Undefeated God of War - Chapter 332 – Unexpected Crane

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Chapter 332 – Unexpected Crane

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, Leo Z, XRCO, Natsuriayako, and DeAndreR

The dazzling silver light was like a river of stars that broke out under the skies, exploding in Yong Xian Zhong’s eyes.

That caused Yong Xian Zhong to be stunned. There was actually someone who was able to produce such a dazzling spear aura!

Guang Wu, who was caught off guard, watched as the silver light covered his vision, but he was also a very fierce man. Not only did he not feel fear, but it instigated his fierce character, and with a snort, his blood red blade aura became more congealed.


Guang Wu felt a surprising force passing through his blade body. His hands suddenly felt hot, and his blade was almost flung off. He groaned and held tightly to the blade handle, his body flying higher as he followed the momentum of the force.

Ling Xu was not in a good shape either. The opponent’s attack had used the power of gravity, and his body had taken the force as well.

He and Flamingo were like a ball that got struck by a heavy hammer. They were slammed straight into the sand dune, and under the strong attack, half of the sand dune was immediately blown apart, causing the surrounding air to be misty with sand.

Guang Wu stabilized his body and floated down. Although he had used the force of gravity to amplify his attack, it was a weak method of attacking, and would be rendered useless fighting a formidable opponent in mid air. Without borrowing the gravity to attack, and merely by exchanging attacks, sparks were formed.

Seeing this, he squinted his eyes. As he looked at Ling Xu, he snorted: “Little one, state your name! This old man here will not kill a nameless hero!”

The young man with the silver spear in front of him caused him to feel a bit of fear.

Ling Xu’s orange pupils were already aroused by Guang Wu’s attacks, and the fighting intent in his chest was to its maximum, making him lazy to reply. He simply snorted: “I’ll kill you.”

With that, Flamingo shot out like an arrow leaving the bow, straight towards Guang Wu.

Guang Wu was startled by Ling Xu’s “I’ll kill you”, and became so angry he started to fume. The asshole meant that he himself was also a nameless hero? Guang Wu had been famous for 30 years, and had been to countless constellations, fought over 100 battles, and the total blood he had lost could become a river. People were afraid of him, people curried favor with him, people desired to kill him, but never did people see him as a nameless hero.

Nameless Hero!

Guang Wu was so angry, he clenched his teeth and raged: “Little one, you’re dead! Today, I will chop you up into 8 pieces!”

Ling Xu, who was going towards Guang Wu, suddenly leaned forward, bringing about whistling wind as he spoke out two cold words: “An idiot!”

With that, Flamingo suddenly increased the weight of its steps, and its speed suddenly increased.

In the blazing fireball, the white robe with golden lines fiercely drifted, the silver hair danced with the wind.

The spear tip gradually grew closer to Guang Wu.

Guang Wu, who was angry, laughed and bellowed: “Die!”

The big blade in his hands suddenly swept up from below!

His blade looked extremely slow, but it actually weighed ten thousand kg, and the blood red aura around it had congealed to the point of being real. The blood aura kept circulating, like a strange, demonic wriggling, live blood plasma, the smell of it could choke anyone.

The silver light burst open once again!

The silver and red light auras clashed, causing countless sparks and intertwining colors, it was actually very beautiful.

The two of them groaned at the same time.

Guang Wu had an abundance of fighting experience, and when the opponent’s old force was just gone and was about to release his next move, he knew it was his best opportunity. That was a logic everyone knew, but very few people made use of. Because the both of them were equally matched by clashing head on, the opponent was in the same state as him. Nevertheless, Guang Wu was a martial artist who was able to keep utilizing the opportunities that he could see, as he had a secret to his mental cultivation, Bad Fate.

The violent collision caused the originally fast moving True Power to abruptly stop, causing rigidness. Guang Wu’s Bad Fate mental cultivation caused him to retreat as he could not advance with his attacks.

Bad Fate could only maintain a minimal scope, thus the force used was extremely minute, but at that moment, it was enough.

That was why Guang Wu enjoyed colliding.

But Guang Wu’s figure suddenly froze. His face suddenly had a smear of blood, and his rigid figure suddenly became extremely nimble. The blood blade in his hand was as light as paper, slicing towards Ling Xu’s throat.

Ling Xu’s face changed. He snorted, and frantically retreated backwards.

The cold blade tip swept past his throat barely, causing the hairs on Ling Xu’s body to stand.

Guang Wu’s blade, that he thought would slice through, failed, causing him to be taken aback, but he was still vigilant. When his attack fell through, he immediately pulled back without hesitating. The blood mark on his face disappeared, and he turned back to normal.

When he saw the Flamingo below Ling Xu, he understood. The reason why the opponent could dodge was because of the mechanical beast.

He calmed down. No matter how nimble a mechanical beast was, it could not be compared to a martial artist.

“The next time, you won’t be so lucky!” Guang Wu sneered, not concealing his killing intent.


Crane and Yong Xian Zhong were in a totally different scene.

“I am Crane from the Heavenly Crane (Grus) Constellation.”

Yong Xian Zhong sized Crane up, exposing a look of admiration. The black-clothed young man in front of him, although he was dressed in tattered and torn clothes, his character and demeanor were extremely top notched, and seemed to be a disciple from an aristocratic family.

Yong Xian Zhong was slightly taken aback. He had heard of Heavenly Crane Constellation, but it was a small constellation, one of the weaker constellations in Southern Sky’s 42 Constellations. How did they groom such an outstanding talent?

But his face did not expose any feelings, and replied back respectfully: “I am Yong Xian Zhong from Canis Minor Constellation.”

“Canis Minor Constellation from 10 Equatorial Palace Halls?” Crane was surprised, then he thought: “I wonder if Teacher Bian is an acquaintance of yours?”

“Teacher Bian is my teacher.” Yong Xian Zhong spoke honestly. The friendliness and air of the opposing person made him feel comfortable.

Crane’s expression became weird.

Yong Xian Zhong’s heart jumped, then immediately asked: “Does Crane know Teacher Bian?”

Crane spoke honestly as well: “I heard that when I was young, Teacher Bian had carried me before, but I do not remember it.”

Yong Xian Zhong was extremely shocked: “Teacher carried you before?”

“I heard about it, but I was young, and have no recollection of it.” Crane shook his head.

Yong Xian Zhong felt himself heating up. Teacher did not like to engage with little children, so why would he hug one? Is he trying to stir me up? But he dare not confirm. What if it was real? What if?

That what if was extremely terrifying!

He wiped away his sweat, and asked: “Can I ask when was that?”

Crane tilted his head and thought: “ When I was three years old I guess.”

“And you are….”

“Oh, I’m 18 this year.”

Yong Xian Zhong’s heart calculated, that was 15 years ago. Wait a minute, 15 years ago! It was as though he was struck by lightning, a terrifying thought appeared in his mind.

In that short span of time, he was already drenched in sweat.

He stammered and ask: “Does Crane have any relationship with the Sagittarius Empress?”

“Oh, she is my aunt.” Crane admitted honestly.

It was as if Yong Xian Zhong was struck in his heart. He should have guessed earlier. Why would the Empress suddenly give out a command? 15 years ago, Teacher had went out once, and that was because he was invited to Sagittarius Constellation to participate in the birthday of Empress Hou Yi Tian.

Teacher and The Empress had a deep relationship, and Teacher had told him on many occasions, if he met any subordinates of the Empress who had any problems, he definitely had to extend his hand to help them.

If Teacher knew that he himself was going to personally chop the Sagittarius Empress’ nephew, alright, the thought already made him lose the will to live!

His entire body was drenched in sweat, and all the muscles on his body were frozen stiff. He was truly afraid.

He was panicking. If the matter reached the ears of his Teacher, he would be locked deep under the mountains for a few decades.

Did I underestimate the time of punishment?

Crane coughed lightly: “The weather is so good, and there are brave warriors fighting. Why not add some wine to it?”

Yong Xian Zhong stared blankly at Crane’s innocent smile. He quivered, and immediately reacted: “Right, right, right! Wine, that’s right, wine is good!”

His speech was incoherent for a while, but he slowly calmed down, ‘That’s right, I have not done anything’. He threw the thought of his father-in-law and wife’s brother to the back of his head, smiled and retrieved a long wooden case from his silver aquarius cabinet. He then took out a pile of good wine, and carefully poured for Crane.

“Such scenery, and to be able to meet Crane, I have no regrets…”

Yong Xian Zhong raised his wine cup, his chest already brewing with rhetoric.

Crane suddenly broke off, harmlessly looked at Yong Xian Zhong: “Brother Yong, do you have something to eat?”


Yong Xian Zhong’s wine cup was still raised up, and he felt slightly weird. But Crane’s gaze had a look of expectation and hope, so Yong Xian Zhong held on and laughed: “This stupid elder brother, how could I neglect food when going with wine? I do have some cooked food…”

He took out a table out from the Aquarius Silver Cabinet, and placed it in front of Crane. Very quickly in the blink of an eye, all the cooked food was placed neatly in front of him. Crane’s expression became focused to the juice in front of him, and he satisfyingly took up his chopsticks.

Yong Xian Zhong was stumped.

It was the first time he was facing such a situation, and was completely dumbfounded to what he should do.

Crane was too hungry as he was famished for five days. He struggled in the Sand Tone Valley, faced countless dangers, and all his dry rations were long exhausted.

But, even with all the pain and hunger, Crane maintained his elegance. He noticed Yong Xian Zhong’s awkward expression, and explained: “I am truly sorry, this younger brother has not eaten for five days.”

Yong Xian Zhong almost leaked tears from his eyes. Damn it, if Teacher Knew I almost killed Crane who was without food for five days…..

The terrifying consequences caused the martial spirit of Yong Xian Zhong to shudder.

Yong Xian Zhong who just recovered from his shock turned pale, and immediately started to flatter: “Do not be anxious, worthy little brother, I still have a lot of food, and can help you cook.”

“I’ll have to trouble you, Brother Yong.” Crane had a face of gratitude, and said: “We can sit here, enjoy, and watch the fight. So interesting.”

Suddenly, he consciously asked: “Brother Yong and that old man, are you two together?”

Yong Xian Zhong got caught in the moment, so shocked his heart started to feel pain, and shook his head with all his might: “No! Definitely not! This stupid brother of yours met him by chance. Ah yes, by chance! Does Brother Crane find him unpleasant to the eye? Do you want me to cut him down?”

Yong Xian Zhong did not stop to betray Guang Wu.

“I was just asking.” Crane exposed a harmless smile: “Luckily I met brother Yong, if not, I would still be hungry. Brother Yong had saved this little brother from the fire.”

Yong Xian Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, and immediately replied: “To be able to meet you, worthy little brother, is the fortune of this stupid brother.”

He almost wanted to cry.

If he knew he would meet Crane, he would not have even stepped into Lupus Constellation even if he was beaten to death!