Undefeated God of War - Chapter 374 – Fairy Textiles

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Chapter 374 – Fairy Textiles

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Crane’s question made Tang Tian and Ling Xu suspicious. Even Tang Tian who suggested bringing them, was surprised with its price. 15 million star coins could buy good silver star treasures, even one Southern Cross grade silver weapon.

Angelina and the rest could not help but laugh, and explained: “Fellow guests must definitely be in Andromeda Constellation for the first time. Andromeda Constellation’s trade and commerce is prosperous, but in terms of geographical location, it is not at all advantageous. The reason why the businesses all converge here, is because of our very own Fairy Weaving Technique.”

Hearing that, the three of them became curious.

“Our Fairy Weaving technique points mainly to us being able to weave various materials containing energy together, perfectly forming textiles in which the process is complicated. Andromeda Constellation’s inheritance, does not have much advantages in terms of battle, but its elaborate True Power control, along with the numerous females, produced the Fairy Weaving technique. The Fairy textiles are renowned in Heaven’s Road, and every outstanding Fairy textile can fight with star treasures, like the experts forgers of Fornax Constellation.”

The three of them were enlightened.

Angelina did not hide anything and continued: “In all the materials, energy beasts are considered top class. They only reproduce in pure energy places, and the quality of the textiles created from them far exceeds outstanding. But the true reason that makes them worth 15 million is because using the textiles created from them, after going through the nurturing of the Constellation Power, they can become Andromeda Star Treasures, and even of weapon ranks.”

Tang Tian gasped: “Isn’t that creating star treasures?”

“That’s right.” Angelina replied respectfully: “The time it takes for a constellation to birth a new treasure is extremely slow, but the power of the constellation is extremely rich, so to have this method of forming a star treasure, it is very special. And it also has another advantage, if the quality of textile is very similar, then the star treasure that is formed is also of similar quality.”

Tang Tian who was in a daze quivered, he could pinpoint the crucial point about it.

The reason for why Bing was never interested in Star Treasures was very simple, star treasures quality are always uneven, and the effect would all differ, so for a star treasure of the same constellation, there are rarely few that are alike. To a large scale population, this was a fatal weakness. And for mechanic spirit weapons, they are much more balanced, thus more suitable for an army.

So according to her, the star treasures that are birthed from textiles, wouldn’t they be the same as mechanic spirit weapons?

Star Treasure Army?

Tang Tian, who was not confused, quickly became confused.

He decided to ask: “For these textile treasures, how long does it take for one to be formed?”

Angelina was not sure either, Madam Yu who was at the side immediately replied: “The entire process takes about 3 months. The process that takes up more time is the growth and nurturing at the end, the starting textiles part only requires around 2 weeks.”

Crane knew Tang Tian well, and upon hearing Tang Tian’s way of questioning, he knew that Tang Tian had some idea already.

“No matter how many energy beasts you have, we are willing to take them all.” Angelina said without hesitation, upon hearing it, the three of them had a large number of energy beasts. It was an extremely rare opportunity, and she would definitely not miss it.

“Let us sell a 100 first then.” Tang Tian thought and said.

Madam Yu and Master Li exposed their joyous face.

The number of energy beasts in his hands, was not limited to 100!

Angelina was surprised, that number far exceeded her expectation. Energy beasts are not just cabbages that could be obtained wherever and whenever! Her mind thought quickly, she knew that the most important thing was to hold the three of them back.

100 energy beasts meant 1.5 billion star coins.

They were in the Commerce Alliance headquarters, and even though 1.5 billion star coins was not a small amount, but they had it. Angelina immediately called for the accounts, and immediately pulled out 1.5 billion star coins, while Master Li checked all the 100 energy beasts corpses, where each and every corpse’s quality was outstanding.

To receive 1.5 billion, the three of them could not cover up their joy.

“Can I ask, what hotel are the three of you staying in?” Angelina asked eagerly.

“We have not found a place to stay.” Crane laughed and shook his head.

Angelina was overjoyed, she immediately stood up and politely said: “You three are our honored guests, and to receive good guests is my association’s duty, so please leave it to me to get it all arranged, I hope that the you can give us that chance!”

Crane knew the rules, he looked at Tang Tian and Ling Xu. Seeing that they did not have any objections, he replied: “Then we will have to trouble you!”

Angelina bowed: “You’re welcome.”

Angelina arranged for the three of them to an exclusive manor near the lake where the scenery was beautiful. It was one of her residences, it’s just that she rarely stayed there. The facilities inside were extremely sophisticated. Angelina also specially arranged 20 servants, and swept the entire manor once, even the floor boards were so clean that reflections could be seen.

After settling the three of them down, she hurriedly left.

100 Energy beasts, was like throwing 100 heavyweight bombs into Fairy City, causing all the commerces to go crazy. The first reaction by the people upon hearing the news was that it was fake, energy beasts were rare toys, how could 100 just run out like that?

Who in Fairy City did not know the value of the energy beasts?

But when the news reached the supervisors of the commerces, they all ran to the Commerce Alliance headquarters. Seeing the neatly placed energy beasts inside the freezers, they were all bombarded.

Angelina rushed back to the Commerce Alliance headquarters. Upon entering the courtyard, she could already hear the intense quarrelings.

“No matter how much the price is, we need to take the energy beasts from them! My Li Family is willing to pay 2 billion!”

“Bullshit! So what if your Li Family is willing to give 2 billion? Why can’t you share it? Who doesn’t have 2 billion?”

“That’s right that’s right!”

“Although the Han Family have met with some downs, but we are still able to fork out 2 billion as well!”

“Who doesn’t have star coins? Eh, do you all have weavers? Without weavers, the energy beasts will remain inside the freezers, and become a pile of meat. Whoever has more weavers, should get more energy beasts, that is more reasonable!”

“What kind of reasoning is that…”

The people were quarreling to the point that their necks were red, a few of the more violent characters immediately shook their sleeves.

At the door, Angelina stopped moving and listened quietly. Her face did not have any signs of annoyance, but instead exposed a smile. To her, all the energy beasts were an extremely good opportunity.

After hearing about everything, she strode into the big hall.

When Angelina appeared, all the quarreling quickly calmed down.

“What is everyone doing? Having energy beasts are a good thing, why are all of you in here quarreling instead?” Angelina smiled and said.

Many of them were embarrassed.

Angelina walked past everyone, and went to the most front seat and seated down, chuckling: “This time I have got everyone here, is to discuss about the energy beasts. Whatever thoughts you all have, spill them out, do not worry.”

This time no one spoke.

Seeing the reserved looks on their faces, Angelina could not help but feel even more respect to her “Master”’s judgement.

“They have lost their leader. In the east, that is called ‘a group of dragons without heads’. Before a new leader appears, there will be a transition period, there will usually be a person who is the second best person to hold the temporary position as leader. Do you know what is special about this second best person?”

“Compared to decision making, they are more used to negotiation and assistance, their nature to comply is greater than their nature to make independent decisions.”

“Inside their subconscious mind, they need a leader. And you, to become their leader, do not give them the power to hesitate.”

“Order them, feed them well, and they will be used to serving you.”

That deep and cold voice, was extremely clear in Angelina’s mind, like an imprint.

He was exactly right.

Angelina suddenly laughed, but her gaze became colder and colder. She was unconsciously emulating him, the cold gaze that always made her lose the will to resist.

“The Plateau Army will return to Fairy City in two weeks.”

That sentence, seemed to be irrelevant, but everyone on scene immediately trembled in their hearts. Angelina’s face might be smiling, but her cold eyes did not have a shred of joy.

The originally quiet hall, became even quieter, that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

Angelina was satisfied with the result, she could clearly feel their reverence, causing her to be pleasantly joyful.

“100 Energy beasts will be worked on by the gathering of all the weavers under our alliance, and the last part of grooming the star treasure, will be distributed according to everyone’s contributions.”

No one made a sound, they were not happy about Angelina’s proposition, but they were not unhappy either.

Angelina’s snow white wrist was placed under her chin, as though she was thinking, like she was talking to herself.

“The remaining energy beasts with our guests, our Commerce Alliance will proceed to purchase them. Any commerce that tries to engage them selfishly will be severely punished. The Commerce Alliance’s benefits is everyone’s benefits, harming the alliance’s benefits, is harming everyone’s benefits. Everyone’s quota will be according to their investments, elder, what do you say?”

Angelina turned and looked at Elder Shi.

Elder Shi nodded: “Master’s way is good.”

Elder Shi was quite gratified, although Angelina used to be the third in line successor, but her recent performance had made Elder Shi have a newfound respect for her. He knew Angelina’s intention, but to him, it was right.

Angelina said gently: “Then I will have to trouble Elder to discuss with the respective presidents for a proposal later.”

Elder Shi laughed: “Everyone, please don’t make things difficult for me!”

This made everyone laugh slightly, lightening the mood.

Angelina knew, after beating them down, she also needed to give them some incentives, and said: “That reminds me. Speaking about energy beasts, all the previous Constellation Masters only helped the textiles made from the energy beasts grow, this is understandable, since the Power of the constellation is limited, and we cannot waste it. But currently, the constellation power of my Andromeda Constellation is weakened, and we are still in a predicament, so to expand to survive is the right thing to do. I have decided from this month on, we will take a portion of the Constellation Power and bestow it to the alliance to use.”

This caused an uproar in the quiet big hall.

The Constellation Power was extremely precious, it represented the life force of the constellation itself, and only the Constellation Master could use it in all history. Only people who had special contributions were able to enjoy the power of the constellation.

The Fairy Weaving Technique was already originally Andromeda Constellation’s martial technique, and was directly linked to the power of the constellation.

With the constellation’s power being granted to them the level of the weavers would directly advance a level, and with their improvements, they would be even faster. The quality of the products made will be even more outstanding, and the rate of quality would improve substantially as well.

To them, that was an unending flow of star coins!

“Of course, the constellation’s power is limited, some may use more, some may use less, that requires rules for us to abide as well. Elder, please discuss that later as well.” Angelina said indifferently.

“Yes!” Elder Shi’s heart was filled with admiration, then he said: “Everyone please follow me.”

The noisy hall quickly became empty.

The tranquility after the bustling, let Angelina have a flash of fatigue in her eyes.

I really envy his resilient mental state.