Undefeated God of War - Chapter 379 – Ray Shark Killing Technique

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Chapter 379 – Ray Shark Killing Technique

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Lu Hai knew that he was in danger. He raised his right palm and bellowed. His palm, like a palm leaf, acted to protect from the top attack.


The sharp white colored sword tip failed to pierce through Lu Hai’s palm. But the steel sword that he was wielding did not manage to handle the force from the attack, causing it to break into pieces. Crane acted fast as he let go of the sword’s hilt while using his palm to push the broken sword fragments towards his enemy.

The shards shot through the air, pelting towards Lu Hai’s direction.

Ding ding ding!

Sparks flew everywhere. Lu Hai’s palm acted like a copper shield as it deflected the attacks.

Ling Xu’s silver spear suddenly appeared and was charging towards Lu Hai.

The fearsome attack from Ling Xu, filled with vigor and battle desire, managed to achieve an unprecedented peak in terms of the force unleashed.

An explosion erupted as Ling Xu’s spear and Lu Hai’s astonishing fist technique collided.


The spear pierced onto the steel shield. A ferocious force rippled through the spear. Ling Xu did not have the time to react as he was propelled backwards from the impact. He was left dazed from the collision.

Lu Hai was indifferent. Instead, he now looked much more malevolent than he was previously.

His fist had started bleeding as the spear managed to cut through his skin.

Ling Xu and Flamingo fell hard onto the floor. The impact awoke Ling Xu from his daze. He let out a sinister smile.

He realized how stupid he was. The tip of its spear had a drop of coagulated silver liquid that came from his body.

That liquid was very destructive. Till now, Ling Xu had not discovered how to defend it yet.

Now, he had around 5 drops of silver liquid residing within his body.

He still had not understood the true nature of this silver fluid. However, at every interval, this fluid would congeal on its own. Once it reached its maximum, the fluid will stop congealing.

The silver liquid had started to erode into his flesh and muscles.

Lu Hai shouted: “Mountain!”

A resounding noise echoed from his arm. The golden tattoos engraved on it started to come alive. The arm started to be encrusted by rock-like materials, creating a solid gauntlet as it covered his fist.


It was the [Mensa’s Heavy Gloves], derived from the Southern Sky’s Mensa Constellation. After being refined by the Honorable Martial Group for over 12 years, it’s quality had already reached the gold rank.

Feeling a breeze from above, Lu Hai released his left palm upwards.

Crane could feel a massive force coming at his direction. He did not have enough time to escape it as he was blown through the air like an arrow, pushing him back by more than 30m.

What a strong force!

Crane was unfazed by the immense power. He grasped his Crane Sword tightly. He could feel the energy rippling through his palms.

The steel sword just now was unable to handle the force from his sword attack. Before the sword managed to hit Lu Hai, it had already break under the pressure of the force.

Ling Xu stood back up and went onto his Flamingo. He spit out the dirt that had entered his mouth after his fall. He was not afraid. In fact, he was more determined than ever.

No wonder he was a Gold Ranked Martial Artist!

He went back to his battle posture to prepare for the next onslaught again.

Andre glanced Yuan Ji who was in the intense battle from afar. He recollected his attention and his gaze turned back at the lady that was in front of him. He smiled: “I did not expect you to send out 3 Gold Ranked Martial Artists. It seems like the pressure we have given you is still not enough.”

The lady was tall and her legs were wrapped tightly in black leather jeans. Her clothes were covered in gold speckle, with patterns like those of a giraffe. Most people would think that this was just a normal apparel. But Andre knew that it was something much more special.

It was the [Panther’s Stripe], a Silver Treasure from the Camelopardalis Constellation that resided in the Northern Sky’s 19 Continents.

The gold speckles showed that it had been refined before. It was gradually transforming into a gold treasure.

The lady replied: “Your highness, I am Ji Mei Yu from the Honorable Martial Group’s 7th Gold Branch. Your highness has guessed wrong. There are not just 3 Gold ranked martial artists, but 5 of them.”

“Five?” Andre was taken aback by the sheer number: “Kind to think of it, Tang Tian and his 3 friends are your prime targets. But based on their strength, 2 Gold ranked martial artist should be enough to take them down. Yuan Ji is another one, and the remaining two should be prepared for me right.”

“You are right your highness. If your highness is defeated over here, it will be a great victory for us too.” Ji Mei Yu replied with her smile, her looks were much more outstanding compared to Angelina, her lanky hour-glass figure exuded charm.

Andre spoke calmly: “Who is the other guy then? There’s no point hiding there.”

“Since your highness have summoned, it would have been rude if I did not turn up.” A low voice echoed from Andre’s back.

A black figure appeared like a thick fog. He was draped in a black cape, with his shoulders filled with ravens that were standing on guard. The ravens were fully black except for their eyes, which had speckles of gold.

“So you have the Corvus Constellation’s treasure, the Nine Corvus Cape.” Andre nodded: “No wonder the Corvus Constellation has been lagging behind for so long. It was you who was in the shadow draining the star power of the constellation.”

“You have great analytical skill Your Highness. I did not expect you to recognize such a treasure that has been neglected for some time.” Si Han replied.

(TN: Si Han is the assassin Tang Tian met when at Corvus Constellation)

“Your Noble Group have really put in a lot of capital to send out 5 Gold Ranked Martial Artists.” Andre laughed: “However, why would you guys think that I would disregard my life so easily?”

“This is the style of the Honorable Martial Group. They always think that others are not as smart as them.” A cheeky statement rang out.

A red hair guy walked out laughing.

Si Han and Ji Mei Yu were shocked. They did not realize there was someone hiding behind them in the shadows.

“Qian Xin is here to pay his respect to your majesty!” The red hair guy directed his greeting to Angelina.

“Onyx Soul!” Ji Mei Yu exclaimed.

“Haha I have been recognized. That’s scary” Qian Xin replied: “If the Honorable Martial Group were to lose 5 Gold Ranked Martial Artists at one go, it will be a pain isn’t it. Hmm, no, I shouldn’t be belittling the Honorable Martial Group like that. Having so many resources at hand, a mere 5 Gold Ranked Martial Artists should be nothing for them. Hahaha!”

Qian Xin laughed hysterically in the hall.

A dark figure suddenly descended from above the hall. He was a masked man that looked similar to a bat and donned a black robe.

Si Han stated: “It’s the Bat Assassin!”

The Bat Assassin acted as if he did not hear anything.

Andre, Qian Xin and the Bat Assassin surrounded the two men in a triangle formation.

In just a blink of an eye, the circumstance had changed drastically.

Angelina watched in a daze.

Tang Tian and Ji Xiao Ya were still fighting, reducing the entire street into a chaotic rubble. Every time Ji Xiao Ya wielded her Light Blade, she would create a wave of blade attacks that could travel hundreds of meters.

However, Tang Tian, who was still obsessed with killing a Gold Ranked Martial Artist, was like a savage beast that had an innate killer instinct.

His movements were much faster than his thinking speed, making him much more deadly.

Ray Shark Sword, ranked 17355 on the the Board of Unique Skills

Tang Tian’s Fire Scythe Ghost Claw was ranked 19921 while the Wind Concealment Steps was ranked 19832.

The Immortal Martial has a special ranking system for the Unique Skills. It has ranks from 1 to 10 stars. Every star had roughly 2000 different unique skills. The Ray Shark Sword was at 2 stars. Compared to both of Tang Tian’s skills, it was higher than them by 1 rank.

But when it comes to battle, the ranking doesn’t guarantee its superiority over another lesser ranked unique skill.

Ji Xiao Ya’s Light Body technique was almost on par as Tang Tian’s. But her Flying Fins Armor could not just augment the power of her Ray Shark Sword, but also made her movements nimbler. With the help of the Flying Fins Armor, Ji Xiao Ya’s Light Body technique was greatly augmented.

The Ray Shark Sword was ranked much higher than the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw. Tang Tian tried to attack straight on with his technique against Ji Xiao Ya’s, but was beaten by the Ray Shark Sword’s sheer prowess. The difference between a 1 star and a 2 star was much greater than Tang Tian thought.

But Tang Tian was not discouraged. His amazing analytical skills had allowed him to successfully evade all of Ji Xiao Ya’s attacks.

The motivated Tang Tian had keenly analyzed the fighting movements during each battle round with Ji Xiao Ya. He had not discovered Ji Xiao Ya’s weakness.

The Ray Shark Sword sure was powerful, but Ji Xiao Ya only knew how to unleash the power of the sword and failed to understand the subtle movements of the sword that could allow her to augment the overall power of the weapon. Compared to Crane and Ye Zhao Ge, Ji Xiao Ya’s sword movement was below their standards.

Tang Tian swiftly tried to control the battle to his advantage while hurriedly evading each of Ji Xiao Ya’s sword attacks, due to her inability to wield the sword movements properly.

Initially, it seemed like Tang Tian was losing as he was constantly dodging the onslaught of attacks from Ji Xiao Ya. In reality, Tang Tian was waiting for his chance to make a counter attack against her.

“Tang Tian is controlling the tempo now.”

The bald man residing within the shadows was shocked at the battle. Tang Tian’s strength was way weaker than that of Ji Xiao Ya, but the battle was being controlled perfectly by Tang Tian. Tang Tian was using his ability to evade the attacks as a way to control Ji Xiao Ya’s offensive movement.

The scrawny man nodded: “Yes, he is trying to exhaust all of Ji Xiao Ya’s strength. It seems like Ji Xiao Ya might have realized Tang Tian’s tactics against her.”

The two guys stopped talking as they fixated their attention on the ongoing intense battle.

Ji Xiao Ya did indeed take notice of Tang Tian’s tactic against her. She felt her energy slowly being used up. Tang Tian’s advantage was his dexterity as Ji Xiao Ya’s Ray Shark Sword didn’t even manage to touch onto his clothes.

If this continued, she could be defeated.

As she slowly absorbed the possibility of defeat, she was dazed. The word defeat was something that could not be accepted.

What was happening? How could she have let the battle develop into such a state? She was clearly much more powerful than Tang Tian’s. This battle should have already been won by her.

Ji Xiao Ya took a deep breath. She regained her consciousness and directed her attention to the battle.

Based on her fighting experience, she knew that her mentality had already been disrupted, and this was a clear sign of danger.

Let’s end this right now!

Ji Xiao Ya suddenly stopped and stared at Tang Tian who was in a distance. She raised up her hand that was holding onto the Ray Shark Sword. The Flying Fins Armor suddenly started to radiate rays of piercing lights.


The Flying Fins Armor crumbled and transformed into countless of shards, each the size of a fingernail. They started to revolve around Ji Xiao Ya.

Since he was so good at evading, then I shall make him have nowhere to hide.

Ji Xiao Ya, who was raising her Light Blade, suddenly brought it downwards and stuck the weapon deep into the ground.

“Time to turn you into fragments. Shark Whirlpool Technique!”

The cool voice of Ji Xiao Ya could be heard across the entire Andromeda City.

The Light Blade slowly moved into the ground until it disappeared. Ji Xiao Ya was now empty-handed.

With Ji Xiao Ya as the center of gravity, a bright halo of roughly 2000 meters suddenly appeared on the ground. Billions of sparkss, each the size of fingernails, burst out from the ground and started swirling frantically around the battlefield.

Tang Tian had now descended into a precarious situation.