Undefeated God of War - Chapter 326 – Mo Wei Tian’s Shock

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Chapter 326 – Mo Wei Tian’s Shock

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Time passed by silently.

With regards to the long wranglings, they finally caused Ye Jiu to lose faith. He finally felt as if Tang Tian and the rest were not being honest. It made him feel extremely worried. The reason why he finally made his move, was because of Jing Hao’s master. He was well aware of the struggles within the faction, and would never wished to overthrow his opponent in one move, but

The pressure from Cetus Constellation was just an excuse for him, as he did not place Cetus Constellation in his eyes at all.

But the warning from the empress of Sagittarius Constellation, caused him to straighten his back, and he did not dare to disobey.

“The negotiation with Tang Tian’s side has not been going well, we need to prepare another move.” Ye Jiu said gloomily.

In front of him, Ye Zhao Ge’s appearance was not outstanding, his hair was tangled, like a pile of steel wires, his beard thick and mushy, gaze as sharp as a sword. His jawline was distinct, giving off a feeling of a chiselled man.

“Jing Hao went to Lupus Constellation.”

Ye Zhao Ge’s voice was low and hoarse, yet filled with a breathtaking power. He casually sat cross legged, with a broken sword covered with traces of battles by his leg. He looked to be extremely relaxed, but felt like a crouching fierce tiger, ready to pounce on anyone.

Ye Jie looked at his son with pride, the sharp aura was directed straight at him, the father, and yet it was still so strong.

His emotions could not help but calm down, and he laughed: “Are you actually worried for Jing Hao? I thought whatever Jing Hao did, you would never ever bothered about it?”

“I never looked down on Jing Hao.” Ye Zhao Ge did not hide from his father’s gaze, his low and hoarse voice resonated in the room: “He is naturally firm and persistent, with his open and honest principles, he has the heart of a strong martial artist. Only martial artists who have the heart, can become a strong martial artist, and I have always been waiting for him. He has recently mastered a Unique Martial Technique, and I am looking forward to fight him.”

“Jing hao mastered a Unique Martial Technique?” Ye Jiu’s face changed, he was on alert, to be delayed by Tang Tian and causing him to be unaware of the fact that Jing Hao was improving. He started to have a headache: “I should had known, to get rid of him that year, it really is true that nurturing a tiger only invites a calamity!”

Ye Zhao Ge did not express any opinion on his father’s words.

He stood up.

“I am going to Lupus Constellation.” Then he left.

Ye Jiu was not in time to stop him, and his figure was already gone. Ye Jiu’s face congealed, he suddenly realized, the situation was not going well for him.

Suddenly, a crazy thought entered his mind.

Was Tang Tian and the rest planning to betray Honorable Martial Group?

He subconsciously removed the possibility. If they betrayed the Honorable Martial Group, that meant that they would be under the hit-list and will be chased by Honorable Martial Group, and he believed they would not be so stupid to do so. They are willing to risk their lives for a saber?

He did not believe that Tang Tian would choose such an option, so when Tang Tian kept raising the stakes, he saw it as greed.

But what if Tang Tian really did not want to hand over the saber?

Ye Jiu suddenly thought of the warning from Sagittarius Constellation, that Honorable Martial Group could only allow Ye Zhao Ge to enter Lupus Constellation, and no one else, did the empress already guess that Tang Tian would not hand over the saber?

Ye Jiu finally realized, he had to make other arrangements.

Only allowing Zhao Ge to enter Lupus Constellation? Ye Jiu thought for awhile, and suddenly his eyes lit up, if Honorable Martial Group could not enter Lupus Constellation, then I can find other people!

His heart settled down.

Although Tang Tian and his friends were displaying their might, an army, a saint sword, but to Ye Jiu’s level, it was just that. Lupus Constellation strong martial artists were unable to comprehend how strong the stronger constellation’s martial artists were. For armies, to Ye Jiu who have seen real armies before, it was more of a joke.

If you guys are truly that stupid, then let me show you the might of a real army.

Ye Jiu sneered.


The base in Three Spirits City was almost complete. Although Tang Tian had pulled out some parts, but to Sai Lei who was loaded, it was only money, the rest were of no issues.

Through the Mo Family, she had hired a group of strong but nameless mechanic engineers. The current Three Spirits City, in the mechanic weapon circle, was famous.

Seeing Bing, Sai Lei stopped what she was doing. Bing had urgent business coming to find her, but she asked: “What’s happening?”

Bing did not inform Sai Lei about the Special Death Training, if Sai Lei knew that he made Tang Tian enter the Special Death Training, she would definitely pick up the bronze steel-hammer without hesitation and smash him to death.

“Nothing much.” Bing appeared very calm.

Sai Lei heaved a sigh of relief: “That’s good, oh right, Mo Wei Tian has waited for you for days.”

Bing was surprised: “I thought he would only come after the war.”

“Maybe he sees more good in you all.” Sai Lei said in a disagreeing tone.

“I’ll go and see him.” Bing threw the paper in his hands to Sai Lei: “Take a look at this, and see what you can fix.”

“What’s this?” Sai Lei fumbled around with the paper, and asked.

Bing did not answer her directly, and only said: “You’ll know when you see it. I’m going to find Patriarch Mo.”

Mo Wei Tian had been standing at the training area everyday, watching the mechanical martial artists train. The majority of the time, his eyes were on Mo Zi Yu and Mo Wu Wei. He nodded inwardly, although he himself was strong, but after interacting with mechanical weapons for so many years, he could tell that the improvements the two had were like shedding their mortal body to become immortals.

Although 600 million was painful, but it was definitely worth it.

And Sai Lei had even custom made mechanical weapons for them, which was even more powerful compared to the Mo Family’s Mechanical weapons. PiPa had time to herself, so she had accompanied Mo Wei Tian, seeing that he was somewhat gratified, she said: “Zi Yu and Wu Wei’s strength far exceeds the other people. Ordinary mechanical weapons are already incompatible with them, therefore Master Sai Lei custom made two sets of mechanical weapons for them. Zi Yu’s mechanic weapon is called [Fire Blade], and Wu Wei’s one is called [Fearless Ice]. Master Bing had personally customized and worked out appropriate fighting styles for them, and Master had said before, if they were to team up, they can even fight Heavens Road List martial artists in the ranks of the warzone of the 10.”

“Master Bing really said that?” Mo Wei Tian was stunned, but he was actually ecstatic.

“Yes.” Pi Pa smiled: “The two of them had fought with Senior Blind Chord, and it was a draw.”

“You mean Blind Chord Old Man? “Mo Wei Tian was surprised.

“That’s right.” Pi Pa nodded.

Mo Wei Tian was equally shocked and joyous, joyous that the Mo Family finally had their own strong martial artists, and surprised that Tang Tian actually still had hidden talent under him! He thought about what Zi Yu and Wu Wei said the night before.

Zi Yu and Wu Wei trained excessively in the day, and did not have any spare time. Their Master instructor was also very strict, so the two of them dared not have any other thoughts while training. But at night, they could do what they wanted. Mo Wei Tian and the two of them talked, and he had gained many information, for example the group of young and unripe youths who were relatively weak, were improving extremely fast, causing the two of them to feel pressure. All the youths had outstanding talents on mechanic spirit weapons, and the Master Instructor spent a lot of time on them, and adding on the blood meridians specialist, the youths’ power could confidently be said that they were of a different standard everyday.

Tang Tian’s overall scheme was not small!

Mo Wei Tian was constantly thinking, and would always just sigh. It was such a big bronze base, and the first time he laid eyes on it, his entire body trembled. With such a large sum of money, how could their plans be small?

He went to Sai Lei’s workshop and saw Sai Lei’s new mechanic spirit weapon designs. The functions of the new designs were lacking compared to [Fire Blade] and [Fearless Ice], but their worth were even higher, far more than the [Ink Snow] that he sold. He knew that Sai Lei had prepared them for the Mo Family.

He could no longer estimate how high Sai Lei’s standard had reached regarding mechanic techniques and research.

Three Spirits City was flourishing and was growing in opportunities to live, as though everything was methodically arranged.

Given enough time, the entire place would definitely become a terrifying force in the future!

“Patriarch Mo.”

Mo Wei Tian turned, and a blue mechanic spirit weapon appeared in his vision. He accurately noticed that, [Sky Tiger] had a few places that had been through improvements.

Without flinching, he laughed: “Long time no see, Master Bing, I wonder if Young Master Tang is here?”

“He is currently in closed door cultivation.” Bing’s voice came out from Sky Tiger.

Mo Wei Tian nodded his head in approval: “When the Ocean Prison Saint Sword appeared, it shook the heavens. Young Master Tang is dedicating himself to progress and is in closed door cultivation, his will and resolution is something us ordinary people cannot compare with. Before I came, Young Master Tang had talked to me about an army, and that Master Bing would be fully in charge, I wonder….”

“Yes, leave it to me.” Bing said straightforwardly.

Mo Wei Tian decided to get straight to the point too: “I wonder what Master Bing sees through in the two disciples of the Mo Family’s training?”

Bing did not answer, but asked back: “Patriarch Mo is thinking to build an army?”

Mo Wei Tian said indifferently: “Times are harsh, the Mo Family requires a bit of self protection methods.”

“Patriarch Mo is right.” Bing’s tone was sort of complimenting him, but then he changed again: “But, does the Mo Family have military leaders? Without military leaders, The army is useless to start with.”

Mo Wei Tian was mature and experienced, and could naturally read between the lines of Bing’s words, and said: “I plead Master Bing to teach!”

“I dare not assume a teacher role, but I do have some ideas.” Bing’s words surprised him: “The Mo family does not have military leaders, but we do.”

“Is Master Bing planning to personally lead the army? Or Tang Yi?” Mo Wei Tian asked curiously.

Out of his expectations, Bing replied: “No. I do not have any plans to command any army now, Tang Yi will command the Lupus Army.”

Mo Wei Tian was startled, and the gaze in his eyes exploded: “Don’t tell me you have a third military leader?”

“There is progress.” Bing’s words were very obscure.

Although Bing was vague, but Mo Wei Tian was completely overwhelmed at that moment. Countless powerhouses had the wealth, but were unable to build an army, Fatty Li was the same, So what could the Mo Family actually do.

Hard to find one, these four words definitely were not exaggerated. Regardless if it was the Southern Sky’s 42 Constellations, or the Northern Sky’s 19 Continents, military leaders were extremely precious talents!

And Tang Tian actually had three of them!