Undefeated God of War - Chapter 369 – Returning Back

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Chapter 369 – Returning Back

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

The war between the Honorable Martial Group and Leo Constellation had started, filling the entire Heaven’s Road with the war atmosphere, but the changes of Andromeda Constellation attracted the eyes of Heaven’s Road. And the public announcement from the new Constellation Master Angelina of declaring war with Honorable Martial Group shook the entire Heaven’s Road.

Honorable Martial Group was enraged, and directly pointed straight at Andromeda Constellation for framing the Group. And for Qiu Shan’s family, they released words saying they want to trample on Andromeda Constellation. The experts of the Qiu Family had all started to travel through days and nights towards Andromeda Constellation, wanting to take revenge for Qiu Shan.

But when the inside story of the event was revealed, Heaven’s Road went into an uproar.

Qiu Shan had gone to Andromeda Constellation on a diplomatic mission, Asda had rejected the alliance with Honorable Martial Group, Qiu Shan left in a rage, following that the explosion of the Fairy Palace occurred, Asda was killed, the higher ups were practically gone, Qiu Shan had snuck into Angelina’s Rose Manor to assassinate her…

In the entire matter, Qiu Shan’s hand was always faintly discernible. Although some people suspected Angelina, but majority of the people felt that Honorable Martial Group were behind the plot that had happened. Honorable Martial Group stuck to their retort that Andromeda Constellation did not have any evidence, but their dispute was useless.

Andromeda was in the end just a constellation of the Northern Sky 19 Continents, their power was not considered powerful, and with their current higher ups all gone, they were even weaker. But they had a long history, and their ties with the other constellations were peaceful. All the Constellation Masters in history were all kind, and had farmed countless of good karma. Andromeda Constellation’s misfortune had gained the sympathy of other constellations, and they joined in opposition to Honorable Martial Group.

To any constellation, people like Qiu Shan who used underhand methods to try and topple and destroy other constellations, were extremely hateful. For a moment, everyone felt a sense of danger, especially all the smaller constellations, all remained at a respectful distance towards Honorable Martial Group.

Honorable Martial Group who were trying to rope in allies in an extensive range hit a wall.

Facing the overbearing Honorable Martial Group, The constellation masters only dared to be angry but not say anything, and maintained silence over Honorable Martial Group’s request for alliance, was their way of protesting.

Just as everyone was feeling worried for Andromeda Constellation, Orion Constellation of the 10 Equatorial Palaces suddenly sent out word, if Honorable Martial Group were to attack Andromeda Constellation, then Orion Constellation would support Andromeda Constellation in declaring war against the Honorable Martial Group.

This news caused all the Constellation Masters to be surprised.

Orion Constellation was one of the overlords of the 10 Equatorial Palaces, and Honorable Martial Group did not dare underestimate it’s power.

Honorable Martial Group did not expect Orion Constellation to interfere at such a crucial moment, but if the war had just begun, then it would cause everyone to stand passive again.

Honorable Martial Group, Qiu Family.

Qiu Family was a large family in Honorable Martial Group, and was more illustrious than Ye Zhao Ge’s Ye family. Qiu Yu Ying, the current Patriarch of the Qiu Family, was the 13th Honorable Elder in the Honorable Martial Group. The identities of the honorable elders were extremely respected, but Qiu Yu Ying did not lose his heart, and had been travelling across Heaven’s Road alone, and had not returned for a very long time.

The current Patriarch in stead of him for the Qiu Family was his disciple, Qiu Yun Tai. Qiu Yun Tai was an earnest man, out of the three brothers in the Qiu family, he was the weakest, but in terms of relationship and family matters, he was very outstanding, and he was the one who handled the affairs of the Qiu Family.

“That Orion Constellation wants to die!” Qiu Meng’s stature was big, his skin tanned, whole body was as tough as steel. His voice was thunderous with an enraged face, his looks scary. Many of the Qiu Family disciples were handsome young men and beautiful ladies, and Qiu Meng who was ugly and straightforward was relatively rare. He was always bullied when young, his personality violent and perverse, and the only one who could control him was Qiu Yu Ying.

Qiu Yun Tai’s face was also ashen, Qiu Shan was the most outstanding disciple of the Qiu Family’s younger generation, and had high hopes placed on him, never did they expect him to meet with misfortune upon going to Andromeda Constellation. They did not care what happened to Andromeda Constellation, as even 10 of it was not comparable to Qiu Shan.

“How will I account for it when big brother comes back..” Qiu Yun Tai sighed, his heart was extremely bitter.

Qiu Meng replied anxiously: “Second brother, even at this time, you’re still thinking about that? This shit Andromeda Constellation dares to declare war with us, this dogshit Orion Constellation dares to criticize us, if we do not counterattack, our face would be gone entirely!”

Qiu Yun Tai’s face did not change: “Counterattack, do we need to?”

Qiu Meng wanted to reply, but Qiu Yun Tai spoke indifferently: “It will still be ok if Orion Constellation does not speak out, because once they do, then we cannot retreat anymore. The war has just begun, if the Group continues to suffer defeat, then we would not even need to fight at the back. Not only can the higher ups fight, they can even win beautifully!”

Qiu Meng might look crude, but he was witty, and after hearing that he thought: “Then what about us? We just watch and not do anything?”

“Of course we will just watch.” Qiu Yun Tai said: “In other people’s eyes, Andromeda Constellation is the victim. But in the Group, our Qiu Family are the victims. No matter how Andromeda Constellation is, Shan’er is gone, and no one else has this loss. Shan’er was helping the Group, and since the higher ups want to fight, that means Shan’er was right, and they will definitely compensate our family.”

“But we still do not have the chance to take revenge by ourselves.” Qiu Meng mumbled.

Qiu Yun Tai’s gaze looked out wide: “What are you anxious for? The war has just begun.”

In the Rose Manor, Tang Tian and Angelina were also talking.

“The war has just begun.”

The cold voice sounded out in the room, while Angelina sat there listening with all focus. She knew that no matter how skillful she was or how deeply she understood the situation, she could never compare to him. Tang Tian’s mysterious and ghostly methods had already completely convinced her. To her, Qiu Shan was already unfathomable, but he was still killed by Tang Tian as easy as blowing dust off.

And Qiu Shan had not even seen his face.

She knew, he had to leave for a period of time, and it would be quite long. That made her somewhat anxious, but his words had no doubt in them, so she did not speak.

Inside the period that he was gone, she had to singlehandedly face Honorable Martial Group’s counterattack. That terrifying pressure was like colliding straight on with a mountain.

She listened very attentively, doing her best to keep every single one of his words into her mind. His gaze and his understanding of the current situation was not something she could hold a candle to.

“The Honorable Martial Group will not let this go, because they want to show off their strength. Their people are already on the way, and you are their target. Orion and Leo Constellation’s martial artists are also on the way, they will risk their lives to protect you. Andromeda Constellation will become their battlefield, and you must take charge of the situation.”

“How do I take charge?”

“They will not send many people, and their strength will not be too strong. What you need to do is contact all the powers you can to help defend against them. This will be an extremely arduous process, and Andromeda Constellation will be beaten to a pulp, but, you must hold on no matter what.”

“How do I hold on?” Hearing his words, Angelina’s entire body was cold, even he said it would be arduous, then how arduous would it be?

“For how to hold on, you will have to figure it out yourself. I am not familiar with Andromeda Constellation, but the essence of war is to use your strongest points and attack the enemy’s weakest spots. If you really die, then oh well.”

Tang Tian spoke with extreme vagueness, causing Angelina’s heart to tense again.

“I’m going.”

After he was finished, Tang Tian disappeared without leaving a trace. He originally wanted to meet Ta Dun first, and see how the Plateau Army was, but he did not have enough time.

Although Angelina was the Constellation Master, but Fairy City was still in a mess. The aristocratic families, the businesses were all like dragons without heads, and to Tang Tian, that was an exceptionally good opportunity.

If the aristocratic families and businesses could form together, they would definitely be a powerful force. This idea would usually be impossible to achieve, but under certain circumstances, when the stable powers have all been beaten, it would become a possibility. Everyone needs to gather together to be warm, if not, they would not be able to survive through the winter.

Tang Tian spent a week of time helping Angelina in the dark, and built the Fairy Commerce Alliance. He practically captured all of the powerful businesses, despite his wisdom, he still found it difficult to manage.

Tang Tian sighed, as time passed very quickly.

He quietly returned back to the Season Fields Waterway.

Ling Xu and Crane were still in the same place, but their Qi had calmed down. Tang Tian sat down and watched the two of them, suddenly feeling envious. He never had friends, and never knew what friends were. But upon looking at the idiot having such good friends, he became even more unsure about what friends were.

He shook his head, and his mind calmed down.

The darkness and being alone, belonged to him.

Time slowly crawled by.

Tang Tian(Idiot Tang) opened his eyes in a daze, feeling that his entire body was extremely tired, without much strength left in his body. As though he had just completed some sort of powerful training, he also felt some aches.

(DeandreR: When Tang Tian’s personalities switch like this I will let you know. “Idiot Tang” of course is the original one while i’ll call the second personality “Loner Tang”.)

“You’re finally awake!” Crane’s joyous voice came out from his ear.

“Ah.” Tang Tian was confused.

Chi chi chi!

The sound of air being ripped through came out nearby, Tang Tian consciously turned to look, a figure was completely surrounded by spear images.

Tang Tian reacted after a while, his eyes become wide and bulging, he jumped up: “Wa! Little Xu Xu, you became stronger!”

The sky full of spear images disappeared in a moment, exposing Ling Xu’s figure, the joy on Ling Xu’s face could hardly be covered up: “I’m at the eighth level!”

“Me too.” Crane’s face exposed a self confident laugh.

“Eighth level…” Tang TIan was in a blur, then finally realized: “OH ya! I just remembered, we swallowed the Crane Crystal Pellet!”

“Idiot!” Ling Xu rolled his eyes.

Crane had a face of helplessness, why was his reply always so painful? He then reminded: “Quickly see how much have you grown?”

Tang Tian immediately checked the True Power inside his body, after a while, his expression became weird.

Crane immediately became anxious: “What’s wrong?”

He was the one who created the Crane Crystal Pellet, if there were any problems, he would be extremely guilty.

“Don’t tell me you’re already at the ninth level!” Ling Xu’s face was doubtful, but he was quickly afraid of his own guess.

Crane’s expression calmed down, true, how could I forget that this crazy young man is a weird freak? His training speed and progress is always so perverse, wait a minute, are you truly at the ninth level….

The both of them looked in fright at Tang TIan.

Tang Tian shook his head: “I’m still at the seventh level!”

“Impossible!” Crane was shocked.

“Liar!” Ling Xu scolded him.

“Really, I am still at the seventh level.” Tang Tian shook his head, his face in doubt: “But, my seventh level, became different from what it was previously.”

“Became different?” Crane and Ling Xu were startled.