Undefeated God of War - Chapter 348 – Zhuo Yan and Ouyang

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Chapter 348 – Zhuo Yan and Ouyang

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, Leo Z, XRCO, Natsuriayako, and DeAndreR

The bronze starry door was activated, causing Bing’s mood to rise dramatically.

The Number 07 Army Barracks was not the recruit barracks, it was established completely according to the standard barracks encampment, and was complete with facilities. It’s functions completely surpassed a recruit barracks.

With the bronze starry door, the facilities of the number 07 Army Barracks could be completely utilized. Although many of them were unusable due to being old, but with Sai Lei, everything could be restored.

He decided to thoroughly inspect the Number 07 Army Barracks.

Bing, who was extremely excited, entered the bronze starry door to the Number 07 Army Barracks again, making quick judgments based on the inadequate information in front of him. Bing had decided to make a checklist, and glanced at everything that he went past. He was extremely familiar with the place, so his inspection was done very quickly. But the situation was not looking very good, as the damage done was rather heavy. It seemed like he had to spend quite a number of hours to do the maintenance, but the lucky thing for him was that he had Sai Lei, an outstanding mechanic engineer by his side.

When he walked closer to the location of the Suicide Room, Bing chuckled. As expected, Tang Tian did not let him down, and successfully came out of the Suicide Room. This advancement meant that Tang Tian’s potential was not weak, for those who were able to exit the Suicide Room were all freaks of nature.

He did not bother looking at the Suicide Room anymore, he had done a thorough sweep of the room before letting Tang Tian use it, and there were no problems, so he decided to move on.

But when he reached the location of the Suicide Room, he was stunned.

His mouth was wide open, the only remains of the Suicide Room was a broken section of the wall. Bing’s expression was as though he saw a ghost.

What, what exactly happened here?


Wyvern Carriage.

“How was it? What did you get out of Yong Xian Zhong?” A young lady dressed in green chuckled, her looks was not as outstanding as Ming Yue, but had the sweet look of a girl-next-door. She was Ming Yue’s paternal young cousin, Yun Jian.

Ming Yue recounted all of Yong Xian Zhong’s words to her.

“Yong Xian Zhong is the disciple of Teacher Bian, so he is of some standard.” Yun Jian blinked her beautiful eyes: “I didn’t expect Ye Zhao Ge to be so powerful! Sister, why not just pick Ye Zhao Ge, he he, with his standard, he will definitely become a sword saint.”

Ming Yue’s face was clear and indifferent: “Ye Zhao Ge’s character is too extreme, cold, scheming, ambitious and ruthless. We are not a good match.”:

“That’s true.” Yun Jian scoffed: “I really cannot imagine, what kind of man will be able to match up to sister. I heard the top 10 geniuses of Honorable Martial Group are all outstanding.”

“Sadly we are one step too late, and did not watch the battle.” Ming Yue’s eyes flashed a trace of regret, they were actually rushing to Ye Zhao Ge.

“Yea.” Yun Jian was greatly annoyed, and tilted her head: “ But thinking about it, that person called Tang Tian and his friends, Yong Xian Zhong’s assessment on them is also very high.”

“Talents with no foundation are like duckweed, and cannot do things.” Ming Yue said indifferently: “Their success this time, if not for the Empress’ interference, they would have all died. Furthermore, Ye Jiu is a very scheming man, and is very fierce, he definitely will not leave things lying. If I am not wrong, his backup is already prepared to engage them.”

“Such a pity.” Yun Jian was somewhat remorseful: “I feel that for them to be able to go against Ye Zhao Ge and survive, they are already very powerful!”

“They can be considered to have some talent.” Ming Yue declined to comment further.


Zhuo Yan laid his entire body on the table as he watched the recording, his face pale white, as he was having a case of food poisoning. Ouyang Shi sat by his side, with an extremely nervous expression as he stared at the recording, his hands involuntarily squeezing into fists, the intensity of the fight in the recording had deeply attracted him.

Ye Zhao Ge’s ferocity and craziness had greatly shaken Ouyang Shi. Ouyang Shi and Zhuo Yan were disciples of the Top Palace, and were considered the important gems of Aries Constellation. The 12 Ecliptic Palaces, Honorable Martial Group and Onyx Soul were the same class of powerhouses, and for young disciples such as them, they were naturally all placed in the same circle.

Ouyang Shi Had met Ye Zhao Ge before, and also knew of Sixth Brother Ye’s nickname, but Ouyang Shi’s gaze at that time was attracted to Honorable Martial Group’s Qi Shan, Zhang Ming He, and Ye Zhao Ge was just a vague image he could hardly recall.

He did not expect Ye Zhao Ge to actually be so strong!

He started to do comparisons in his heart, if he were to meet Ye Zhao Ge, his chances of success were pitiful.

“Zhuo Yan, can you beat Sixth Brother Ye?” Ouyang Shi turned and asked.

Zhuo Yan was still lying on the table, and said feebly: “I can only answer that after I fight him.”

“Oh!” Ouyang Shi calmed down, hearing that Zhuo Yan sounded somewhat confident. Even though they were both of the Black Feathers Mount, the gap between him and Zhuo Yan was roughly the size of the ocean? But that comparison sounded slightly too big….

Ouyang Shi’s attention was once again attracted by the recording, and exclaimed: “Where did this Jing Hao come from? He is powerful!”

“From his mother’s womb.” Zhuo Yan laid on the ground, and continued to reply weakly, his stomach overturning.

“Wa wa wa! This Crane is powerful!”

“Hey hey hey! That mechanical martial artist is powerful!”


Ouyang Shi’s saliva splattered everywhere, fright all over his face. He suddenly felt that the world had become dangerous, since when had he met anyone that powerful?

“En?” Zhuo Yan suddenly sat up, the weakness on his face had disappeared, and had instead congealed, muttering to himself: “I have said before why did that Ling Xu’s spear technique feel so similar to the techniques of the Qiao Feng Constellation, so it’s the Aries Spear of Stars!”

“Aries Spear of Stars? That name sounds familiar!” Ouyang Shi said subconsciously, then after awhile, he reacted. He was so frightened he jumped out, and stammered: “What what what did you say? Aries Spear of Stars?”

“That’s right,” Zhuo Yan’s eyes lit up, without looking away from the imagery: “That is the Aries Spear of Stars, for sure! Ouyang Shi, we have finally caught a big fish! Let us go catch him, and we won’t ever get punished for skipping class anymore.”

“Aries Spear of Stars…..” Ouyang Shi had not regained his senses from the shock.

That name was no doubt a taboo of Aries Constellation. The higher ups had it hidden from their history, but the Black Feathers Mount had only been in prominence for about 300 years, and the glorious days of the Silver Frost Mount had not been completely wiped out from the hearts.

The Disciples of Aries Constellation were completely clear, that the current inheritances of Aries Constellation had unclear origins.

That was one of the reason why Aries Constellation’s power had declined over the past few years. Lian Yu who completely destroyed the power of Silver Frost Mounts that year, not only did he destroy the Silver Frost Mount’s inheritance, and also completely removed the Silver Frost Mount’s essence. He ambitiously established the [Black Feathers Spirit Subduing Spear] and the Black Feathers Mount. But there were some things that were difficult to establish, for example tradition and spirit.

The inheritance of Silver Frost Mounts of the Aries Constellation came down from many generations, and it’s tradition and spirit was extremely stable in Aries Constellation. After losing all these intangible things, Aries Constellation began to decline.

On the martial techniques side, the Black Feathers Spirit Subduing Spear was a completely different type, yet not inferior to the Aries Spear of Stars Spear Technique.

But an unorthodox martial technique was unable to support Aries Constellation, a huge constellation of the Ecliptic Palaces.

Aries Constellation’s influence was reduced rapidly, and in the current generation, Aries Constellation was not as strong as Leo Constellation and Sagittarius Constellation, and could not be hailed as overlords. Every generation of the new Aries Constellation was working extremely hard, attempting to reinstate the glory of the ancient Aries Constellation, but sadly, the day to come was still far away.

Although the construction of the new Aries Constellation possessed many dark unknowns, the Silver Frost Mounts were long extinct, so they could only find out about the glory of the ancient Aries Constellation through their history knowledge.

All the Disciples of Aries Constellation had contradicting views about the Silver Frost Mounts and the Aries Spear of Stars.

They were the arch nemesis.

Silver Frost Mounts and Aries Spear of Stars were the cast of the glory of Aries Constellation, but it was the Black Feathers Spirit Subduing Spear that destroyed them, and the helpless Aries Constellation could only slide step by step.

Lian Yu had completely destroyed them, but the people of Aries Constellation were still people of Aries Constellation, and the legends of Silver Frost Mounts still existed in the people’s mouths, and continued to be handed down. Ouyang Shi and Zhuo Yan clearly knew that in the people’s hearts, the Silver Frost Mounts were more respected than the Black Feathers Mounts.

Ouyang Shi and Zhuo Yan could not refute that the Black Feathers Mounts continued to keep silent regarding that point. In any part of history, the Silver Frost Mounts were the strongest mounts under the heavens. But the Black Feathers Mounts were newly formed and won merely a few battles, but soon after withdrew in their own homes, without anymore accomplishments.

Truly deserving of being mocked at.

Ouyang Shi was stunned, he was not clever to begin with, and upon encountering a difficult situation, he would not have any ideas, and weakly said: “Zhuo Yan, if he truly is from the Silver Frost Mount, if we kill him, that will not be too good.”

“Who said anything about killing him?” Zhuo Yan asked with a strange face.

“Didn’t you say to capture him? If we send him to the higher ups, they would definitely kill him!” Ouyang Shi muttered.

“No, I changed my mind.” Zhuo Yan’s face expressed a rarely seen decent look: “I want to see how powerful the Silver Frost Mounts are! I want to find out the places where he is stronger than our Black Feather Mounts.”

Ouyang Shi then heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhuo Yan smiled mischievously: “Who knows? When the day comes, and I become a big hero, I will make Black Feathers Mounts become as powerful as the Silver Frost Mounts.”

Ouyang Shi laughed: “Zhuo Yan, stop dreaming! Although your results are good, if you are extremely poor, you cannot become a big hero.”

“Who says a hero needs money?” Zhuo Yan turned his face, looking confused.

“Your results are good, so you can definitely enter Black Feathers Mount. But you have no backing, and no one will help you. If you don’t even have money, even if you enter Black Feathers Mounts, you cannot be promoted. Although I am not clever, but I still understand this reasoning.” Ouyang Shi sighed: “Sadly, I have no money either.”

Zhuo Yan patted Ouyang Shi’s shoulders and consoled him: “If not for Black Feathers Mount paying a good wage, I would not even bother entering. Anyway we can only count on mixing in, eating and waiting to die. Trying to be what hero, that’s too tiring. Ha ha, a lazy person like me, how can I possibly do something so tiring?”

“That is true.” Ouyang Shi exposed a simple and honest smile.

“But we better be fast.” Zhuo Yan’s eyes lit up: “ I am extremely curious on the Silver Frost Mount’s Aries Spear of Stars!”

“Yes, yes, I am also very curious!” Ouyang Shi nodded his head.

“I have checked, the fastest is the pooling service carriage, and I heard that their luxurious Wyvern Carriage will pass by Lupus Constellation!” Zhuo Yan gasped.

“That is really expensive…..if we buy the tickets we will not have any money left…” Ouyang Shi hesitated.

“Such an extremely rare chance, if we miss it we will regret it for life!” Zhuo Yan patiently explained it to him.

“Alright…..if we cannot find him, then we can just go and work.” Ouyang Shi thought about it, and smiled brightly.