Undefeated God of War - Chapter 347 – Bronze Starry Door

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Chapter 347 – Bronze Starry Door

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, Leo Z, XRCO, Natsuriayako, and DeAndreR

“Tsk tsk, Ye Zhao Ge is so terrifying!” Sai Lei gasped, upon seeing the remains of Sky Tiger, as though admiring a delicate piece of art.

Bing’s face was as black as a pot. Anyone whose mechanic spirit weapon was destroyed, and for his mechanic engineer to look at the wreckage and even praise his opponent, would definitely be angry, and what’s more, Bing was such a proud person!

Sai Lei completely disregarded Bing’s gaze, her position in the team was indispensable, the others might be afraid of the super instructor, but she was not. Her scarlet fingernails ran through the wreck, her gasps of surprise increasing more and more.

“Look here, it appears to have melted at a high temperature, so at that moment, this spot experienced a spike of temperature, and the Sky Blue Topaz actually melted. Tsk tsk, do you know at what temperature the Sky Blue Topaz melts? 2400 degrees Celsius! Ye Zhao Ge is simply too perverse!”

“And look here, it became completely twisted. That meant that the power of the attack was not at the front, but there was still a horizontal torque, Ye Zhao Ge is simply too perverse!”

“And here, to create this completely smashed pit requires a sudden tremendous force, wa wa wa, Ye Zhao Ge is simply too perverse!”

Every time Sai Lei said the phrase “Ye Zhao Ge is simply too perverse”, Bing’s face darkened slightly more.

“If I can have this perverse of a man to be mine, woah, such a perfect combination of man and machine! A perfect human and the works of a mechanical weapon….. The perfect other half for a mechanic engineer…”

“And….he must definitely be powerful there as well…” Sai Lei bit on her red fingernail, her face blushing.

Bing could no longer endure her, decided to ignore the crazy woman, and turned to leave.

Sai Lei stuck her tongue out at Bing’s back, feeling accomplished. It was hard to find chances to mock Bing, and she would definitely not miss it. Sadly, the godlike young man was not around. Thinking about his enraged face, she could not help but smile.

She struck a pose in front of a mirror happily, seeing her own hot figure in the mirror, her beautiful face exposed a satisfied expression.

I am still rather curvy after-all!

After her self admiring, Sai Lei, who was fully satisfied, went back to the wreckage, her expression gradually congealing.

She had praised Ye Zhao Ge, not purely for the sake of making Bing angry, but the strength of Ye Zhao Ge had completely opened her eyes. After Sky Tiger’s upgrade, every aspect of it was increased, and could be rated as their generation’s strongest mechanic spirit weapon. Adding that Bing was a grand master mechanic martial artist, Sai Lei was completely confident.

Never did they expect that they would lose so terribly….

Sai Lei’s eyes were so bright, as though that there were sparks in them, as her fighting spirit was aroused.

You are strong, but Sai Lei was determined to become the strongest mechanic engineer! How could she admit defeat?

Ye Zhao Ge, this old woman is coming!

Coming out from Sai Lei’s workshop, Bing found the time to head to the mechanical training camp. Tang Chou was by his side, reporting to him the latest updates. Tang Chou was completely different From Tang Yi. He did not have Tang Yi’s ferocity, but was much more clever than Tang Yi, his military tactics and strategies were improving. All this could be inferred from his training plans. Tang Yi would simply follow Bing’s orders and execute accordingly, but Tang Chou would recreate a set of training plans, which was extremely meticulous.

Bing was completely satisfied with Tang Chou. Tang Chou’s standard was good, and although the army he had groomed was not as brave as Tang Yi, it was more outstanding in terms of details. His army was not aggressive and strict, but its confrontation and locking ability was outstanding.

After informing Tang Chou of a few things, Bing left Three Spirits City.

He returned to the recruits training barracks, and suddenly stopped in his tracks. That was weird, Tang Tian was training!

Pit of Falling Rocks?

Tang Tian’s power far exceeded that of a recruit, and the training rooms and subjects offered by the recruit barracks could not be increased in difficulty any further. He went to the Pit of Falling Rocks out of curiosity, and watched Tang Tian train.


Bing stopped in his tracks.

This fellow….

He watched Tang Tian in the Pit of Falling Rocks in amazement, as though he was out of his senses.

Inside the Pit of Falling Rocks, Tang Tian was brave and excited, “Wa wa” shouts coming out from his mouth. He was like a fierce tiger, assaulting around inside the dense falling rocks. Bing’s eyes were sharp, and could tell with one look that Tang Tian was different, he was always going towards a falling rock ahead of time, allowing his movements to be so fluid.

And if a falling rock would exploded suddenly in front of him, Tang Tian’s body would have already slightly bent like a cat, his body filling with a extremely dangerous aura.

This fellow…. had improved again!

Bing’s martial techniques were not of the intuition dao, but he had met experts before who used intuition to fight, and Tang Tian’s explosive intuition was the same as them.

Bing could tell that Tang Tian was testing, he continuously tested with his martial techniques, how to merge them with his intuition.

The disc shaped falling rocks, when struck by Tang Tian, would explode immediately upon contact.

Silver Spirit Spiraling Energy!

Tang Tian continued to shout out loud, unleashing his techniques faster and faster, completely becoming a shadow, so fast that he could not be seen with the naked eye. Bing’s eyes enlarged, fear in his eyes.

This fellow…. was using his intuition to adjust his own martial techniques!

Bing’s poker face could no longer hold his calmness, his face in disbelief.

Tang Tian’s mouth kept producing involuntary noises. He was extremely excited. He widened his eyes, all the falling rocks that were coming towards him were his persistent enemies where he had to make them kneel.

His surroundings seemed to have changed, doing whatever he please, the feeling was ecstatic.

Trust in your intuition!

Unknowingly, Tang Tian began to rely more and more on his intuition. He had started to use his intuition to adjust his martial techniques, for example the speed of his Silver Spirit Spiraling Energy shuttling in his meridians, the combination of the Silver Spirit Spiraling Energy and the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, and sometimes his Air Shield Strike Technique would be displayed, with the Wind Concealment Steps continuously changing his rhythm.

Since he could not figure out the principles in the Pit of Falling Rocks, he would rely on his talented intuition.

The more Tang Tian fought, the more excited he became. His blood did not have any signs of cooling down, his body extremely obedient, and could instantly react to any thoughts and orders that he wanted.

Tang Tian’s speed of releasing techniques got faster and faster, his style kept interchanging without any bit of difficulty, as fluid as water, as fast as lightning!

I am lightning,! I am light!

Ye Zhao Ge, the next time I see you, I will use my true capabilities, and have a good fight with you!

Tang Tian will never admit defeat!

Bing watched in silence as Tang Tian trained with all his might, his sweat flying around the crumbling rocks, his entire body was dirty, but his bright and clear pupils blazed with purity as they showed the wild heart of the young man.

Bing, who was feeling gloomy, could not help but feel inspired as well.

If this idiot can be inspired, for what reason should I be gloomy?

I am the only one left of the Southern Cross Army, if I had to do everything, they would be scolding me in heaven…… Bing’s poker face exposed a smile.

He turned and headed towards the passage, towards the Number 07 Army Barracks.

The biggest problem of the Number 07 Army barracks was its distance, so the first thing Bing needed to conduct maintenance on was the bronze starry door. There was a bronze starry door in both the recruit barracks and the Number 07 Army barracks that connected to each other, although it’s efficiency was not high, with only a teleportation effect of only 10 times a day, but it was the best benefit as of yet. The design plans of the bronze starry door that was repeatedly researched by Sai Lei, was ultimately restored as planned.

After making haste for a day and night, Bing finally reached Number 07 Army Barracks.

The majestic and quiet Number 07 army barracks had the smell of rusted copper in the air, and the corroded bronze structures were extremely still. Bing stopped in his tracks, looked upwards at the dilapidated tall bronze buildings, seemingly thinking about something. After a moment, he retracted his gaze.

Now is not the time for me to be sad and think about the past. I am not dead yet.

The Southern Cross Army, is not gone yet.

Bing exposed a firm expression, mocking himself in his heart, thinking that his character was still too weak. If it was the Captain who was a firm, heart of steel, and resolute man, he definitely would not have such weak thoughts.

He was like a nimble beast, leaping about in the bronze jungle.

Without spending much effort, he found the location of the bronze starry door. It was used most in wars, to send information and news. He arrived at a semicircle arched door. This weak looking bronze arched door was the bronze starry door. The people in the army were all lazy, all of them were more willing to sit than to stand, and preferred to lie down than to sit. Even the mechanical engineers were all infected by this bad common practice, causing all the mechanical weapons and the other machines in the Southern Cross Army to not have any decorative designs on them at all.

Designs? The time spent on that could be used to sleep…..

It was lucky that Bing was accustomed to it, and did not have any negative emotions on the bronze structures. The Bronze arched door was already corroded badly with holes in it, requiring a lot of maintenance.

Bing became patient. According to the maintenance guidebook given by Sai Lei, he would slowly restore and repair. Bing rejoiced in the fact that he had worked odd jobs before, and was a jack of all trades. He was a smooth speaker when he was young, and all the heartless men threw their jobs to him.

After cleaning up, Bing found his old emotions, and his movements became more skilled.

Before he went, Sai Lei had prepared him well by anticipating a few situations that he might encounter, so he was sufficiently prepped. He was focused and meticulous.

Time creepy by slowly, after about 16 hours he finally stopped.

The bronze arched door looked brand new, the rust, scars and holes were all gone, becoming so shiny that it reflected his image. Seeing his achievement, he expressed a satisfied look.

He took out three rank 8 star rocks, and inserted them into the arched bronze door.

A bright dazzling light emitted out from the arched door, forming the shape of a light door. The semicircular arched door, had a bronze base plate, on it was six marked scales indicating that in the past, the bronze starry door could link up with six other bronze doors. One of them was lit up, and represented the recruit barracks.

Bing activated the bronze arched door, causing it to slowly turn, and when the arched door was pushed to the lighted up mark scale, the light door and light aura burst forth.

Bing entered the light door without hesitation, and the familiar scene before him caused him to instantly become emotional.