Undefeated God of War - Chapter 318 – Decision

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Chapter 318 – Decision

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

When Tang Tian returned to the tribe, he realized the atmosphere was somewhat oppressive. Crane, Ling Xu, Ah Mo Li and the rest sat in a circle, all of them did not have a good face.

He felt weird, and quickly went to ask: “Hey hey hey, what’s up with all of you? People might think we lost.”

Everyone was quiet.

Ah Mo Li hesitated for a while, then said: “Fundamental Tang, we need to tell you something.”

“What?” Tang Tian was curious: “Hey, Mosquito Cow, when did you learn to stammer?”

Anger filled Ah Mo Li’s eyes, and he spoke with difficulty: “The elder wants you to give the Safe and Sound Saber to the Martial Group.”

“Why?” Tang Tian was stunned.

Liang Qiu stood up, coughing lightly, he replied: “Cetus Constellation has come to pressure us, they think that our action of going against Cetus Constellation is not right. They hope that they can recover the Safe and Sound Saber, and then destroy it. Elder said if you are willing, the Martial group is willing to compensate you accordingly.”

Tang Tian’s expression immediately turned cold: “What does this have to do with them!”

Ah Mo Li was angry: “Humph, the elder is too weak! If Senior Jing Hao was here, he would not allow this to happen!”

Liang Qiu understood Tang Tian’s personality, after all they came from the same place, and Tang Tian’s untamed and wild personality, how could he take it. Honorable Martial Group’s higher ups, will only use such methods to pressure Tang Tian who always flowed with the wind. Honorable Martial Group has a tight ranking system, and the orders from the higher ups to the subordinates, were supposed to be followed stringently.

Even for Tang Tian who did what he wanted and flowed with the wind, he was just a bronze martial artist in Honorable Martial Group, and did not hold any position in the group.

But what Liang Qiu was most disappointed in, was undoubtedly the elder. No wonder they were considered weaker even in the middle region sects, their elder knew Tang Tian’s relation with Jing Hao, and had pledged to take care of them, but he would actually cower back so easily, it caused them to be disappointed.

And, they were met with an ambush upon entry of Lupus Constellation, which meant there was someone colluding with the enemy.

“Cetus Constellation said, if we reject them, they will close the starry door between Lupus Constellation and Cetus Constellation.” Liang Qiu persistently completed the bad news.

Tang Tian’s gaze turned cold, his expression green.

Cetus Constellation, a cold intent swept past Crane’s eyes, seeing Tang Tian’s reaction, he said: “Tang Tian, this saber belongs to you, you’re the one to make the decision.”

“That’s right!” Ling Xu snorted: “A stupid fish, I’ll pierce it to death!”

Suddenly, Han Bing Ning said: “I’m not going back to the group anymore.”

Ah Mo Li excitedly jumped up: “Sister Bing is also not going back! That’s great! I’m not going back either, it frustrates me! Such a broken and unpromising martial group, it pisses me off! Broken, broken, broken, broken martial group!”

Liang Qiu smiled warmly: “Everyone will stay together.”

Sima Xiang Shan coldly replied: “Then we will wait for them to come and chase after us.”

Ah Mo Li’s face turned red: “Come then come! If a man must live so sullenly, why not just die! Sima, if you’re scared of dying then just say it.”

“I AM scared of dying.” Sima Xiang Shan said eerily: “Luckily I have already meddled with the Honorable Martial Plates before. If not we would had been implicated by you, blockhead.”

“Who are you calling blockhead?” Ah Mo Li’s eyes was opened wide, and spoke angrily.

Liang Qiu immediately stopped the two of them.

Tang Tian was moved, no matter what happened, everyone’s trust made him feel warmth. He said: “I don’t understand about the major principles, but I will definitely not hand the saber over. I will not nurse a grievance, or care about anything that benefits everyone. I only know one word, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! They respect me, and I will respect them. They dare to bully me, I will use my fist as a response to them. Hey, Little Xu Xu, are you truly not afraid?”

Ling Xu bellowed out in rage: “Scram!”

Everyone burst out laughing.

“Cetus Constellation wants to close the starry door, we can close our starry door too.” Tang Tian clenched his teeth: “That’s right, we might be weak now, but we will walk down every constellation, one at a time, and we will definitely become strong! We can get defeated, or killed, but will never get scared to death! If we retreat here, then how many other dangers and difficulties await for me to retreat?”

“There will be a day, I will use my fists to smash Cetus Constellation gates!”

Tang Tian’s words struck like a nail.

“Wise words!”

“Kill them all!”

“At most we will just fight! Who’s afraid!”

“I’ll pierce them all with one thrust of my spear!”

Crane watched everyone getting roused, they were a group of youngsters who could not wait to raise their fists, and this would cause a lot of headaches. They were really rash and heated people, without a bit of tactics, so he asked: “Then what do you plan to do with Honorable Martial Group?”

“I quit the Honorable Martial Group.” Tang Tian replied firmly: “This sort of organization, has no meaning anymore.”

Crane did not refute him, and said solemnly: “You are now just flowing with the wind, if you publicly announce that you leave the Honorable Martial Group, they will not be willing to leave it as that. We must make some preparations first. Firstly, we must close the starry door that connects to Cetus Constellation, and cut the route of attack from Cetus Constellation, to avoid them. Secondly, in the shortest period of time, we must sweep out all the other powerhouses of Lupus Constellation, and stabilize our own base camps. Thirdly, we need to make preparations, and wait for Honorable Martial Group to come.”

Crane’s arrangements were clear, and everyone nodded their heads.

“So, the first thing we must do is delay.” Crane’s black pupils glowed with a cold aura: “Regarding the saber, we must portray hesitation, and say that we are considering. After that we will pretend to go and speak conditions to Honorable Martial Group, and give them the wrong feeling, that we are very willing to trade, but must set the conditions right first. In that time, we must use the quickest speed to sweep Lupus Constellation.”

Thinking about that, to make Honorable Martial Group, a huge figure an enemy, Crane did not feel the least bit of fear, but actually felt excitement.

Suddenly Bing’s voice came out: “Huo Ma Er and Tang Yi will lead the army to control the starry door. En, those locals of Lupus Constellation that have surrendered can be recruited, Kang De and the rest are dead, they should be more reliable. Huo Ma Er, how many starry doors does Lupus Constellation have?”

“Four.” Huo Ma Er replied: “One to the Cetus Constellation, the Corvus Constellation, the Delphinus Constellation and the last one goes to a spirit region called Zhen Hai City.”

Bing nodded: “Create a big fanfare and move, try to be as big and loud as possible. We have just defeated Onyx Soul, use that, and the people who resist will be lesser. Huo Ma er, Tang Yi, go grab a captive from the prisoners of war.”

“Yes!” Tang Yi complied.

Huo Ma Er immediately followed him.

When it comes to commanding, no one else will cut in. Bing had already established his power as a military general in the fight.

Only when Bing had finished, did Crane continue: “Once we have more or less swept the entire Lupus Constellation, we will suddenly close the starry door to Cetus Constellation. At that time, Honorable Martial Group and Cetus Constellation will then realize what’s going on. But, if Honorable Martial Group wants to handle us, they will need to gather their martial artists from Northern Sky’s 19 Continents before coming. That requires time, so we need to use that time to strive to increase our power.”

Ling Xu reminded them: “The training clothes for training True Power is good.”

“No problems on that!” Tang Tian did not understand any of the battle procedures, but when it comes to raising power, he was very experienced: “We have many usable star treasures from the spoils of war this time. Everyone go and see if there are any that are good for yourselves, and use it. After that everyone will think, what can help to raise their own power in the shortest amount of time. Spirit cards, star rocks, whatever treasures, anything is possible. Tell me, and I will think of a way.”

“Spirit of a tyrant, I like it.” Sima laughed.

Liang Qiu spoke: “The most important thing to defeat the Honorable Martial Group, should be treasures.”

“Ok!” Tang Tian noted it down.

“You better not appear for the next few days.” Crane advised: “As long as you do not appear, Tang Yi’s actions will not draw too much attention. Lupus Constellation is a small place, the people above look down on us.”

Tang Tian nodded, he understood.

Everyone else quickly calmed down. They were all excited and slightly afraid at the same time. With regards to the Tu Family Six Guards, Tu Ru Hai was just a Northern Sky rank elder, while the next hurdle was to fight with Honorable Martial Group, what awaited everyone was a bloody battle. Honorable Martial Group was impartial to traitors and martial artists who run from them. If they found out, the higher ups of Honorable Martial Group would be thoroughly enraged.

But the fellow who wished for the whole world to be in chaos, had left and started to go and train.

Tang Tian and Bing entered the light door together, and realized that there was a small alley that stretched out very far. He suddenly remembered, the time here was extremely different from the outside.

Ya Ya had three more helpers, and the speed of tunneling had greatly increased, and had already advanced another 10 km.

Tang Tian suddenly thought of something: “Hey uncle, if we allow Sai Lei to create a few more of those mechanical beasts, will that hasten the process?”

“That’s a good idea.” Bing eyes lit up: “I will go and talk to her.”

Tang Tian was silent for a while, then raised his head: “Uncle.”

“Yes?” Bing was taken aback, and stopped.

“Can you lend me the money?” Tang Tian was somewhat embarrassed: “Mo Wei Tian’s money.”

“You’re saying?” Bing was surprised.

Tang Tian spoke out, as if talking to himself: “We must definitely win this battle! I know, because of me, everyone is drawn to this battle! No matter what, I cannot fail!”

When he reached the end, Tang Tian’s tone, was extremely fierce.

“I want to use that 16 billion, to pour it into everyone, I want everyone to get even stronger!”

Tang Tian raised his head, full of anticipation, he looked at Bing.

“Uncle, you must have a way, right?”

Bing looked at Tang Tian silently, suddenly, he seemed to fly back to the past. That year, that young man was the same as Tang Tian, full of anticipation as he looked out with high fighting spirit, and with a thread of naivety, he asked the commander: “Sir, you must have a way to make me stronger, right?”

“Ha ha, Little Bing Bing, of course I do, but, it is very tough!” The heroic commander’s mouth formed a crescent, and rubbed the young man’s head, laughing out loud.

‘A curious coincidence’, as Bing said: “Of course I do, but, it is very tough.”

“That’s great! I’m not afraid of tough!” Tang Tian happily jumped out, his tone was determined: “None of us are afraid!”

Bing was startled, as if he was reliving the period of a lifetime ago.