Undefeated God of War - Chapter 345 – Reflecting and Fumbling

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Chapter 345 – Reflecting and Fumbling

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, Leo Z, XRCO, Natsuriayako, and DeAndreR

The close quarters combat expert in the third recording was even more strange, his hands were like suction pads, he was able to utilize the sword aura released by his opponent, the area beneath his feet was like ice skates, and the opponent could only watch in despair as he lessened the distance between them, and then he was killed.

Tang Tian watched the three recordings repeatedly, especially the first two, as they benefited him.

For example, the second image where there were six identical bodies, he knew that move, Thousand Crane Clones Converging Slay!

But he had never thought to use it in that manner, so Tang Tian continuously slapped his own forehead. He truly was not clever enough.

He watched the three recordings in confusion, repeatedly, over and over again, not knowing whether it was day or night. He knew for himself that he was not intelligent, so he simply just re-watched. Going through each detail slowly, pondering about all of them. In a flash, he seemed to have returned to the time when he was training in his fundamental martial techniques. That time, he was equally hardworking.

After watching countless them times, he finally grasped a few things.

For example, rhythm. The time the close quarter combat experts of the recordings attacked was always when the opponent’s rhythm was messed up. Just that, the first two took the chance when their rhythm suddenly changed, causing the opponent’s momentum to panic. For the third martial artist, it was as though he was accumulating force, gradually advancing, slowly but surely crushing towards the opponent, thus causing the opponent to panic.

Regardless of which recording it was, the truth was that they made their enemies tune into their own rhythm and momentum.

When the opponent’s momentum was broken, they exposed a weakness, so the following attack was extremely powerful, to be able to achieve the one hit, one kill standard.

That was roughly the manner of experts.

After thinking for a long time, Tang Tian gradually sorted out his mind map. After consolidation, he had two points.

One was that he needed a very strong locking ability, to be able to persevere till he was able to near the opponent’s body.

Second was that after getting close, he needed to have speed so fast that it could instantly finish the battle.

A closed quarters combat expert was not just a martial artist that had to approach near to fight, but one that, upon going close, could instantly resolve the battle.

His Wind Concealment Steps was a Unique Martial Technique. It might not be the fastest, but was suitable for sneak attacks and dodging. But once the opponent’s light body technique was good, then relying on it would just result in a stalemate.

Fire Scythe Ghost Claw was strong, but it was suitable for an ending martial technique, and not suitable to defend against the opponent’s aura, because the clashing of True Power would hinder his advances.

Tang Tian thought about his heavy reliance on Air Shield Strike Technique. He felt that it was to be used with the Blood Rush Shield, and it’s range was extremely limited. The Blood Rush Shield was used by the Ophiuchus Army as a standardized equipment, and its mass was not too bad. It could be used to handle ordinary martial artists, but against Ye Zhao Ge, it was definitely not enough. The Blood Rush Shield was unable to withstand Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi.

Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi had immense power, and would instantly destroy the Blood Rush Shield.

Tang Tian changed his imaginary enemy to be Ye Zhao Ge.

Thinking that the Blood Rush Shield was unable to handle Ye Zhao Ge, Tang Tian thought of going another way. He needed a way to block Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi, and frowned as he thought bitterly.

unable to think of a way to overcome it. He did not know that countless of people had researched on Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi before being able to think of a way, but, all of them were known experts in Heaven’s Road.

But Tang Tian was not willing to admit defeat. He stroked his chin and racked his brains.

Why was Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi so hard to handle? Tang Tian decided to use a stupid train of thought to solve it. Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi’s most powerful point was it’s immense power. The word immense was not exaggerated. Ah Mo Li, who was the most powerful in terms of power, upon interacting with one formless sword qi, could actually have his hands injured, and lose his strength.

Also, Ye Zhao Ge’s sword was fast like a downpour, and he could casually release a condensed sky of sword qi. It was as if he did not need to urge his True Power at all and could easily release downpours of swords.

Ye Zhao Ge definitely had to urge his True Power, just that his method of doing it was unconventional.

Could the Air Shield Strike Technique handle Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi? Tang Tian thought for a long time, and felt that it could not. The Air Shield Strike Technique needed to use a shield, and more importantly, it was a martial technique that was inclined towards attacking.

Using attack to go against attack?

Tang Tian touched his chin and went into deep thought.

To everyone, taking Ye Zhao Ge’s attacks with attacks was definitely not a good idea. Ye Zhao Ge was a maniac, and he was someone completely ignorant of the aftermath, as though he could self destruct in the process. With such a manic personality, it determined his fighting style, which caused his attacks to be even more powerful, and did not take into account anything.

Tang Tian was not afraid of Ye Zhao Ge’s aura, but was actually eager to try to go against him.

That thought made him excited. To go against Ye Zhao Ge, a powerful expert, the feeling would definitely be exhilarating.

But he did not lose his rationality. Even after deciding to attack Ye Zhao Ge’s attack, the manner of assaulting needed to be considered. Ye Zhao Ge’s attack was crazy, not taking into account anything, all stemming from his personality and his weird “undying” body.

He practically seemed to have no weakness. He could not be injured, thus allowing him to be even more focused on being offensive.

Tang Tian did not believe that there were true immortal bodies, but he had to admit, that type of crazy assault manner was definitely suitable for Ye Zhao Ge.

He had a completely normal body, he could bleed, could feel pain, could die, and being injured would cause his fighting strength to decline.

So how should he go on the offense?

What was he best at? Tang Tian laughed bitterly, if it was in the past, he would definitely have said intuition. To handle ordinary martial artists, Tang Tian’s extreme heightened intuition allowed him to be as fluid as water. But against opponent’s like Ye Zhao Ge, his strong intuition could not see anything.

Alright, although I could not see, but my intuition is truly my strongest point.

I have to think of a way to increase my intuition. After watching the few images, Tang Tian understood that he did not win in every aspect, but just required something that could beat his opponent, and that would give the opportunity to win.

If he was weaker in every aspect, unless the opponent made a mistake, he definitely would not have a chance to win.

Very quickly, Tang Tian confirmed his goal, to raise his intuition was the first step, the second step was to find a martial technique able to contend against Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi. These two goals were not easily attained. Getting the martial technique was easier, since he was not tight on cash, he would just need to let Bell hear about it.

To increase his intuition, meant that he needed to strengthen his martial spirit.

Thinking about it, Tang Tian began to perspire. Ever since his martial spirit became a silver grade martial spirit, he had not tempered it for very long. One reason was that he required a long duration to train it, and on the other hand, it was his own negligence, that he always felt his silver martial spirit was already very strong, much stronger than the other martial artists. Under his current situation, he needed to resolve his own shortcomings, and that was more important.

Tempering of the martial spirit required refining spirit nuclei. Tang Tian’s martial spirit was a silver flame, which was extremely suitable to refine the spirit nuclei.

Strengthening the martial spirit was a must.

Thinking about that, another suspicion surfaced in his mind. His silver rank martial spirit might not be strong enough, but it should be stronger than Ye Zhao Ge’s, so why was his intuition suppressed?

Unless there were some other profound mysteries behind it?

Thinking about that, Tang Tian immediately became excited, he felt that he had found the critical point, the relation between the martial spirit and intuition was not so simple.

Tang Tian thought about his state of mind in the battle, and his mind shuddered, as a brazen idea came out.

Tang Tian returned to the “Pit of Falling Rocks”.

Bang Bang Bang!

When Tang Tian came out, it was a horrible sight, but his face had a happy expression. The training had confirmed his thoughts, intuition and his state of mind had a huge relation.

Under two state of minds was his intuition the strongest, that was under excitement, and one was extreme calmness. And under ordinary states of mind, his intuition would be low. Under these two feelings, the bestowed intuition would also be different. The intuition under excitement possessed an invasive personality, he would always choose the more offensive characteristic of choices. While under the extreme calmness, the choices he made were more of preservation, and to wait to exploit the opponent’s weakness.

His training previously, were actually wrong.

Tempering of intuition and tempering of endurance should be even shorter, and more intense.

Of the two intuitions, Tang Tian chose the excited state of mind without hesitating, being offensive was the right grandeur for a godlike young man.

How could he become even more excited?

Excitement was a state of mind, and it was difficult to feign emotions and feelings.

Tang Tian racked his brains and finally thought of the Void Dark Flames in his body. Although he was once again unfamiliar with the sword, the sword techniques and information that surged in his mind did not disappear, so he had some understanding with the Void Dark Flames.

The Void Dark Flames was a type of berserk energy in the void. Before Wu Wang Hai, no one else could use the berserk energy.

What made Tang Tian more attentive, was that the Void Dark Flames could directly harm a person’s spirit, and people who were injured by the Void Dark Flames would become berserk, crazy, and excited.

The Void Dark Flames could make people excited!

This peculiarity caused Tang Tian’s eyes to light up, but how could he use this peculiarity of the Void Dark Flames? He carefully searched his mind for information regarding the Void Dark Flames, Wu Wang Hai was definitely the first person to be able to use the flames, as many unimaginable martial techniques caused Tang Tian’s eyes to widen.

Gradually, Tang Tian’s mind formulated a brazen idea.

The Void Dark Flames was a type of flame, my martial spirit is also a silver flame, if I mixed in a strand of the Void Dark Flames, what would the result be?

This thought was extremely enticing. Inside Wu Wang Hai’s sword techniques, there were a few techniques that used such a trait of the Void Dark Flames, and was similar to Tang Tian’s train of thoughts. Just that, Wu Wang Hai used the void dark flames to mix into his flesh and blood, causing him to become even more berserk.

Tang Tian decided to test it out. He changed his martial spirit silver flame into a silver flaming hand, and grabbed onto the thread of Void Dark Flames.

Tang Tian was not extremely dumb, he did not dare to grab so much of the Void Dark Flames, and only took a thread of it.

The moment the silver flame and the black flames interacted, a strange transformation occurred.