Undefeated God of War - Chapter 388 – The Queer Dreamstate

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Chapter 388 – The Queer Dreamstate

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian recovered his senses. He remembered the indigo flare that ignited in the horizon in the Indigo Mirror Ocean. How could the sea flare up like that? Where did the flame come from?

Suddenly, a voice echoed from above him.

“You useless garbage. You fail to even answer the first 100 questions. How could you ever master the Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand? Out of all my disciples, you are the slowest. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Tang Tian quickly opened his eyes and gazed at his surroundings. There was an elder with a white mane and a face full of rage.

This is…

Tang Tian opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

“You are not young any more. Continue to waste time and you will be a useless bum!” The old man still had rage within him, but he had relaxed his tone: “You are smart but lazy and not willing to put in the hard work for your goals. You might not have any responsibility in terms of managing the academy or have any roles in family matters. But if there was something that required you, what else can you do besides feel remorse?”

The old man left in disappointment.

Tang Tian was stunned by the senseless scolding, struck by that statement as he regained his consciousness. His state of mind was still in a mess as he continued to look around at his surroundings.

The room was decorated luxuriously, with expensive furniture placed around it.

Tang Tian spotted a thick book underneath the table. He walked towards it and flipped it open. It was a book called the Key to Hand Movements.

He suddenly thought of the words spoken by the old man. His passion was riled up. When the old man said that he couldn’t answer the 100 questions, was he referring to this?

He browse through the page he turned to. On it was written as “Question 91”. When he flipped to the last page, he gasped. 1024 questions!

Tang Tian was suspicious. Where was here? Who were these people?

He walked to the front of the room, wanting to push open the door to see what was outside. No matter how much strength he used, he could not push it open.

“Devil’s Gate!”

Tang Tian was stunned. He knew he had formidable strength. With the strength he exerted just now, the door should have been blasted wide open. But it didn’t even budge.

As he tried picking or moving the items around the room, he discovered that only the book could be moved. The others remained stationary. Could it be an illusion?

After wandering for half a day, he was starting to feel bored. He sat down and turned through the Key to Hand Movements

He was mesmerized by the book. It talked about the different methods to defeat a variety of attack styles. It was extremely mysterious.

Since Tang Tian specialized in close combat, this book could augment his power significantly. Tang Tian had experienced a lot of the attack moves explained in the book before. He discovered that his counterattack for these attacks were not much different from other fighters.

If he could utilized these methods explained in the book, he would have a great advantage on the battlefield.

Since he was unable to get out, he devoted himself to devouring the contents of the book.

Soon, Tang Tian was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge.

It was easy to read, but to solve the questions, Tang Tian found it very challenging. Worse still, he couldn’t understand the context and contents of the questions. This book was more suitable for Crane, Tang Tian wondered.

Bang bang bang!

Someone was banging at the door. The doors then blew open. A teenager with a square face and big ears dashed into the room: “Ah Yu, I have been waiting for you for half of the day already, why haven’t you start moving? Move faster and bring the problems, let’s go!”

After finishing, the teenager turned around and dashed towards the door. Tang Tian took down the question and followed the teen out. He then found out that he was not in control of his body.

Hey hey hey, what was this all about?

Tang Tian discovered nothing came out of his mouth. Tang Tian was not intimidated by the weird nature of the circumstances.

Simple, this must be a dream!

What an interesting dream. This was the first time he was experiencing such a dream!

Tang Tian calmed himself down and followed closely behind the teen. But who was Ah Yu?

“Ah Yu, we will now go to the Thousand Spirit Cave for your training. You are so smart. You will definitely master the Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand!” The teen exclaimed.

Tang Tian felt gratified inside. Finally someone commended that he was smart! With this statement, he felt that the dream was all worth it.

Thousand Cleave Demonic Hand…This name sounded familiar…

Wait, isn’t that the unique card?

The 2 dashed towards their destination. The teenager in front had a strong Light Body technique. They soon arrived at a cave just behind the mountain. It was guarded by 2 martial artists.

The cave had the name “10,000 Meters Thousand Spirits” engraved on top of the opening.

Tang Tian was alert. The 2 guardians had strong auras around them, which were extremely cold.

The guardians recognized them and let them pass through.

Once inside the cave, the teen gave Tang Tian words of encouragement: “Ah Yu! You can do it! This time, you must pass 200 levels at one go! I will support you!”

The teenagers disappeared into the depth of the cave’s darkness.

Tang Tian felt a sudden warmth embracing him. He remembered his time in the Caramel Academy where he and Mosquito Cow often encouraged each other during training.

Sadly, he couldn’t mutter a word.

He followed the teen.

Once deep inside, Tang Tian felt that his vision was deteriorating. It was now blurred.

As he walked down the straight passage, he could see a large block of stone every 10m. Beside each stone stood a spirit general. Down the passage, he could see tons of spirit generals lining up.

Don’t tell me that the 1,000 Meters Thousand Spirits had 1,000 spirit generals….

Tang Tian mouth gaped open. He was stunned by the number of generals. It was beyond his imagination.

After he regained his composure, he walked towards the first spirit general. Once he was within 3 meters, the eyes of the general lit up. He unleashed a punch straight at Tang Tian.

The nimble Tang Tian dodged the attack and countered it with his blade, hitting the general’s left rib.


The spirit general dissipated into a beam of bright light and was gone.

Tang Tian took a deep breath. The first attack from the spirit general was actually the first question from The Key to Hand Movements book.

Could it be…

Tang Tian, without hesitating, charged towards the second spirit general who was nearby.

His movement was swift. With one swoop, he turned the second general into a ball of light.

After defeating several spirit generals, Tang Tian confirmed that these spirit generals were the characters within The Key to Hand Movements book. Though it was difficult to decipher the meaning of the book, but his success against the spirit generals so far had boosted his confidence.

He now understood that the dream was to allow him to master the Thousand Cleave Demonic


The elated Tang Tian started to advance without fear.

His progress wasn’t swift. Even though he had the answers to the questions, he did not entirely follow the answers according to the book. He was figuring out on his own how to defeat these spirit generals.

Every time he defeated a spirit general, he would stop and compare the book’s answer to the question with his own formulated method of countering the attack. The book’s answers were much more meticulous and powerful than his own ways of countering.

Tang Tian was not familiar with hand movement techniques. In the past, he had never thought that techniques could be countered and disassembled by an opponent. He felt fresh after learning this. It was like being exposed to a brand new world.

When it came to learning new techniques, Tang Tian would always devote himself fully to it.

After defeating tens of spirit generals, he soon discovered that the hand movement techniques as counter attacks were very interesting.

Now, he looked at each spirit general with a fiery stare-down.

The 1,000 offerings that I would pulverize for my training!

If I could charge through all these, this would prove how powerful I am…

Tang Tian unleashed his pent up fire and charged forward.

Once the godlike young man is present, be prepared to be defeated! Furthermore, he did not feel hungry or tired in this dream. This was the perfect situation to train himself.

Tang Tian was not smart. If he had to learn all these techniques by heart, it would take him a long time. But he chose the best and most efficient way to do it, which was to battle.

In the midst of battle, Tang Tian did not have time to appreciate the intricacies of the techniques he was learning. He was concentrating on the attacks and opening of his opponents.

When placed in a difficult situation, the best of people would emerge.

The attacks from the spirit generals were getting more sophisticated. It was an eye opener for Tang Tian. He had to be very focused and motivate himself in order to keep himself prepared for the subsequent attacks.

He didn’t know that he had such an innate talent for this.

Of course, Tang Tian did face many failures during his training. It was normal for him to be stuck at a level with a spirit general for almost half a day. Whenever he was faced with this, he would do what he always did best. To pester his enemy to no end.

He would continue non-stop until he eventually won.

He utilized this strategy to slowly advance across the levels.

The darkness of the passage was littered with countless spirit generals. His lonely figure advanced among the darkness, defeating each of his enemies one at a time.

On the 11th floor of the Heaven Flower Hotel, 2 people stood at the balcony, overlooking the bronze structure in the horizon.

Following the growing prosperity of the Three Spirit City, the foremost beneficiary was the hotel. The large influx of foreigners had swarmed the hotel. The city now had almost 60 hotels and were growing by the day.

The Heaven Flower Hotel was the oldest of them all due to its good service and ambience.

“This is luxurious!” said a tall, middle aged man who was standing up with the assistance of his stick.

Beside him was a bald man that looked to be of 30 years old. He exuded a fearsome aura. He smiled: “This should be enough for us!”

The middle age man asked: “Have you managed to find that out?”

“I have.” The bald man exclaimed: “They do not have strong martial artists. They are just a bunch martial artists in the Heavenly Road’s list. They are nothing more than just a group of soft soldiers. Even with the mechanical martial artist, what can they do to us. This will be an easy kill for us!”

The middle age man did not hesitate and replied: “We will execute it tonight. Resolve it swiftly!”