Undefeated God of War - Chapter 335 – Terrifying Ye Zhao Ge

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Chapter 335 – Terrifying Ye Zhao Ge

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, Leo Z, XRCO, Natsuriayako, and DeAndreR

Beads of silver light slowly rose from Jing Hao’s body. The beads of silver aura were like stars, floating above Jing Hao’s head.

The blood that continued to flow from Jing Hao’s mouth also gently floated.

The silver light above his head seemed to be attracted to his sword, pulling out one after another of silver light traces towards the sword.

The sword in his hand gently thrusted forward.

“Sword Light Beam.”

Saying it ever so slightly, countless silver lights entered his sword body.

Ye Zhao Ge’s pupils became perfectly round, the intense sense of danger rose in his heart.

A silver aura blossomed out of Jing Hao’s sword tip, and a straight silver beam shot out.

Not good!

Ye Zhao Ge’s expression changed, he tried to dodge to the right, but the beam was much faster than he thought. ‘Chi’, bloodstains blossomed on his chest area, as the blood dripped down from the air, time seemed to crawl.

Ye Zhao Ge’s eyes were wide opened, with disbelief on his face.


The Silver Light Beam had shot through his chest, and left behind a thumb size hole.

He actually got shot…. With his speed, how could he not dodge it?

It was as though it was as fast as light!

As expected of a Unique Martial Technique, so exciting!


Ye Zhao Ge laughed like a maniac, blood spurting out from his chest and staining his clothes, yet he seemed oblivious to it. His unkempt hair trembled in the air, as though he chanced upon some happy news.

He stopped laughing, his gaze landed straight at Jing Hao.

“Jing Hao, you truly did not make me wait for nothing!”

Jing Hao who was enveloped in the silver light, facing the crazy Ye Zhao Ge, did not have any fear. He was not one to talk, and was not one to speak about his thoughts, but he would quietly polish his sword techniques, and quietly persevere in his own faith.

Even in the past, facing Ye Zhao Ge who was always in the limelight, he was never afraid and never respected him. He was like a boulder on the mountain, silent with nothing to say, yet he had his own world.

However strong he was, it was him, however weak I was, it’s me.

I have my own goal, and i will realize it, if not, I will always feel weak and powerless.

I will always walk my own path, forever.

The calmness in Jing Hao’s eyes proved his open-mindedness and pride. He raised up the sword in his hand, the silver light around him suddenly all releasing minute strands of silver threads, all rushing towards his sword.

Ye Zhao Ge raised his sword that was full of traces of battle scars above his head.

A strict look flashed past his eyes.

He slashed down!

At the same time, Jing Hao’s sword thrusted out!

The Silver Light Beam that was released was multiple times thicker than the one before.


The silver light beam was faster than Ye Zhao Ge’s formless sword qi. When the formless sword qi traveled a short distance, it already collided with the Silver Light Beam.

The two forces of energy were equally strong, upon impact, the invoked mass of power had an might that was extremely terrifying might. Ye Zhao Ge, who was closer to it, did not have time to dodge, his entire being absorbed the impact of the wave, flying out over 10 m.


Ye Zhao Ge, who had injuries all over him, was extremely excited. He somersaulted while being thrown backwards, and once again slashed with the steel sword in his hands.

The sword blade shivered at an astonishing frequency, causing a countless number of ripples to congeal in the air around it. A fingernail sized crack ruptured on the sword blade, then separating from the sword blade, forming into minute powder.


The formless sword qi once again clashed onto Jing Hao’s Sword Light Beam.


The Silver Light Beam crumbled, causing Jing Hao to groan in pain from the backlash. Bang bang bang, every step of his was as heavy as thousand catties, the sand dune beneath him exploded out, causing the entire surrounding area to become foggy.

The steel sword in Ye Zhao Ge’s hands could not stand the heavy burden, and broke off in the middle. The air flow also caused sharp wounds to cut onto his body, drawing fresh blood once more.

He did not seem to care, as he was extremely excited. He suddenly dove down.

“Hahahaha! Once more!”

Borrowing the momentum, he raised the broken sword in his hand, and in a breath he slashed out 10 times!

Jing Hao had blood at his lips, his clothes were tattered and torn. Seeing Ye Zhao Ge coming closer, he bellowed: “Screen of Sword Light!”

Silver light surged up violently, from the sword tip they soared above Jing Hao, as he held onto his sword with both hands.

With Ye Zhao Ge incoming, he slashed!

Dong dong dong!

Every time the sword light hit the formless sword qi, Jing Hao’s hands would tremble. He stared angrily, using all of his strength, he slashed down again!

The strong slash transformed into a vast silver light screen, enveloping Ye Zhao Ge inside!

The light screen touched the ground.


The dazzling silver light caused a sandstorm that covered the skies.

When the sandstorm dispersed, a long deep gutter was formed in front of Jing Hao, extending far out, the end could not be seen.


Jing Hao gasped for breath, sweat dripping down from his body, the hands holding the sword were trembling uncontrollably. His mind was a blank, he had drawn out all of his energy for the attack, and did not even have the energy to raise a finger.

Pa pa pa!

Suddenly, his body blossomed out countless patches of blood, the 10 strikes of formless sword qi had caused countless minute wounds on his body. Just that Jing Hao had used all of his energy for the attack, causing his muscles to be tense like steel, and blood could not flow. After he relaxed, the wounds immediately started to leak blood.

Did I win….

That was Jing Hao’s last thought, as his eyes lost vision.

He laid on the sand like a stump.


A figure covered in blood struggled out of the gutter over a few km away, it was obviously Ye Zhao Ge. He looked to be extremely miserable, his entire body covered in blood and sand, the most eye catching wound was the one that stretched from his left shoulder all the way to right side of his abdomen, as though his entire chest was broken, he was drenched with blood.

The sword in his hand was left with the sword handle.

“I…..did not wait for nothing…”

Ye Zhao Ge stumbled towards Jing Hao one step at a time, his face did not expose any pain, but on the contrary, was with unspeakable happiness.

“Sadly, it’s not enough, not enough, your hatred is not strong enough. This way, I can make you even stronger, an even stronger opponent!”

Ye Zhao Ge muttered to himself.

The wounds on his body were quickly regenerating by themselves. By the time he reached Jing Hao, his body was almost as good as new, but his complexion was rather pale.

He lifted up Jing Hao who had fainted, a manic and cold smile plastered on his face.

“I want you to see, how I am going to kill all of them!”


07 Army Barracks.


The Suicide Room suddenly exploded, giving rise to a dense smoke, a figure wielding dual sword slowly walked out of the smoke.

Tang Tian’s entire body was covered in a dim and transparent flame. His eyes were extremely cold.

Shua, Tang Tian disappeared.

Surging energy gushed about in Tang Tian’s body without rest, his Wind Concealment Steps displayed to it’s best of it’s abilities.

His speed was as fast as lightning, and even his afterimages were a blur, as though they were just in the wind.

Quickly! I have to be faster! Even faster!

Tang Tian clenched his teeth, his heart was extremely anxious, he continued to urge the True Power in his body, jumping out of the Bronze Jungle.

Everyone, hold on tight!

Seeing the passage from a distance, he immediately rushed in without hesitating.

Ya Ya who was at a distance drilling, waved its hands in excitement, squeaking towards Tang Tian’s back, but how could Tang Tian care about it at this moment? He did not dare slow down a bit, frantically running.

The buckets amount of perspiration that poured down his face were all flung behind him, he could not even be bothered to wipe them.

There was only one thought in his head: Faster! Faster! Faster!

Ya Ya, who was ignored, got angry. Suddenly, it’s eyes light up, jumping up on bronze mountain goat, and pulling up the bronze turtle and squirrel with it. The bronze mountain goat started to run frantically as well. The mechanical beasts that were originally drilling as well, all followed along. In the blink of an eye, a huge army of mechanical beasts all started to head towards the same passage Tang Tian ran in.

On the goat’s back, Ya Ya placed its hands on it’s waist, with a face of majestic might, it somewhat had a grandeur that could pass judgement on anything.


Zhang Zheng’s gaze was fixated on Tang Yi, and suddenly exposed a trace of complacency. He knew that he was not strong, and could easily become the target of the opponent, so he had set up a few traps.

Yet another idiot who got fooled.

Zhang Zheng immediately bellowed: “Kill!”

A hundred rays of light aura rose into the sky, converging above his head, in a moment, the over 100 blade and spear auras had formed a vortex. The air around was constantly being severed and breaking into parts, forming a gale.

Tang Yi’s momentum of approaching was strangely fast, he suddenly appeared at the vortex, and was not in time to get away.

Zhang Zheng could not contain his happy look, this technique was well-tested with good results.

Just at that moment, a dazzling light aura suddenly blossomed inside the vortex.

Zhang Zheng’s face froze, this was…..


The shout was as low as thunder that lingered on.

Zhang Zheng only saw a white patch of aura, then could not see anything. He started panicking.

Without thinking, he started to retreat to the back.


The sand splashed on his back, with a strange amount of force, causing him to tremble in pain.

The light aura dissipated, Zhang Zheng whose face was covered in sand, saw that he was facing a large hole of a diameter exceeding 5 m, his face turned ashen, and his body shivered uncontrollably.

Too….too scary!

Tang Yi borrowed the force of his blade to once again sit on his horse, his face was as calm as water, he raised his blade and shouted: “Fight!”

All of the Lupus soldiers were all shaken by Tang Yi’s ferocious blade, and could feel their blood boiling, as though something was stuck in their chest and could not get out, they could not help but raise their scimitars and shout in unison: “Fight!”

The roar of 200 people, surged up like a violent wave.

The Swallowtail Camp soldiers had a different look on their face.

Inside the enemy’s formation, Tang Yi slowly urged on, as though he was walking in an unmanned place, the surrounding martial artists around him did not dare to fight him, who kept dodging to the sides, opening up a passage for him.

Tang Yi raised his Zanbato high up, the pitch black Zanbato, was like a war banner, the most eye catching symbol on the battlefield. Lupus soldiers quickly gathered behind Tang Yi. They were all trembling with excitement, their fighting intent soaring to maximum.

“Knot Formation! Quickly, Knot Formation!”

Zhang Zheng’s panic-stricken voice came out from within the enemy’s formation. The enemy continued to retreat, wanting to increase the distance again.

On his horse, Tang Yi sat straight upright, watching the enemies calmly as they were struggling to form up.

The peaceful and imposing look in his eyes glittered with profound pride.

If I cannot even take down these scoundrels, how can I bear the name of being unique?

His imposing eyes suddenly opened wide, the cold aura exploding out. Pressing on the horse’s abdomen, he bellowed: “KILL!”


The 200 Lupus soldiers shouted out in unison, as though they were being connected by an invisible thread, they all moved together at the same time.

All of their scimitars lit up with light auras. If overlooking from a bird’s eye view, you would realize, all the blade auras were converging into one piece, surrounding the assaulting Lupus Army, like a sharp chisel.

Chisel Formation Assault!