Undefeated God of War - Chapter 358 – Entering the City

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Chapter 358 – Entering the City

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, XRCO, and DeAndreR

Angelina’s gaze was stuck on Tang Tian. Since the start, she did not know anything about him. Who was he? Where was he from? Why did he save her? She did not know anything.

His face was covered in the black flame mask, his entire body was also covered, so she couldn’t make anything out. He also did not seem to have any intention of dropping the mask.

But from his posture, Angelina could infer, that he was someone who had received good education. Even if he was seated on the ground or on the floor, he was like a neat rock, seated extremely straight. Unlike the martial artists for hire, they would sit without discipline.

Since saving her, he had not spoken to her one sentence.

Angelina gathered her courage: “Hello, who are you? Why did you save me?”

Tang Tian ignored her, he was thinking on what role he could act sufficiently in the 15 days. To him, time was everything, he did not wish to spoil “his” plans, despite “him” having a low IQ, since “he” just charges into everything violently, even able to charge through the heavens.

15 Days of time was just right.

When he left, he had carefully checked, Ling Xu and Crane’s situation also required roughly 15 days. To him, that was extremely crucial. He wanted to water down his 15 days, reducing any influence to “him”, and especially “his” companions.

He was much more clearer than “him” on the value of companions, and that was one of the most important reasons why he stayed in hibernation. On this point, “He” was much more outstanding than him.

“Was the order for you to marry Zou Ning personally given by Asda?”

(TN: Just to note, it is not that I am purposely giving them English names to make things easier, the Chinese writings were meant to be written for the English names. Like how George in Chinese is literally Georgia in Chinese, and how Angelina sounds like Ah-De-Li-Na, there are no such Chinese names.)

The cold and hoarse voice suddenly ringing out surprised Angelina, who replied: “yes.”

Asda was the master of Andromeda Constellation, and had been for many years.

“Did she order you face to face?”

Angelina was smart, upon hearing that question, she immediately understood, and after thinking for awhile she replied: “No, Master is reclusive and seldom comes out, so we hardly see her. This order was given through Clan Elder Hammer and Lady Ali.”

(TN: Might be the trend of Andromeda Constellation to have english-like names)

“Clan Elder Hammer and Lady Ali?”

“Clan Elder Hammer is the Head clan elder, Lady Ali is the Master’s younger sister, both of them are the most trusted to Master. Only they can freely enter and leave the Fairy Palace.” Angelina’s face was pale: “But, the order must definitely be from Master, because it was given using the Star Power.”

Every Constellation Master wielded a saint treasure, and could at anytime use the power of the Constellation, to record images and messages. Because only the Master of the Constellation who wields the power is able to do that, so usually all orders sent by the Master will be using that.”

A Constellation Master can be impersonated, but the power of a saint treasure could not be replicated.

But Tang Tian’s words actually reminded Angelina. Angelina had carefully recalled, and realized many suspicious points. For example this matter, the master would not be so careless.

Don’t tell me….

A scary thought surfaced into her mind.

“Why me?”

Her face became even whiter, and her voice trembled.

“Why you?” Tang Tian asked her back, his tone was ice cold, without a trace of warmth, no sympathy, no care. Like a sharp ice pick, it pierced into Angelina’s heart.

Angelina’s mouth trembled, in her beautiful eyes, fear crept out: “Father….their target, is father…”

“Who is he?” Tang Tian asked.

Angelina who was instantly terrified was like a drowning victim trying to grab onto the only thing that could save her life: “My father is Ta Dun! He is the captain of the Plateau Army, which is the only army of Andromeda Constellation! Please, save my father!”

“Who can you trust?”

The cold voice that was like a knife, actually made Angelina calm down. She was a smart girl who had lived in the court, so she was influenced by all sorts of plots and schemes. Upon calming down, her mind started working very quickly. The most important thing for her to do now is to send a message to her Father! If the enemy is truly plotting, then the people close to her would also definitely be spied on.

Suddenly, Angelina remembered something, and said excitedly: “Weng Lin Commerce, Father had said before, if I were to be in any danger, I should go look for Weng Lin Commerce! The headquarters is at Fairy City, West River Street.”

Fairy City was Andromeda Constellation’s core city, and was the hub of Andromeda Constellation, where the Fairy Palace was located at.

When the two of them went nearer to the city, they realized Fairy City was heavily guarded, with every entrance being protected by guards who were having strict checks. There were lines at every entrance, and all sorts of cursing that never stopped until Ba Fu appeared, and all the noise disappeared.

Ba Fu’s hand was wrapped in bandages, his face was pale green, his fierce gaze sweeping across, and everyone kept quiet out of fear.

Suddenly, Tang Tian noticed a carriage.

On the carriage was a young lady with hair that drooped over her shoulders, her dress as white as snow, standing straight with a cold demeanor, looking very beautiful. By her side, a young man with a congealed temperament, with a smile on his face.

The reason why Tang Tian noticed the carriage, was because among the long queue of people, only the carriage was unobstructed and could advance forward.


Tang Tian hit Angelina without hesitation, causing her to faint, then carrying her, he quietly swept across. Obviously, the big carriage was of some status, and to them, it was the ultimate protection.

“Although Andromeda is a small constellation, the scenery of Fairy City is not too bad.” Qiu Shan was refined and courteous, accompanying the beautiful lady, his speed of speech was just right, filled with an intimidating force, but did not cause people to dislike: “Andromeda Constellation is the most stable constellation in Northern Sky, and therefore the business and trade have always been flourishing. 90% of all commerce businesses in Northern Sky have their headquarters situated over here in Fairy City. These rich businessmen all live rich and extravagant lives, and all of their manors are extremely beautiful. Fairy City is Northern Sky’s most beautiful and flourishing city.”

It was as if he was introducing his own home, gently speaking with warmth and intimacy.

Ming Yue gazed at the heavily guarded city gates, and was slightly surprised: “But something happened?”

Qiu Shan smiled unexpectedly: “Don’t bother with it, leave it to them to handle it.

MIng Yue turned and looked at Qiu Shan. Qiu Shan looked to be languid and confident, then suddenly smiling, like a fierce tiger lazily baring its teeth. He was brimming with a power that made people believe in him all along, as though nothing could hinder him. Strength, that was the most obvious feeling from him.

After accompanying him for the past few days, Ming Yue was somewhat familiar with Qiu Shan. No matter how proud she was, she had to admit that Qiu Shan was the most outstanding man she had ever met.

“That’s true.” Ming Yue suddenly showed a smile.

Her smile blossomed a flirtatious expression which was beautiful, causing Qiu Shan to become absent minded for the moment. But he quickly regained his senses, and did not even hide it, but praised loudly: “Miss Ming Yue’s smile, is the most beautiful work of art I have ever seen in this world.”

Ming Yue did not reply him, her gaze was in the distance, somewhat lost in thought.

Qiu Shan did not mind, and generously admired her beautiful face. Although he was previously attracted to Ming Yue’s beautiful features, but he did not lose his thoughts, and had begun to think. Ming Yue was experienced, whether if it was her own capabilities, or her unfathomable background, it was a large assistance.

If he could obtain Ming Yue, the value of it was much higher compared to 10 of Andromeda Constellation.

He had heard previously, that she had some sort of relation with the Ye Family, but from the looks of it, she obviously was not satisfied by Ye Zhao Ge, and to him, it was an opportunity.

He had decided that for the next few days, he would spend it all with Ming Yue. Qiu Shan was full of self confidence, regardless of looks, family background, power, he was top notch in every aspect, and in the entire Heaven’s Road, the number of people who were stronger than him, was but a few.

Ba Fu saw Qiu Shan, and immediately saw the chance to flatter and exploit the chance.

“How’s your injury? Is it serious? I have some medication here, take it and use it.” Qiu Shan did not act arrogantly in front of Ba Fu, with a face of concern, he threw the medication to him.

Ba Fu was grateful, and immediately replied: “It’s nothing it’s nothing! Master, don’t worry! Master please enter the city!”

Ming Yue saw the interaction nodded in her heart, Qiu Shan was born a noble, but was not arrogant and overbearing, and that was rare and remarkable.

Qiu Shan smiled, did not disturb Ba Fu from inspecting and entered the city.

“Our place of residence has been prepared at Bright Moon Garden.” Qiu Shan Smiled: “That is a place of residence for a commerce president, and decorated quite well, the name is also extremely fitting, I hope Miss MIng Yue will like it.”

(TN: Bright moon garden is Ming Yue Garden, exactly same name as her)

“Mr Qiu Shan is too nice to me.” Ming Yue’s leaned forward as an expression of gratitude, her tone indifferent: “Ming Yue is not learned enough, and likes a quiet and natural setting, I hope Mr Qiu Shan can help me find a secluded mountain.”

Qiu Shan muttered: “My thoughts were inconsiderate. If you are looking for a secluded place, there is a mountain at the west, called Mountain Niu Shou. It has nice scenery and less human traffic, it is a rather apt place.”

“I have to impose on Mr Qiu Shan.” Ming Yue thanked.

Qiu Shan waved his hands: “Miss Ming Yue, don’t mention it.”

Mountain Niu Shou was not far, and they reached rather quickly, landing on the mountain top. Ming Yue could see the entire Fairy City, the scenery was beautiful and the air was fresh, her face exposing an extremely satisfied smile.

“Thank you Mr Qiu Shan, you can leave the carriage there.”

“Miss Ming Yue, please be careful.” Qiu Shan advised, then suddenly laughed: “But from what I see, with Miss Ming Yue’s strength, to even get your attention, I think only a person at the saint domain can do it.”

Ming Yue bowed to Qiu Shan: “Ming Yue is extremely grateful to brother Qiu’s care.”

The word “Brother Qiu” Made Qiu Shan burst with joy, he did his best to hold in the joy: “Sister Ming doesn’t have to be so polite with me, I will be going off, I won’t disturb your peace already.”

Finished, he called everyone to leave, and specifically sent the order down to the guards at the foot of the mountain, to prevent tourists from going up.

Qiu Shan’s eyes were filled with adoration, Ming Yue looked at him, but his direct speech and actions, made her admire him even more. Yong Xian Zhong was much inferior compared to Qiu Shan. She was curious, for Qiu Shan to already be so outstanding, but he was ranked third out of the young generation in Honorable Martial Group. So how outstanding were the first and second?

Honorable Martial Group was much more remarkable than she thought.

But…..Ming Yue’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and opened her mouth.

“The friend beneath the carriage, please come out.”