Undefeated God of War - Chapter 362 – Qiu Shan’s Methods

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Chapter 362 – Qiu Shan’s Methods

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, XRCO,and DeAndreR

Ming Yue stood at the boat’s bow, the night wind brushing past her, causing her to squint her eyes. It was extremely comfortable. Seeing that she was enjoying it, Qiu Shan stood by the side quietly, gazing at the distance.

Fairy Lake was wide, during the late autumn, The Blue Light Algae gorgeously blossomed, but only for a short lived life of 25 days. As far as the eyes can see, the entire lake surface was covered in stars of blue lights, scattering in every corner of Fairy lake, it was spectacular.

If gazed upon from the sky, Fairy Lake was like the night sky, full of stars.

The tour boat glided quietly, the blue lights, floated along the ripples of the water, causing the ripples to look blue, like scissors cutting the lake surface.

At the boat’s bow, Ming Yue gazed at the spot where the lake surface and the distant sky connected, and an emotional feeling soared in her heart.

“Beautiful.” Ming Yue muttered lightly as the night wind swept past.

Qiu Shan had long heard of the beauty of the 24 days of Fairy Lake, but it was the first time he was experiencing it first hand, and was equally stunned, he gradually exhaled, then recovered his senses and spoke gently: “This is just the beginning. In the next 24 days, the Blue Light Algae will germinate, mature and fall. The mature Blue Light Algae would occupy the entire lake surface, making the entire lake a bright blue. After a few days, the Blue Light Algae would have matured fully, and the blue light will slowly disappear. And at that time, it would separate and explode, releasing an astronomical amount of seeds. The seeds are as fine as dust, releasing a dense blue light, and will be sprayed over 10m high into the sky, and at that time the scene above Fairy Lake will be spectacular.”

Qiu Shan spoke frankly, clearly spending some time.

“I’ve troubled Brother Qiu.” Ming Yue nodded to thank him.

Qiu Shan happily said: “If I had not met Sister Ming, I’m afraid I would miss the scenery and a beauty, so I should be the one thanking sister Ming.”

Ming Yue laughed, turned and walked towards the boat to greet everyone: “I have made everyone wait!”

Everyone on board hurriedly respond: “It was worth it, it was worth it.”

Although no one knew where Ming Yue came from, the way Qiu Shan tried to curry her favor, naturally could not be hidden from everyone else. In their eyes, Qiu Shan’s identity was already extremely noble, why would he have to stoop down to curry favor with Young Lady Ming Yue? That meant that her identity, was someone they could not look down.

Just then, the Great Clan Elder laughed: “Everyone enter the banquet, don’t let the food turn cold.”

The tour boat was extremely wide, and was prepared for the banquet. Hearing that, everyone went in. Qiu Shan was the noble guest representing the Honorable Martial Group, and was naturally not neglected, while the Great Clan Elder’s identity in Fairy CIty was revered, him receiving the guests was an old etiquette, which no one found strange. In the past few days, everyone had heard some news that Qiu Shan was repeatedly going into the Palace for business negotiations with the Master, and both were apparently arguing quite a bit.

There were all kinds of gossip in the city recently, and no one could separate the truths from the lies.

For example, the rumors of the Master marrying Angelina off to Qiu Shan’s right hand man Zou Ning, made people confused, but also made people feel that it was a baseless rumor. And there were sayings that the Master did not like Honorable Martial Group that were spreading far and wide.

No one would find it weird that Qiu Shan was sent as an ambassador to Andromeda Constellation. The curtains had been raised for the conflict between Honorable Martial Group and Leo Constellation, and Leo Constellation’s army had already begun to dispatch troops, the situation might explode at any moment.

Once the conflict between two definite overlords broke out, it meant that the entire Heaven’s Road would be in war. In such a war, no constellation could escape.

And for Honorable Martial Group to try to reach out to make more allies was normal. Not only Andromeda Constellation, Honorable Martial Group had sent out ambassadors to other constellations.

On the other hand, Leo Constellation was a constellation birthed from wars. Honorable Martial Group’s methods were more experienced.

To the tyrants of Andromeda Constellation, being unable to avoid the war meant that they needed to choose a side. Honorable Martial Group was the current number one power, and had dominated Heaven’s Road for a long time, and was being favored more than Leo Constellation. Of course, there were many people who did not agree to it, and thought that to choose a side before the war started was not a sensible idea.

The Master had never declared their position, and that was one of the reasons why the rumors were spreading like wildfire.

Qiu Shan stood up with a wine cup, and said:” I have benefited a lot coming here to Andromeda Constellation, Andromeda Constellation is the most important constellation in Northern Sky, and I have always thought that with Andromeda Constellation’s position and power, not only in the Northern Sky Continents but Heaven’s Road as well, to have even bigger tasks and purpose. Our Honorable Martial Group has always been seeking peace and expansion in Heaven’s Road, and for that, we have chosen Andromeda Constellation as one of our potential allies. Her Majesty Asda may have her worries, and that I understand. We still have a long time, and I believe that we all will have the chance to work together. Since the start, I am indebted to everyone’s hospitality, so by using the Great Clan Elder’s light, I offer everyone a cup!”

The families who were excited to join the Honorable Martial Group all had a look of dismay, their faces full of suspicion. Did the Master change her mind?

While the Centrist Factions were all overjoyed.

Taking in the view of everyone’s expression, Qiu Shan’s face did not fluctuate: “I will first drink in respects to all of you!”

He raised his wine cup and bottoms up.

All of the rest started standing, and raised their wine cups and all bottoms up, regardless of the decision, Qiu Shan’s identity could not be ignored.

Ming Yue lightly pursed her lips, her eyes showing a look of thought.

When everyone sat down again, the Great Clan Elder explained: “Please do not blame us Mr. Qiu, Our Master has seen everything wrongly. Angelina, that silly girl, I wonder where she heard the news from, and thought that Master wanted to marry her to Mr. Zou, and created a misunderstanding, thus letting Mr. Qiu witness a joke.”

Qiu Shan laughed out loud: “Angelina is innocent and cannot be blamed, no harm no harm, as long as General Ta Dun does not have any misunderstanding, then that would be good.”

Hearing that, everyone’s thoughts was clarified. The master must definitely have rejected the Honorable Martial Group. The use of General Ta Dun’s name was greatly utilized there. Thinking about it, although General Ta Dun was not as authoritative as the Great Clan Elder in Andromeda Constellation, but in terms of the one who held true power, how would he let his daughter suffer.

The Great Clan Elder laughed: “Such a beautiful scenery, speaking about all this is just spoiling the fun, let us talk about the wind and the moon! We can only talk about the wind and the moon!”

Everyone started to make a ruckus, all standing up to toast to Qiu Shan. He did not reject, and accepted all the cups.

Ming Yue who was seated at the side, calmly looked at Qiu Shan. His face did not have the least bit of being defeated, his eyes shining like a hunter.

The banquet was bustling with activities.

Suddenly, a guard rushed into the room panicking.

Everyone’s movements all stopped at the same time, the bustling banquet suddenly became dead silent.

“What’s the matter?” The Great Clan Elder asked.

The guard looked at his surroundings and appeared hesitant.

Great Clan Elder frowned: “Speak!”

The guard could only thicken his skin: “Someone has barged into the palace!”

Everyone went into an uproar.

The Great Clan Elder raged: “Such Audacity! Are they tired of living! How dare they barge into the palace! Ba Fu! Are your men useless?”

Ba Fu immediately ran over: “Great Clan Elder, all the guards are in post, this subordinate will rush to check.”

Someone from the crowd said coldly: “General Ba Fu, don’t you have the [Fairy Mirror]? Open it and take look to see who is it! Some people upon seeing that Master had thwarted their plans, are attempting to take advantage of the situation, and plan to do harm to Andromeda Constellation!”

Zou Ning who was beside Qiu Shan roared out: “Who was it that spoke nonsense?”

The person had no fear, stepping out of the ranks and continued to speak: “No need to fear ghosts knocking if you have not done any shameless things! Great Clan Elder, there are so many people here today, why not let everyone see, who dares to be so audacious to barge into my Fairy Palace!”

The one who stood out was the Fourth Clan Elder, he was a just person, not fearing of authority and prestige was very impactful.

“That’s right! Fourth Clan Elder is right!”

Many people all started to look at Qiu Shan in anger.

Zou Ning was angry, but Qiu Shan stopped him. He stood up and spoke: “The innocent will be innocent, the guilty will be charged. Great Clan Elder, please clear my name.”

The Great Clan Elder was shocked, clenched his teeth and spoke: “Ba Fu, open the Fairy Mirror!”

Hearing that, Ba Fu did not dilly dally and instantly took out a small mirror. It was Andromeda Constellation’s silver star treasure, and was able to communicate with the inside of the Palace, able to observe majority of the places inside.

The mirror shot out a ray of light, an a scene of intense battle appeared in front of everyone.

The guards and raiders were mixed up, the fights were intense. Many bodies were splattered all over the floor, there were the enemies and the guards that had fallen.

“God! It’s Noel! Plateau Army’s Noel!”

“Has Ta Dun gone mad?”


Everyone was stunned, their faces exposing expressions of disbelief. They had never thought that the palace enemies would actually be General Ta Dun’s men!

The Great Clan Elder’s face changed: “Not good! Ta Dun wants to rebel! Everyone, go into the palace to support the Master!”

No one cared anymore about Qiu Shan, all of them soared out and in the blink of an eye, only Three people were left on the boat.

Qiu Shan leisurely drank from his wine cup.

Ming Yue clapped her hands and praised: “Brother Qiu’s method of flipping the table, respect!”

Qiu Shan’s mouth drew an arc, he raised the hand with the wine cup towards Ming Yue: “Sister Ming, please!”

Upon saying that, he bottoms up.

He then stood up: “I have some matters, and desire to leave, would Sister Ming care to join me?”

Ming Yue unexpectedly shook her head: “I want to admire the 24 days of the Fairy Lake, and will not leave so soon.”

Qiu Shan’s face showed regret: “Then we can only say our goodbyes here. With your sword in hand, Sister Mei can go anywhere. This brother has trifle matters to attend to, I will take my leave now!”

Although his tone was somewhat regretful, but his expression was not hesitant. After saying goodbye, he flew off with Zou Ning.

Ming Yue’s eyes shone a look of respect.

What a powerful person.

The Fairy Palace was created through the histories of Masters of Andromeda Constellation, and was not extravagant. But because Andromeda did not have any history of war, all the masters in every generation had slowly extended the building, and the current scale was astonishing, forming a complex palace structure.

In the shadows outside the palace, Angelina was shocked to see the whistling of incoming people, and the person leading them, was obviously the Great Clan Elder.

Only 20 minutes had passed since 9 pm.

How is that possible….

In such a short time, unless the enemy had prepared beforehand….

“Asda is dead.”

Tang Tian’s voice was still as cold, but made Angelina feel as though it was her last life saving straw, her face was already void of blood: “We have been duped…what do we do now?”

“Snatch the saint treasure.” Tang Tian coldly dropped those words, then carried Angelina, shot forward like an arrow, towards the deeper lofty palace.