Undefeated God of War - Chapter 378 – Fierce Battle

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Chapter 378 – Fierce Battle

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Tang Tian’s body suddenly disappeared into thin air.

The Light Blade that Ji Xiao Ya was wielding had barely solidified to a half. Her pupils shrunk, It was fast!

Suddenly, a shadowy figure appeared at her left side. A bright flare from her low left side blinded her view. It was a claw attack. She used her left palm to defend against that attack. The force of it caused her entire left shoulder to feel numb from defending it.

Hard physical attacks that were close ranged were her weakness. The attack pushed her back a couple of meters.

But, Ji Xiao Ya was a Golden Ranked Martial Artist after all. She had plenty of battle experience. As her palm defense went against the claw attack, she managed to spread the force away from her even though she was vulnerable to such attack.

She managed to dodged the attack!

It was as if Tang Tian foresaw her movement as he disappeared once again to launch another offense.

Suddenly, she could hear a strong breeze blowing from behind. Ji Xiao Ya did not drop her guard. She made her Light Blade transform into a rear shield. Moments later, she could feel a strong force impact her from behind. There was a loud bang as sparks flew. The force pushed her 7 meters forward.

While still trying to regain her balance, a hissing sound could be heard from over the top of her head.

Ji Xiao Ya reached out with her left palm to defend the aerial attack. Bang! A force stronger than the previous 2 attacks hit her. Her arms grew weak as the attack forced her knees to the ground.

She landed heavily on the floor. Pfff… Dust and sand engulfed the battlefield.

Such a scary show of force put her even more on guard for impending attacks from any sides. The rage within her had already culminated to its peak. She could not believe she was being pinned down by a weak fellow.

It had been too long since she had experience such a difficult situation.

Golden Ranked Martial Artists in the Honorable Martial Group were all respected. The 13th Gold Branch within was their core strength. Each of the branches were filled with countless of great martial artists.

The strength of a Golden Ranked Martial Artist was much greater than any Elder.

These fighters were well-regarded and seen as powerful warriors. Ji Xiao Ya, a Golden Ranked Martial Artist herself, was now forced into a corner by lowly Tang Tian. Her initial arrogance had long been crushed by the unexpected strength of Tang Tian, despite him using only a few similar moves continuously.

She remembered that the Elder’s assignment for her was cordially invite Tang Tian into their clan. Now, the only thought in her mind was to kill Tang Tian to avenge her tattered pride.

The Light Blade had now transformed into a whole in the palm of her hand. A breeze came from her right side. Then, a flash of bright light blinded her. She swung her sword in that direction, in offense as well as defence.


A spine-tingling noise of metals clashing pierced through the air. A ray of sparks flew through the air.

As she swung her sword, a small house that was not far away was sliced into two by the force of the attack.


From below Ji Xiao Ya, a radius of 300m of circular district of the town was entirely destroyed! The whole area was engulfed in a smoke of dust and debris.

The strength of the sword technique shocked onlookers who were looking at the fight.

What was shocking was that this area was the business district and commercial shops were concentrated around this region. To prevent theft, these shops were reinforced with strong materials. Average martial artists would not have the strength to be able to even leave a dent on these walls.

But, with just a swing of her sword, these shop houses were all reduced to rubble.

Those onlookers immediately rushed for safety. Initially, they thought that the distance they were at was safe enough to view the battle. But after witnessing the power of Ji Xiao Ya’s sword technique, all of them were now scared that they would be caught in the line of fire.

However, not all of the onlookers were afraid.

Two fierce looking, enigmatic men could be seen conversing in the background.

The bald man laughed: “Ji Xiao Ya’s attack, known as the [Ray Shark Sword], is a strong unique martial technique. It is better than Tang Tian’s Fire Scythe Ghost Claw. She is currently wearing the Volans Fins Armour, which comes from the Volans Constellation. I heard that she used her martial spirit to refine and augment the power of this armour for over 10 years, without ever changing it. It’s might now, compared to Volans Constellation Saint Treasure, is on par. It is just slightly behind a Golden ranked Armour.

The scrawny man replied in a cool tone: “I heard that she is a talented warrior with a strong fortitude and is also very knowledgeable. Even though a Volans Fins Armour is low in rank, but it is able to augment her specific unique martial technique to its fullest power. If the Volans Constellation knew about this, they would throw themselves to Leo Constellation.”

“Haha, that’s right!” The bald man replied with a laugh: “If Ji Xiao Ya was really able to refine and improve the Volans Fins Armour into a Gold-ranked weapon, the Honorable Martial Group would definitely want to conquer the Volans Constellation for its own, making the armour as a Saint Treasure of the Volans Constellation.”

The scrawny guy replied: “They wouldn’t dare do it because it would make the group an enemy to all other constellations in Heaven’s Road. For the Honorable Martial Group to become as big as it is today was, similar to us Onyx Soul, because it did not try to claim to be the master of the universe. If they broke this rule, the group would certainly face the wrath of the other constellations.”

“You are right on that.” The bald man nodded. “I am surprised by Tang Tian’s potential. Even in the face of Ji Xiao Ya, he has not yet fallen to any attacks from her. Many people have tried to master the unique martial technique, Wind Concealment Steps. But few have succeeded. However, Tang Tian was able to master it in such a short time. Even his Fire Scythe Ghost Claw had been mastered by him into a unique martial technique. I really want to know how his mind works in absorbing and mastering all these techniques so swiftly.”

The scrawny guy was speechless. He too, was surprised by Tang Tian’s prowess.

Crane and Ling Xu were gasping deeply, but neither of them dared to take their eyes of the battle. Drops of sweats rolled down their cheeks. They did not even dare to blink.

In front of them, a tall and sturdy martial artist appeared. He was a towering and majestic figure.

“Lu Hai, belonging to the 13th Gold Branch of the Honorable Martial Group.”

His muffled voice seemed to draw fear from his enemies. At 4m in height and with an enormous build, he looked like a giant from the ancient times. His upper body was bared, exposing chunks of chiseled muscles that folded upon each other like waves. His shoulders, which were broader than his upper thighs, were covered in golden demonic tattoos.

He had an austere look. Every step he took made the ground tremble.

“Either you surrender or die!”

The deep voice drew closer.

Ling Xu suddenly stood up and cracked his neck. He then said: “Hey, Little Crane, go to the back.”

Crane stood up as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. He slowly pulled out a bottle of water and then exclaimed: “I need to hydrate myself more often. I have been sweating too much.”

Ling Xu was not pleased: “Hey, sissy, just make sure you do not interfere when I kill this stupid fella with one single blow!”

Crane reminded politely: “As a witness, I also have a share in this. Having it all for yourself is not a very good way to treat a friend.”

“Ah!” A soft laugh came out from Ling Xu’s mouth. His heroic face and orange flair within his pupil had long dissipated. It had now turn into a sea of fire.

A Golden Ranked Martial Artist?

He licked his lips with his red tongue while he turned his eyes from side to side as he gazed down on his next prey, preparing to pounce at it any time.

A silver spear appeared in his hand as he slowly caressed it like a beast grinding its razor sharp tooth at the sight of a prey.

Below him, Flamingo was exceptionally silent. It was now ready.

Crane slowly gulped down his water. He briefly shut his eyes as he savored the freshness of his drink. His black battle robe rustled in the wind.

All of a sudden, his warm smile had now turned into a soft frown. Crane’s handsome face that could make countless of ladies blush, actually had a strange sharp aura to it.

He stood still in silence. His lanky figure, with his unfathomable smile on his face, slowly became indifferent.


Lu Hai stopped in his tracks. His normally half-closed eyes were now wide open.

This was interesting.

However, to a GGolden Ranked Martial Artist, such a technique was nothing of surprise that would spark his attention.


Ling Xu let out a battle cry as he unleashed his Flamingo, which was dragging its long fiery tail like a lightning blaze!

Ling Xu’s field of vision started to get hazy as the gust created by the Flamingo made it hard for him to see. It felt like he was engulfed in flame as the heat from the Flamingo’s aura radiated across the plains.

The figure within his field of vision grew bigger and clearer as it approached from the distance.

Golden Ranked Martial Artist. That was a real Golden Ranked Martial Artist!

Ling Xu gave a fierce and vicious stare. He laid low and held his silver spear horizontally. His fingers grasping on the spear slowly loosen their grip.

Lu Hai was taken aback as this was his first-time witnessing a cavalry who was riding on a mechanical beast. It was rare to see cavalry in the form of mechanical beasts in high standard battles. Normally, star spirit beasts were used instead.

The mechanical beast was very fast and had a strong charging power, which surprised Lu Hai. The aura of the cavalry and its rider seemed to have fused cohesively as one.

The strength was formidable.

Lu Hai was disappointed. If such a person had joined their Golden Branch, he could have been trained to become a Golden Ranked Martial Artist. It was no wonder that the Branch chief repeatedly wanted to recruit him.

However, it was not easy to handle these 2 people.

Lu Hai was not surprised. Geniuses often had a tinge of haughtiness. But it was something that he enjoyed.

He suddenly took on a battle stance and raised his arms to his shoulder-level. Then, the golden tattoos that were carved into his arms came alive. His already massive right arm had increased in size. Now, it was as large as his chest.

He unleashed a loud explosion as he slowly clenched his right fist.

He fixated his gazed at the oncoming Ling Xu.

Ling Xu unleashed his spear like a dragon waiting to strike.

The power of Ling Xu and the Flamingo was concentrated in the spear. The powerful aura residing at the tip of the spear surprised Lu Hai.

What good timing!

The energy within Lu Hai’s eyes had risen dramatically. He then unleashed his charged right punch.

Suddenly, he turned his gaze.

A blurred and lanky figure suddenly appeared above his head.

It was accompanied by a sword image that swayed in the distance like the wind.