Undefeated God of War - Chapter 394 – Ta Dun’s Skills

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Chapter 394 – Ta Dun’s Skills

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“I am very sorry, but all these treasures will be transferred to Mr. Tang Tian.” Ta Dun replied solemnly, unaffected by what had happened.

Wu Xia was surprised by that. He had not expect such a reply from Ta Dun.

The skinny branch master expressed his displeasure: “General Ta Dun, didn’t we agree with master that all these treasures will be split equally among us? How can you pass these treasures to another person without our approval! Furthermore, these treasures are all so valuable. Why should we give them to outsiders?”

All the other chiefs expressed their agreement in succession. But now, no one dared to mutter a word.

Angelina understood his father’s plan, and interjected: “Branch Master Zhu, you are in such a hurry to judge. This is an intention by us to trade these treasures with Mr Tang Tian for even more Energy Beasts. With more of these beasts, we will have even more treasures. We are the only ones able to transform these beasts into treasures. All of you are entrepreneurial and should understand the current arrangement that we have.”

Many of the branch masters nodded in agreement after listening to Angelina.

It would have been unacceptable to have sold these treasures to outsiders. But to use it to obtain even more Energy Beasts, the calculative branch masters would certainly agree with them. As long as there were more Energy Beasts, there would definitely be more treasures. This drawn out process expenses significant among of Star Power. Angelina would be the one to lose out the most.

And none of the branch masters were required to put in any of their resources into it.

They did not care when they would receive these treasures. What mattered the most was that if they were able to garner more treasures, time was not an issue to them.

Furthermore… the 3 branch masters who stood out of the crowd to protest Angelina would most likely be kicked out of the commerce committee. The remaining branch masters would then be able to get a bigger share of the treasure.

“Master is a genius. That was such an exquisite idea!”

“Master was thoughtful in conceiving this plan!”

Everyone muttered in excitement, pouring out praise for the Master.

Those who opened their mouth first were those who did not fawn on Wu Xia. Since these branch masters knew that they did not have the power to rival those of Wu Xia, all they wanted was to have a larger share of the treasure.

Angelina turned to Wu Xia and told him apologetically: “Sir Wu Xia, please forgive us. We, the commerce committee, are focused on doing business. We need to be responsible to our clients.”

“It is me who was hasty.” Wu Xia quickly apologize: “But Master has also stated that it was only an intention, hence no deals should have been made. If that’s the case, may I be allowed to provide a price for these treasures then?”

“Yes of course!” Angelina smiled: “As long as Sir Wu Xia has the Energy Beasts, I am greatly honoured to be able to do business with you.”

Wu Xia was left speechless by Angelina’s rebuttal.

His expression turned gloomy and gazed at Angelina.

Angelina did not try to avoid Wu Xia’s gaze. She maintained a warm smile while remaining unfazed by him.

Wu Xia suddenly let out a huge laugh, maintaining his cold gaze: “Then please help me liaise with Mr Tang Tian on my behalf. I have always admired Mr Tang Tian’s well-known reputation.”

Angelina smiled: “Once I manage to meet up with Mr Tang Tian, I will let him know of your request.”

“Thank you for your help!” Wu Xia replied respectfully: “I shall not trouble you further.”

After finishing his sentence, a troop of men followed him out. The 3 branch masters, who were ashamed of the defeat they faced just now, followed Wu Xia closely behind. After what had happened, they now hoped that Wu Xia would not cast them away from the group.

Angelina then addressed the crowd sombrely: “It looks like the management of the commerce committee is in a mess. There needs to be changes around here.”

The mood of the crowd changed after Angelina’s statement, but no one muttered a word. They had regretted following the lead of the 3 branch masters in inciting this ruckus. They were also intimidated by the resolution of General Ta Dun. If it wasn’t for Wu Xia, Le Zheng Jie would have lost his life.

There were some who had planned to ask for forgiveness from Angelina. They feared that their future would be bleak should Angelina seek vengeance.

Angelina was not in the mood for such fawning and flattering from the crowd. She immediately dispersed them.

The crowd slowly dispersed and the halls emptied.

Angelina unleashed her pent up rage: “These scrooges, they are simply vultures. Once they smell blood, they will pounce on it!”

Ta Dun was instead calmer than her since he had experience similar situations before. He explained: “Andromeda Constellation is a small constellation. Compromising to others’ wishes is inescapable.”

“I know.” Angelina replied in reluctance. She suddenly thought of Tang Tian. If he faced this situation, what would he have done instead?

She could not figure it out. But she knew that he would have given them a tough time.

After a moment, Angelina asked curiously: “Would Tang Tian and his companions agree with what we did?”

“Yes they would.” Ta Dun agreed.

Angelina was curious: “Why would they?”

“Because they possess a strong army.” Ta Dun replied: “No army would ever reject a hundred pieces of treasure.”

Once she thought of Tang Tian, Angelina felt at peace: “If we are unable to obtain it, we would also not let others obtain it easily.”

It was similar to what she have said; to use the treasure to obtain more Energy Beasts. It was not a bad idea after all.

She had conversed with Tang Tian numerous times and she knew that Tang Tian had a bad temper. Tang Tian would not even have given any leeway to Angelina. Had Wu Xia faced up with Tang Tian, Wu Xia would have encountered a huge obstacle.


Wu Xia was definitely in dilemma.

“His victory over the Gold Ranked Martial Artists has already made him one of the top martial artists in the Heavenly Road. Though it might seem like his victory was a stroke of luck, the strength and power that he possessed could rival other top fighters.”

The one who said that was the wise Ge Ruo. Among the Seven assassins, he was ranked 3rd among them. He had worldly wisdom, allowing him to gain the trust of Wu Xia.

Ge Ruo added: “He has been in isolation for close to 2 months and must have made significant improvements. But Second Brother and Big Brother should still be able to take him down. But the trouble is that he has a very bad temper and is extremely stubborn, even Angelina and Onyx Soul’s Hall Master Tu Zi Shan were unable to buy him. We would also need to pay attention to the Crane that is constantly following him. Crane and the Sagittarius Empress seem to have a good relationship with each other.”

Everyone was in a dilemma, including Ge Ruo himself, which could be sensed from his tone.

“What is more troubling is that he has an army under his command. He would definitely want to get his hand on these treasures.” Ge Ruo said: “In addition, they suddenly appeared on the Andromeda Constellation. They have already found a passageway on the Lupus Constellation that would lead straight to Andromeda Constellation. This passageway is a famous historic path known as the Season Fields Waterway. His army has already secured the entrance of the passageway.”

“What a lucky guy he is to have control of the Season Fields Waterway.” Ge Ruo glanced at the crowd, and smiled: “This is a thorny problem we are facing. Compared to the other enemies we have eradicated so far, this is no trivial guy. We must be on our guard, just a little bit.”

Everyone laughed, dissipating the tense atmosphere that lingered.

Ge Ruo added on: “We need to first make contact with him. Compared to the Andromeda Constellation, our constellation, the Ursa Major Constellation, is much more powerful. We need to express our sincerity much better than the Leo Constellation towards Mr. Tang Tian. But if he decides to court his own death, then we will need to grant his wish swiftly, leaving no trace or evidence.”

Ge Ruo’s statement galvanized the crowd even more.

Mo Bao, who was Ranked 4 among them, replied: “He better be more tactful. If not, I will pummel him into a pulp. I shall say first, I will be the first to attack. Don’t any of you dare to strike him down before me.”

After hearing Ge Ruo said that only their big brother and second brother could beat Tang Tian together, he was filled with rage. Ge Ruo was Ranked 3 only because of his vast wisdom and knowledge. In terms of battle strength, out of the seven people, only their big brother and second brother were stronger than Mo Bao.

Ge Ruo and Wu Xia exchanged glance.

Both of them purposely meant to incite Mo Bao. Because of unspoken reason, their big brother and second brother could only arrive at a later date.

Wu Xia added fuel to Mo Bao fire: “This mission was entrusted by General Tu Qing and is of utmost importance, as His Majesty had personally granted it and advised repeatedly. His Majesty has said that whoever contributes the most to the success of this mission, will be rewarded handsomely by his majesty personally!”

This caught the attention of several people

Their Master’s goal was to become the greatest, most powerful ruler of his time. With the Ursa Major Constellation in his hands, he yearned to conquer the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls. And the Ursa Major Constellation’s strongest army, the renowned Grizzly Bear Army, which had General Tu Qing, who was an exceptional martial artist as well as the commander-in-chief.

Whoever was able to complete the mission entrusted by the two most influential people of the Ursa Major Constellation would….

Eyes bulged wide open among the crowd as they listened intently to the lavish rewards that they could possibly get their hands on.

They have been with Master Wu Xia for a prolonged duration but have never once been tasked with such an important mission. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for them.

“These types of mission are rare.” Wu Xia explained: “I expect everyone here to think through and be prepared of what needs to be completed to ensure the success of this mission.”

The crowd nodded their heads fervently. Mo Bao replied excitedly: “Master don’t look down on us, all our opponents are weak, that’s why we cannot show off our true powers.”

“Ha!, Ah Bao, you only know how to sprout arrogance. That is because Big brother and second brother are not present right!” Le Zheng Jie laughed.

“He wants only to reap the spoils solely for himself without Leader and Ranked 2!” Fifth brother laughed as well.

Sixth Brother added on: “Ah Bao, I will support you, as long as you share the spoils of the success equally with me.”

After getting laughed at by those 3, Mo Bao was flushed.

Wu Xia smiled: “I just got news. We have another opponent.”

Silence descended upon them. The crowd was bursting with morale. Their killer instinct raged within, intent on killing anyone who dared to stand in their way.

“Orion Constellation!” Wu Xia had a cold glint in his eyes: “Their messenger had arrived. They have the same plan as us.”

“Who was the one who came?” Ge Ruo asked in a mellowed tone.

“Hunter, Adrian.” Wu Xia replied.

All of their expression changed.