Undefeated God of War - Chapter 395 – Adrian

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Chapter 395 – Adrian

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

A tall figure dressed in a black coat silently guarded the gate which overlooked the Andromeda City. He gazed down upon the valley, musing of something that was bothering his mind.

He was The Hunter, Adrian.

“Such a massive explosion would require at least 20 silver treasures to be able to produce such an effect.” Adrian proclaimed.

Liu Zhong Guang replied in shock: “Qiu Shan is simply too crazy.”

Adrian let out a smile. Zhong Guang was an honest man. Adrian turned his head towards another teenager: “Ah Xiu, what do you make of this?”

The young man being questioned was only 17 years of age, with a clean shaven and pale expression. He was Adrian’s right-hand man and was also known as [Flower of Orion] Ru Xiu. He shook his head side to side: “I can’t decipher much from it. But based on the intelligence obtained, it seems like Angelina has a master working behind the scenes to provide guidance.”

Liu Zhong Guang nodded: “Ah Xiu, are you referring to Ta Dun? General Ta Dun is a very powerful man!”

Xiu shook his head: “I was not referring to General Ta Dun. Ta Dun is experienced and calm in battle, making him a magnificent warrior. But his behaviour is typical of those military warriors. He is very straight-forward and predictable, and not so sly.”

“Who could it be then?” Liu Zhong Guan did not question Ah Xiu’s judgement. He was confident of his analysis, which made him even more curious to the master behind Angelina.

Ah Xiu did not reply, and continued with his explanation: “Wu Xia from Ursa has called on reinforcements. I have however heard that they had experience some disagreements with Angelina and Ta Dun. Angelina wanted to give those treasures to Tang Tian in exchanged for more Energy Beasts.”

“What a smart woman.” Adrian replied: “It looks like our main target now is Tang Tian.”

“Difficult.” Xiu interjected: “Based on the intelligence we have gathered thus far, the possibility that Tang Tian would give up this pile of treasure is very low. He has a very unique nickname for himself.”

“What is he called then?” Adrian probed curiously

“A [godlike young man]. Interesting isn’t it.” Ah Xiu replied sarcastically. “I heard that it is common for him to use that name to introduce himself.”

Liu Zhong Guang could not bear his laughter: “So he is an ignorant guy.”

“It is not that easy. Do you know what the Honorable Martial Group termed him as? He is called the Grindstone. The group believes that only through Tang Tian’s help could their geniuses be grinded and force to train to display their true powers. This is the first judgement I have ever heard from the group.” Xiu shook his head: “I have perused the information on Tang Tian and deduced that he is an intelligent and profound individual.”

Liu Zhong Guang was taken aback: “Are you being serious?”

“To be termed as a “god-like young man” is just his facade.” Xiu explained: “His style is similar to his nickname, both are equally ignorant and look foolish. But upon further research, I discovered that though some of his actions do look impulsive at times, I do not believe that if I was in his shoe, I would not be able to do any better than what he has done. I can even say that, everything that he has done, wasall considered very difficult.”

Liu Zhong Guang was in disbelief: “I do not refute that he is smart. But to say that even you are not able to do it, that I do not believe.”

“Ah Xiu, stop being so modest. I believe that with your intelligence and strength, you stand shoulder to shoulder with the other intellects out there.” Adrian smiled.

Liu Zhong Guang also added: “Precisely. Ah Xiu, even if that person is an actual godlike young man or a real god, I trust that ah Xiu can also defeat him!”

Ah Xiu took in the complements but was somewhat embarrassed as he had not received such praise before.

“Heh, I might not know much, but there is one point, I am sure of it. Ah Xiu, you are definitely able to beat Tang Tian!” Zhong Guang smiled.

Ah Xiu was curious: “What is that?”

“Your looks!” Zhong Guang laughed hysterically: “Our Xiu has such good looks, even the ladies yearn to have them!”

“Hahaha!” Adrian joined in the laughter: “Zhong Guang, don’t bully Xiu. But Xiu, I do however agree with this point, hahaha!”

The carriage landed and was received by a troop of martial artists who was already waiting for their arrival. Ta Dun was leading the entire troop.

“Mr Adrian.” Ta Dun received him with open arms: “Angelina heard that you would like to tour the Andromeda City and she was so anticipative for your arrival that she could not sleep properly last night. And she wanted me to personally receive and welcome you to our lovely city.”

Adrian bowed in respect: “Thank you so much for your reception, General Ta Dun. I am humbled.”

“You are too courteous. These are the horses for your journey through our city.” Ta Dun replied. Several Star Spirit Horses were pulled across the troop and towards Adrian and his escorts.

Adrian climbed onto the horse as the entourage advanced forward into the city.

Adrian looked towards Ta Dun: “I have long heard of General Ta Dun’s formidable military management. After today, I have witnessed your reputation in person. Having travelled across different constellations, I have seen many military formations. But from what I have seen today from your troops, it is a rarity.”

Adrian was charming and had a brimming expression to go with his persuasiveness.

Xiao Si Yun, who was just behind Ta Dun, went red. Ever since the time he was at the Lupus Army encampment, from that experience, he was more determined to train harder than before. His skills had improved tremendously, but after hearing Adrian’s praise, he did not feel anything. Instead, he seemed to be dissatisfied.

He knew very well that though the Plateau Army had improved considerably, it’s skills were still far from that of the Lupus Army.

Fortunately, this bunch of people were not enemies of the Andromeda Constellation. Si Yun was somewhat glad but felt guilty of such wishful thinking.

The smile disappeared from Ta Dun’s face: “In the past, I was very proud of my army’s abilities. But now I realized, I was rather ignorant and narrow-minded to overestimate our abilities.”

Adrian was slightly taken aback: “I wonder which other military general could make General Ta Dun feel that way?”

Ta Dun replied: “Maybe Mr. Adrian. You yourself might meet the guy someday.”

Adrian smiled: “Oh, General Ta Dun sure has aroused my curiosity.”

The two men exchanged views and smiled.

Adrian’s arrival made the Andromeda City bustling again. Andre was revered due to his honorable status and his limitless influence. But for Adrian, even though he lacked both power and influence, he was still respected by the people.

Adrian was one of the respected masters in the Orion Constellation. He graduated at the young age of 21 and became the principal of his former school, Nebula Academy. Within a decade, Nebula School became the most celebrated school in Orion Constellation due to the talents it produced. Due to his hectic lifestyle from the management of Nebula, he did not hone his skills for the entire decade. Hence, at the age of 31, he decided to retire as the school’s principal and started to journey across the constellations.

No one knew about anything that had he had gone through through during the 12 years of travel.

When he was 43, he returned to Nebula School. He brought with him an enigmatic aura. That time, the Sword Saint of the Orion Constellation Yue Xin Ce met him, and he praised that Adrian had the aura of a saint domain.

Due to his previous stint in the school, Adrian took joy in advising and teaching teens. This garnered him popularity among the constellation. Even though he was not an official, he had the rights to access the palace. High officials, noble people and even the ordinary citizens respected highly of Adrian’s achievements.

Adrian’s arrival in the Andromeda City made the younger martial artists eager to meet him. They believe that Adrian’s guidance and advice would benefit them in the future.

While those young martial artists who believed they possessed innate gifts in martial arts, they hoped to capture the attention of Adrian. Those that are commended by Adrian himself often see their own social status rise significantly.

The accommodation Adrian was going to reside in was overwhelmed by teenagers daily.

Tang Tian stood calmly on the shoreline with sadness carved out on his face. The peacefulness of the sea was a stark contrast from the recent happenings that seemed to be a nightmare.

In that nightmare, he experienced the life of the Thousand Hands Devil Monarch.

When he was young, he was lazy and floated around aimlessly. Now, he suddenly realized that he did not have the power to turn the time back to when he was young. His life was filled with remorse and regrets. Even if he were to meet the girl that he like, he might not be able to slow down his journey that was destined to reach his goal of vengeance.

Initially, Tang Tian felt that he was just an onlooker, but as the dream manifested, he unconsciously felt affected by its developments.

Battle, assassination, vengeance…

In the last battle, he was forced to the end of the life. His Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand was not able to defeat his enemies. On the verge of defeat, Tang Tian suddenly recalled the words spoken by Thousand Hands Devil Lord.

Do not let your eyes fool you.

Suddenly, the power of Tang Tian’s Thousand Cleave Devil Hand increased, allowing him to defeat his enemy, releasing him from the nightmare.

But Tang Tian had already realized that in reality, the Thousand Hands Devil Lord and his enemy were both destined for mutual destruction. The only person who could force Tang Tian to commit himself and transform him into a Spirit Card was Lady Feng, the woman kept appearing in his dreams.

He must be yearning to return and look at her one more time.

He must have a lot of unspoken thoughts that he wanted to convey to her.

To tell her that he had successfully avenged himself.

To tell her not to wait for him.

To tell her…

Tang Tian was overwhelmed with sorrow, but he kept feeling that he was only feeling sad over the long-departed person. The soul of the Thousand Hands Devil Monarch had long dissipated. Lady Feng had already departed hundreds of years ago, even though she might have descendents.

Senior Thousand Hands Devil Monarch, you must understand that vengeance should never come before those that are still alive.

Standing silently and looking across the vast ocean, Tang Tian mumbled: “Thousand Hands Devil Monarch, this is not bad after all. Even though you yearned to become her martial spirit, to protect her, but if that happened, she would be suffering. This form of guardianship is also somewhat a burden. That is why, this arrangement right now, is appropriate.”

The calm sea was now ravaged by a large gust of wind.

Tang Tian felt so much better after the short introspection. A smile slowly appeared on his face. He shouted across the ocean: “Thousand Hands Devil Monarch, you have the same thoughts don’t you!”

A door slowly appeared from beneath the ocean.