Undefeated God of War - Chapter 331 – I Want to Win!

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Chapter 331 – I Want to Win!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Tang Yi remained emotionless.

He had never heard of the Swallowtail Camp, and did not care. Master’s order was that he hoped that they could fight for an hour of time, but Tang Yi was able to read between the lines.

Master Bing did not see any good in the Lupus Army.

Tang Yi was actually clear that Master Bing did not view the Lupus Army with any importance all the while. That was not weird. Tang Yi came from the Southern Cross Army, and knew of the situation clearly. Furthermore, when Master Bing was in charge of the recruit barracks, the Lupus soldiers’ standards were even far from being close to the logistics laborers of the past, so for Master Bing to see them as useless was not strange.

From the start, Tang Yi was in charge of the Lupus Army.

After mixing in with the Lupus soldiers who had endured hardship, Tang Yi slowly changed the way he saw them. Although the Lupus soldiers were weak and did not have any army tactics knowledge, they were hardworking and enduring, thus moving Tang Yi.

The Lupus Desert People thrived and survived in such bad environments, forging them to become a tenacious and persevering people of the desert.

Petty and low, but tenacious and tough.

This army, that was determined to become cannon fodder, none of them skived, none of them tried to skip training, and they were all fearless. Seeing them grow, seeing them go through blood, sweat, and tears, and watching them risk their lives. Tang Yi, who personally built them up, was willing to become their main commander.

Because Tang Yi had feelings for them, it made him feel unresigned.

He could not accept that such a persevering army was deemed as a cannon fodder army.

However, he was also very clear that, inside the army, an individual’s worth was forever related to his capabilities. To earn Master Bing’s recognition, the Lupus Army needed to display sufficient force., It meant that they needed to win!

The reason why elites were elites was because their fighting ability was extremely fearsome, and that was because of their glorious military achievements.

Master requested him to obtain 1 hour, but what Tang Yi wanted was to win!

Swallowtail Camp also just noticed the Lupus Army, and they stopped about 1 km away from the Lupus Army.

Zhang Zheng was about 40 years old with a rough appearance. His expression congealed as he sized up the Lupus Army. But when he saw the spirit military leader in front, he sneered: “We must win this battle!”

To convince him for help, Ye Jiu had opened an offer he could not reject. Although he was greedy, he was extremely cautious, and had researched and studied every detail of the fight of Lupus Constellation. Although he personally was not strong, but he was good in tactics. What he was most afraid of was the spirit military leader whose control aura was astonishingly strong.

Even in the Orion Constellation, he had never seen a military general with such a strong control aura!

It was truly too strong!

Regarding the army, he was not in the least bit afraid. To him, if that unfamiliar and amateur group of people was considered an army, then it would be a joke. Compared to his Swallowtail Camp, the opponent was too lacking.

As for the spirit military leader holding on the Zanbato, Zhang Zheng could tell straightaway that it was the spirit military leader from the last time. For this type of spirit military leader to be a sharp blade, he was suitable, but to command an army, he was not.

Zhang Zheng was relieved. Seems like Ye Jiu’s plans had caught Tang Tian unprepared, and caused him to actually make such a fatal mistake!

It truly was too easy for him!

If he could defeat the up-and-coming Lupus Army, then the name of his own Swallowtail Camp would rise with the trend, and his reputation will be even more renowned!

Suddenly, the Lupus Army in front of him suddenly initiated an attack, and rushed towards them.

“Seeking death!” Zhang Zheng’s expression turned cold, and he fiercely shouted: “Circle Formation!”

Swallowtail Camp suddenly shifted their formation, quickly retreating towards the center and forming a dense circle.

The opponent’s attack was according to Zhang Zheng’s thoughts. The Swallowtail Camp’s offense was through their defence. He was originally worried that the opponent would withdraw and not rush, but he did not expect the opponent’s army to take the initiative, causing him to be extremely happy.

They were truly seeking death.

The distance between the two was closing in.

For some reason, Zhang Zheng suddenly felt that something was amiss. What detail did he miss out?

Suddenly, his heart jumped. The command!

That’s right! The command!

The incoming Lupus Army of 200 people, their formation was not messy, but was a formation of a sharp spear tip!

Such a high speed offense tested the commanding power. If it was insufficient, then the formation would crumble. But…. the formation in front of him was not in the least bit messy.

Not good! The spirit military leader was hiding his strength the last time!

Zhang Zheng, who was naturally suspicious of everything, kept thinking of counterattacks, his face becoming ugly.

Just at that moment, the Lupus Army had already closed in to a distance of 50 m away.


As if a sudden clap of thunder had leveled the ground, the weather instantly changed.

The Zanbato in Tang Yi’s hand caused the wind sound, whistling as he sliced. Behind him, the Lupus soldiers had all released their scimitars.

200 blade auras converging into one, instantly rushing forth!

The cold killing intent, caused the hearts of the Swallowtail Camp soldiers to shiver, but luckily, with Zhang Zheng’s plentiful experience, he immediately bellowed: “Defense!”

The shield wielding soldiers of the army immediately formed the exterior. They all raised their shields up at the same time, frantically releasing True Power.

50 rays of shield auras immediately lit up, forming a huge light cover that protected the entire army.

The gigantic blade aura fiercely clashed into the light cover.

The light cover immediately broke, and all the soldiers wielding shields absorbed the damage. As though they were struck by a heavy hammer, they all stumbled back. Their companions behind them immediately reached out and pushed true power into them.

The Lupus Army had rushed in and did not hold back. The gigantic attack force had caused them to feel much weaker, but with their numbers, they did not suffer any injuries.

But, their speed had slowed down!

For an assaulting army that had lost its advantage in momentum, their threat had instantly declined.

The crucial thing was, they did not have time to turn around.

Killing intent flashed past Zhang Zheng’s eyes: “Open!”

The circle formation immediately opened up a space, causing the Lupus Army who was charging in to enter the center of the circle formation.

Zhang Zheng’s mouth exposed a sneer. He was extremely confident that the battle had landed into his hands. Although he had sacrificed the strength of 50 shield soldiers, it was undoubtedly worth the trade.

Following that, it was his most expert tactic: Position Strangulation!

“Strangle them!”

The soldiers all formed small groups, and all of them suddenly having high speed rotating scissors, whirling and spinning.

Swallowtail Blades!

Very few people knew about this. It looked like a harmless name, but it had a special mystery to it. This move was Zhang Zheng’s favorite tactic, and using it, he had overwhelmed many enemies.

Once the formation started killing, it meant that victory was not far away.

Seeing that the soldiers of Lupus Army on the outer layer were in confusion, left and right they were blocking each other and stuck in a dilemma, Zhang Zheng was extremely happy.

Suddenly, he felt a gaze looking at him.

He consciously turned to look, only to see a cold pair of pupils staring at him.

That pair of pupils had killing intent!

Tang Yi who was on his horseback suddenly bent his body.

Wait a minute! What is that fellow doing….

An unthinkable method suddenly arose in Zhang Zheng’s mind.

Tang Yi fiercely soared into the air, the pitch black Zanbato rising above his head, his body extended out, his face without any changes at all.

The dense killing intent was locked onto Zhang Zheng!


Flamingo ran crazily on the desert, its high speed burst causing its body, which was immolating blood red flames, to look like a fireball flying in a straight line. Ling Xu was extremely happy that Flamingo’s speed was much faster than before. More importantly, Flamingo’s martial spirit seemed to be stronger too!

He was also much stronger than he was previously!

Ling Xu’s palm caressed Flamingo gently, and it intimately used its head to rub against his hand.

Are you excited? You can’t wait, right? Our place is definitely on the battlefield!

Ling Xu thought quietly. Suddenly, he raised his head. As two black dots had appeared from afar, his expression turned cold, and without hesitation he rushed forward.

Crane, who was behind, saw Ling Xu increase his speed, and exposed a helpless look. This brat was always like that.

A brat who truly does not know teamwork!

After chiding in his heart, Crane opened up his arms and gently fluttered, his speed suddenly increasing as well.

Yong Xian Zhong was roughly 25 or 26. He was dressed in fine clothing and was very elegant. Not allowing any dirt or dust to get on him, he flew and gently laughed: “Mr. Ye is truly an ambitious person. I never expected him to ask Senior Elder Guang for help. This junior here is truly surprised.”

Guang Wu was hailed as Bloodied Swordsman, and had been famous for over 30 years. But because of his blood-thirst and cruelty, he had difficulties in improving. However, his personal strength was already very strong, allowing him to rank 8315 on the Heaven Road List.

Guang Wu’s complexion was aged with many wrinkles on his face. His hair was as white as snow, but his gaze was extremely stern, and a big blade was attached at his back. He squinted his eyes: “Old me did not realize my partner would actually be Nephew Yong! How’s Teacher Bian doing?”

Yong Xian Zhong came from a powerful family. His teacher, Bian Wu Heng, had stepped into the saint domain 10 years ago, and shook the entire Heaven’s Road.

Bian Wu Heng had three disciples. Yong Xian Zhong was the last one, weakest in power, but was ranked 8228 on the list.

Yong Xian Zhong upper body bent down slightly to show gratitude: “Teacher is still robust and healthy, just that he is not fond of external affairs, and does not like coming out. Even this junior here hardly goes out every year.”

Guang Wu replied: “To Teacher Bian, worldly affairs are dull and uninteresting.”

Suddenly, the two of them stopped talking. Their gazes landed far out, as red and black figures rushed towards them.

“At least they saved us time to look for them.” Yong Xian Zhong said happily.

“Humph, this old man owed Ye Jiu a favor last time, and with this it should be considered repaid!” Guang Wu licked his lips, killing intent soaring: “Today, I will kill until I am happy!”

Yong Xian Zhong’s face was indifferent. He was not enjoying it as he was from a higher status, and regarding these type of martial artists, he was naturally unhappy.

His gaze had some interests in his opponents. He heard rumors about Tang Tian that sparked an interest. Yong Xian Zhong was Bian Wu Heng’s closed door disciple, which everyone knew, but very few knew that he was Ye Jiu’s son-in-law. Ye Jiu’s daughter was his wife.

Ye Jiu was his father-in-law, Ye Zhao Ge was his wife’s younger brother, so how could he decline?

But, it was still fairly interesting.

Guang Wu already could not hold back his killing intent and pounced straight towards the red figure. In the air, he unsheathed his blade, snorted, and then like an eagle rushing in for the rabbit, he soared down!

His blade aura was blood red.

Such a ruthless blade!

Yong Xian Zhong’s heart trembled. He had never thought that the martial artist riding the bird would be so brave to borrow the momentum and welcome the blood red blade aura, soaring upwards.

A cold silver aura blossomed in his vision.