Undefeated God of War - Chapter 370 – The Comprehension Amidst the Resistance

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Chapter 370 – The Comprehension Amidst the Resistance

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

It truly was different.

The dantian and meridians in his body had changed beyond recognition, causing Tang Tian to be dumbstruck. He thought about it, then thought about when he was going to explode, and somewhat remembered it.

He took a breath, and threw a punch out.

The trace of True Power in his dantian that was hibernating suddenly disappeared, and at the same time, it appeared in the meridians of Tang Tian’s hand.


The extremely loud and clear sound suddenly exploded out in front of Tang Tian’s fist.

Tang Tian could clearly feel that spiralling energy fist aura and bore through the air like an artillery shell.

“Let me test it out!” Ling Xu who had long wanted to try thrust his spear towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian faced the sky full of spears, suddenly threw his fist and collided right on point with the spear tips.

The high speed rotating sharp energy accurately struck the spear tips, causing the sky of spears to disappear. Ling Xu only felt as he was facing the mouth of a tiger, the silver spear almost flew out.

His heart shook, such a big force!

Although he was not sufficiently prepared, but that casual might already contained that much power, causing Ling Xu to be surprised.

Tang Tian looked thoughtfully. Without thinking, he stepped out and punched again.

Ling Xu was eager to win, he calmed himself. Making things simple for himself, he thrusted out.

The fist and spear tip clashed again!

‘Pa pa pa’, Ling Xu retreated three steps, while Tang Tian’s body only swayed. Ling Xu’s true power had drilled into his meridians, but his meridians were too wide, and did not cause much harm to him. The threads of True Power in his body was like a school of fish, quickly attacking the foreign True Power, destroying it in a blink of an eye.

His attack was once again thwarted, causing him to become angry. His mouth released a sound, and Tang Tian was suddenly facing the Pointed Sea Spears.

The sharp and intense shrill hissed forward like an owl, the devilish sound mind piercing.

Tang Tian’s focus swayed, but very quickly recovered. His five fingers formed claws, the light aura of Fire Scythe Ghost Claws blossoming out.

The countless of sonic booms mixed with the clashing of attacks filled the sky, both parties could hardly be seen.

The limitless True Power allowed Tang Tian to be able to use Fire Scythe Ghost Claw even more freely, and even the sparks blossoming on his fingertips were all freely controlled by him. Flashing around like lightning, ding ding ding, each claw struck accurately against the spear tip.

Both of them got faster and faster.

Tang Tian was extremely excited, he could feel the threads of True Power in his body were extremely obedient and could freely use the True Power threads at will. His mind was suddenly stirred, maybe he could transform even further?

Ling Xu who was intoxicated with the adrenaline of fighting, clashing head to head was his favourite style of fighting. He had never lost in terms of speed before! Just at that moment, Tang Tian’s Fire Scythe Ghost Claw suddenly had new transformations.

Sometimes light sometimes heavy, sometimes fast sometimes slow, the unpredictability caused Ling Xu to be in a mess as he could not defend properly.

Tang Tian’s eyes was lit with excitement. The surge of True Power in his body caused him to feel that he was brimming with energy. What was even more incomprehensible was, every layer of dantian pool had become extremely active, he could clearly feel the difference between the flow of True Power upon every layer.

He suddenly had a brazen idea, causing him to become even more excited.

Five True Power threads returned to the dantian pools. Going down level after level, they reached the lowest level dantian pool. After that, the five threads of True Power surged up layer after layer, at every layer, their speed increased exponentially, and when they reached the highest level dantian pool, the speed was so fast that Tang Tian had difficulty controlling it.

If not for him being so excited, and his control greatly increasing, he would have lost control of the five true power threads.

So fast!

Tang Tian did not have time to regret, his right shoulder jolted, the five True Power Threads split up and shot out through his five fingertips.

So fast! Tang Tian only had time to raise his palm.


An oppressive sound came out, followed by five sparks that shot out of Tang Tian’s fingers.

Ling Xu was frightened, what sort of weird technique was that? He did not dare to slacken, the long spear style in his hand suddenly changed, from offensive to defensive, the dense Pointed Sea Spears blocking his front.

The sparks were as fast as lightning, and appeared in front of him in a blink of an eye.


The five clear strikes sounded as one, Ling Xu’s pupils contracted, his body trembled violently like a sieve, the rocks beneath his feet were all turned to dust.

The five straight sparks that shot out, were actually revolving at high speeds inside, the accumulated energy broke through Ling Xu’s defense!

Tang Tian was also surprised by his own attack that he thought of, but after that, he became even more excited, as though he found a new toy. Are there any more styles to try? There definitely is!

Then let’s test it out!

The pitiful Ling Xu became Tang Tian’s test subject, layers upon layers of weird techniques made Ling Xu extremely weary.

Crane stood by the side watching with interest and pleasure, and would occasionally sound out warnings and sighs.

“Little Xu, careful of your left side!”

“Right side, your right side has a opening!”

“This is a beautiful move!”


Ling Xu who was originally in a disarray, was pissed off by Crane’s constant sighs and warnings, and jumped out of the ring, staring at Crane: “Your turn!”

Crane who was watching at the side was long excited to participate, and did not reject hearing him: “Ok!”

Ling Xu then relaxed and gasped for breath. Suddenly he froze, wait a minute, why am I gasping for breath? Ling Xu opened his eyes wide, disbelief written all over his face. He only fought for so long, but why is my body feeling so tired that I have to gasp for breath?

He turned his head and stared at Tang Tian who was shouting about, his heart trembling.

Regardless of who was going up against him, Tang Tian was still happy. The changes of the dantian and meridians in his body, made him feel as though he had discovered a vast new sky, and was soaring around, discovering new things.

Tang Tian who was extremely excited, his six senses were extremely sharp.

The mysterious ways of using the spiralling energy were all being slowly uncovered by him. If he wanted destruction, then the speed of the attack of the True Power threads and the speed of the rotation had to be fast. But it could not be too fast, if not it would shoot out again like previously.

There was another result due to the vortex, and that was the absorbing capability.

If he wanted to attain such a result, he had to use more than 20 of the True Power threads, and the speed of rotation could not be too fast.

Such a type of martial technique that was similar to Succeeding Loop Technique that made him unleash consecutive and continuous attacks, which made Tang Tian even more excited. To a close quarters combat expert, being consecutive and continuous was a type of useful technique, because it could always decrease the distance between the opponent and him.

To a close quarters combat expert, the shortening of the distance meant victory.

Tang Tian, who was basking in his excitement, his thoughts were more active than usual. He thought of the recordings bought by Bell, the close quarters combat expert who could borrow and use the opponent’s attack.

He decided to test it out.

The pressure on Crane was increasing, Tang Tian’s fists were like two drills, and the ten fingers were like smaller drillers.

He got used to Tang Tian’s consecutive attacks, in a blink of an eye, he released his sword auras, and as though they were hit by a high speed rotating tray, they flew everywhere. He watched in shock, as the few sword auras were being ricocheted towards himself instead, causing him to become flustered.

It was such a good opportunity, naturally Ling Xu would not let it go.

“Left side, left side, right side, right side.”

“Be careful of your legs, that move is scary!”

“Perverse young lad and his perverse methods, Little Crane, it’s very exciting right!”


Crane jumped out of the ring gasping, and immediately sat down to recover. Tang Tian who wished to continue looked at Ling Xu.

Ling Xu coughed lightly: “Let’s stop here, we have more pressing matters.”

Without waiting for Tang Tian to argue, he also sat down to recover.

“Hey, you guys….”

Tang Tian shouted out unhappily, but upon seeing that the two of them were not planning to move, he had no choice but to stop. His mind was all about the spiralling energy. The change in his spiralling energy made him intoxicated. For example, the sticking tactic and the shooting tactic, produced two different type of results, but the difference on True Power was extremely minute. One was the rotating speed difference, the other was the amount of True Power threads.

The drilling result, let’s call it “Drilling” Tactic.

Drill, Sticky, Shoot, three different types of results, allowed him to have plenty different types of attacking.

The might of the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw had also increased greatly.

But for the five fingers shooting out the fire light technique, it’s usage was not too good. Although the speed and trajectory of the projectiles were extremely fast, but the might was weaker. Suddenly, Tang Tian thought of [Demon King Blazing Firefly], these two techniques were somewhat similar, what if I merged them?

Thinking about that, Tang Tian started to test it out.

Bang bang bang!

Light regiments after another shot out of Tang Tian’s fingers, upon landing on the ground, they all exploded out big pits after pits.

The two of them who were feigning recovery had cold sweat on their foreheads. The two of them had the same thoughts, ‘Lucky we did not continue with him, he actually still has new weird techniques’…..

The perverse young lad was truly a pervert!

After destroying the place for half a day, Tang Tian finally had a breakthrough.

His fingertip had a spark that appeared, as it leisurely dropped to the ground, a ‘zi zi’ sound would be produced upon impact. In a blink of an eye, a deep hole will be bore out in the ground.


The fingernail size spark drilled into the ground and would suddenly explode.

The might of the explosion was even more intense than all of its predecessors, the ground shook, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling of the passage.

The two person who were feigning recovery were like cats that had their tail stepped on, suddenly jumping up at the same time.

“Idiot, thrash, do you want to bury us alive?” Ling Xu scolded.

“Please forbid yourself from doing such dangerous acts!” Crane chided.

Tang Tian was also shocked by the explosion, he raised his head in shock, and looked at the other two.


What should I call it? Drilling Mouse? Nah, it isn’t nice, Demon King Drilling Mouse? Let’s just call it Demon King Firefly…

That last thought made him satisfied.

Suddenly, his body lost energy and fell.

Ling Xu and Crane were shocked, and both of them rushed to Tang Tian at the same time.

Even before the two of them reached him, Tang Tian’s snoring sounds could be heard. He had fallen asleep. After consecutively fighting the two of them, his body had exhausted quite a lot of energy, but because of his excitement, he did not feel anything. The moment he exited his state of excitement, fatigue gushed in like a tidal wave, and pulled him into a deep sleep.

The two of their faces changed extremely.

This asshole….

Pa, two legs kicked Tang Tian’s face at both sides at the same time.

“Seriously, you’re the biggest asshole of all asshole! I’ll step on you, step on you, step on you!” Ling Xu broke out in anger.

“That’s right, you’re truly irresponsible, and you must definitely be punished.” Crane’s face was also angry, and fiercely stepped down.

“How can his true power be at the seventh level?” Ling Xu mumbled while stepping.

“He must have definitely calculated the number of dantian pools wrongly.” Crane’s face was calm, but his feet did not lessen his strength.

“That’s right, his math is so bad, he definitely did not use his fingers to count, that’s right, he did not have his fingers at that time because of his techniques…” Ling Xu considered seriously.

“…..” Crane did not know what to say.

After venting out their anger, they were both satisfied. They looked at each other with mutual understanding, without hesitating they turned at the same time and walked in their own directions, once again sitting down to recover.

Pitiful Tang Tian, his face was full of shoeprints.

He did not feel anything, being in deep sleep.