Undefeated God of War - Chapter 357 – Making His Move

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Chapter 357 – Making His Move

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, Leo Z, XRCO, Natsuriayako, and DeAndreR

Tang Tian stood there as though he did not hear anything.

(TN: previously Ba Fu asked who was it. LOL)

A person who was the third in place in succession, interesting. That was why Tang Tian decided to make his move.

Almost every Constellation Master would appoint a few successors. Fighting openly and maneuvering discreetly was common, but to every constellation, ensuring the continuance of the inheritance of the Constellation was forever the most important.

Because the selected few successors were usually young people, how their future turned out, even the brilliant Masters could not guarantee that their vision was not biased. They would select a few, and pick the best candidate out of the few, that was how many constellations worked. The fights between the candidates were happily observed by the Masters. If they liked one of them, they naturally would not care about the rest, but at the same time, if under their care, the candidate could not fight with the rest, then they would have to drop the candidate.

Other than needing to receive the approval from the powerful and authoritative families in the constellation, they still are required to receive the approval from the saint treasures. Only by receiving the saint treasure’s approval, could the inheritance of the constellation be passed down.

Out of the two conditions, the real important one was the latter one.

Third place was already a rather high position, which meant, if anything happened to the first two, or if their growth in the future was not as expected, the power could possibly be given to the golden haired lady in front of Tang Tian.

Usually, these sort of people held high positions in their own constellation. Third place, meant that her power and talent, was rather outstanding, where only 2 other people were better than her. For strong constellations such like the constellations of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, the top 10 successors would usually be protected. For smaller constellations, the first five successors would be viewed as important and deemed to be protected.

The world was full of accidents, and the five successors were just to safeguard that the inheritance could be passed on, but the difference between each position of successor, insinuated extreme difference in individual strength. The Constellation Master’s strength, to any constellation, is the most important. If the new Master’s strength dropped, the Constellation’s strength would drop as well.

That was something none of the Constellation Masters would want to see.

Third position successor, to be married to Qiu Shan’s subordinate? Unless he personally witnessed it, Tang Tian would never believe it. Qiu Shan was the third ranker in the youth generation of Honorable Martial Group, his potential was huge, but in Honorable Martial Group, Qiu Shan was hardly an important character.

In all reality, his position was the same as Angelina, one of the candidates for successor-ship.

If a successor was able to sweep the position in one move, then he naturally held the power of Heaven and Earth. But there was only one throne, and the remaining successors naturally would have no other choice but to bleakly accept their end. The position of successor was highly revered and protected, but did not always hold power and authority.

Because of family reasons, Qiu Shan was raised to be independent. The difference between him and the true high ranking elders of Honorable Martial Group, and it was a huge disparity. Their connections, experience and strength were incomparable. In peaceful times, for the new young brilliant generation to want to hold true power, they too needed to endure step by step.

Andromeda Constellation was a constellation of the Northern Sky, comparing in Heaven’s Road, it was just a desolate feudal state in the wilderness.

No matter how small a feudal state, it was still a feudal state.

Honorable Martial Group’s military force could naturally crush Andromeda Constellation, but it would not do so. No matter how small the state was, they would rope them in. Such reckless humiliation, would not do any good to Honorable Martial Group, and would only anger the small feudal states.

If the situation was normal, then there would be no problems.

But it was obvious, everything that was happening in front of them was definitely not normal.

Although all these people were listening to the Master of Andromeda Constellation, but Tang Tian did not believe it at all. A Constellation Master had honor and a bottom line, unless it reached the point of threatening the life of the constellation, he would definitely not use his successors as bargaining chips for deals.

The unusual scene, actually divulged a lot of information.

Either Andromeda was already on the edge of a desperate situation, if not, all these people were not listening to the Master’s order at all. Regardless of which it was, there was definitely foul play involved.

Wasn’t Honorable Group currently at a stalemate with Leo Constellation? Why would they have leftover people coming here to mess around….

In that few moments, Tang Tian already sorted out from all the information he had gathered, and saw the faintly discernible vortex.

The only problem was whether the Andromeda Constellation was worth it for him to make a move? There was not a bit of disturbance in his mind, he was extremely calm. After planning and weighing the pros and cons, he then realized something special about Andromeda Constellation.

Andromeda Constellation was one of Northern Sky’s 19 Continent’s powerful traditional constellations. The saint treasure of Andromeda Constellation only recognized females, so all the Masters were females. Andromeda Constellation’s saint treasure was called the [Fairy Hoop], and it’s power was not considered the strongest compared to the other saint treasures. But because it’s succession was extremely stable, and all the generation of masters were all relatively steady, accumulating from generation to the next, it became one of the strongest constellations in Northern Sky.

Andromeda Constellation’s law and order was the best in Northern Sky, and the citizens all lived extremely stable lives, and every generation’s Master were all supported greatly by her people.

Andromeda Constellation was not the strongest in Northern Sky, but was the most abundant and plentiful Constellation, for every generation of operations and accumulations, allowed them to possess extremely profound connections in Northern Sky. And Andromeda Constellation had never attacked other constellations in all of history, and in every generation, the Master of Andromeda Constellation was the model for being the neutral faction, and received the most public praise in Northern Sky’s 19 continents.

So in Northern Sky, there existed small constellations that followed Andromeda Constellation.

That was an opportunity.

Without any hesitation, Tang Tian realized that and immediately took action.

But the sword that cut Ba Fu’s palm, caught him by surprise. What caused people to be taken aback was that Tang Tian did not take the chance to strike, but stood quietly in front of Angelina.

Angelina was completely terrified, the sword was like a snake, and made her lose all her courage. As the third in line to succeed Andromeda Constellation, she was not a spoiled girl who was always kept in safety. She was someone with battle experience, and had killed many enemies. Even when facing the fierce Ba Fu, she did not cower back at all.

But she had never seen a sword technique that was filled with such dark Qi.

It should not be able to exist under the light, and should have cut the enemy’s throats from the darkness, quietly.

She was not a weakling, and worked hard to control the fear in her heart, and not let it spread.

Calm down…. Calm down… Angelina, you can do it!

She continued to console herself in her mind, and finally her Qi calmed down. The fear in her mind creeping away. She gathered her courage, and meticulously sized up the man in front of her.


That was the only phrase Angelina could think of, looking at the man in front of her who was completely covered in black flames. He was tall, but not bulky, and was well proportioned, standing straight, as straight as a spear.

This made Angelina feel strange, in her impression, all the swordsmen who walked in the dark, like to constantly bend their back, and always in a state of being cautious. They did their best to prevent people from finding out about them, but the person in front of her was not.

He stood there straight up with his sword, not saying a word, not trying to hide himself.

Behind him, Angelina could clearly feel calmness that was naturally leaking out of him. Was it absolute self confidence?

Her heart was filled with some hope, but she intelligently kept quiet. She did not know him, so she kept quiet, the less words the better. By speaking out in anger to the opponent might turn things for the worse instead.

“Can I ask who are you?” Zou Ning’s expression was calm, but his eyes looked treacherous.

“Qiu Shan’s ambitious heart is too big.” The hoarse voice came out from the black flame cape, his voice, was extremely cold.

Zou Ning could feel the danger, his body was slightly bent, squinting his eyes and staring at Tang TIan, he said coldly: “Who are you?”

The opponent’s words, had subtle meaning pointing out to certain things, but Zou Ning was a cautious person, and was extremely careful.

“I’ll kill you!”

Ba Fu’s fierce voice, he could no longer tolerate it, his right palm was bleeding profusely. Tang Tian’s sword, had pierced deep into his hand. What made him even more scared was, a thread of gentle and soft True Power had entered his palm. And no matter how he tried to urge his True Power, he was unable to push the swift True power out of his body.

That was because of the strange True Power was doing something to him, and causing the blood to keep flowing.

“Ba Fu, Master is disappointed in you.” Suddenly, a cold voice came out from behind the black flames.


Ba Fu’s body froze, his eyes full of shock.

Don’t tell me…..

“General Ba! Don’t get tricked!” Zou Ning anxiously shouted.

Behind the black flames mask, the calm face exposed a small arc. Ba Fu’s expression had given Tang Tian the answers he needed.

The reason he had stayed in his spot for so long, was to find out more information from the opponent.

And he got it.

“Kill him!” Ba Fu suddenly realized, and ordered fiercely.

The surrounding guards seemed to be awakened from a dream, and all roared in unison as they all pounced onto Tang Tian. Then, the unthinkable happened. The rapier swordsman and Angelina who were surrounded, had disappeared.

“Don’t think of escaping!”

Zou Ning’s roar resonated out. Only after Tang TIan disappeared did he realize it. A ray of silver light, like a silver snake rushing out of its cave, shot out.


The thin rapier accurately pierced his silver whip.

A wave of strange True Power entered Zou Ning’s body through the silver whip, causing his face to change. He released a strange sound, released his grip on the whip and his entire person retreated backwards.


[Bootes Whip], a Bootes Constellation star weapon, was actually turned into dust by the opponent’s blade!

All the martial artist around who witnessed were shocked, all of them who were initially planning to give chase all retreated. Ba Fu who was rushing to Zou Ning had his legs stuck to the ground, he looked up, his face beyond appalled.

He had seen Zou Ning’s Bootes Whip for the past few days, Bootes Constellation was just a northern sky grade weapon, but the Bootes Whip was a rarely seen star weapon. Zou Ning had spent countless amounts of time to become extremely adept with it, and using Honorable Martial Group’s secret techniques to continuously temper it. After a long and drawn out period, it had finally began to have a golden luster.

With another two or three years of time, it could completely truly transform into a gold rank star treasure.

Such a powerful star treasure, to actually become dust by a sword.

To what extent, was the might of the sword?

No one dared to move, as they stared at the person carrying Angelina, as though he was leisurely walking, disappearing from their vision.