Undefeated God of War - Chapter 319 – Dividends of War

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Chapter 319 – Dividends of War

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Tang Yi and Huo Ma Er chose their captives and set out; they were Wu Tie Yu’s elite subordinates, who had all surrendered. These people were chosen because they had outstanding power and were locals, so they understood one another. And to them, the current Lupus Constellation powerhouses had obviously changed, Tang Tian’s aspiration to take the Lupus Constellation throne, was already unstoppable.

Adding on that they had personally witnessed Tang Tian’s terrifying power, they were all convinced by him long ago.

With them taking the lead, Tang Yi and Huo Ma Er moved very well. No matter how stupid the people were, they were able to tell the powerful people riding towards them, and if they remained obstinate and tried to resist, they would definitely die.

It was just that many people were jealous of the tribes of the desert for their good luck, and many more people leaned towards Tang Tian without hesitation. At this time where they could join such a tyrant, whoever was slower would eventually have their position affected in the future.

Tang Yi and Huo Ma Er had just set off, when they received news that the various powerhouses of Lupus Constellation all wanted to concede. On the first day, three out of four of the star bodies had expressed to surrender, and on the second day, the last powerhouse that was garrisoned at the last star body, also surrendered.

The matter to delay Honorable Martial Group, was handed to Sima Xiang Shan. He was a two-faced person, and was perfect for the job.

After going through inventory, Tang Tian knew, his harvest after the battle was astonishingly abundant.

The items of the Three big powerhouses of Lupus Constellation, other than Kang De’s, had all landed in Tang Tian’s hands. And An Bai, who was killed by Tang Yi, his items were also in Tang Tian’s hands. Adding the items of Tu Family Six Guards, it was unimaginable.

These 10 people were Heaven Road List martial artists, and for 10 of them to die in a battle, had not occurred for many years already.

To many people, it had already become a war.

Even if it were Heaven Road List martial artists, their lives were like grass in wars. Ordinary martial artists were not even worth money.

At the same time, the dividends of war was astonishing.

In the harvest, the most outstanding treasure, was without doubt Meng Wei’s [Safe and Sound Saber], which was a Equatorial Palace Hall grade Dark treasure. This rare treasure weapon, was unable to be seen in any market. If it was brought out to be sold, it could easily be sold for over a few hundred million, and if it was well advertised, people would buy it for over 10 billion.

The next in line were two Polar domain grade silver treasure weapon, Ursa Minor Constellation [Earthen Bear Wave], and Draco Constellation’s [Draco’s Call]. The first item came from Wu Tie Yu’s hands, and the second from Huai Bai Hua’s hands. The total worth of these two items were around 500 million.

There were even more Northern sky silver star treasures, a total of 64 of them.

Out of them, there were 10 treasure weapons. Northern Sky Grade silver treasure weapon prices all ranged above 30 million star coins. Ordinary Northern Sky silver treasures were much cheaper, but still needed 2 million star coins.

All of the 64 star treasures would bring Tang Tian around 600 million star coins.

Even Tang Tian was stunned, all these were just star treasures.

There was another pile, of spirit cards.

Heaven Road List martial artists all carried spirit cards on them, and they were naturally not ordinary goods. A total of 28 cards, all of them were rank eight gold grade cards, and the thing that surprised Tang Tian was that there were actually three Purple Gold cards.

Purple Gold cards, had the qualifications to become spirit cards for unique martial techniques, never did he expect that there would be three.

Tang Tian spent a huge sum of money on [Wind Concealment] and [Air Shield Strike Technique], and no one was better than judging the value of these spirit cards.

Piles of different grade star rocks were separated, Tang Tian noticed a rank 10 star rock, its light aura and it’s rich and prosperous energy, blinded Tang Tian’s eye.

Spirit coin cards totalled up to 1 billion star coins, the most was still from Wu Tie Yu and Huai Bai Hua, both of them were tyrants, compared to the rest, they were much richer.

Tang Tian and the rest were simple country bumpkins, where could they have seen so much money before?

They were instantly in a daze!

“Oh my god!” Ah Mo Li stood there stunned, trying to count with his ten fingers, but to no avail: “We are rich! So much money, if it was for Honorable Martial Group, how many missions do we need to do to earn that much!”

“Unskilled labor is your karma.” Sima Xiang Shan said while sharpening his blade at the side.

Liang Qiu was also shocked, and muttered: “This money, should be enough to buy Wu An Star.”

Sima Xiang Shan: “You overvalue Wu An Star.”

“We have struck rich.” It was as though Tang Tian was stepping in a pile of cotton, his footsteps were gentle without any force, he felt his own voice reverberating. When he heard Mo Wei Tian speaking about 16 billion, Tang Tian did not feel anything, because to him, it was just a number.

But, when spoils of wars valued 10 billion was placed in front of him, it was as if he was punched in the head, and became muddleheaded.

The star coins piled like a mountain, released a powerful ripple, so rich to the point that he could become drunk.

The light aura of the silver star treasures, were more dazzling than the sun.

The spirit cards were lined up beautifully, flickering indefinitely.

That was simply…. Too awesome!

“Divide them!” Tang Tian spoke out.

Ling Xu and Crane had no interest in star treasures.

Ling Xu’s Flamingo would soon have another upgrade, so star rocks were his best usable materials.

Crane did not seek for much, he swept once, then chose a few sword technique spirit cards.

[Earthen Bear Wave] was given to Ah Mo Li, he was naturally inclined to brute force, and in the time of training, for him to become stronger, the [Earthen Bear Wave] would aid him, and would eventually become even more terrifying.

[Draco’s Call] was a sword, and was given to Han Bing Ning. It had an entire body of silver, flickering and shining, the sword hilt was like a dragon head, adding on Han Bing Ning’s cold aura, it became even sharper. Tang Tian actually wanted to give the Safe and Sound Saber to Han Bing Ning, but for some reason, the Safe and Sound Saber resisted, it only wanted Tang Tian to wield it.

Liang Qiu trained in San Shou, and three purple gold cards, were coincidentally San Shou related, called [Yin Yang San Shou].

(TN: San shou is another type of hand to hand chinese martial arts, like wing chun)

Sima Xiang Shan went to pick the light body technique related purple gold card, [Ghost Steps].

The remaining purple gold card was a fist technique, [Soft Fist]. Only Tang Tian trained in Fist techniques, and upon seeing the name, he frowned. To him, fist techniques should be tyrannical and fierce, what kind of fist technique was Soft Fist?

But seeing that it was a purple gold card, Tang Tian reluctantly kept it. Tang Tian did not require much star treasures. There were no armors, if not, he would be interested.

He was most excited for Bing’s special training.

Two days later, he suddenly called Ling Xu, Crane and the rest to gather.

When Tang Tian happily pulled open the boards, and exposed a dark black hole entrance, everyone was shocked.

“Wa! Fundamental Tang! When did you learn to create holes? Eh, it’s done really well, perfect circle!” Ah Mo Li widened his eyes, he was impressed.

Tang Tian’s expression froze on his face. Asshole, every time I want to show something glamorous, it will get ruined by this stupid cow.

“Everyone go down.” Tang Tian said emotionlessly, and was the first to jump down.

The rest followed suit, and when they landed, they were all astonished.

The space below was strangely big, around the size of half a hectare. A few foreign training machines caused them to become dazzled, it was actually an underground base.

“Bronze?” Crane lowered his head and inspected the floor, and jumped in surprise.

Upon hearing it, all of them immediately went to touch the floor, and were all shocked.

“Fundamental Tang, this base is not completely created out of bronze, right?” Liang Qiu could not resist but ask.

Seeing everyone’s expression, Tang Tian who was initially unhappy, instantly became happy, and said proudly: “That’s right! It’s completely made out of bronze. I spent two days, to complete this. It’s so tiring!”

Two days…..

If it was a place to stay, all of them would had definitely called Tang Tian crazy. A bronze underground base, completed in two days? Is he treating us as idiots?

Crane and Ling Xu looked at each other, they were equally shocked. They knew that Tang Tian had a mechanic engineer working for him, if not where would Ling Xu obtain Flamingo from? But, they finally realized, that the mechanic engineer who was working for Tang Tian, was not an ordinary mechanic engineer!

To have such a surprisingly capable mechanic engineer…..

He or she was simply too strong!

What kind of mechanic engineer, could suddenly produce a bronze base out of nowhere in two days?

Ling Xu’s eyes lit up, seeing that the mysterious mechanic engineer was much more powerful than he thought, then his Flamingo would definitely become stronger! With regards to whatever power was supporting Tang Tian, he did not care.

Tang Tian was extremely satisfied, he was able to complete the underground base in two days, he was almost worked to death.

Sai Lei’s efficiency was astonishing, a large number of mechanical beasts were sent into the light door, and followed Ya Ya to continue drilling through the plateau at an even faster rate. Tang Tian was greatly inspired, and allowed Sai Lei to create 10 more digging mechanical beasts. From the soft sand dunes, they started off digging easily, and the 10 mechanical beasts dug overnight, forming the gigantic space. While the bronze part, were all directly unloaded from the bronze base in Three Spirits City, and then using the Silver Aquarius Cabinet, they were moved and installed.

Even for Tang Tian who was super strong, to move and assemble all the bronze parts, caused him to almost tire out.

It could be rated as miraculous efficiency, with its sensation, let Tang Tian feel that his hard work was not for nothing.

‘Cough.’ Tang Tian acted to break everyone’s thoughts, and started explaining: “The reason I had this base built, is to help us with our special training.”

“Special Training?”

The two words attracted everyone.

“That’s right.” Bing’s voice came out from the shadows of the base, as he gradually floated to everyone: “The battles that are coming, will be extremely difficult. You all know how the Honorable Martial Group works, they will definitely send people to kill you all. So, You all need to complete the the Special Death Training in this period of time.”

“Special Death Training?” Ah Mo LI was curious: “What’s that?”

“This Special Death Training, means that, if you do not complete it, you will die.” Bing’s poker face said it out with no expression.

“If we do not complete it…. We will die…” Ah Mo Li’s expression froze, as he stammered.

“That’s right.” Bing said indifferently: “Let’s say, the things that can bring out a human’s full potential. The number one, is only one thing, and that is death. Only when facing death, will you realize, everything around you, will change. That includes your attitude, your willpower, your martial techniques. Death will allow you to grow at a very fast pace, either you transform or you crumble.”