Undefeated God of War - Chapter 327 – Bad News

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Chapter 327 – Bad News

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Mo Wei Tian was stunned for a long time before regaining his senses, and asking: “Then what does Master Bing propose?”

“I feel that we can collaborate.” Bing said calmly.” Mo Family has many disciples, and it is not difficult for you if you wished to choose a few of them to form an army. Even for the lowest grade army, it would still bring the Mo Family huge benefits. If our collaboration is successful, then this army, I plan to give the Mo Family a chance to expand. The Mo Family shouldn’t stay in the Spirit Region forever.”

Mo Wei Tian’s body shivered, and a gush of blood rushed straight to his head, and he abruptly stopped breathing for a moment.

Leave the Spirit Region!

Many generations of Mo Patriarchs’ wish was for their ancient mechanic aristocratic family to own their own land. Although the Spirit Region was a convenient place, but it too had many drawbacks. For example, it was unsuitable for a family to expand with a lack of natural resources and energy concentration.

Mo Wei Tian took a deep breath, controlled his eager heart and asked: “Lupus Constellation?”

“No.” Bing shook his head: “For a big family like yours, not even a planet, or even a constellation, would be able to contain all of you. Even with our current control over Lupus Constellation, we are also unable to give you a planet to reside in.”

Mo Wei Tian did not act weird, if the other party was truly planning ahead, he would seriously consider if collaborating with them was right or not. To give some land of Lupus Constellation to the Mo Family was not a big problem, but if they were to give an entire planet, they would definitely meet with strong rejection from the local powerhouses, and would therefore be the same as digging their own graves.

“Master Bing, where do you foresee then?” Mo Wei Tian asked.

“Mo Family’s residing place, requires the blood of the Mo Family to plow the land.” Bing said directly: “We can supply the military leader, but we cannot join in it directly, for I believe in the capability of the Mo Family. A suitable mechanical army, might not be able to conquer a constellation, but to take a planet in the Northern Sky’s 19 continents, shouldn’t be a problem.”

“What are we required to supply?” Mo Wei Tian asked calmly.

“The Mo Family will be the spokesperson for us in the mechanic techniques domain.” Bing said calmly: “We require a spokesperson. When your Mo Mechanic Army appears, I believe, very quickly, that the mechanical techniques will once again be viewed as important by everyone. In that time, our advantages will not be as much anymore.”

Hearing the words “Mo Mechanical Army”, Mo Wei Tian’s heart jumped ferociously, but the words after caused him to calmed down. Bing’s plans happened to coincide with him, the name of mechanical techniques domain aristocratic family, was just monkeys acting as the overlord of the jungle that did not have a tiger. Mechanical techniques had declined for many years, and the big players themselves naturally would not be interested in it’s power. But once they realize the power of mechanic techniques, they would start to invest and research it.

The power and potential of the big players, were so terrifying it caused others to despair.

Most of the natural resources in Heaven Road were all head in their hands, and any disparity gap in any techniques, to them, were not enough to be a barrier of entry.

“Master Bing is right.” Mo Wei Tian sighed: “To be able to get this decisive opportunity is already good.”

“What we need is just this decisive opportunity.” Bing said warily: “If the movements of the Mo Family are successful, then it will shake the entire mechanical techniques domain. The mechanical spirit weapons of the Mo Family will bring along a huge flow, and people will flow towards the Mo Family. Before anyone else reacts, we must seize the opportunity. We are unable to fight with the big players for the resources, but the one thing we can win, is manpower.”

Mo Wei Tian was enlightened, and suddenly thought it was a great plan, the only thing that needed to be doubtful of was that it required great eyes. Whether Bing had good eyes or not, Mo Wei Tian did not have confidence in, but obviously, Bing was currently the one who understood a mechanical army the best.

“That’s a good idea.” Mo Wei Tian nodded.

“I will give Patriarch Mo a relatively simple evaluation technique, and only those that pass it can be brought over.” Bing did not beat around the bush: “The army training requires around 5 months or so, of course, all the spirit cards and mechanic spirit weapons involved will be required by the Mo Family to pay. Other than that, when there is a need to, we will have the authority to use this army.”

Mo Wei Tian considered for awhile, then agreed. With their current power, they were unable to even look up to the big players. If the Mo Family was able to migrate out of the Spirit Region, even with a higher price, he would still be willing.

Bing was finally satisfied with the way things were going. The Mo Family was the most valuable thing in his eyes, even if it would be the Mo Family’s name who would be famous in the mechanical techniques domain and mechanical spirit weapons, he did not really care much. Mo Family’s army would equally be a cannon fodder army, to them the army was extremely important, but to Bing it did not hold much meaning.

In front of an elite army, a cannon fodder army were like slags.

But, building up an elite army was not easy, and Bing could only slowly plan and progress.

Both sides had reached an agreement, so Mo Wei TIan did not stay further, and hurried back to the Mo Family. For he knew, Tang Tian and the rest were going to break off with Honorable Martial Group, and he did not want to stay.

No one could have thought that Tang Tian would refuse to hand over the Safe and Sound Saber. To many people, the current powerhouses of Lupus Constellation were set. And many people reckoned, Tang Tian was extremely aggressive towards Onyx Soul, and would attract the attention of the higher ups of Honorable Martial Group, and he had countless prospects.

After sending off Mo Wei Tian, Sai Lei rushed over: “Where did you get these blueprints?”

Bing looked around, and seeing there was no one, he said softly: “I found an old abandoned army barracks.”

Sai Lei’s eyes immediately widened, her face exposing an inconceivable look, she asked: “Southern Cross Army?”

“En.” Bing nodded, not hiding anything.

“I want to go!” Sai Lei replied.

“You can’t.” Bing patiently explained: “We used a special passage to go in, and only Tang Tian is able to enter it, even I was brought in by him. He can only bring spirit generals in.”

Sai Lei was not happy: “There are no other ways?”

“I can’t think of any other ways.” Bing said calmly.

Sai Lei could not help feeling disappointed, her face full of sorrow, without energy, she replied: “I have studied the blueprints, and can roughly build a few things. Humph, if I can’t go then I won’t, such a rubbish place, who would even bother? Wait till I complete the whole thing, at that time I will upgrade Three Spirits City base, and it will definitely be much better than those broken ruins!”

Finished, she left fuming.

Bing heaved a sigh of relief, seemed like repairing the 07 army barracks would take a long time. But the reason for coming back, was to give the blueprints to Sai Lei. Since it was done, he was prepared to go back to the recruit barracks.

Before he left, Bell returned back covered in dust, and brought along bad news.

“Swallowtail Camp?” Bing’s expression congealed.

“Yes, they are an active power in Coma Berenices Constellation, one of the constellations of the Northern Sky’s 19 continents.” Bell explained: “If not for them secretly trying to gather information about us, I would not had known they were actually spying on Lupus Constellation. Also, I received unconfirmed news.”

“Unconfirmed news?” Bing was somewhat attracted to the way Bell said it.

“En, I heard, that Sagittarius Constellation’s empress Hou Yi Tian only allowed Ye Zhao Ge to enter Lupus Constellation.” Bell’s expression was solemn: “This information’s trustworthiness is unconfirmed. I feel that it might be real, as many people do not know who Ye Zhao Ge is. If it is real, then the reason for her to cut into this matter, I’m still not sure.”

Pi Pa muttered to herself: “If that’s real, then it is explainable. Empress Hou only allowed Ye Zhao Ge to enter Lupus Constellation, and while Ye Jiu is under pressure and unable to publicly send people, borrowing forces outside of the Honorable Martial Group is his only choice. That means, Ye Jiu might have thought that something is wrong, so he has prepared a contingency just in case.”

“How’s the strength of Swallowtail Camp?” Bing asked.

“Although everybody says that the Northern Sky’s 19 continents do not have a real army, but there are similar types of powerhouses. Swallowtail is one of them, their military leader is called Zhang Zheng, power of the eighth level, and is not in the Heaven Road List. The swallowtail army consists of 500 people, all of them are above the seventh level, and some of them are at the eighth. Zhang Zheng was someone who studied in Orion Constellation of the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls when he was young, and although he was not successful in training, but as a military leader, he was considered as someone with talent. Before he entered Coma Berenices Constellation, it was close to losing the qualifications to be part of the Northern Sky, but he created Swallowtail Camp based on the requirements of a standard army, and that was how Coma Berenices Constellation stepped into one of the middle tier constellations of Northern Sky.”

“How long has the Swallowtail camp been operating?” Bing suddenly asked.

“Seven years.” Bell’s report was very detailed.

“Seems like we have met with big trouble,” Bing said. An army that has been operating for seven years, could be considered as mature. Even with limited powers of the military leader, they would definitely have good rapport. For a newly constructed army, that was the scariest opponent.

“En, Ye Jiu is most probably finding outside helpers.” Pi Pa quietly shared her thoughts: “The Swallowtail Camp is obviously prepared for Lupus Army. But there is still Ling Xu, Crane, and the rest. Ye Zhao Ge’s individual strength is very powerful, but with regards to Ye Jiu who has the authority, he will definitely have others behind him, as a precaution. Also, if the negotiation between both parties crumble, with Ye Jiu’s position, he will most likely be unable to accept a deadlock or bitter struggle, and will want to resolve the problem by pulling out its roots, otherwise, the pressure on him will be even greater.”

“I have not received any rumors on him at the moment.” Bell’s face color was not so good, but she knew that Pi Pa’s analysis was 90% correct.

“Seems like time is of the essence.” Bing muttered, although he had made sufficient preparations for the battle, but at the moment, he realized that their power was insufficient.

The strong sense of urgency made Bing not dilly dally, and in the first hour he had returned to the recruit barracks.

Aside from Feng Chou, Tang YI was also present.

“What’s the progress?” Bing asked Tang Yi.

“Reporting to Master.” Tang Yi reported to Bing: “Everything has been settled.”

“Let’s go.” Bing replied.

He brought Tang Yi and Feng Chou to the 07 army barracks. When they reached, Tang Yi and Feng Chou were shocked by the spectacular bronze jungle in front of them, exposing excited looks on their faces.

Bing suddenly stopped, and looked out far. Ya Ya was bringing a group of mechanical beasts and continuing to dig. Ya Ya had somehow found an interest in digging, and led the mechanical beast army outwards to break new grounds.

Bing retracted his gaze, and brought Tang Yi and Feng Chou to a bronze door.

“Have you guys thought about it?” Bing looked at the two of them.

“There is nothing to think about.” Feng Chou said.

Tang Yi said seriously: “Master, this subordinate wishes to always command the Lupus Army.”

Bing was slightly taken aback, and looked deeply at Tang Yi: “Are you sure?”


“Good.” Bing replied: “I wish you all good luck.”

They opened the bronze door.