Undefeated God of War - Chapter 390 – Magic Flute’s Fourth Tune

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Chapter 390 – Magic Flute’s Fourth Tune

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ah Ming was a teenager that was 18 years of age. He was scrawny and tanned with nimble movements. There was a scar that was carved across his face, making look fearsome for someone so young.

He nodded while keeping his mouth shut. He took the bone whistle hanging around his neck and blew into it.

The sharp shrill echoed across the entire encampment. The formless sound ripple sped out at an astonishing fast rate, spreading out in all directions.

Bang bang bang!

Many traps were triggered. Explosions lit the night sky.

Young Master Flute raised his head in astonishment: “Bone Chilling Whistle!”

Blind Chord Old Man expression congealed. The Bone Chilling Whistle gave a loud shrill and its force was destructive. As he trained under Magic Flute, he was able to understand the tuning of the sound of the whistle.

His body trembled under the shock wave from the whistle and the wheelchair underneath him shattered into pieces. But he was unharmed as he stood still. He slowly pulled the bow strings from the Er Hu, creating a sharp shrill that rippled down his weapon.

The 2 noises clashed in the air, creating an incessant ruckus.

Ah Ming’s eyes were bloodshot. He build up his power and blew into his Bone Whistle in 3 short puffs.

At the same time, the Blind Chord Old Man pulled his string again, letting out a shrill into the air.

Bang, the Bone Whistle exploded in Ah Ming’s mouth. His face was covered in blood as he fell back onto the floor.

Clang clang clang, the Blind Chord Old Man’s Er Hu had all its strings broken as he fell back, quickly held by his mute servant by the hand to prevent himself from falling onto the ground.

“Ah Ming!”

The middle age man cried out as he dashed towards Ah Ming.

“Gui Shao Ming! It is Gui Shao Ming! They are the Flowing Wind Group!”

“Flowing Wind Group!”

A commotion of fear and dread gradually grew louder.

The Flowing Wind Group was the most notorious bandit clan. They had formidable strength and traversed across the Heaven’s Road. Except for the The 12 Ecliptic Palaces, they had attacked every other constellation, including the Serpens Constellation residing in the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls.

They were despicable and cruel. The Group had 6 bandits who possessed formidable strength, and one of them was the Gui Shao Ming, who was ranked 6th in the group.

The middle age man suddenly appeared at Ah Ming’s side. His hand reached out to Ah Ming to sense his pulse. He was alive but unconscious.

He was solemn as he choked on his words: “Leave no one alive!”

The Blind Chord Old Man the most famous martial artist in the region as well as the strongest. Ah Ming was seriously injured while the Blind Chord Old Man had his Erhu damaged and most likely had also suffered injuries. There was no one that could stop them now!

At this time, the sound of a flute playing drifted into the middle age man’s ear.

The middle aged man’s body froze, and looked up.

On the roof of the highest building was a prince that was donning a satin white cloth. The yellowish aura exuded by the copper flute dazzled in the night.

The sound of the flute drifted gently across the night sky.

“Young master Magic Flute!”

The middle age man recalled hearing this name and was surprised. He let out a cold laugh: “A mere spirit general can’t stop me and my Flowing Wind Group!”

Once finished, he ordered 2 men, who dashed straight at Magic Flute.

One had a figure like a bird, who was the Fifth Brother, Zhan Peng; the other drifted like a shadowy mist, who was the Fourth Brother, Wu Feng.

Magic Flute saw the incoming attack. He stared down at them as he prepared to defend.

“The first tune is Thousand Floating Sky. The second tune is Thousand Blade Twist. The third tune is Flute Soundwave. Gentlemen, please listen to my fourth tune, Falling Years.”

The warm voice traversed across the battlefield like a soft summer breeze.

The middle age man squinted his eyes and blurted out: “One Tune Seven Deaths!”

Magic Flute smiled. He placed his flute to his lips as he blew into it. A dash of green light flashed into the sky. The light caused a small sapling to grow in front of him. The sapling grew bigger and bigger until it became a peach tree. Within seconds, the tree was blossoming with flowers.

In the midst of the soothing sound from the flute, a fog drifted into the battlefield. The fog was shaped like a little lady, which started dancing into life.

The peaches started to burn into a splendid inferno.

A breeze blew the peach flowers down onto the floor.

When the pink petals floated onto the floor, everyone in the vicinity then realized the impending danger as they fled for cover. Before the petals flew close to them, they disappeared into thin air.

Every was stunned by the sudden disappearance of the oncoming attack.

The left side of Zhan Peng’s body was free of injuries but his right side withered and dried up. It seemed like there was no chance of recovering from this injury.

The entire left arm of Wu Feng disappeared as blood flowed out from the open wound. Half of his body was stained red. His face grew pale as he stared intently at Magic Flute.

Magic Flute was surprised and nodded: “I got to give it to you for being able to escape from my fourth tune. It is rare for people to evade this attack.”

Just like a dancer at the end of the show, Magic Flute bowed to show his respect.

It was a shame that he had not recovered fully. He could only utilize the fourth tune…

Magic Flute could feel his energy had almost dissipated completely. As he raised his head, he let out a warm smile: “I have completed my performance. Everyone please do as you wish.”

The crowd was silent. They were mesmerized by the force of the Falling Years.

In the middle of the night, Magic Flute suddenly faded away into the darkness.

In another corner of the Three Spirit City, several pairs of eyes were focusing on another crucial battle.

“I was in awe by the nature of Young Master Magic Flute’s attack, as expected it was worthwhile.” A man in long robes exclaimed: “I have heard praises for the powers of the One Tune Seven Deaths. To be able to witness it today was an honor!”

“No worries. Once we capture the Magic Flute, we will learn the secret behind the One Tune Seven Deaths!” Another young man said calmly.

If Tang Tian was here, he would have recognize that the young teen was the rich prince that he once robbed. He was disappointed. He expected the Flowing Wind Group to finish this mission with ease. But it was tougher than expected.

He shouted: “The Flowing Wind Group is a useless bunch!”

The man in long robes smiled: “Why? Can’t wait? But come to think of it, you had the patience to wait until today to execute the plan, which was also formulated by you. We respect you for that.”

The rich prince was unhappy with his brother, who was the man in long robes. His brother was stronger than him in terms of strength and was more well-liked by their father.

Talking about the plan made him feel gratified: “This is good after all. The more casualties the clan suffers, the easier it will be for us. We have agreed on this. Everything here is mine!”

“Haha!” His brother smiled: “Relax, it is the first you have done something serious. I will not interfere.”

The little brother was feeling happy inside. He was afraid that his brother knew the true value of this establishment, which would have made him want the area for himself as well. Ever since the robbery by Tang Tian, he had set his sights on the Three Spirit City. The more he studied it, the better he realized the true value of the bronze establishment. If he could get hold of it, his strength would be improved much faster.

But his identify required him to execute this plan discreetly. If it was known publicly of what he had done, it would stir conflict from external parties which might mean more unnecessary trouble for him.

He thought of his plan, which involved telling the Flowing Wind Group about the prosperity and the mechanical spirit weapons of the Three Spirit City. He knew the group leader was ambitious and had long yearn to establish the same army that the Yong An City had by invading it. However, the chief of the city was an Elder from the Onyx Soul, which made it difficult for them to attack the city.

He was planning to use the reason that he was pursuing and planned to attack the Flowing Wind Group as a disguise to enter the Three Spirit City. As he was afraid his power was not strong enough to accomplish this, he sought the help of his brother.

Once the intelligence on the Three Spirit City reached the Flowing Wind Group leader, he was mesmerized by the prowess of Sai Lei. He was determined to capture her to create his own army.

He didn’t know that the resistance from the Three Spirit City would be this great.

“Brother, if you are able to properly manage this area, it will benefit you greatly.” The teen in long robe explained.

The rich prince glanced at his brother and replied: “I will manage this place well!”

The long robe teen smiled: “I suddenly have a premonition.”

“What premonition?” His brother asked.

“I foresee that the attack by the Flowing Wind Group could end up as a failure.” The long robe teen laughed.

The rich prince laughed as well: “You might be wrong sometimes. There are no strong martial artists residing in this run-down establishment that could defend against the Flowing Wind Group. What you have said was hilarious.”

“No worries. We shall wait and see then.” The long robe teen replied calmly.

Tang Chou stood in the middle of the formation. His mechanical spirit weapons looked ordinary and lacked sophistication. No one would expect that the ordinary and ugly looking mechanical spirit weapon would actually be the commander leading such a formation.

The Magic Flute had helped them buy precious time. This was an opportunity for them to test out the military for an unexpected and surprised attack.

The mechanical spirit weapons lined up in neat rows.

The bronze light aura were the brave and solemn soldiers, silently standing in files as they prepared for orders.

Tang Chou grew calmer. The passionate fire was burning within him, embedding into his flesh. His eyes shone a light that could scare people.

Even though he was just a staff officer type military general, no one else could rival his fiery eagerness to battle.

The stage was set as the curtains drew open. Now, it was time for the heroes to perform!

Through their vision, they could see shadowy figures descending from the wall as they charged towards them like a torrential wave.

Tang Chou placed his orders: “Attack!”

Mo Zi Yu and Mo Wu Wei let out their battle cries just like they always do during training.

“ First Team prepare!”

“ Second Team prepare!”

Ka ka ka, the twisting and cracking of the bronze joints flooded the area. Soon, the commotion died down as silence descended.

Every mechanical spirit weapon was in position and was prepared to strike like a wild beast.