Undefeated God of War - Chapter 363 – Servant

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Chapter 363 – Servant

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, XRCO, and DeAndreR

Angelina’s face was pale, she had lost her spirit, it was an ambush. Qiu Shan had long set the ambush to wait for them, and the swordsman actually saw it, but did not tell her.

Although she knew that he did not have any obligation, but her heart was ice cold, she knew she was too naive.

Her face was pale white, but the stubbornness and strength in her eyes slowly congealed.

From today onward, Angelina will no longer be a little girl.

She bit her lips, and shakily reflected on a few matters. “If the trap was Qiu Shan, that definitely meant that he was pushing the charges to Father.” She then thought about what the mysterious man had said.

“Asda is dead.”

That’s right, Master most likely had suffered an evil scheme, and since it came to this, Qiu Shan would definitely push the death of Master to Father.” She no longer believed in luck, the cruelty of the matter far exceeded what she thought. She had just realized, she used to believe that she was a master in tactics, but that was truly a joke.

Her father and his Plateau Army would be labelled as traitors.

She then started to think, why the swordsman did not tell her. Was he also hoping that her father was hailed as a traitor? Then who did he represent? Regardless of his intellect or schemes, it was extremely scary.

“Who are you under?” Angelina’s voice was cold.

Tang Tian did not plan to speak, he just quietly looked at her. His heart was like ice, void of emotions. This was one part of the plan he had thought of, if Angelina had a way to retreat, then why would she cooperate with him?

Only at a desperate corner will she truly be awake.

“What do I need to give?” Angelina said coldly.

A flash of admiration swept past Tang Tian’s eyes behind the mask, to personally witness the transformation of a little girl, he felt that his vision was good. But, this transformation, was not enough.

The cold slender rapier sword edge touched Angelina’s throat, the sword blade slowly touching her flawless chin.

“What do you even have?”

The cold reply contained a trace of ridicule, shooting straight into Angelina’s heart, breaking it.

Angelina’s face became white, in that moment, she knew she was being peeled cleanly, all the pride and self respect had crumbled, despairing to the point that she wanted to collapse. But she did not, for she knew, regardless if it was her or her father, at the current situation, they were already at the edge of the cliff. If they were slightly careless, they would die horribly with no hope of reprieve.

She compelled herself to be determined: “You have spent so much effort, just to do good things?”

“I’m lacking a servant.”

Angelina would never expect that, and when she heard that, she was stumped.

“Andromeda Constellation third in line successor to be my servant, woah, that’s a good idea.” Tang Tian muttered, that idea made him slightly happy, but after thinking about it carefully, he also thought it was a must. His brain worked extremely fast. Angelina had a successor identity, and if manipulated properly, that could produce good benefits. Regarding Ta Dun’s Army, Tang Tian had already thought of their way out, Orion Constellation had a large surrounding border zone, which was sufficient to provide for an army.

And that position could be used to bury a nail, it was perfect.

Orion Constellation was one of the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, and other than a few desolated constellations, most of them could definitely not stand out after the Heaven’s Road war. With the strength of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, in the long stretch, The Equatorial Palace Halls would most definitely be the main battlefield.

At that time, with the nail, who knows when he could use it.

“Turn around.” Tang Tian ordered.

Angelina stood there in a daze, her mind a blank. After going through everything alone, her heart was panicking. Tang Tian’s strength and intellect, made her feel extremely safe. But she also knew, this mysterious person was not a good person.


The back of her clothes was once again cut into two, and her body was once again exposed to the air.

The cold sword tip, left a black cross imprint on her left butt, near to her waist.

She almost screamed out in fright, and subconsciously went to touch the back, her butt was still as smooth and glossy, without any scars.

“Wear this.” Tang Tian threw her another set of clothes.

Angelina’s mind was in a mess, she saw the imprint, her heart feeling an extreme humiliation. In her home, she was the pearl in the palm, blessed multiple folds, while in the Fairy Palace, she was the third in line successor, a position revered.

This asshole…. actually left a mark on me….

She lost her state of mind, and tears started dropping from her eyes.

Tang Tian did not care about what Angelina thought. The idea of a servant made him recall many things. In many aristocratic families, by the young master’s side would be servants who frequently held two duties, they had to possess outstanding talent to be able to help their young masters to sort out things.

“I truly need a servant like that.”

He had been asleep for too long, and the time awake was too short, and he did not wish to influence the other him. With these limitations, the things he could do was limited. And if he had an outstanding servant, he just needed to prepare a plan beforehand, and when he went into slumber, he could hand over everything to the servant for full authority. This way, he could ensure his plan would not be cut short because of him in slumber.

Angelina was still slightly soft and immature, but Tang Tian felt that she could still be groomed.

Regarding her loyalty and devotion, the mark previously was there to sort that out. As far as what Angelina thought, he did not care, and did not need to care.

The matter about the servant made Tang Tian feel that his harvest this time was sufficiently satisfactory.

But this time was truly the optimum time to retrieve the saint treasure Fairy Hoop. the power shrouding Fairy Palace had not disappeared, that meant that the Fairy Hoop was still there, and now, they were still in a tangle with Noel. As long as they went ahead of them, the chances of them obtaining the Fairy Hoop was high.

You could say, Angelina’s identity as the third in line successor was the first crucial point, Ta Dun’s Plateau Army was the second crucial point, and the saint treasure Fairy Hoop was the third crucial point.

The third crucial point was far more important than the other two added up.

And with the three together, it could change Andromeda Constellation. Even if Ta Dun was labelled as a traitor, even if he was a true traitor, with them, he could still allow Ta Dun and his army to enter the palace.

“Enter the palace.” Tang Tian did not have any intention to negotiate with Angelina, so he directly ordered her.

After crying, Angelina’s heart did not feel as bad, without making a sound, she rushed to the wall of the Fairy Palace. Fairy Palace was built building by buildings, and the old structures had not been demolished, so there were many dead angles.

Of course, the power of the Fairy Hoop that enveloped the entire palace would not leave any dead angle.

But for someone like Angelina, a successor in line who had received a part of recognition from the Fairy Hoop. the power of the Fairy Hoop would not repel her. All the hidden passageways were places in which the successors would usually slip through to go out to play. And every secret passageway held by every individual was different, unless they were close friends and inseparable, if not no one would ever share the passageways.

Inside the palace, such things were seen with one eye closed. All the little girls were revered, and if they were observed too much, it might offend them, and who knew what would happen.

Angelina was familiar with every road and every door, and very quickly reached a sealed corner. She touched a brick on the wall for a while, ka ka ka, a small door appeared before the two of them.

Angelina appeared hesitant, she was not subjected to the repelling force of the Fairy Hoop, but the mysterious man would.


Tang Tian did not hesitate, he grabbed Angelina, placed her on his back and tied her legs to his waist. The black flames on him disappeared, the black flames on his face also disappeared, leaving only a thin black membrane.

The Void Dark Flames would attract a fierce reaction from the fairy hoop, and a place such as the Fairy Palace, was where the Andromeda Constellation’s power was most converged. All the other powers would be suppressed and repelled. Tang Tian was not afraid of its suppression, but if it was too huge, then it would attract the enemies over.

Tang Tian bent over, carrying Angelina, they slipped into the small door.

Angelina kept quiet, she only raised a hand and pointed the direction to go.

Very quickly, Angelina’s face was exposing a surprised look, it was the first time she was seeing Tang Tian’s true speed.


It was exceptionally fast!

The speed of their surroundings flashing past them was so fast she could not see anything. She had to focus entirely to make sure she did not lead them to the wrong place. What was even more shocking to her was that he could somehow sense the danger, many a times dodging the guards inside the palace.

The guards were anxiously running, and he could tell that the fight over at Noel’s was not over yet.

With Angelina’s directions, the two of them quickly reached Asda’s palace.

What was unexpected, was that the most vital place had no one guarding.

While Angelina was surprised, Tang Tian did not have any suspicions, and directly entered the palace.

Upon entering the Master’s palace, the dense smell of blood flushed into their nose. Angelina covered her mouth, her face extremely shocked, tears dropping down uncontrollably. The interior of the palace was covered in blood, the bloodbath and corpse that was split into seven, was a horrible sight to see.

Angelina quickly saw Asda and Atlantis. Atlantis was Asda’s most favorite girl, as the first in line for successor, she stayed by the Master’s side daily. Atlantis’ character was the same as the Master, she was extremely warm and kind, and was close to Angelina.

None of the Master’s maids escaped.

Tang Tian’s gaze did not stop at the bodies, upon entering, his gaze landed on Fairy Hoop which was beside the throne!

Fairy Hoop was covered in a layer of purple mist, the fog of Roland!

Tang Tian could not help feeling a tinge of admiration for Qiu Shan, to be able to use such an extraordinary way to control the saint treasure. The Fog of Roland was made from the blood of the Hundred Transformation Caterpillar, and it could be transformed into any disguise. Qiu Shan was extremely smart, he used the mist to mimic Asda’s Qi, and not her appearance.

The Fog of Roland that had mimicked Asda’s Qi, had successfully faked the Fairy Hoop.

This unimaginable method was worth admiring even to Tang Tian. Seems like Qiu Shan has a powerful blood meridians specialist.

Tang Tan’s body flickered, and he appeared before the Fairy Hoop.

“Grab it.”

He grabbed Angelina’s wrist, and reached for the Fairy Hoop inside the purple mist.

Angelina subconsciously grabbed onto the Fairy Hoop.