Undefeated God of War - Chapter 359 – West River Street

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Chapter 359 – West River Street

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, XRCO, and DeAndreR

Ming Yue waited for a long time, but there were no movements on the carriage. Her faced changed, flicking her wrist suddenly, the sword light was as white as snow, and the carriage split in two, but the bottom of the carriage was empty.

Ming Yue’s gaze was stuck for a long time, then suddenly she let out a laugh.

I have met a powerful opponent, to be able to sneak under the carriage right under Qiu Shan’s nose, he must definitely be strong, and brave. I’ never expected Andromeda Constellation to have Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragons’, she thought. She was suddenly excited for the journey this time to Andromeda Constellation.

About 700m away from Ming Yue, in the dense tree leaves, Tang Tian who was covered completely in fire, was like an apparition that stood there silently, quietly looking at Ming Yue releasing her sword.

He was extremely cautious of the mysterious lady, she was actually able to sense that he was nearby, and either she was stronger than Qiu Shan, or her sword technique was special. If not for him being extremely nimble and prudent, he would have been cut in half by her.

And that sword….was something….

If it was any normal day, he would be extremely curious about such a strong and special woman, and might even want to spar.

But he only had 15 days of time, and he could not waste it on a stranger, even though she was strong and beautiful.

Tang Tian carried Angelina who was still asleep, and quietly left.

When Angelina woke up, she realized she was in an alley. She fluttered her eyes open, looking around in the unfamiliar place, she wondered whether she was in a dream and if everything that had happened was just a nightmare.

That would be good….

She exhaled a breath, when suddenly, a black figure emerged from the corner of her eyes, and she froze.

It was not a dream!

For Angelina to be ranked third in the line of successor-ship of Andromeda Constellation, she did not rely on her beauty. She took a deep breath, and her expression became normal. The man did not give her any warning and struck her, causing her to faint. That explosive attitude, exposed some information, at least she knew that he was not someone her father had sent to save her.

Don’t let him lose his patience, don’t let him think that I am a burden.

Angelina looked around, her eyes lit up and said: “This is an alley in the lower streets, we need to go that way.”

She looked at Tang Tian, seeing that he did not oppose it, she gathered her courage and walked towards the exit of the alley. After walking a few steps, she could not help but turn her head to look back, and seeing that Tang Tian was following behind, she heaved a sigh of relief.

After relaxing, her brain could work faster. The strength of the mysterious swordsman was unfathomable, and she could not understand how, under such strict security, he managed to slip into the city.

She noticed that there were a few clothes left out under the sun to dry, her eyes lit up, her current dressing was too eye catching, and she needed to be in disguise.

“I’ll go and change.”

Angelina told Tang Tian quietly, and quietly went behind a wall. Tang Tian’s eyes swept a trace of admiration. He did not have any positive feelings for a pretty face, a brainless pretty face was useless to his plans. His time was limited, with only 15 days, and no matter how much he did in the 15 days, he would not be able to complete his plans.

He did not believe Qiu Shan was an idiot.

The remaining parts of the plan could only be completed by Angelina herself, a pure pretty face in such a situation, would inevitably be broken. A plan that was bound to fail, would not even need to be executed.

Till now, Angelina’s performance was satisfactory.

Angelina made sure her movements were quiet, she took down the clothes that were hung up, after looking around, she ran to a corner to change. No one could see her here, after all, she was a girl that was reaching 20 years of age, and to think of hiding from Tang Tian’s sight, it was instinctive.

The corner was dark, the residents staying in the area did not seem to be at home, and there was no noise.

Her hands reached for her back, as the hooks for the dress were behind. The long and thin ribbon was tied in a complicated knot, going around through the hook. For the long skirt to look even more fluffy, beneath it was a pliable and tough framework, making its weight heavy. The dress was tightened well to ensure that it stayed on the body and did not drop. Usually, she had servants who would help her dress up and undress, so after trying to unfasten the back and touching around for half a day, she did not realize that her ribbon was in a tangled mess. The ribbon was made from a material from the multicolored silkworm, and was extremely tough and durable that could not be cut by a normal blade.

She was flustered.

Suddenly, a shadow overlooked her, the black figure appeared in front of her.

Needless to say, Angelina knew that he was not happy about her wasting time, her face was red as she tried to explain: “I….I cannot loosen the ribbon behind.”

“Turn.” Tang Tian’s voice was not in the least bit warm.

Angelina’s face became red, she let out a sound, but did not say a word and turned. Was he going to help me tie my dress? This is so humiliating! But she bit her lips, and forced herself not to make a sound.


An unexpected sound came out from behind her back, she only felt her back feeling a chill and the heavy dress dropped on the floor.

She froze.

The cold air caused her skin to produce goosebumps. After losing the protection from the dress, her body was exposed to the air, and the with the cold air all around her body, in that moment, her mind drew a blank.

She had never exposed her bare body to a male before.

Tang Tian expressionlessly took up the rapier. On Angelina’s back, from top down, he cut into 2. Release the hook? He had never learnt these sorts of things before.

The completely exposed back showed that her figure was exceptionally good. Her skin was exquisite and smooth with a blush that spread among the snow white body.

Angelina tightly hugged her chest, not knowing what to do.

“Your butt is nice.”

Tang Tian commented indifferently, then turned to leave.

He quietly stood by the wall, as it turned out he was perfectly in place with the shadows, completely hidden but able to see the entire alley. He knew much more than “him” and at this time he envied “his” naivety and carefree life. The ability to be able to not have anything linger in the heart, was a state that could compare to the strongest unique martial techniques.

You will come to understand it later.

Tang Tian quietly thought.

Angelina came out, she had changed into commoner’s clothes. Tang Tian frowned, the rough clothing on her, hardly covered up her beauty. Especially her smooth and delicate skin, under the rough materials, it added an enticing beauty.

Tang Tian’s wrist flicked, the rapier was like a poisonous snake that spat out, and instantly struck the floor in front of Angelina.


An extremely miniature explosion sound came out, and in front of Angelina, without any warning, exploded out and causing a cloud of dust, catching Angelina off guard and covering her.

“Cough cough cough!”

The dust dispersed, and Angelina had completely changed into a grey person, filthy all over, who could tell that she was an outstanding beauty?

Angelina did not realize what he was trying to do, but after that she instantly knew, and understood Tang Tian’s actions.

Just that….could you be more gentle?

Angelina tightly bit her lips, but did not make a sound. She knew she was not on the grounds to negotiate. Just that, Tang Tian’s actions, crushed the little bit of sentimental feelings that rose in her heart.

Face the reality Angelina.

Night fell in Fairy City. Although the city had patrolling martial artists, the security was much more relaxed than the city gates. But in the end it was still the most flourishing city, where countless traders, commerce and important people gathered. Ba Fu had the people’s support, and no one dared to do anything reckless.

Even though he was the famous number one martial artist of the constellation, he was still clear that there were more than five people in Fairy City who were able to defeat him. All these strong martial artists were hidden in the deepest courtyards of the big families, and without the threat of their lives, they would not appear.

They represented the various families of Andromeda Constellation, who Constellation Master Asda was worried about, and who Qiu Shan was also equally worried about.

To be guilty of a public outrage, Master Qiu Shan would be the first to kill him to resolve the anger.

West River Street lights were glorious in the night. All the floors of the high rise buildings were decorated extravagantly, with flora and carvings of phoenixes and dragons. The number of shops were endless, the lights on the streets were like stars. Human traffic moving to and fro, bustling with activities, the place was extremely rowdy.

Even Tang Tian who witnessed the scene could not help but be slightly interested.

He did not think that for a desolate constellation like Andromeda Constellation, they would have such a flourishing place. And, the affluence of Fairy City was out of his expectation. He was not the “Crazy young lad” who was oblivious to everything, with the flourishing streets before him, he saw astonishing amounts of money flowing.

Regardless of anything, money was still the most important.

Seems like, I have to be more serious.

Tang Tian looked pensive, his pupils that were ice cold, were just like the stars.

Weng Lin Commerce was at the east of West River Street, the entrance was covered up with ancient wood and with the green walls, it looked extremely plain and simple, totally different from the previously multi colored and golden courtyards. Above the gate hung a wooden plate, with the name “Weng Lin Commerce”, they definitely would not miss it.

Angelina walked to the front door and looked at Tang Tian. Seeing that he did not have any intention to speak, she clenched her teeth and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

An old voice came out from inside.

Creak, the wooden door opened, showing a wrinkled old face.

Angelina swore that she had never met him before, but she was unable to retreat anymore: “My father had asked me to come here for help.”

The old man inspected and after recognizing Angelina, his face showed happiness and surprise, and said softly: “Quickly come in!”

Angelina immediately entered.

The old man quickly closed the door, and when he turned, he noticed a man completely covered in black flames, and his face changed.

He actually did not notice him at all!

His face quickly recovered the calm look, his heart filled with many suspicions, but he could not cover his joy: “Miss Angelina, it’s good that you’re alright! After Master heard the news, I had wanted to find you, but you were already out of the city!”

“This Mister saved me.” Angelina noticed the old man’s suspicions, and quickly made salutations: “My father had told me before, if I were to meet with danger, I can come to your noble commerce and seek help.”

“That’s right.” Another deep and resounding voice sounded out, a tall and sturdy man appeared on the steps.

He squinted his eyes, looking straight at Tang Tian.