy for Black Puppet to obtain them?

Someone shouted from the darkness: “Use concealed weapons!”

Immediately countless concealed weapons shot out and covered the sky, flying towards Black Puppet. All the concealed weapons were covered in various light auras, some flying in a straight line, some flying in a strange arc, but without question, they were all aiming towards Black Puppet.

The scene was extremely spectacular.

Black Puppet was shocked upon seeing the rain of concealed weapons, and immediately revealed his techniques to block them.

Ding ding ding!

Sparks flew out randomly!

Although there were many concealed weapons, everyone around had roughly the same level of dealing with them. The impetus appeared stronger than its might, something that Black Puppet quickly realized, and he calmed down.

Suddenly, a sharp shriek enveloped the entire field.

A straight silver light broke through everyone’s vision.

So fast!

Liu Zhong Guang’s face changed, he could clearly see it was a silver arrow!

This was definitely the most intense arrow technique he had ever seen.

Black Puppet was also knowledgeable, he roared,the black mist around him retracted and transformed into a black shield.


The silver arrow struck the black shield, instantly shattering it, but the immense power struck Black Puppet, causing him to groan and fly out horizontally.

No one had noticed that a black figure had quietly appeared above Black Puppet.


Black Puppet’s eyes contracted.

A blood wound appeared on his throat, and in the next moment, blood started spurting out from his throat like a fountain.

Liu Zhong Guang’s face changed. His gaze landed at a distance not far from Black Puppet, where there was a cave entrance the size of a fingernail. A name surfaced up in his head.

Misty Shadow Hand, Ah Bi.

Never did he expect that, someone out of the people whom he was unable to judge was actually hiding a grandmaster grade concealed weapon expert!

Misty Shadow Hand Ah Bi was a famous concealed weapon martial artist, he had always been alone, and had merged water element True Power and concealed weapons, forming a solitary style. Concealed weapons of mist.

Concealed weapons of mist were extremely covert in nature, their movements were extremely abrupt and were difficult to detect. This allowed his concealed weapon martial techniques to gain extreme reputation, and was respected and revered by many concealed weapon martial artists, thinking he was the current generation’s concealed weapons grandmaster.

This move was out of the ordinary.

WIth Black Puppet dead, Ah Bi’s achievements were once again improved.

Ah Bi’s one strike had shaken the field, and in that time, no one dared to move. Everyone’s state of mind was tensed For a concealed weapons grandmaster to be hiding in the darkness, that was an extremely dangerous matter.

Just at that time, a sudden creaking sound came out.

The door to the hidden treasures was opened.

The sudden anti-climax caused all the tensed up people to subconsciously throw out all their concealed weapons!

Tang Tian who had just completed training and was slightly injured, slowly pushed open the door. When the door open, countless light auras filled his eyes, as the rain of concealed weapons shot towards him.

Tang Tian was aroused, his pupils dilated, both of his hands instinctively placed in front of his chest, without even thinking, he instantly used Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand that he had trained arduously against the frantic and countless concealed weapons.

Tang Tian’s ten fingers on both hands released countless sparks.

A scene that caused everyone to become stunned appeared.

The densely packed concealed weapons all produced strands of lines, while Tang Tian’s hands seemed to be magical, quickly striking the flying arrows and sweeping past them.

The most dazzling light came from an intense screaming silver arrow. His 10 fingers very naturally shot out torrents, in a moment shooting out seven shots at the silver arrow, causing all of its energy to disappear.

Three of the attacks were struck by Tang Tian’s shots, and all crumbled and disappeared.

In the blink of an eye, the sky full of light aura were all in his hands.

The large quantity of concealed weapons all dropped to the ground from Tang Tian’s hands like a waterfall, releasing ‘clang’ sounds.

Ding ding ding!

The clear and crisp sounds of concealed weapon striking the floor, inside the dead silence, was extremely clear.

Tang Tian held up a large quantity of concealed weapons, his expression blank, showing off such a beautiful performance, making everyone feel as if they turned blind.