Undefeated God of War - Chapter 371 – Tang Chou’s Suggestion

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Chapter 371 – Tang Chou’s Suggestion

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Tang Tian supported his swollen face full of shoeprints with his hands, with a face full of shock, it was an unspeakably comical sight. By his side, Ling Xu and Crane’s expressions were congealed, their face full of precaution.

“Who did this?” Ling Xu could not help but ask, his gaze sweeping past all the carcasses of the dead spirit beasts, and only feel the cold air.

In front of them, the number of corpses had no end.

Crane touched the dried blood on the floor, and said solemnly: “They have been dead for around two weeks.”

“Two weeks?” Tang Tian raised his fingers, and counted quietly for a while, then said in surprise: “Hey, that’s about the time we went into meditation, no wonder we did not feel anything. If I was awake, I would have captured him.”

“With only you?” Ling Xu looked at him scornfully, seeing Tang Tian’s pig head, he felt extremely comfortable. Especially when Tang Tian had not noticed a thing, Ling Xu almost lost himself and broke out into laughter a few times. Speaking about that, he had to admire Crane, ‘such a gloomy person, without changing his face, acting all carefree, I must be careful of him, he looks dignified, but his stomach is full of dirty water, maybe even his heart is black…”

Ling Xu quietly thought while looking at the other two.

“That’s right! To slip past this godlike young man, that is truly wishful thinking!” Tang Tian looked upwards, his face full of self pride.

Ling Xu could hold back no longer, running to the side while holding his stomach and erupting into laughter.

Crane coughed lightly, shifting Tang Tian’s attention discreetly: “Hey, you all have missed the point, more importantly, who is the person? When did he come in? What is his motive?”

As expected of the one who was not afraid of a godlike opponent but afraid of a piglike ally, ‘I need to reconsider properly next time if I want to do bad things together with Ling Xu.’.

The only thing that was considered lucky was that the godlike young man and Ling Xu were roughly on the same level….

Cough cough cough, that’s wrong, at this time, my attention should be on this mysterious expert, and not be influenced by the two dimwits.

Crane then started to think properly, but his thoughts were cut off by Tang Tian’s shouts.

“Wa wa wa! So many spirit nuclei! There’s one here! Here too! They are all eighth level spirit nucleus, they are worth a lot!”

(DeandreR: that’s more like the Tang Tian we all know)

Spirit nuclei?

Crane was startled, and started to consider. ‘That person did not take any spirit nuclei, which means he does not care about money. He did not injure us, meaning he does not have any enmity with us.’ His thoughts were meticulous, judging from the way the bodies fell, he could tell that the person also entered from Lupus Constellation.

Eighth level star spirit beasts were relatively intellectual, upon meeting enemies that were much stronger, they would definitely scatter and retreat.

Scanning the endless waterway, not a single live beast could be seen.

Witnessing the scene, there were only 2 possibilities.

First possibility, the person’s strength was too strong, killing eighth or ninth level star spirit beasts was the same as blowing dust.

Second possibility, the person’s character was ruthless and fierce, once he started killing, he would have to clear all of them.

Crane’s expression congealed, regardless of which possibility it was, both were terrifying. Killing eighth or ninth level star spirit beasts as though he was cutting grass, that was simply too strong, and the three of them combined would not be able to match him. And if he was ruthless and cruel, that kind of lunatic, no one would want to provoke him.

But the good thing was that he did not have any hostility to them, if not they would long be dead.

Crane’s mind calmed down.

Suddenly, Tang Tian spoke very seriously: “No, we cannot waste it!”

The other two looked at him at the same time, not knowing what he meant.

“Spirit nuclei can be sold for a lot of money, the bodies of the star spirit beasts are all treasures, and there are so many corpses, I wonder how much money Ii can get?” Tang Tian said.

Crane was slightly ashamed: “Then what do we do?”

Tang Tian made an action that resembled scooping everything into his embrace: “We take them all!”

“Take….take them all?” Crane looked at the countless bodies that spread through the entire passage, perspiration coming down from his forehead: “There are so many, how do we take them all?”

“I have many silver aquarius cabinets.” Tang Tian took out many silver aquarius cabinets from his bosom..

All of them were his spoils of war, and it truly was outstanding. He took them all out, forming a small hill.

Crane and Ling Xu could not help but laugh.

10 days later.

When they walked out of the waterway, their faces were pale, seemingly on the verge of collapse. Each one of them were carrying many silver aquarius cabinets, all of them shining silver, it was extremely dazzling.

The silver aquarius cabinets could hold many things, and could alleviate a substantial amount of weight, but did not amount to much weight itself. All the silver aquarius cabinets were stuffed full, adding all of them up together, it was still very heavy.

Ling Xu and Crane were close to collapse due to exhaustion, both of them did not have any more body strength. Crane trained in high class sword techniques, and had never done manual labor before. Ling Xu’s spear techniques were fearsome, but he relied on the strength of his fingers.

Each silver aquarius cabinet had over 100 star spirit beasts corpses.

All the silver aquarius cabinets Tang Tian had were of the best quality, and with it, the weights were 1/10 of the original. Every silver aquarius cabinet held the weight of about 10 plus star spirit beasts, Crane carried 11 silver aquarius cabinets while Ling Xu carried 13.

For them to carry the 100 plus over star spirit beasts corpses for over 10 days, how could they not be exhausted?

But the two of them were too embarrassed to say that they were tired or say it was bitter, because Tang Tian himself was carrying 32 silver aquarius cabinets, more than the two of them combined. The two of them were extremely prideful, so how could they admit defeat? They could only bit their tongues, and suffer Tang Tian’s berates of them crawling like turtles, and saying if only Ah Mo Li was around that would be better, he could carry everything himself.

A warrior can be killed but not ashamed! The both of them drew out all of their strength and lasted until the end.

When the two of them saw the light coming in front the entrance, they were ecstatic.

Season Fields Waterway had been sealed for over 100 years, and the mass breeding of the star spirit beasts had all been collected by them, not one missing.

Upon leaving the entrance, Ling Xu and Crane could no longer tolerate it. They threw down all the silver aquarius cabinets on the ground and fell down as well, quickly entering the dreamland. Even Crane who always paid attention to his own bearing, could not care about the gracefulness and what not.

Tang Tian was also extremely tired, 32 silver aquarius cabinets was like 300 star spirit beast corpses, piling onto a meat mountain. Even for his naturally gifted strength, it had taken a toll on him.

But he did not sleep. It was a foreign area and they needed someone to stand guard. He sat cross legged and slowly activated his True Power.

After two hours, he opened his eyes, joy showing in them. 10 days of manual labor was not for nothing, his flesh were tempered even more, the Void Dark Flames and Ice Blue Heart which were cold and hot, aided in the tempering causing his muscles to become even more resilient, like tough and durable steel ropes.

His power had increased slightly.

He did not think that the Void Dark Flames and Ice Blue Heart would had such usage!

Tang Tian was happy, a tyrannical body was the best weapon. Onyx Soul experts had their bodies tempered to the maximum, where even blades and swords could not injure them. They did not need light body techniques and were already extremely fast, and that was due to their terrifying explosive strength of their flesh and muscles.

Tang Tian did not have that expectation to have such tyrannical body, but a strong body, to a close quarters combat expert, was extremely beneficial.

The sky darkened, seeing the other two sleeping in piece, a warm feeling rose in Tang Tian’s eyes.

No matter where he was, everyone was there with him.

I wonder how Uncle Bing and the rest are doing….


“The main topic of this class is to talk about how the development of martial techniques influence the battlefield. Firstly, I need to declare that I am more proficient in ancient old wars and battles, so I am not very knowledgeable in the studies and research on the current era’s fighting style. If there are any mistakes, please feel free to correct me. So let us see, at what phase does the development of martial techniques effect the specialty of every phase of martial techniques, and what influence they can bring about in terms of war….”

On the stage, Tang Chou methodically arranged the classes, and the students below would listen attentively. They did not feel a least bit of contempt because their teacher was a spirit military leader. After a few classes, they highly respected the patient spirit military leader teacher.

Bing was outside, quietly watching, his heart feeling emotional. Tang Chou and Feng Chou were extremely different, but there was one noticeable trait that both of them exhibited proving that they came from the same origin, and it was their seriousness.

The classes were not arranged by Bing, but by Tang Chou, and his reason was valid. The peace in the current generation had been held for far too long, and the students might have suitable strengths, but their understanding in terms of the battlefield were a blank.

To an army, that was extremely terrifying.

Bing agreed with Tang Chou’s suggestion, and decided it would be the embryonic form of a small military general institute. If it was in the past, the idea of a Officer rank taking the role of a teacher was unthinkable.

But Bing felt that Tang Chou was doing well, Tang Chou’s personality was patient and not slow, but conducted in the interests of his students, was serious, and much smarter than Tang Yi.

Very quickly, the class was over, the students all left the class. They still had large number of training subjects.

Upon seeing Bing, Tang Chou immediately greeted: “Master!”

Bing retracted his gaze from the students who were brimming with vitality, and returned the greeting: “How’s the results?”

“Currently, it is looking well. But to actually test the results, we need to test them through proper battles.” Tang Chou was very prudent.

Bing was quiet for a moment, then replied: “They are not the core army, you don’t have to do so much.”

Tang Chou became quiet for a while too, then replied: “Your subordinate knows. Their future positions, is something Master will think about. What this subordinate needs to consider, is whether I am doing my job well.”

Bing nodded his head, then changed the subject: “How long do you think this troops require?”

“About half a year for them to fully complete the fundamental fighting shape.” Tang Chou estimated conservatively.

This time Bing thought for even longer, but he did not reject, but threw out a question: “If you have to choose a target for the Mo Family, what constellation would you choose?”

Tang Chou replied: “Fornax Constellation!”

“Fornax Constellation?” Bing was surprised.

“Yes, Master!” A surprising light aura flashed in Tang Chou’s eyes: “There is a robust foundation of forging there, and with so many martial spirit pieces, it is extremely suitable for our mechanic spirit weapons. If we are able to occupy a place there, we can quickly expand. And, their local power is not too strong!”

The gaze in Bing’s eyes flickered, and he said: “Go and make a plan.”

“Yes!” Tang Chou respectfully answered.