Undefeated God of War - Chapter 322 – Special Death Training (2)

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Chapter 322 – Special Death Training (2)

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

“I do not know much about the sword.” Bing looked at Crane: “But I have heard from my friend in the past, that the Eastern Martial Techniques’ core teachings, emphasizes that Man and Heaven are one.”

“Man and Heaven are one?” Crane’s bright black pupils, exposed deep thought, while he contemplated. Crane who already had a calm and quiet aura, when he went into deep thoughts, he became even more tranquil.

“Yes.” Crane shook his head: “I do not know what that means, but I have seen how he trained his techniques.”

Crane raised his head and looked at Bing with anticipation.

Bing reminisced: “He had ordinary talent, but practiced till late nights. He spent 3 years of his time, eating and drinking, going to all sorts of mountains, becoming friends with star spirit beasts. His strength could only be considered average in the army. He then spent another three years, observing the water flowing and the wind soaring, trees thriving and dying. Three years later, his power, leaped to above average. He then spent another three years of time, venturing to the deep oceans, facing the torrential storms, stepped into the snow domain and origins of ice, and stepped into the 10 thousand km deserts, and immersed himself deep in volcanoes, causing us to think he was dead. When he came back, his power, was already one of the top 10 in the army. Then came the big war, and he never went out again. That war lasted for exactly 5 years, he killed countless of people, his war merits was glorious. When the scene calmed down, he would go to the back of the army from the front-lines. For 5 years, everyday he would be under the sun, then at night he would watch the moon and the stars. 5 years later, he became the 3rd strongest figure of the army.”

Crane was moved hearing that.

“Your talent is more outstanding than his, when he was your age, his strength was not even 1/10 of yours. The inheritance he gained, was incomplete, while you have obtained your own full inheritance. You are definitely more advantageous in all aspects. But what I am not sure of, is if you can do it more outstandingly than him. I always felt that he was special. I have told you his history, and hope that that will help you.” Bing spoke honestly to Crane.

Crane’s heartfelt reply: “Thank you!”

“Maybe if you had faced death before, you would not think like that.” Bing was nonchalant: “Thinking about his past, in a nutshell, he drew his powers naturally, search for the laws, and he called this method the natural laws. If there was time, I recommend you to walk the route he walked, and gain the same powers as he did naturally. But now we have no time, at most only a month. So we need to find a definite goal.”

Crane was still thinking on the “Natural laws”, he felt that he had benefited a lot from today, and when he heard about a definite goal from Bing, he raised his head and asked: “What definite goal?”

“Nature is all encompassing, and is like a very general object, since we only have a short time, we have to bring the target smaller, and choose one of the nature, for example, wind.” Bing explained.

“Wind?” Crane was deep in thoughts.

“That’s right.” Bing said: “I feel that wind is the most suitable for sword techniques, so I have prepared a wind cave for you.”

Bing gave Crane a map.

“This specially locates the positions with the harshest conditions, called the Sand Tone Valley, it is a valley formed by piles of sand, and the valley leads to an underground area, and when the wind blows into the sand, it will release a buzzing tone. The wind in the valley are like knives, and that is not an exaggeration, if you go in there, you will understand. Staying in there for one month is enough, then you can come back. Alright, I have prepared your dry rations for you, you can go now.”

Crane did not hesitate, accepted the biscuits, and bowed to Bing respectfully: “Thank you!”

He really is a polite and good kid……

Bing gave a gratifying wave: “Relax, if you die in there, at least your body will not become minced meat paste.”

Crane smiled, and turned to leave.

Bing slowly explaining and teaching all of them, until he reached Tang Tian who was extremely impatient: “Godlike young man, are you ready?”

“I was ready long ago!” Tang Tian massaged his fists, and jumped in excitement.

“Let us enter the light door.” Bing said.

When the two of them entered the light door, Bing immediately walked over to the small alley that was cut out. They could not see the end of the extremely straight alley, Tang Tian was startled, and immediately asked: “Ya Ya and the rest managed to go through already?”

“If it was up to schedule, they should be almost there. The mechanical beasts of Sai Lei, had numbered to around 200 sets, and the speed is extremely fast.”

Bing took out Sky Tiger, and rushed in: “Let’s go.”

Sky Tiger was like a ray of light, soaring fast up ahead.

Tang Tian was shocked, So fast! When did Sky Tiger’s speed become so fierce?

He did not know that in this time, for the sake of extracting money from Bing, she had specially given Sky Tiger upgrades, therefore producing such results. Sky Tiger was currently improved enormously, and its might was more powerful.

Tang Tian immediately activated his True Power, and his figure disappeared into the air.

Wind Concealment Footwork!

Tang Tian’s Wind Concealment Footwork had become very natural: his speed had increased and was much faster than before. It was as if he was tearing through the air, his figure would suddenly disappear, then appear from the air a few meters ahead.

In a blink of an eye, the alley was filled with his afterimages.

Crazily dashing, he was using all his strength to dash, so that he would not be left behind. The small alley did not have an end, for Tang Tian ran continuously for 3 days, without even having the feeling of it ending.

It was the first time Tang Tian did not hold back, using all his True Power to run. His True Power was much denser than the past, and seemed to be infinite.

Thinking about the tall big plateau Bing talked about, he really was not kidding!

Tang Tian smiled bitterly, he himself took joy in other’s calamity, Ya ya had to suffer so much, but never did he think that it would be his turn. Bing did not have the intention to wait for him, and if Tang Tian slowed down just a little, Sky Tiger would had become a little black dot.

Tang Tian had to put all his focus on his Wind Concealment Footwork, on how to save his True Power, on how to be more efficient in using it, on how to cover more distance per step.

For an entire 30 days, other than meditating to recover his True Power, Tang Tian’s time was all on running.

A set of ruins appeared in his sight.

Tang Tian did not have any other feelings other than the rage filling his heart. Bing, this asshole, is really too crazy! Considering the time dilation of his current location was ⅕ of the outside, spending 30 days in here meant only 6 days had passed outside.

He only had 30 days of time, but he actually spent 6 days running.

Did he strike his head against a wall or something?

Was his Special Death Training meant to be running to death by exhaustion?

Tang Tian supported his knees, gasping for breath. He stabilized the True Power in his body after a while. The 30 days of running was not for nothing, as his Wind Concealment Footwork had improved tremendously, and it could be considered a reward.

He raised his head, and was startled by what he saw, keeping all the words he wanted to say to the side of his mouth.

Bing had already taken off Sky Tiger, and was quietly watching the ruins in front of him. Sky Tiger stood straight behind him, For the army barracks ten thousand years ago, had become rubble and ruins, loss was in his eyes.

All the past events floated up in his mind, Although Bing had always told himself that it was a joke to evoke feelings from the past, and would be ridiculed by the crazy young man, but upon personally witnessing the ruins in front of him, tears almost dropped.

He strongly restrained the pain in his heart, and smiled in ridicule at himself, after sleeping for ten thousand years, he still did not learn, when will he learn to be strong?

If the Leader was still here, he would definitely had said “Aiya aiya, anything is fine, let nature takes it’s course”, “I feel that Little Bing Bing is good”, these kind of words, and then throw a pile of matters to him, then begin to go gamble. After the gamblers had quarreled after gambling, Bing would had to give food to them, help them extinguish their fires, at their beck and call……

Thinking about it, I really was shameless…..but, why do I cherish those memories….

He wandered about aimlessly, all the foreign yet familiar things entered his sight, and would cause him to stop for a while.

When he was young, the army was still weak, the entire place was the army’s front-lines. There were still many battle scars that were left from the battles fought.

Unknowingly, after he walked to the end, Bing stopped. He turned to face the ruins, looked up and focused the the scene in front of him. The sorrow in his eyes gradually left, and in replace was determination that condensed.

If your spirits are still here defending, please rest well.

Please do not worry, the army will not disappear, I am still here. Although I’m not as strong as you guys, nor as capable as you are, but rest assured that I will do my best to keep the army here, protect the place, and protect the army.

The future is still unknown, but time had still destroyed everything.

But, I am still here.

Leave it to me, everybody.

Bing bowed to the ruins with all seriousness.

Tang Tian watched Bing, but did not say anything. He could feel the aura coming off from Bing. Tang Tian was familiar, that it was the scent of faith, Uncle Bing, must definitely have many uncompleted dreams.

I wonder if I can help him.

“Tang Tian.”

Tang Tian’s train of thoughts was broken, and he raised his head to look at Bing.

“Over here.” Bing’s voice was solemn.

“Oh.” Tang Tian jumped up a few times, and reached Bing’s side.

Bing’s leg released strength, brushing away all the dust, exposing a bronze well cover. On the well cover wrote “7th Barracks station, shuts the season of the crimson japanese rose, weapons mixed in the dirt, return to the peace, be pacified”.

“Drop your blood on here.”

Bing’s solemn face exposed a trace sincerity.

Tang Tian was shocked, but he still cut the skin on his finger, drawing a bit of blood.

The blood dropped on the cover of the bronze well. Like a drop of water entering the sand, it was quickly absorbed in and disappeared.

Suddenly, the ground shook.

Ya Ya who was at the corner sleeping suddenly opened it’s eyes. It was not a mechanical beast, and after such a long time, it was already exhausted, and after it broke through, it fell into deep sleep. Until when the ground suddenly shook, it woke up alarmed and turned it’s neck.

Suddenly, it realized Tang Tian was there, the light in it’s eyes shone, squeaking joyously, it jumped into Tang Tian’s embrace.

Just at that moment, the ground beneath his feet suddenly trembled, the earth quaked and the mountains moved, Tang Tian almost lost his balance.

‘Rumble rumble’, the low and deep sound came out from deep within the earth. The earth that had been in slumber for so many years, started to open.

It was as if some ancient beast was awakened from it’s ten thousand years of slumber.