Undefeated God of War - Chapter 330 – Bing’s Arrangements

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Chapter 330 – Bing’s Arrangements

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Bing’s heart stopped for a split second.

The chilliness of the night in the desert seemed to have disappeared without a trace, and there was no more loneliness in the night.

The wind blew the sand up, forming a mist, and a sound like a bugle horn boomed out gloomily.

“The air has lifted.”

Bing muttered lightly to himself, the wind had ignited the fighting intent in his chest, which was slowly but surely blazing.

His gaze swept across everyone, and suddenly, it was just like the smoke from 10 thousand years ago, as all the familiar faces came out.

Heh, these are the people fighting side by side with you!

Heh, these are your companions!

Heh, this feeling is really good….

“I don’t think I’m late.”

The gentle voice sounded out, as Crane floated down like a huge black crane in front of everyone, the robes on his body tattered and torn, and they could imagine what he had gone through.

Everyone looked at Bing.

“Uncle, you do the arrangements.”

Crane’s words got the approval of everyone. Out of all of them, only Bing was a military leader, and was the most familiar with the situation.

Bing took a deep breath, his gaze turned cold: “Ok! Tang Yi, the army in the east, Swallowtail Camp, will be handled by you. Your task is, no matter what, you must persevere for an hour.”

“Yes!” Tang Yi replied emotionlessly, and turned to gather and debrief the Lupus Army, and rushed towards the east.

Everyone then realized Tang Yi’s transformation, and could not help but secretly praise him.

“Ling Xu and Crane, I’ll hand the two people over at the north to the two of you. Their backgrounds are unknown, so be careful.”

Ling Xu picked up his silver spear, flipped, and sat on Flamingo. His orange pupils blazing, he shot out: “I, alone, am enough.”

Flamingo transformed into a fireball and flew to the north.

Crane laughed helplessly, waved goodbye to the rest, and like a huge crane, he started to float up and follow Ling Xu quickly.

“The task for the few of us, is the army to the west.” Bing told the four.

Ah Mo Li was slightly regretful: “Sadly, Fundamental Tang is not out yet! Such a pity, the godlike young man cannot see this lively martial man’s Wild Earth Blade. Wa ha ha, he cannot feast his eyes on this! Ke ke ke! lively martial man! Wild Earth Blade! Invincible!”

Ah Mo Li excitedly waved the Wild Earth Blades, ripping and tearing the air.

Everyone could not help but roll their eyes.

Sima Xiang Shan commented softly: “Don’t count this idiot in.”

Bing replied softly: “I know.”

“Let’s go.”

Bing jumped into Sky Tiger.

The fight on Lupus Constellation had attracted countless eyes. Although one month had passed, but there were still many people paying attention to Lupus Constellation. Their biggest concern was Tang Tian, who had emerged so suddenly.

Such a mysterious character.

With the Saint Sword Ocean Prison in hand, his powers were unfathomable, and he still had two spirit military leaders under him, and had the Lupus Constellation under his hands as well. Adding on, his future was limitless in the publicly known strongest powerhouse, Honorable Martial Group.

Everyone thought that Tang Tian would most likely be the Group’s third generation core disciple.

When the threat from Cetus Constellation spread, various powers heard of it, and did not agree with it. Although Cetus Constellation was part of the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, the Honorable Martial Group was having issues with Leo Constellation the past few years, so how could they be bothered with Cetus Constellation?

But the following events caused people to be puzzled.

Clan Elder Ye Jiu had requested Tang Tian to hand over the Safe and Sound Saber, and due to Tang Tian being in the Centrist Faction, they gave up on trying to protect him. That caused many people to not understand. Tang Tian was so young, but displayed such strength and talent, why would Honorable Martial Group decide to do that?

Honorable Martial Group was not a piece of iron, where anyone could just keep digging up about them, having more and more information appear to others.

Centrist Faction was strong, but they had already found a successor, which was Jing Hao. If Tang Tian was alone, they would do their best to protect him, and groom him to become Jing Hao’s helper.

But Tang Tian was not alone, he had an army gradually building up by his side.

Ling Xu and Crane were two geniuses, Ah Mo Li’s group of four had a much better relation with Tang Tian than the Group, and adding on the Saint Sword Ocean Prison, an army, two spirit military leaders, especially Bing, that astonishing control aura had shocked all the elders of the Centrist Faction.

Don’t forget the recovering Immortal Constellation (Perseus Constellation), they were supporters of Tang Tian as well.

(TN: I will start calling Immortal Constellation to Perseus Constellation soon, it is where Shangguan Qian Hui comes from)

Compared to Jing Hao, Tang Tian was much stronger, his wings grew out first, and formed his own faction. Centrist Faction did not have space for Tang Tian to grow. Unless, they chose Tang Tian and forsook Jing Hao.

But that was an impossible thing to do.

The clan elders had watched Jing Hao grow up, and he was truly one of them. While Tang Tian, came from a sideline planet, and had a pitiful connection to Honorable Martial Group.

Regardless if it was from the relationship, or the internal struggle in Honorable Martial Group, they would never choose Tang Tian.

And it was Ye Jiu who saw that point, so he was ruthless and precise in his actions.

So everyone was curious, what Tang Tian would choose. Very quickly, The news of Tang Tian being willing to hand over the Safe and Sound Saber spread, and the people who were waiting to see some action were thoroughly disappointed.

As time slowly crawled, both sides did not come to a consensus, and that started to make people think that something weird was happening.

And the news of the order by the Sagittarius Empress, was quickly spread among the big powers.

There were reasons for everything.

Everyone realized that, a push had been secretly urged.

When Lupus Constellation closed the starry door to Cetus Constellation, all of the people watching Lupus were all beyond shocked! Everyone hoped to see a fight, but when it really happened, everyone felt that Tang Tian stupidly overestimating himself.

He thinks that with some power, he can fight against Honorable Martial Group?

That was too crazy!

But there were some exceptions, like Sima Xiao.

“Actually in terms of opportunity, Tang Tian has the highest advantage. Honorable Martial Group is having friction with Leo Constellation, Lei Ang that lunatic, is seriously too scary, if they are not careful, he would just trample them to death. Honorable Martial Group also knows that to fight with this lunatic, would be seeking a devastating ending.”

Sima Xiao could not help but wonder, if the few big powers were to choose an opponent they would never provoke, Lion King Lei Ang would definitely be number 1. Lei Ang was simply a lunatic, his subordinates were equally crazy. They were lunatics that would shout loudly with their eyes lit up as long as anyone spoke about fighting.

The strongest army, the one with the most military leaders, the craziest King, was Leo Constellation.

Against this opponent, no matter how strong Honorable Martial Group was, they would still be frightened. The majority of the strong martial artists of Honorable Martial Group, were all mobilized, and this was no secret in Heaven Road.

To be able to cause the enemy to be so afraid, that itself was a glory.

“Is the order from Sagittarius real?” Qiu Zhi Jun asked.

“It should be.” Sima Xiao exposed a pondering expression: “But, for the Empress who is very calculative, she definitely would not waste her time on these things. By doing so, she must have a connection to it somehow. It’s just that we do not know who among Tang Tian’s group has a connection to Sagittarius Constellation. And the order itself is worth thinking about. She rejects the majority of Honorable Martial Group to enter Lupus constellation, but allows Ye Zhao Ge to go in himself, seems like, she is treating Ye Zhao Ge as some sort of training for someone. Unless, Tang Tian is her descendant? Or, one of them is her descendant? We have better check it out.”

“Hearing Junior Brother say that, seems plausible.” Qiu Zhi Jun nodded his head.

“Ye Jiu is no mediocre person, his methods, are usually very vicious and fierce.” Sima Xiao lifted up his legs and placed it on the table, he leaned back, the tidbits continue to flow into his mouth. He spoke very indistinctly: “Swallowtail Camp, Heavy Iron Army, two out of the five armies of Northern Sky 19 continents, have come. Adding on Guang Wu and Yong Xian Zhong, he truly is ruthless!”

Qiu Zhi Jun was moved: “Such a strong force! But, with that, wouldn’t the higher ups pressuring him, from Honorable Martial Group guess it?”

Sima Xiao sneered: “People think that the rankings of Onyx Soul is strict, but they do not know about Honorable Martial Group who is not inferior to Onyx Soul. The higher ups pressuring down, is a normal occurrence, and I dare confirm, after a while Ye Jiu will announce that Tang Tian is a traitor.”

Qiu Zhi Jun was speechless.

Sima Xiao mumbled: “I just did not expect that Tang Tian would actually have a treasure that disrupts energy, so we have no way to watch the show. I did not even recall back my scouts, really, I have wasted my time on this war. Now we can only wait for the end result. Oh, i’m tired, i’ll sleep a bit.”

Sima Xiao then slept on the chair.

Qiu Zhi Jun did not sleep, and sat there in deep thought. After a while, an underling rushed in, seeing that Sima Xiao was asleep, he handed the report to Qiu Zhi Jun.

Qiu Zhi Jun glanced at it, secretly praising his junior brother for being so accurate, Ye Jiu had announced that Tang Tian, Ah Mo Li and the rest were traitors of Honorable Martial Group. But the strangest thing was they did not announce a bounty on them.

Qiu Zhi Jun then realized, Ye Jiu did not dare offend the Empress.

He shook his head, feeling surprised, the world truly revolves around the fists.

Many powerhouses spectating the war had a problem, which was Bing’s [Triangular Gold Vortex] had disrupted the entire Lupus Constellation’s energy wave. Although the effect was not big, but all the star treasures that transmitted information and images were rendered useless.

Everyone then realized, it was prepared for Honorable Martial Group’s Honorable Martial Door.

So rich!

More importantly, this meant that Tang Tian was already prepared, causing everyone to feel even more capable, and they hated that they could not watch at the live scene.

Sadly, they could only wait for the end results.


Tang Yi sat on his horse, controlling the speed, he took the lead emotionlessly at the front. Behind him, Lupus Army lineup was serene and calm, and extremely quiet.

Compared to the fight the last time, the amateur army, had undoubtedly transformed. Do not think that it was just a fight’s difference, the army before and after were like comparing the heavens and earth.

The army had a surging killing intent.

In the past few days, Tang Yi continued to enforce training for the army, and after going through tempering, their improvements soared faster than the past. The soldiers who had been through the previous fight, understood that the training was even more profound than before, and they knew why they needed the training. What type of training would help them survive through the war.

Tang Yi who was promoted to a Warrant Officer, his tactics level was far higher than the past, and the army’s training results were strengthened.

Suddenly, he stopped.

The Lupus soldiers behind him also stopped.

Over the distance, a group of people amounting to roughly an army size slowly entered their vision.