Undefeated God of War - Chapter 377 – Golden Ranked Martial Artist

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Chapter 377 – Golden Ranked Martial Artist

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

The shimmering blade slashed down unto the first Demon King Firefly. The strong rotation of the force distorted the shadowy figure of the sword wielder. This unnatural show of strength shocked him.


The blinding force of the explosion engulfed the the sword martial artist.

The remaining Demon King Fireflies were swallowed into the great inferno.

Boom boom boom!

The inferno grew exponentially, radiating blinding rays like the sun.

Tang Tian calmly looked up at the inferno as he descended gradually. The Sword Qi in the inferno had dissipated. It was impossible to fight off the explosion from 10 Demon King Fireflies.

This was a win!

He was now beaming with confidence. No matter what, I am not going to give up. As a godlike young man, the dangers that laid ahead of the journey would not stop me in my tracks.

I have already prepared myself.

Victory is a must.

Once he reached the ground, he did a somersault and landed gently onto the street. He knew that the sword martial artist had been reduced to ashes in the inferno. A sword landed not far from him. He exhausted his strength but was slowly recovering from the fight. He started dashed towards the Manor. Ling Xu and Crane must definitely be in imminent danger!

Tang Tian sliced through the crowd in the streets.

Suddenly, Tang Tian stopped in his tracks.

Pa pa pa!

Applause rang through the streets 200m from him. A lady donning a silky, golden robe was applauding while walking towards the middle of the streets.

“As expected of the one who inflicted great injuries on Ye Zhao Ge. All along I knew that the silver rank martial artist was no match to you. But I had to see it to believe it.”

Tang Tian’s pupil shrank.

What a strong aura!

The lady was like the burning sun, emitting strong pulses of energy across all sides. What grabbed Tang Tian’s attention was the robe she had on her. Waves of energy could be seen rippling across its surface.

She had a flawless oval face with a long string of hair flowing down to her shoulders. There was no expression within her eyes.

“This is the first time we’ve met. My name is Ji Xiao Ya.

Tang Tian took a deep breath: “A Golden rank martial artist?”

“Sharp eyes you got there. Xiao Ya has always seen Mr. Tang Tian as a talented man. I was tasked by my branch’s master to convey this message that the misunderstandings between Mr Tang Tian and the Ye Family can be resolved. If Mr Tang Tian is willing to join our 13th Gold Branch, the branch master is willing to help you to mediate the misunderstandings between you and the Ye Family.”

Ji Xiao Ya said. She was sweet-sounding but you could hear the persuasion within her tone.

Tang Tian shook her head: “Thank you for your kindness, but I am not interested in joining the Honorable Martial Group.”

“Mr. Tang Tian, why would you want to let your emotions affect your objective decision? No matter what, life is still precious.” Ji Xiao Ya replied.

Tang Tian licked his lips and stated: “You are right, but I have always been in control of my life. No one else can control me.”

Ji Xiao Ya replied: “Mr. Tang Tian, you are being very selfish here.”

“You have to try it before you know!”

Tang Tian spit out his statement. He activated his Wind Concealment Steps and charged towards Ji Xiao Ya.

“Courage without intelligence breeds stupidity.”

Ji Xiao Ya raised her hand, with all 5 fingers pointing towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was alerted by the impending attack. Without hesitation, he increased the intensity of his Wind Concealment Steps and disappeared into one of the shop houses that was beside the street to dodge the oncoming offence.


Countless blade attacks flooded the street like a torrential flood.

Tang Tian gasped a cold breath. The high-speed torrential of sword attacks brought about waves of energy that cut into his back.

So this was what a Golden Ranked Martial Artist was able to do.

He did not hesitate even though he was now engulfed by danger. He did not feel fear. Instead, he was stimulated by the impending danger. He bent his knees and propelled himself towards the wall.


The walls crumbled into dust. Like a nimble cat, Tang Tian dashed into another shop just beside it.

Tang Tian penetrated through several shops. He then burst through the walls.


The blade attacks shrouded the shop that Tang Tian was previously at. The shop crumbled like pieces of paper, dissipating into small pieces of rubble.

Tang Tian stepped down hard on his left foot, propelling him high up into the air.

Within seconds, he suddenly appeared right in front of Ji Xiao Ya!

Clenching his fingers like hooks, he charged towards her.

Ji Xiao Ya was surprised. The consecutive attacks she launched were both dodged by Tang Tian. It had been a long time since someone had done that. Tang Tian seemed to have predicted her attacks and could dodge them in time. She was also taken aback by Tang Tian’s speed, which was lightning fast.

It was a unique footwork that she had never seen before.

That was interesting!

Ji Xiao Ya’s eyes started to shimmer, with pulses of energy emitting from it. She faced towards Tang Tian’s oncoming claw attack.


A golden palm suddenly appeared to block Tang Tian’s Fire Scythe Ghost Claw.

Ji Xiao Ya took two swift steps back. Tang Tian could feel that his claw attack seemed to have faced a steel wall like defence. He felt pain in his five fingers from that impac. He then feel an aura of strength that pulsated throughout him.

Tang Tian swiftly retreated, bashing through one of the shops along the street.

Ji Xiao Ya raised her right palm and charged towards the retreating Tang Tian. Thousands of blade attacks appeared from within her palm.

Bang Bang Bang!

The blades poured down like a torrential flood, shrouding the shop and decimating the establishment.

Ji Xiao Ya was surprised at Tang Tian’s strength. To have a powerful intuition was normal, many martial artists naturally had gifted intuition, and she had met such martial artists before. It was because of the combination of his battle intuition, strong martial techniques and coupled with the unique footwork and unique claw skills that made Tang Tian so impressive.

Ji Xiao Ya, who also practiced unique martial technique, could quickly decipher Tang Tian’s abilities.

Her previous attack had once again missed him.

Ji Xiao Ya scanned the street. The entire alley was already empty.


Ji Xiao Ya could hear a faint sound from a corner. Without hesitation, she fired her attack towards the source of the sound.


The torrential blade attacks decimated another rows of walls.


Ji Xiao Ya was now alerted. She retracted her raised hand as she prepared for any sudden attacks.

Boom, all of a sudden, thousands of blade attacks were unleashed from her body and unleashed across all directions.


A thunderous boom echoed from behind her. Ji Xiao Ya was taken aback. How was he able to appear behind her?

Tang Tian then unleashed his attack from his 5 fingers, inflicting directly at the circular formation of blade attacks that was surrounding Ji Xiao Ya.

Spiralling energy emitted from the tips of Tang Tian’s fingers like needles, piercing through the circular formation of blade attacks.

Ji Xiao Yao was somehow able to sense the impending attack from behind. She concentrated tens of blades attacks just behind her to create a protective shield against Tang Tian’s Fire Scythe Ghost Claw.

The protective shield Ji Xiao Ya used disappeared into a beam of light. She then disappeared from Tang Tian’s view.

The next moment, she appeared few feet away from Tang Tian to escape his claw attacks.

She reached for the back of her head and could feel a severed part of her hair due to Tang Tian’s claw attack. It had been a long time since she had endured such an attack on her.

“The Ye Family has underestimated your true capabilities.” Ji Xiao Ya spoke as she was floating mid-air, right in front of Tang Tian: “Having practiced 2 unique martial techniques and possessing the battle intuition of a beast, you can now be considered a Golden Ranked Martial Artist.”

Tang Tian sighed. Those consecutive attacks that he unleashed at maximum force only managed to severed off a few strands of hair from his enemy. This woman’s strength surely surpass that of Ye Zhao Ge!

Is this a Golden Ranked Martial Artist…

Another term for the Golden Ranked Martial Artist was the Golden Three Thousand. The top 3000 ranked martial artist in the Heaven Road’s List are considered the Golden Ranked Martial Artists. Hence, those that were within these 3000 were considered as the Golden Threshold.

Tang Tian was shocked by the abilities of a Golden Ranked Martial Artist…

Those fighters that were once seen as out of reach were now Tang Tian’s direct opponents. After so long, he had unconsciously reached his goal. Mum, do you see this? Qian Hui, can you seen this? Ghost Claw, do you see this?

I, Tang Tian, am about to challenge a Golden Ranked Martial Artist!

Tang Tian’s heart was filled with passion.

“But, you only meet the most basic requirements only. Even among unique martial techniques, there are different strength and power to them.” Ji Xiao Ya exclaimed: “Now, I will show you, what a real unique martial technique is.”

The cold statement from her rang deep within Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was indifferent. His heart was overwhelmed with satisfaction from his achievements.

Hey, do you guys see this?

Do you all see this?

Tang Tian was now burning with anger. His eyes was bloodshot, just like a Vampire Beast. Staring at Ji Xiao Ya who was still floating in mid air, he let out a soft smile.

Ji Xiao Ya saw the deadly stare from Tang Tian. She felt anxious after looking at him. Tang Tian’s eyes were absent of fear. It was filled with the motivation to fight. It was as if they had an unresolved vengeance that had engulfed Tang Tian.

She could not understand why Tang Tian did not feel the difference in power between the both of them. Doesn’t he know that his powers are not as strong as her’s?

Suddenly, Ji Xiao Ya thought to herself. Could it be that this guy right here actually thought that he had a chance to defeat her?

If that was the case, it would be laughable.

Ji Xiao Ya recollected her calmness. The power residing within her was now activated, radiating through her golden robes through ripples of pulses. A bright light radiated from the surface of the robe. The speed of the pulsating light was swift as it gathered at the palm of her hand.

Despite having sensed the danger posed by Ji Xiao Ya, Tang Tian was indifferent.

Once I defeat her, I will be a Golden Ranked Martial Artist!

Golden Ranked Martial Artist!

The once distant and ambitious goal that he had was now within his grasp. The oath he laid down while he was just a teen was now fueling his courage and determination to defeat her.

A deep confidence and self-esteem was building up within him.

Just like the oath I made, I was finally here. I had fought hard to reach where I am today. I had no fear. Never had I thought about giving up. Success was the only option.

Here, today.

Once I defeat you, I will be a Golden Ranked Martial Artist!

The fighting intent within Tang Tian suddenly exploded into a passionate fire.