Undefeated God of War - Chapter 354 – The Change from the Spiraling Energy

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Chapter 354 – The Change from the Spiraling Energy

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, XRCO, and DeAndreR

Saint Sword Ocean Prison.

Silently floating in the void space, so calm as though it had never been used before. It was completely pitch black like ink. The sword blade was as wide as a palm, with a length of 2.5m, so straight that it did not have the slightest curvature, a sword hilt over the length of 30 cm, enough for a full grown man to dual wield. The most special thing was, it did not have a sword guard, making it look extremely vicious.

It was the first time Tang Tian was seriously inspecting the Saint Sword Ocean Prison.

What a vicious sword!

Tang Tian’s heart became cold, it was as if the thing in front of him was not a sword, but a nameless fierce beast quietly hibernating, and could erupt anytime, devouring any man.

If Bell did not investigate, Wu Wang Hai would be an unknown name to Tang Tian. Even now, Tang Tian did not know much about him, the biggest impression of him would be that he was a powerful and fierce man.

It was not the time for him to feel sad or think about it, Tang Tian ignored everything else, focusing on what was right in front of him.

Take that sword!

That was the only thought in Tang Tian’s head, he suddenly realized he was already in front of the Saint Sword Ocean Prison.

Without caring about that surprise, Tang Tian became joyous, and without hesitating he grabbed on the sword hilt.


The void around him suddenly gushed back behind him. Tang Tian suddenly realized he was back inside the passageway, where the image of Crane and Ling Xu appeared beside him. Both of them were seated still, their situation also not very good.

Was that… all a dream?

Tang Tian was not sure, he suddenly felt something in his hands, and lowered his head to look.

It was….the sword hilt!

Ocean Prison’s hilt!

But that was all. The entire sword blade was gone. Tang Tian was startled, he immediately took it up to inspect it, but realized that it could not be moved at all, as though there was a layer of atmosphere above it.

Don’t tell me… I have to draw the sword?

Tang Tian was confused, suddenly he felt a burst of pain from within his body, his body immediately curled, the Void Dark lames in his body were becoming so weak it was almost extinguished.

Not good!

Tang Tian’s face changed, his situation was getting critical, he tightly held onto the sword hilt, and used force to pull it outwards.

The sword hilt did not move an inch.

Damn it!

Tang Tian’s eyes became wide open, he roared. Using all the strength in his body, he held onto the sword hilt and struggled to pull it out again.

“Ah ah ah ah….”

Tang Tian’s eyes were red, all the muscles on his body were tensed, the energy in his body seemed to have felt the Ocean Prison Sword, the surging energy rumbling as it gushed towards the sword hilt.

The sword hilt trembled slightly, like a slumbering fierce beast being awakened.

Tang Tian could feel the hilt relaxing, he summoned the remaining strength in him and fiercely pulled out.

Zi zi zi.

It was like the sound of cold water pouring on hot iron, Ocean Prison’s blade was slowly pulled out from the void by Tang Tian, the dense flames blazing around the blade, burning the air.

Tang Tian’s body trembled incessantly like a fried bean, the energy in his body flowed to his arm, and rushed into the hilt. The Void Dark Flames inside Ocean Prison, far exceeded the amount in Tang Tian’s body. The high concentration of energy did not even touch the hilt, but was transformed into the mist.

Tang Tian’s hand suddenly inflated like a balloon, the pincushion pain caused him to almost let go of the hilt, but he knew that he could not let go at that moment, for if he did, he would be a goner.

The energy was too pure, to the point it made him unable to breath. If he lost control, his dantian would collapse, and then his body would combust spontaneously, and not even a trace would be left of him.

Tang Tian’s eyes were flaming, clenching down on his teeth, his expression was sinister, gripping onto the sword hilt with all his life.

The spiraling energy in his body was like sharks that smelled blood, flowing quickly within the meridians towards the energy. But the meridians in Tang Tian’s body were currently filled with the pure energy, so there was friction and the force pushed the spiraling energy while it advanced, causing the speed to be very slow.

Persevere….Tang Tian clenched his teeth tightly.

The spiraling energy advanced slowly but surely, and when it reached Tang Tian’s wrists, the resistance immediately relaxed, and they cruised around in the energy mist happily, frantically absorbing all of the mist state energy.

Tang Tian slowly pulled Ocean Prison out of the void, the pitch black blade released an extremely dangerous Qi. If Tang Tian opened his eyes to look, he would be surprised to realize that the thin energy in the passageway seemed to be set, stopped in motion.

The Void Dark Flames rapidly rose.

The energy in Tang Tian’s body started to wreak havoc like boiling water, causing Tang Tian to perspire like a boiled lobster, flushing red and drenched in perspiration, so red as though his blood would burst out of his skin at any moment.

The number of spiraling energies in Tang Tian finally reached 18.

They were like a school of silver fish, glistening and shining, while swimming agilely.

The 2.5m sword blade cut through the air, causing a scary ‘zi zi’ sound to appear, as it was slowly pulled. When the sword tip left the void, the thin energy in the passageway, like withered grass, loudly combusted.

The silent black flames engulfed the entire passageway, in the next moment, the thin blue mist was gone, and not a single bit of energy was left.

Both of Tang Tian’s hands unconsciously gripped onto Ocean Prison, and he released a mind shattering scream.

The black Void Dark Flames slowly and determinedly surged into Tang Tian’s meridians from his hand, like blazing hot oil, wherever it went, the pain would cause Tang Tian’s mind to go blank.

The energy that was originally wreaking havoc, suddenly became no match for it.

Tang Tian’s enlarged meridians could not retract in time, and were occupied by the Void Dark Flames this time. The speed of the Void Dark Flames was astonishing, tempering Tang Tian’s meridians. Tang Tian’s meridians became sparkling and pure, seemingly becoming thinner, but much tougher and durable than before. More importantly, it was much more thick and solid compared to previously.

The spiraling energy was like a school of fish being pushed back by the Void Dark Flames, and once again retreated.

They had increased to 24 from 18, and it was rather spectacular. The spiraling energy was no longer silver, but black, as they were also absorbing the large amounts of Void Dark Flames.

The energy of the Crane Crystal Pellet was already beginning to be exhausted.

But at the moment the number of spiraling energies had grown into 36.

36 rays of spiraling energy converged together, the momentum was different, spinning at extremely fast revolutions, bringing forth a trace of black flames. Tang Tian had already begun to recover the control of his own body. Only after finally controlling everything did he exhale. Although there were remnants of energy, but the harm it could do to Tang Tian’s body was already at a minimum.

The Void Dark Flames held the definite dominance.

Seeing the spiraling energy had become jet black, he knew that the spiraling energy had absorbed the Void Dark Flames. Tang Tian’s mind suddenly thought of something, the spiraling energy could absorb Void Dark Flames, and the Ocean Prison did not have any reaction to it.

Tang Tian tried to control the spiraling energy to the Void Dark Flames.

The spiraling energy entered the Void Dark Flames, like some sort of viscous tar in the Void Dark Flames, it formed a small vortex.

He did not lose control of the spiraling energy!

This discovery made Tang Tian extremely happy, but the observation after that surprised him. Not only was the spiraling energy not repelling the Void Dark Flames, but it was actually continuing its absorption of the Void Dark Flames.

The high speed revolving spiraling energy, formed a small vortex around it, allowing the efficiency of absorption to be extremely high.

Everything happened in Tang Tian’s body.

So the jet black spiraling energy, that looked to be slowly becoming transparent, seemed like it was expelling the Void Dark Flames out of his body.


Tang Tian could feel that the transparent spiraling energy was accumulating a surging power, making him happy and surprised. Without waiting for him to react, the other spiraling energies also seemed to be beckoned in, and all of them converged and rushed into the Void Dark Flames.

The Void Dark Flames seemed to be endless, but there were now 35 more vortexes.

The first spiraling energy exhaled a ray that shot out from the Void Dark Flames. It was like a powerful arrow, directly shooting into the remnants of the energy. Bang, the remnants of the pure energy crumbled, forming mist. The mist did not even have time to scatter, and immediately disappeared, completely absorbed by the spiraling energy.

The new spiraling energy appeared in front of Tang Tian.

The transparent spiraling energy, was still made up of minute True Power threads, but every single one of the threads were sparkling and pure, and coiled in an extremely complicated manner. Looking closely, one would realize that all the fine transparent True Power threads, were actually flowing slowly.

Tang Tian suddenly thought of the pure energy, he calmed himself down and carefully inspected, before realizing. The True Power Threads were actually liquid form, and were even more congealed and viscous than the highly compressed energy, and on its surrounding was a layer of transparent membrane, which was Tang Tian’s martial spirit.

Just that, after being tempered by the Void Dark Flames, the silver martial spirit had become even more fine and transparent.

After closer inspection, the new spiraling energy was half as slender as before, but was surprisingly more active, it’s speed as fast as lightning, and upon a thought, it could instantly complete half a revolution.

This speed made Tang Tian tongue tied, but also extremely happy.

The faster the speed and revolution of his True Power, the faster he could release techniques, the faster he could change his moves, the increase in his fighting strength. He was now extremely anticipative of his new spiraling energy, not knowing it’s might.

Tang Tian suddenly thought of a question, and was immediately suspicious.

He had tempered the Void Dark lames with his martial spirit, and had consumed a lot of energy, and achieved a transparent fine thread.

And the Void Dark Flames could also temper his martial spirit, and the silver martial spirit became transparent.

So weird!

Tang Tian thought of an even more brazen idea, if he used the Void Dark Flames to temper with his own martial spirit silver flame, would it make his martial spirit become stronger?

When that thought surfaced, Tang Tian was somewhat eager to test it out. To other people, it might be dangerous, and had to go through a lot of thinking and planning. But to Tang Tian, he did not like to hesitate.

Sou sou sou!

One after another of the new spiraling energies flew out of the Void Dark Flames, like transparent arrow fishes flying out of the water, they once again returned to Tang Tian’s meridians.

Just as Tang Tian was going to test out his thought, a strange scene occurred.

The 36 rays of spiraling energy suddenly all shuttled back and forth in his meridians, like a school of transparent fishes flashing up and down.

Tang Tian was startled, he did not control the spiraling energy.

What happened after that made him shocked.

The Crane Crystal Pellet’s energy was already absorbed by the spiraling energy, and Tang Tian’s dantian original form finally surfaced. The remaining Void Dark Flames were very few, and the Ice Blue Heart was compressed into a blue bead.


The spiraling energy above his dantian split into two, a group pouncing onto the remnants of the dim Void Dark Flames at his dantian, the other group pouncing to the Ice Blue Heart bead.