Undefeated God of War - Chapter 393 – Wu Xia

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Chapter 393 – Wu Xia

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Andromeda Constellation.

Angelina hurriedly peered at the Star Power Pool in front of her. The richness of the Star Power beamed down from the sky, shrouding the pool. The Star Power within the pool was dense, like a thick fog rummaging on the surface.

In the distant, battle robes could be seen floating within the Pool.

Suddenly, Angelina shouted: “Success!”

Ta Dun who was at her side also let out a shade of anxiety.

The rays of Star Power had become fainter and quickly disappeared. Within the pool, hundreds of silver battle robes could be seen floating near its surface.

Ta Dun could not resist. He stepped into the pool and brought up one of the silver battle robes that was floating nearby.

Angelina rushed to his side: “What happened? Father!”

One could not see the traces of fur clothing of an Energy Beast on the silver battle robe. The robe seemed like it was constructed from a sheet of silver tin foil without a speck of flaw on it. The rich Star Power emanating from the robe made it unique.

Ta Dun wore the silver robe without hesitating. Once he put it on, the robe immediately shrank to fit the contours of his body. Then the shiny silver rays radiating from the robe immediately dissipated. It now looked as if it was a normal robe.

Suddenly, Ta Dun disappeared.

Angelina eyes gaped wide. She nearly let out a loud cry after that incident.

Moments later, Ta Dun suddenly appeared right in front of Angelina, his face filled with excitement: “Good! Very good!”

As a military general, he knew how valuable it is to have the ability to become invisible.

Suddenly, there was clamouring outside. A guard hurriedly rushed in and reported: “Master! General! There are a lot of commerce branch masters outside waiting for you. They are protesting that they also have a part of the treasures. And they wanted to see the creation of it.”

Angelina turned pale while Ta Dun squinted his eyes.

Angelina quickly regained her calm and replied: “Let them in then!”

The guard nodded and sped out to receive the crowd.

Moments later, a large group of people barged in.

“Master! Master! We provided money for the Energy Beast. We should be entitled to at least parts of the items that have been created from it!”

“That’s right. You should at least let us take a peek!”


They suddenly spotted Ta Dun standing beside Angelina. The noises died down. Fear carved into each of the men’s faces.

Angelina turned to face the crowd and gave it a quick glance. She could recognize several of the commerce branch masters from within. She knew that there was an individual working behind the shadows, who had powerful abilities that managed to arouse more than half of the commerce committee.

If her father was not back in Andromeda City, she would have been in trouble.

But now, she was not worried and said indifferently: “You all know that I am the Master. Yet you all still barged in to create a ruckus.”

Her tone, however, was amiable, as if she was saying it as a joke.

One of the commerce branch master tried to explain the situation: “We just wanted to…”

Angelina did not let him finish his sentence, and interjected immediately: “Which one of you started this? Show yourself!”

This loud cry from Angelina shocked the crowd. Most of their faces changed. Now, they realized that even though the master was young, but she was inherently hot-tempered. She even dared to declare war on the Honorable Martial Group if need be!

All of them kept quiet out of fear.

Several of the people looked at each other. They could see the fear building up in their eyes. Initially, they thought that with the large number of people present, Angelina might give in to their demands. They did not expect Angelina to be so straightforward to them, without giving them a chance to achieve a compromise.

Some knew that there were no other way out of this mess.

A middle aged man stood out from the crowd and replied: “Master, if you need to give out punishments, I am willing to take responsibility for this situation.”

Another person, plumper in size, stumbled out: “Punish me as well.”

The 3rd person who stood out was skinny in size. His triangle eyes held a sense of dangerous aura, and said: “Master, even though we are all overly excited, we are not unreasonable people. All of us have suffered great casualties. Our keen interest in the Energy Beast arise from our need to boost our morale and recover what we have lost in our spirits. Master has said that we would be rewarded for what we have sacrificed, and I do agree with that. So it is fair that we ask to take a look at what you have, am I right everyone?”

Angelina took a deep breath. She knew that she was in deep trouble. These 3 men standing right in front of her are no small merchants. They are all one of the top 5 branch masters in the commerce committee.

The speech by the skinny one galvanized the crowd, causing them to express their displeasure.

Suddenly, Ta Dun who was constantly squinting opened his mouth: “I haven’t been in Andromeda City for so many years.”

His statement garnered the attention of the crowd.

“I did not expect that within Andromeda City, there were no rules left.” Ta Dun shouted: “You guys spoke about punishment just now, and you are right. You all should be punished.”

Ta Dun’s statement brought out the fear hidden within everyone in the crowd. The 3 men who stood out immediately turned pale.

“General Ta Dun, what do you mean by this!” The skinny one protested.

Ta Dun stared at him: “Take him away.”

Several guards swarmed towards the 3 men. They were surprised by the sudden orders of Ta Dun. They did not expect that he would dare to lay his hands on them!

Suddenly a shadow appeared, surrounding the 3 men. A faint laughter and a burst of rays radiating from a blade. The guards tumbled back.

As the rays dissipated, a red-haired, tan-skinned man appeared.

“Where did you all get the audacity.” Ta Dun shouted: “The smiling assassin, Le Zheng Jie, one of the great 7 assassins under the command of Wu Xia.”

The crowd who were initially overwhelmed by resentment now stood daze. They might not have heard of Le Zheng Jie before, but they sure knew who Wu Xia was.

The Andromeda Constellation, which was situated just beside the Ursa Major Constellation, was one of the 5 Polar Domains. Items produced in Andromeda were mainly exported to the Ursa Major Constellation and the Orion Constellation. Wu Xia martial artists, also known as “Ursa Warriors”, were famous residents in the Ursa Major Constellation. These martial artists were influential officials and had huge clout within Ursa Major Constellation even though they did not possess military ranks themselves. Whenever political officials had situations which were inconvenient for them to manage, they would pass them to Le Zheng Jie for resolution.

The elders among the commerce committee were all petrified. They had not expect they would be involved in such a huge storm with the involvement of Le Zheng Jie.

Le Zheng Jie glanced at the crowd and addressed them with respect: “I did not expect General Ta Dun to recognize an insignificant mortal like me. I am honoured! These 3 branch masters are good friends of yours General. My responsibility is to ensure their safety. I hope I did not offend you General.”

Ta Dun shook his head: “Since you have retaliated, it is clear that you have thought this through.”

Le Zheng Jie remained unfazed: “General Ta Dun, my family master…”

Swarms of martial artists engulfed the hall, surrounding them from all sides.

Le Zheng Jie expression changed. The movement of the fighters were well-coordinated, their formation tightly knitted. He did not manage to find a single loophole in their formation. They were all silent and somber, well prepared to give a good battle with Le Zheng Jie.

They were well trained!

Le Zheng Jie could feel the immense pressure on him. The 3 branch masters by his side were all petrified. None of them expected Ta Dun, even in the presence of Le Zheng Jie, dared to initiate such a move. Wasn’t he afraid of agitating the Ursa Major Constellation?

“General Ta Dun, have you grown insensitive to the life or death of the people of Andromeda Constellation?” Le Zheng Jie exclaimed, an act of a final struggle.

Ta Dun replied coolly: “Dignity triumphs over life and death.”

All the fighters were ready to strike. Once Ta Dun gave them the signal, they would have attacked.

Bang bang bang.

Suddenly, a man burst through from among the crowd of the commerce committee. He looked the age of 30 and donned purple robes. His stature drew the attention of the crowd.

“General Ta Dun, your name is well known throughout the universe. For what we have done, we admit that we deserve some forms of punishment.” he said.

Everyone was shocked. The man standing in front of them was the great Wu Xia of Ursa Major Constellation!

All of the branch masters dreamed of following the footsteps of Wu Xia, but none of them were able to succeed. In the Ursa Major Constellation, if one was able to garner the companionship of Wu Xia himself, nothing was impossible to achieve.

It was least expected to have such a magnificent person who had been one amongst them.

Furthermore, he even apologized to General Ta Dun…

It was unimaginable.

Even though the Ursa Major Constellation was one of the 5 Polar Domains, its people possessed formidable strength, even stronger them some of the constellations from the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls. Wu Xia was respected and well-known in the Ursa Major Constellation. It was thus a surprise that he would apologize to Ta Dun.

Ta Dun squinted his eyes, his heart trembled.

Wu Xia was a holistic fighter, renowned for his prowess. It was no wonder that his name commanded great respect.

Ta Dun wanted to take this opportunity to eradicate Le Zheng Jie and the 3 branch master since he had a valid reason to carry out the execution. He wasn’t afraid of the Ursa Major Constellation.

But since Wu Xia himself apologized, there was no way for Ta Dun to carry on with his plan. It would have been okay to kill Le Zheng Jie since the Ursa Major Constellation would not retaliate. But if Wu Xia was killed, it would incite the furor of the constellation which might even involve its great army.

Ta Dun mused at the killing of such a powerful figure. He might achieve his goal of seeking revenge, but he would surely regret inciting a formidable opponent to the Andromeda Constellation in which he could not afford to do.

Ta Dun intentionally expressed his surprise and quickly helped Wu Xia up to his feet: “I did not expect that the great man Wu Xia would come all the way to the Andromeda Constellation. Do pardon for my disrespect. Please take a seat!”

Wu Xia turned towards Le Zheng Jie: “Le Zheng Jie, faster apologize to General Ta Dun! If only you suppress your impulsiveness more next time, I would be much more at ease.”

Le Zheng Jie seized the opportunity and expressed his respect to Ta Dun: “Le Zheng Jie was impulsive and I apologize for that.”

“Hahahaha, don’t worry! It is only a misunderstanding!” Ta Dun smiled, hiding his expressions from before. He then waved his hand as if wielding an invisible sword: “Le Zheng Jie, your swordsmanship just now was certainly impressive.”

Wu Xia smiled: “General Ta Dun is very generous. He would not pick a fight with a petty person like you. The General was just scaring you just now. This will teach you not to be that impulsive and reckless next time.”

Wu Xia put on a good mood and addressed the crowd: “Everyone has been talking about the Energy Beast for so long. The Andromeda textiles could potentially become a treasure of sorts. I have not witnessed it before. I was wondering if I would be granted the privilege to take a peek?”

The halls slowly died down into silence.