Undefeated God of War - Chapter 321 – Special Death Training (1)

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Chapter 321 – Special Death Training (1)

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Ah Mo Li was brought to a sealed training room, and he curiously looked around. There were countless mechanical arms inside, all of them were connected to weird things. The arms were all connected to all sorts of oddities. There was one covered with a sharp steel hammer, there was another with thick and sturdy wood, and there was even a bed covered with gears and rollers. They were strange oddities, and also covered with a layer of savage aura. Even Ah Mo LI, who was a fierce person, felt slightly overwhelmed.

“The Ancient Bear Race is very unknown to many people now.” Bing was slightly distracted again, then he suddenly smiled with self ridicule: “But in the past, they were an extremely strong race, where all creatures were scared to submission, even all the tiger and lion races dared not fight with them. The Ancient Bear Race were no doubt one of the tyrant races, as they were extremely territorial and did not like expanding. Their battle capabilities were extremely strong, their individual strengths were unmatched with tall and sturdy bodies, and without the slightest degree of clumsiness. They were one of the most outstanding battle races.”

“For 50% Ancient Bear Race blood meridians, other than increasing the essence of your body, the most important thing is the [Copper Skin Iron Bones].”

“Copper Skin Iron Bones?” Ah Mo Li’s pupil contracted, a look of curiosity on his face.

“That’s right, Copper Skin Iron Bones is the gift of the Ancient Bear Race. The Ancient Bear Race skin and hair already had astonishing defence; blades and swords are unable to injure them. And upon learning the [Copper Skin Iron Bones], their defence became even more powerful. The lowest level of the skill, is able to block ordinary sixth level martial techniques. In the past, that was the most basic of the Ancient Bear Race. With a 50% purity rate of the blood meridians, you will definitely learn it.”

“Wa, that powerful?” Ah Mo Li was happy.

“That’s right, it is an extremely useful talent, but not many people have it now. Even in the Ursa Minor Constellation and Ursa Major Constellation, there are very few people who have got it.”

“Why? It is such a powerful gift!” Ah Mo Li was extremely flabbergasted.

Bing said indifferently: “From young, the Ancient Bear Race people were required to use iron sand to grind their bodies, so that the power of the blood meridians would be activated. Pouring into their skin and drilling into their bone marrow, became the Copper Skin Iron Bones thereafter. They undergo an extremely painful process, and it will cause them to undergo many attacks on the body. Under the attacks, the power of the blood meridians will be able to spread out, and there will be the chance it enters the flesh. This is the long and arduous process, in which the Ancient Bear Race started from five or six years ago, and it requires two to three years of time, to be able to learn the skill. Copper Skin Iron Bones causes the skin color to look like brass, and following that, the skin will gradually become reddish, like scarlet copper. Upon reaching the limit, the skin on their body would recover to its original color, and look the same as ordinary people, but at the same time, even tenth level martial techniques have difficulty injuring them.”

“Even tenth level martial techniques have difficulty injuring them!” Ah Mo Li was drooling, his mind dreaming of him having the Copper Skin Iron Bones, in a place killing and fighting, full of longing. His face immediately became weird: “Such a good thing, why are there so little people who have it?”

“Because of pain.” Bing said.

“Pain?” Ah Mo Li laughed out loud: “I don’t believe it! How painful can it be? I feel that everyone is not afraid of pain!”

“That is ordinary pain.” Bing said without moving: “The power of blood meridians, needs to be dispelled, to be able to assimilate into your flesh, and requires the wreckage of your flesh so that it can be rebuilt. So that the power of the blood meridians can perfectly assimilate with your body.”

Ah Mo Li’s heart shivered, but thinking about the fact that even tenth level martial techniques would hardly injure his body, he immediately shook his head: “I’m not afraid!”

“You will feel even more pain. Ordinary training methods, requires only two to three years to obtain a small success, but we obviously do not have the time, I would give ourselves one month. If you want to obtain some small success, you need to completely destroy your body. The more you destroy, the better the assimilation of the power. You see this wood, iron hammer and grinding bed, all these are prepared for you, they are controlled by mechanics, and are extremely strong. Your body, needs to be hammered down constantly, then after recovering, you do it again, then recover. You need to do it more than 100 times, for you to learn the Copper Skin Iron Bones.”

“No wonder there are so many things!” Ah Mo Li was enlightened, he immediately started making noise: “Come on come on! This lively martial man will forever be fearless! Whatever pain it is, haha, this lively martial man will forever be a fearsome man that treats pain as pleasure!”

“If you cannot overcome this, you will become a pile of minced meat paste, but don’t worry, you will definitely be well proportioned.”

Bing’s emotionlessly activated the training room, and all the mechanic arms starting to move.

Ah Mo Li’s blood curdling screams pierced into the horizon.


Han Bing Ning sat quietly in an ice room, her eyebrows, hair, were all frozen in ice, her clothes, were as hard as wooden planks. Slowly, her face also began to freeze, and in a blink of an eye, she had transformed into an ice statue.

Her True Power in the body slowly flowed, maintaining a bit of life, while Bing’s words resonated in her ears.

“This is the bronze ice room, it was used to process blood meridians. The core of this is the Octans Constellation’s silver treasure, [Octans’ Freezer]. The temperature here reaches -70 degrees. In this environment, it will help you to fully assimilate the [Octans’ Heart]. It will also help your sword techniques. But, in such a harsh environment, to survive for one month, you need to maintain the flow of your True Power without stopping. As long as there is a gap of 10 minutes vacuum inside your True Power where you stop, you will have already died due to your body temperature dropping. If you are unable to activate the Octans’ Heart, you will freeze to death because you will be unable to continue the flow of True Power. In this one month, you will not be able to eat or drink. Be enlightened on the true essence of the Octans’ Freezer, and survive.”

Her breathing gradually became slow, as though she had calmed herself.


Liang Qiu’s hands were locked with over 25 kg of steel balls, struggling with all his might under the water, the water rapid was extremely fast, and he felt as if he was a branch under a torrent, basically unable to maintain stillness. What was even worse, was that his strength was quickly depleting.

What made him feel like dying, was that mixed in the water was countless of metal balls and branches. Continuously attacking Liang Qiu, every attack was like a hammer strike on him, causing his body to tremble.

“You need to stay strong in this room of water for a month. As long as you can dodge all the metal balls and branches, whilst being in the water, it will greatly help you with the enlightenment on the [Yin Yang San Shou]. Of course, you must first survive. The water flow is fast here, over 20 m a second, and every 5 days, it will increase by 10 m per second. If you are unable to activate the Centaurus Blood meridian, and have not broken through any martial technique, then you can just die in the water. But don’t worry, every 5 days you will have half an hour of breather, that will give you the time to delay Honorable Martial Group.

Bing’s words were definitely not a joke.

In the short span of two minutes, Liang Qiu’s body was already bruised all over.


Sima Xiang Shan looked around cautiously, he was placed in an extremely dark room, without any sound or light.

Suddenly, there was a trace of cold intent at his throat, and all the hair on his body stood up.

Without thinking, his body instantly retreated, and the cold intent swept past his nose.

It was for real!

Sima Xiang Shan’s face turned green, it was the first time, death was just at his nose, so close that it touched him!

“If you want to activate the [Night Snake Blood], you need to get used to the darkness, and understand the darkness. Only by truly understanding what is the darkness, can you activate the [Night Snake Blood[. Inside this hollow darkness, is the [Carina’s Shadow] of Carina Constellation. You need to maintain your focus at its highest at all times, for this place attacks at random and that even I am unable to predict. At the same time, this dark room, is not under my control, and will only open in another month. I wish you good luck, i hope that when I open it next month, I will not find a body destroyed into a thousand pieces. Oh, if you die, don’t get sliced too many times, it’s ugly.”

This asshole!

Sima Xiang Shan gritted his teeth, wait for me to come out, I will definitely burn you.


Ling Xu stood on a large platform, surrounded by mist that was filled with ruthless killing intent, as though something might suddenly flare up.

Suddenly, the mist on his right side suddenly moved, in a blink of an eye, the mist had transformed into a horseman, sitting straight on the horse and wielding a spear, he roared, and rushed towards Ling Xu! The horseman looked exactly like the Silver Frost Mount in his dreams. What made him more surprised was that it was using the exact same spear techniques as the Silver Frost Mount in his dreams.

Ling Xu suppressed the fear in his heart, and roared out. Without redrawing and going straight for the kill, he thrust his spear out.

A wave of terrifying power came out from the opponent’s spear, causing Ling Xu to withdraw a few steps, before stabilizing himself. Flamingo was taken to upgrade and repair, so he did not have a mount, and was actually at a disadvantage.

The grey mist Silver Frost Mount suddenly brandished out Pointed Sea Spears, causing Ling Xu to be trapped.

The spear aura of both sides met!

Ling Xu was defeated time and time again.

Is that real…. Or is that a hallucination?

“Ling Xu, do you know what is hindering your improvements? It is bedevilment! The devil in you is too strong! It is like a mirror, following you everywhere, which you are unable to get rid of. I do not know much of the Aries Spear of Stars, but it was hailed as the spear of faith, and is unshakable, it should not be influenced by anything. Regardless of what it was previously, you must still find the Pointed Sea Spears that belongs to you.”

“Hercules Constellation Gold treasure, [Hercules’ Nightmare], is extremely expensive, and able to bring out a dreamlike state. In this dream realm, all your bedevilment will become real, and only by defeating them can you be freed. Do not think it is fake, if, you die in there, you will become a lunatic. The scariest thing is, you will forever be in a coma state in the dream realm, and be unable to leave. That is worse than death!”

Thinking about it, Bing’s voice was extremely serious.

Is this bedevilment?

Ling Xu looked at the grey mist Silver Frost Mount in front of him. Suddenly, flames burst out from beyond his orange pupils, since it was bedevilment, whatever it is, he would destroy all of them!

Silver Frost Mount? Then let me try you out for awhile, what is the Silver Frost Mount’s most pure Aries Spear of Stars!

His spear tip pointed straight at the grey mist horseman, the killing intent in Ling Xu’s heart soared, stepping out and releasing his spear!