Undefeated God of War - Chapter 338 – Siege

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Chapter 338 – Siege

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, Leo Z, XRCO, Natsuriayako, and DeAndreR

“The barbecued meat from just then now was good;, it seemed to have the taste of Light Cloud Wood, and it was extremely special.” Crane smiled.

He and Yong Xian Zhong casually went ahead, while Ling Xu sat on Flamingo, recovering his energy.

Yong Xian Zhong’s face twitched and his heart kept bleeding. The desert that was boundless and filled with sand dunes, how could they find any wood. Under the helpless situation, he had no choice but to take out his own piece of Light Cloud Wood and break it. Light Cloud Wood was extremely expensive, just a small piece cost him 200 thousand star coins. He spent another 100 thousand star coins to invite a famous master to carve it for him, making it extremely gorgeous.

It was something that he used to represent his unique style, for in a romantic situation, while sipping tea and admiring the moon, talking to beauties about dreams, such an elated scene!


He forced himself to smile: “As long as honored brother likes it, it’s good.”

He was now racking his brains on how to remedy the issue, Teacher’s relation with Sagittarius Constellation was not normal. The tone his Teacher used to talk about the Empress every time caused Yong Xian Zhong, who was an expert in flirting to suspect, 80-90% that his teacher secretly admired the Empress, but he was confined to his own strength, and did not dare admit it. Yong Xian Zhong, who was experienced, was extremely familiar with these types of situations.

Of course, he did not dare to seek the truth from his teacher. If the old man got angry due to shame, breaking of limbs was the lightest of punishments.

The old man could definitely not be angered.

Alright, I am ready to give and take, Yong Xian Zhong secretly gave encouragement to himself.

In truth, to be able to engage with Crane was something worth being happy about. Crane’s nature of training was impeccable, he was courteous and polite, gentle and good to get along with, Yong Xian Zhong secretly admired.

The only disdainful thing was the tattered and torn black clothes on Crane’s body, which proved that he had been through a lot. Yong Xian Zhong was in charge of the common matters of the sect and was experienced and knowledgeable. He evaluated Crane very highly. An aristocratic family disciple had an abundance of resources, and if he was still able to handle hardship, then his potential would be limitless.

Also….. Yong Xian Zhong glanced at Ling Xu who was on the bird, his power, too, was unfathomable. He could not help but bare an interest in him. In the entire group, the most well known person, was not Crane whose family background was extremely profound, or the extremely strong Ling Xu, but Tang Tian.

If these two were so powerful, then Tang Tian, how strong had he become?

Yong Xian Zhong was extremely curious.

He managed to keep his composure, he talked and laughed along with Crane on the road, and was completely oblivious of the state of mutual hostility.

When the three of them reached the Lupus Tribe, they realized that Tang Yi’s Lupus Army was already back.

Seeing the army completely unharmed, Crane and Ling Xu heaved a sigh of relief, but Yong Xian Zhong’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise. He naturally did not view Zhang Zheng’s Swallowtail Camp as anything worthy, but in the Northern Sky’s 19 continents, it was considered a strong force, yet they were actually defeated?

Suddenly, Crane turned his face, facing the other direction, his eyes congealed.

From afar, away from many sand dunes, a few black dots appeared.

“Prepare to fight.”

Crane’s warning caused everyone’s heart to tremble.

It was at this time, that everyone noticed the people incoming. Sky Tiger was carrying Ah Mo Li and Liang Qiu, while Han Bing Ning and Sima Xiang Shan were following behind running extremely quickly. That look, was definitely not a look of victory. But behind them, there were no other figures.

In a moment, Bing had landed beside the few of them.

“Ye Zhao Ge is here.”

Bing’s words caused Crane and Ling Xu’s face to change.

“Jing Hao lost?” Ling Xu asked solemnly.

“Yes.” Bing spoke straightforwardly: “He is behind, waiting for us to gather, to wipe us all out together.”

Everyone’s face immediately became ugly. Currently, which one of them was not an expert, who had their own pride and temper?

“He has such guts!” Ling Xu could not help but to snort.

Unexpectedly, Bing replied: “He does have the strength to do so.”

Crane and Ling Xu’s expression congealed. Bing’s strength was unfathomable, his foresight was even more shrewd and ruthless, his words were not meant to be trifled with.

Bing threw Ah Mo Li down.

“Is Ah Mo Li is injured?” Crane immediately asked.

“After receiving Ye Zhao Ge’s first one attack, I lost some strength.” Ah Mo Li had already awoken, but was dejected and crestfallen. But when his palms were split opened when receiving the attack, they both immediately got ripped and blood splattered everywhere. It looked terrifying, but the injury was not very heavy. But when thinking that out of so many people, he was the one who got injured, Ah Mo Li felt ashamed.

Crane and Ling Xu looked at each other, a sword from Ye Zhao Ge had actually caused Ah Mo Li to lose strength!

Ah Mo Li was born with a strong body, and adding on the Special Death Training, his brute force had become extremely powerful, but he still lost his strength from taking on one attack from Ye Zhao Ge. That meant that Ye Zhao Ge’s sword was extremely heavy.

Bing didn’t had not seen Tang Tian, and his heart was slightly disappointed, but very quickly he adjusted his frame of mind. Anything could happen in a battle, but it the battle had to continue.

Bing threw Ah Mo Li to Huo Ma Er who had just rushed back, and they went back to the stronghold.

Bing noticed Yong Xian Zhong, but did not say anything, only giving Tang Yi a glance.

Tang Yi did not draw close, but commanded the Lupus Army to stop about 200m away from everyone.

“Brother Yong, I advise you to watch from the side.” Crane said in a calm and unquestionable tone.

Yong Xian Zhong felt bitter in his mouth, although they did not know of Ye Zhao Ge’s temper, how could he not know? As long as Ye Zhao Ge wanted to kill, no one was able to stop him, even his father Ye Jiu could not do anything. But if he watched as Crane was killed by Ye Zhao Ge, then he would not be able to account for it when he went back.

Ye Zhao Ge’s image, finally entered everyone’s vision.

Yong Xian Zhong suddenly flew into the air: “Zhao Ge! Stop for a moment!”

Ye Zhao Ge who was carrying Jing Hao stopped for a moment, squinted his eyes: “What’s up?”

Yong Xian Zhong had always been slightly afraid of this brother of his wife. After being stared down by Ye Zhao Ge who was filled with killing intent, his heart shivered, but he knew he could only harden his skin and heart: “Crane is Teacher’s old friend, I plead Zhao Ge….”

Ye Zhao Ge did not have any recollection of Crane’s name, and said indifferently: “You bring him away.”

Yong Xian Zhong heaved a sigh of relief: “Thank you Zhao Ge!”

Just at this moment, Crane’s voice echoed into their ears: “Thank you brother Yong for your kind intentions, but I do not plan on abandoning my friends.”

Yong Xian Zhong’s mouth opened, he did not know how to attempt to convince him. Crane’s tone was extremely calm, and extremely firm.

“Ha ha, he does not appreciate your kindness! You better get lost, if not, once I start my massacre, be careful that I kill you too, and make my sister a widow.” Ye Zhao Ge’s tone was extremely cold, filled with killing intent.

Yong Xian Zhong knew, his wife’s brother’s words were not jokes.

Helpless, he could only step to one side, his heart still thinking of ways, on how to save Crane from Zhao Ge’s hands.

Crane held onto his sword sheath, his expression solemn. He knew the enemy in front of him was extremely terrifying!

But he did not cower at all, Ling Xu had just experienced a big fight, and the only one who still had his strength was him. He was duty bound to his task of fighting. When he was with Tang Tian, he was never worried about his tasks. Tang Tian and Ling Xu were good war buddies, and most of the time, he was in charge of clearing up the battlefield.

But he did not mind it at all.

Rather, when the time comes for him to step forward bravely, he would never shrink back or hesitate.

Memories of their history surfaced in his mind. Their encounter, their travels, cleaning, take charge of all sorts of miscellaneous work, to a young man who was once a core disciple of the Crane Sect, these were things he never thought he would do.

But, everything was as it should be, and in an unwittingly way.

Living the lonely life on the mountain, with a powerful aunt, his father’s final wish was to be in Crane Sect;, all these heavy burdens all landed on him, and molded his character. He did not have a companion since young, he was extremely outstanding, worked hard to get everything he had. Martial techniques and etiquette, he was flawless. All the envious gazes made him unhappy.

But, he was happy now.

Truly happy.

He knew that the sky was so blue, the sun was so beautiful, and he could do so many silly and dumb things, and could realize all the beautiful dreams.

Crane’s heart was extremely free, the Crane Sword in his hand seemed to come to life, and responded to him.

Ye Zhao Ge’s eyes lit up: “Interesting!”

He released a ray of formless sword qi.

Crane’s pupils flashed a cold aura, his figure that resembled a graceful crane, did not even attempt dodging, and used the Crane Sword in his hand to release a slash.

A ray of white blade aura suddenly appeared in front of Ye Zhao Ge, causing his mind to twitch. A wound appeared on his cheek.

“Such a fast sword!”

He let go of Jing Hao, who was dropped onto a the sand dune. Ye Zhao Ge raised his hand and touched the wound on his cheek, seeing the blood on his finger, he licked it with his tongue.

In that time, Ling Xu, Bing, Han Bing Ning, Liang Qiu and Sima Xiang Shan all stood in their positions.

“No wonder you guys won’t give each other up….”

Ye Zhao Ge’s face exposed a sinister smile.

Just at that moment, Crane moved. His body and sword moved, like a black crane attacking, the qi around his entire body converged to his sword!

The sword tip lit up with a dazzling light aura, and he suddenly disappeared!

At the same time, everyone else moved.

Combusting into a flame and the dot of cold auras that resembled stars, Ling Xu summoned up the True Power in his body, and did not give mercy as he thrusted out his spear!

Sky Tiger was like a blue lightning bolt, suddenly appearing behind Ye Zhao Ge. Crossing his right and left hand, a dazzling Cross was summoned along with an astonishing might, striking towards Ye Zhao Ge’s back.

A transparent and cold crystallized sword aura flew out of Han Bing Ning’s sword, straight to Ye Zhao Ge’s legs.

Liang Qiu growled, instigating his True Power, as though it took him some effort, he slowly released his fists. A black and white fist aura was shot out, towards Ye Zhao Ge.

Sima Xiang Shan was like a strand of smoke, suddenly appearing behind Ye Zhao Ge’s head, his five fingers which were like claws, quietly clawing at Ye Zhao Ge’s head.

Tang Yi who was far away, suddenly commanded his army to start assaulting.

The distance of 200m to Tang Yi was the best distance to assault.

When Sky Tiger looked over previously, Tang Yi understood Bing’s plans. Everyone were to attack, and attract Ye Zhao Ge’s attention, while the true killing technique, would be from Tang Yi’s commanding the Lupus Army.

Assaulting Unique Tang Yi, was most suitable to play as the ultimate fatal blow!

Tang Yi’s focus was fully concentrated, he knew, he only had once chance to make his move!

This attack would determine their lives.

He raised the Zanbato in his hands high.