Undefeated God of War - Chapter 368 – Declaration of War

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Chapter 368 – Declaration of War

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Qiu Shan had surrendered.

This caused Tang Tian to be surprised, he thought that Qiu Shan would fight to the death, and did not expect him to surrender. What made people ponder was the last sentence he said before being tied up.

“You guys have no evidence to prove that I did it.”


Tang Tian somewhat admired him, that sentence was very powerful. If Qiu Shan had fought to the death instead, under the stirred emotions and died in the course of battle, no one could say anything. But now that he had said that, everyone would have to consider it.


Qiu Shan was right.

There were no concrete evidence to prove that the death of Asda and the explosion were all created by Qiu Shan. Even though Qiu Shan had snuck into the Rose Manor causing everyone on scene to believe that it was Qiu Shan who did it.

But, a guess would forever be a guess, they had no proof of Qiu Shan doing it. Although Qiu Shan was the first one to fall headfirst due to the problem, but his family was deep rooted within the Honorable Martial Group, as long as there were no definite evidence, they could completely pull him out slowly.

Zou Ning had a taunting look as he allowed the guards to tie him up.

Qiu Shan’s words caused his men to have some sort of decision.


QIu Shan’s second sentence made them relax even more.

“I have already sent out a message to the Honorable Martial Group, and they will immediately send people here.” Qiu Shan’s expression was steady, his gaze gold: “No one can do harm to my Honorable Martial Group even if they want to.”

Zou Ning said coldly: “How you guys are tying up my Young Master, my young master will make you guys untie him.”

All of them showed their anger, but no one did anything, feeling the pain from his words. If Qiu Shan was truly framed, and by apprehending him without evidence, they could not do anything to him.

He was slightly clever.

Tang Tian who was in the darkness was somewhat interested, his eyes had a layer of frost, but sadly, he did not wish to leave an enemy behind for himself. He softly whispered a few words to Angelina, causing her face to immediately turning white. She took a deep breath, puffed up her chest and walked forward.

“We do not need any evidence.”

Just when everyone was feeling awkward, a strong figure walked out from the darkness. It was Angelina.

A few of the Masters immediately bowed in respect.

Although they too did not know why the Fairy Hoop was with Angelina, but she was the third in line successor, and they knew her personally, so they were very clear who she was. No matter what had happened, no one knew anything. But out of everything, the result to Andromeda Constellation was considered a fortune amidst the misfortune.

Angelina had the power to become one of the candidates of successorship for the Fairy Hoop, and her father Ta Dun had the Plateau Army, and that was the most important factor.

To Andromeda Constellation which was currently in a state of turmoil, being stable was the most important, only with stability could everyone benefit.

“Don’t need evidence? Then you all want to kill Honorable Martial Group’s core disciple?” Zou Ning laughed out loud, as though he heard the biggest joke of the year: “Such a matter has never happened before, and will never ever happen.”

Seeing Zou Ning, hatred flashed past Angelina’s eyes, the incident that happened that day came out in her mind, she raised her head and walked towards Zou Ning.

Zou Ning spoke out: “What? Unless you want to….”


Before Zou Ning could complete his sentence, his expression and body froze, as he stared at Angelina in disbelief.

Angelina released a dagger in her hand, then taking out a white handkerchief to clean the blood stain. For some reason, She did not even feel the least bit like a murderer, it seemed that she had seen him for far too long and was disgusted, so her heart had become mentally dark.

She laughed at herself in her heart.

Everyone stared at Angelina in shock. The Angelina in front of them were extremely unfamiliar.

“Bitch!” Qiu Shan roared in a towering rage, he struggled with all his might, but his meridians were all sealed by True Power, and could no longer instigate any power. He stared straight at her: “I will definitely trample Andromeda Constellation! Definitely!”

“You will not have the chance to.”

Angelina slowly walked to Qiu Shan, although his handsome face made her feel disgusted. Her carefree life was broken by him, and in a few days, it seemed to be a lifetime away. Every night she would be awaken by nightmares, all thanks to him.

If he did not exist, she would still be living her carefree life, Sister Atlantis would become the Constellation Master, and everyone would be in the garden at the back of the Fairy Palace drinking tea and chatting.

But there was no if, Fairy Palace was gone, Atlantis was gone, and many others were gone.

Tears flowed down from Angelina’s eyes, but she held everything back, after the past few days, she had come to know that tears were useless. Although she was not able to be as cool and emotionless as him, but, she had improvements as well.

She stared at Qiu Shan, her mind strangely calm.

“From today on, Andromeda Constellation declares war with Honorable Martial Group!”

Qiu Shan looked at Angelina in shock: “You’re crazy! You’re definitely crazy! Do you know what you’re doing? Do you want to ruin Andromeda Constellation? You ants, do you dare to declare war with the Honorable Martial Group?”

Angelina did not look at him, she turned her body and faced all the other people who were still in a state of shock.

“Our Andromeda Constellation is gentle and peace loving, and have never fought with any other constellations before! Our Andromeda Constellation treats people peacefully and harmoniously, and even with such arrogant people, we still treat them hospitably with all our hearts! Evidence? Do we really need evidence? Where is this? This is Andromeda Constellation! Our home, a place where our ancestors lived in and built. This is our homeground, and it requires us to defend it with all our life! Our dignity is being stepped over on, our leaders were assassinated, our elders, not one of them alive. Do we still need evidence? Can the evidence bring the dead back to life? Can Evidence make the Fairy Palace reappear? Can evidence bring back our old lives? NO! Nothing! We can never go back! We are already forced to our door, and the entire place is scattered with blood, while behind us are our families, our kins! Retreat? Where can we retreat to? We have nowhere to retreat! We cannot retreat!”

Angelina could no longer hold back her tears.

Her voice boomed out, resonating out into the skies, and even the clouds in the skies seemed to shake to her voice.

Every single Andromeda Constellation’s citizen who was on scene all started to shed tears. Andromeda Constellation had never seen the flames of war, everyone’s fighting ability is limited to a very low standard, no one has ever experienced the pain and sufferings of war. Especially people who had lost their kins, they all starting sobbing painfully.

Qiu Shan’s expression turned pale, this woman was crazy, she was already crazy!

Angelina wiped her tears, she removed Fairy Hoop from her wrist and raised it high above her head. The Fairy Hoop lit up with a dazzling light aura as though it was the sun. Fairy City became extremely bright, the power of Andromeda Constellation was slowly urged, the power of rippled out throughout every corner of Andromeda Constellation.

Angelina’s body became blurred inside the light, only her firm and unwavering voice continued to resonate through Andromeda Constellation.

“If our dignity needs to be retrieved back with blood, then we will use blood to retrieve it back! If we need to protect our home with our life, then we will sacrifice our lives to do so! Our hatred, our blood debt will be repaid with blood! I, Angelina, Master of Andromeda Constellation, in the name of vengeance, declares war with Honorable Martial Group!”

Angelina’s dazzling eyes caused everyone on scene to rage in unison: “War!”

(XRCO: hory shiet!)


The loud clamors swept Andromeda Constellation like a tornado.

Qiu Shan seemed to have lost his soul, his expression panicky.

“Kill him!”

Angelina shouted sternly.

Chi Chi Chi!

Countless of weapons pierced through Qiu Shan.

Tang Tian and Ming Yue’s confronted each other. The moment Angelina came out after talking to Tang Tian, he could feel an expert concealed and spying on everything, and he did not expect it would be the Swords Domain lady.

“Good performance! Splendid methods!” Hearing Angelina’s words, Ming Yue could not help but be moved, Angelina’s actions and words made Ming Yue feel admiration for her. Although it seemed like an impulsive decision to declare war, but there was not much danger to it.

Because there was Leo Constellation, and they would definitely not sit idly by.

An enemy of my enemy is my friend, that simple logic, Lion King would definitely know.

“That was not a performance.” Tang Tian suddenly said, he could hear the pain in Angelina’s heart. Declaring war was his idea, but the words and emotions of Angelina was real.

“Qiu Shan should not die here.” Ming Yue said, but upon saying it, she knew she had said the wrong thing.

As expected, Tang Tian’s voice filled with ridicule spoke out: “But he did.”

“Who exactly are you?” Ming Yue looked at Tang Tian, saying: “Shang Wan Ting did not have any disciples.”

“What about Sword Domain?” Tang Tian said coldly: “The rules for the disciples of the Sword Domain, does not permit them to leave the place unless they are saints.”

Ming Yue eyes was suddenly bright: “You truly are familiar with Sword Domain! Which Palace are you from? Whose disciple are you?”

Tang Tian ignored her, everyone from Sword Domain were lunatics, the men were maniacs, the women were crazy. Although they had some fate, although her tone was rather polite, but the hint of arrogance made Tang Tian dislike her.

“If you’re not saying, then I will find out myself!” Ming Yue snorted, her figure as fast as lightning, her white sword unsheathing.

The killing intent in Tang Tian soared, although he was worried about her background, but for her to keep on coming, made him feel like killing her. He only felt that he had enough of trouble, and did not want to aggravate more, and not because he harbored any fear for Sword Domain.

And Tang Tian suspected that Ming Yue would find trouble for him through Angelina. He had found a suitable servant after much difficult, and he did not wish for her to die so quickly.

It’ll be better if I just killed her!

The moment killing intent soared out from Tang Tian’s heart, Ming Yue felt it, and her heart trembled. But what was even more scary was that, he knew that she was a disciple from Sword Domain, but he could still harbor killing intent, that also meant that he was not afraid of Sword Domain.

Who exactly was he?

Ming Yue suddenly turned in the sky, becoming like a big white bird, flying into the sky.

“We will meet again.”

Ming Yue’s cold voice sounded out in the sky.

Tang Tian suddenly felt some headache, she knew of the relationship between Angelina and him, and that would definitely be a danger.

Facing the direction where Ming Yue disappeared to, His expression was congealed for a while, then he kept all emotions and once again merged with the darkness.

It was the seventh day.

The leftover time was not much, he still had a few things left to prepare, and he had no time to waste it on a weird lady. Angelina’s choice of immediately declaring war surprised him, but thinking about it, and the reason for it, was not far off from his plans.

15 days of time was truly too short.