Undefeated God of War - Chapter 315 – Aftermath

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Chapter 315 – Aftermath

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Cetus Constellation.

Gong Qing sat on the Whale Throne, his palm supporting his chin, deep in thought. He was already 60 years old, but looked to be a middle aged man who just turned 40, without a look of haggardness, he had a temperament of a scholar. He had been the master of Cetus Constellation for over 10 years and had been just and fair, deeply loved and respected by his citizens.

At this moment, all of his subjects were vehement, and feeling pained.

“Master! We absolutely cannot let that go! Our Cetus Constellation is one of the 10 Equatorial Palace Halls, although we do not like go around on expeditions, but how can we suffer that scorn? Under everyone’s eyes, he has stepped on our Cetus Constellation, and created a Constellation Dark Treasure! Humph, that Lupus Constellation is just a Southern Sky Constellation, they don’t even have the qualifications to carry our shoes. And that Tang Tian, is just a mere eighth level, he dares to treat our Cetus Constellation as a stepping stone, he must be tired of living….”

A bold and powerful man with an imposing figure said.

Fu Yan was one of Gong Qing’s right hand men. He was extremely popular on Cetus Constellation and had immense power.

Everyone else present nodded their head. The battle in Lupus Constellation originally did not have any connection with Cetus Constellation, but never did they think that in the end Tang Tian would be resisting Cetus Constellation and creating a Constellation Dark Treasure. It was like the group of people on Cetus Constellation had suffered from internal injuries, and were extremely furious.

Gong Qing did not even raise his eyelids, and asked indifferently: “What ideas do you have? You can’t have this big group of adults run to a small kid and kill him. If word gets out, it would be the strong bullying the weak, and we cannot run away from that.”

“We can head to Honorable Martial Group to pressure them, and ask Tang Tian to hand over the Dark Treasure. Your subordinate has already found out, Tang Tian does not have a high position in Honorable Martial Group, and is only in the same league as Jing Hao. I believe that by pressuring Honorable Martial Group, they will not stop us.” A scholar like man stood out, he was called Ji Qiu, and was a rather outstanding Counselor.

“That is a good idea!” Fu Yan clenched his hammer like fist, and replied excitedly.

Gong Qing nodded his head: “That’s right, but what if Tang Tian doesn’t comply? Do we have to find trouble with him? One of the Equatorial Palace Halls, going to find trouble with a stinking brat; even if we win, there is nothing to gain.”

Ji Qiu said blatantly: “Your subordinate has heard, Tang Tian’s original route is towards Southern Cross Constellation. If Tang Tian is not willing to hand it over, we can close the starry door between Cetus Constellation and Lupus Constellation, as a punishment.”

Gong Qing felt that it was reasonable, Cetus Constellation was the shortest route to Southern Cross Constellation. If Tang Tian and the rest did not comply, that meant they had to take a huge detour. That would consume much more time and create a higher probability of meeting danger. Since it was like so, they too would not be in conflict with Honorable Martial Group, and no one can say anything about it.

He nodded his head: “Then go and do it.”

Tu Ru Hai’s face was black, he knew that the days to come would not be good. His face had reached rock bottom after the fight on Lupus Constellation. The Tu Family Six Guards were the results of his blood, sweat and tears, something that he had spent immeasurable amounts to create. And what made him angrier was Meng Wei’s final actions, that bitch, did not know how to die properly, and actually put all her power into a broken saber!

Now there were many rumors, saying that his position as the Northern Sky Elder was not stable.

The elders of Onyx Soul, had a strict ranking, their rankings were similar to the gradings of the Constellations. Southern Sky, Northern Sky, Polar Domain, Equatorial Palace Hall, Ecliptic Palaces, the 5 ranks, each rank had specific number of elders that had to follow strict rules, and were extremely difficult to promote. Other than special contributions to the organisations, one who wished to promote a rank needed a vacant spot on the higher rank.

Many Southern Sky elders were vying for his position, and could not wait for his position to drop.

I will not let you all take my place!

Tu Ru Hai stood up, he needed to find assistance, to help him get over the struggle. If not, all the Southern Sky elders would be like savage jackals coming after him, wanting to rip him into pieces.

There was no infighting allowed in Onyx Soul, but that was empty words. They would not do it in the light, but would have underhand methods.

Feeling the sense of urgency, he knew he needed to act.

He walked to the door, but his face suddenly changed, and retreated half a step.

The door in front of him automatically opened by itself, and a figure with a gigantic huge sickle on his back appeared in front of him.

“Black Sickle!”

Tu Ru Hai’s face turned ugly, but his voice carried a trace of tremble: “Who….who hired you to come? I will give you that amount, I will pay double, no, triple!”

The other party did not bother, the sickle on his back had suddenly teleported into his hands, and the black aura flashed across.


Fatty Li opened a bottle of wine, his face full of smiles, and was pouring a cup for Mo Wei Tian: “Little brother, you must send all those mechanical spirit weapons earlier, I still want to build my army.”

Mo Wei Tian seemed to have some thoughts in his mind, but quickly reacted: “Did City Master find a military leader?”

“No, military leaders are not so easily found.” Fatty Li laughed: “But I have a lot of money.”

Mo Wei Tian was taken aback: “City Master struck it rich again?”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Fatty Li smiled happily: “Out of Tu Ru Hai’s five cities, 2 of them have already landed in my hands. Also, I have sent word out, that I do not want the remaining three. He he, those small fries, will definitely pounce on them. Tu Ru Hai is done for!”

“So fast?” Mo Wei Tian was surprised.

“Tu Ru Hai had too much smoothness these past few years. He had made a mistake, one careless move and the whole game is lost, He had long forgotten about that.” Fatty Li sneered, gulping down the red wine in his hands, he continued: “If he can last for another 10 days, He might have a chance to rise again. Sadly, I have long waited too long for this day to come!”

He did the action of cutting the throat.

Mo Wei Tian’s eyes widened, he did not believe it: “Don’t tell me….”

Fatty Li laughed, and once again poured his wine cup to the brim, and happily said: “Tell me, should I not celebrate?”

Mo Wei Tian was stunned.


Sima Household.

Qiu Zhi Jun spoke calmly: “The information we have gathered on Wu Wang Hai is very little, but we managed to find that, roughly 20 years ago, it was suspected that Wu Wang Hai’s spirit general appeared near Southern Cross Constellation.”

“Southern Cross Constellation?” Sima Xiao placed the tidbits into his mouth, and spoke with food in his mouth: “The reach of our people is profound huh. What other leads?”

“None.” Qiu Zhi Jun shook his head.

“Seems like we can only live with it.” Sima Xiao had a face of helplessness.

“The plan that you mentioned about taking the seat of the Patriarch is gone.” Qiu Zhi Jun said: “I have obtained news, that the elders think that the first branch has sacrificed too much, and have decided to complement the first branch, so they will continue to hold the seat.”

“No choice, our foundation is too thin.” Sima Xiao waved his hand, and said unclearly: “But no matter, I have found a good military leader. As long as we build up our army, it doesn’t matter if we have or not have the position of of Patriarch.”

“Who?” Qiu Zhi Jun asked.

“Phoenix Constellation, De Rong who is hailed as Iron Gloves.”

Qiu Zhi Jun was surprised: “You managed to convince him?”

“A few years ago, I heard that his daughter had some weird illness, and all this time I have been looking for a cure for him. My luck was good, and finally found it recently.” Sima Xiao laughed: “Phoenix Constellation does not have any army, and De Rong is not a direct descendant, he spent time as an officer to kill time, and did not have any great goal. To be able to find an army here, how could he not be happy?”

Qiu Zhi Jun nodded his head: “His standards are good. His achievements in his previous army for hire were outstanding from the past. Ever since he left, the army did not last long. But I heard that he is very stubborn, so he was not well received by the higher ups in Phoenix.”

“Which talented person isn’t stubborn?” Sima Xiao laughed: “If I do not even have this much of broad-mindedness, what can I achieve? The army will be handed over to him, give him whatever he wants, I will not ask.”

Qiu Zhi Jun then asked: “Then what about Yang Wu?”

Yang Wu was the person chosen by Sima Xiao previously, and now that he had De Rong, Yang Wu was useless.

Sima Xiao laughed: “Let them compete, the loser will be the subordinate, that is more fair, and no one will disagree.”

“That’s a good idea.” Qiu Zhi Jun judged, and suddenly asked: “Why are you so negative about this? Or should I say, why do you feel that Tang Tian will really affect your plans?”

Sima Xiao’s smiling face became straight: “I do not know. But, to prepare is to be safe, which is never a bad thing.”

He suddenly smiled again: “And, don’t you think these few days have been too quiet?”

Tang Tian had just stepped into the light door, when a black figure suddenly rushed in front of him and abruptly stopped, scaring him.

It was Ya Ya.

Just that……

“Hey, Ya Ya, how did you end up like that?” Tang Tian looked at Ya Ya who was surrounded by smoke, and was stunned.

Ya Ya’s entire body was black, as though it came out from a chimney, and covered with the soot. Only it’s pair of eyes were blinking white.

Ya Ya raised its two small hands, and started to squeak, and simulated a sucking sound from its mouth.

Tang Tian was confused, and after a while, he asked: “You….are you saying you…. Swallowed the entire smoke into your body?”

Ya Ya happily pointed to its belly, and raised its head, showing the face of ‘you better praise me’.

Tang Tian pinched its nose, and with his other hand he smacked Ya Ya’s buttocks, bringing it in front of him.

“So dirty. Let me tell you, you better not climb on me anymore. Ke ke, look at you, like an excavator. Good that you sucked that stupid smoke up, it’s so noisy.” Tang Tian immediately said: “But, let me tell you, little friend, smoking is bad for your body!”

Ya Ya struggled out from Tang Tian who was pinching it’s buttocks.

It squeaked unhappily, its fist banging towards the chest, showing that it was tough and strong.

“Ai ya, you’re so small, don’t think that after being dyed black, you are something else.” Tang Tian laughed out loud, his face full of ridicule.

Ya ya was angry, and formed a half squat position, tensing it’s arms, showing off it’s power.

Tang Tian looked at the flag that was in Ya Ya’s butt, trembling with Ya Ya, which was extremely comical. He squatted down, laughing frantically, and trying to use his finger to wave the little flag around.

Ya Ya’s fell down to the ground due to his control.

Ya Ya became even angrier, ‘deng deng deng’, it walked over, and jumped a couple of times. In the end Tang Tian chased after it even more, waving the small flag in Ya ya’s butt.

Ya Ya immediately held onto the flag, and quickly ran far away before stopping.

At this time Tang Tian played enough, he stood up, and laughed: “Ha ha, ok, I’ll stop here for today, I still have things to do….”

Ya Ya who was spirited shouted a word.

“Huo Yi.”

The black and meaty fist punched outwards.

Tang Tian’s body froze, and his pupils suddenly contracted.