Undefeated God of War - Chapter 314 – Amnesia

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Chapter 314 – Amnesia

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

The black flames amassed together in a big wave, soaring towards the sky.

The second light beam immediately collapsed, while the black flames that had not collapsed, were like a blood thirsty star spirit beast, pouncing towards Cetus Constellation in the sky.

It flew higher and higher, but it was still not enough to reach Cetus Constellation, after advancing a few hundred meters, it finally disappeared in the air.

Tang Tian looked upward, the black flames all over his body pouring out seemed indefinite. He gazed at the sky above him, not moving an inch. The rich and dense black flames, were extremely violent. He was like a bandit that crawled out of Asura’s field, all the black flames all over his body seemed to be filled with bloodstains.

Cetus Constellation’s light aura flickered indefinitely, but it did not drop its third light beam.

The image of Cetus COnstellation in the sky gradually grew dim, and disappeared.

“Chi!” In the void, Wu Wang Hai sneered in disdain.

The black clouds dispersed very quickly, the sunlight pierced through the layer of clouds, elevating the pressure of the people’s heart, and everyone instantly felt more comfortable.

The berserk in Tang Tian’s eyes gradually lessened.

He quietly floated in the sky and looked downwards, but his mind was quickly acting. I am going back to slumber, eh, that idiot, doesn’t even have half of my intelligence.

If it was me….i would definitely have touched upon the truth already…..

He took this unrealistic thought and threw it to the back of his head.

Wu Wang Hai was a sword saint, and seems like, my father is not a simple person. And the unknown secrets of my body, seems to be more than I have expected. The memories and information of stealing the power of Pavo Constellation, and adding on the dark flames of the void, drawing out the Saint Sword Prison Ocean, and the surging information of sword techniques and information into his brain.

Tang Tian could sense some sort of conspiracy, what does that asshole really want to do?

Southern Cross Army, sword saint…..do the two have any connections……

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s brain had a piercing pain, it was so sudden and fierce that Tang Tian subconsciously grabbed his head tightly.

Damn it!

The black flames on his body quickly disappeared, even the Ocean Prison Sword in his right hand disappeared under the sun, like a bubble. His face was pale like paper, frowning intensely, as though he was suffering from extreme pain.

Asshole….give me some more time…..

Tang Tian was swallowed by the infinite darkness.

Losing control of his body, he flew down from the sky, in a second he was about to fall right onto the sand, the Safe and Sound Sword in his left hand suddenly lit up with a dim light aura, supporting his body and stopping the fall.

When he was roughly half a meter from the ground, the light aura from the sword vanished, and he dropped onto the sand.

Two figures swept across the desert like the wind, upon seeing Tang Tian falling, Crane and Ling Xu were taken aback and rushed forward.

In the void, Wu Wang Hai’s face had a faint look of worry.

“The plan is screwed. This boy actually activated the Second Consciousness so early, that is really surprising. Also….”

Wu Wang Hai’s mouth exposed a smile.

“This brat’s Second Consciousness, is so strong! As expected of….”

The tone of his voice was gradually softer, than the figure in the void gradually disappeared.

Regardless of whether it was the martial artists on scene, or the martial artists watching the battle from their screens, all carried complicated emotions while leaving. But everyone knew, the battle was not over. Just that there were too many questions now, in which the powerhouses behind the scenes were all investigating.

The one being investigated the most, was the black flames sword in Tang Tian’s hands.

Very quickly, the name of sword saint Wu Wang Hai came out.

At this point, no one dared to act without thinking. To involve a sword saint, even if he had died 1500 years ago. And for the Prison Ocean Sword to actually land in Tang Tian’s hands, proved that it’s power had not been exhausted, the legend of the bloodthirsty and crazy sword saint most probably had a method similar to that of being a spirit general to survive.

Sword Saint Spirit General, that caused many people to flinch.

Some of the powerhouses with their remarkable abilities began to conduct all sorts of investigations from the start of Wu Wang Hai’s achievements. They then conducted searches on relevant suspicious characters, but, they did not find any sort of clues. Wu Wang Hai’s life achievements were scarce, although he was a sword saint, but at that time, many people placed important on orthodox methods. And Wu Wang Hai was always alone, and did not leave any words behind.

Was it by chance, or was it for a reason?

No matter how the powerhouses tried to investigate secretly, Tang Tian’s name quickly spread through the Southern Sky, Northern Sky, and even the 5 Polar Domains.

Tang Tian opened his eyes, it had already been three days.

Looking at the ceiling, he was stunned. ‘Eh, how did I end up here?’

Wasn’t I fighting?

His face changed, and he immediately wailed: “Ah, did I oversleep? God! Little Xu Xu and Little Crane, you guys must hold on!”

Tang Tian shouted and jumped up, he quickly changed his clothes and ran out.

When he ran out of his room, he was stunned, the stronghold in front of him, was serene and bustling with activities, as though everyone was celebrating.

This was….

“Master is awake!” Suddenly a martial artist shouted.

Tang Tian was shocked.

The shout immediately caused a huge tide, as countless martial artists poured in.

“Master! You’re finally awake!”

“That’s great! I knew that master was alright!”

“Wa wa wa!”



The sudden clamors and incoming crowd caused Tang Tian’s brain to hum and feel bloated, he was puzzled, what was happening?

Crane and Ling Xu flew over very quickly.

Noticing Tang Tian’s puzzled expression, Crane’s heart was stirred.

Ling Xu clenched his teeth instead: “This asshole, finally woke up. Let me beat him up real good!”

Crane immediately pulled onto Ling Xu.

Tang Tian suddenly noticed a few familiar faces, and was surprised: “Eh, mosquito cow, why are you guys here?”

He looked at the four people waving to him in puzzlement, the four of them had somewhat embarrassed expressions.

“We were actually here to help, but were stopped by people on the way.” The expressions of the four of them were unnatural, in the end it was Liang Qiu who explained. They were originally sent to help, but in the end they did nothing, and were actually held back by people.

Ah Mo Li smiled awkwardly: “But we injured a few of the people who detained us!”

“Are you ok.” Han Bing Ning gathered her courage to ask.

“I’m fine.” Tang Tian shook his head, he had not clarified the situation: “I think I overslept.”


The four of them were startled.

Ah Mo Li laughed: “I told you all, Fundamental Tang has such a perverse body, suffering so many injuries, is the same as sleeping.”

The other three then realized.

“I’m injured?” This time Tang Tian was also stunned, he looked down at himself: “I don’t feel injured.”

At this time, Crane and Ling Xu walked over. Ling Xu had calmed down after being consoled by Crane. Hearing Tang Tian’s words, Crane was suspicious: “Do you remember the battle?”

“Battle? What battle?” Tang Tian scratched his head in confusion with his puzzled face.

At this time, everyone had calmed down.

“You really don’t remember anything?” Ling Xu’s face was suspicious: “Were you not afraid that I would find trouble with you, and purposely trying to get away with it?”

“Why would you find trouble with me?” Tang Tian did not understand.

“You really don’t remember?” Ling Xu was not at ease.

“Remember what?” Tang Tian was starting to get annoyed: “Don’t try and play with me, let me tell all of you, I saw through you all already! Want to gang up to lie to me? No way! I just overslept!”

Seeing Tang Tian’s content face, everyone was speechless.

Crane: “You suddenly erupted with black flames.”

Ling Xu: “Then you took a sword out from nowhere.”

Crane: “Then Meng Wei had blood meridians beckoning.”

Ling Xu: “That gave her a saber.”

Tang Tian frowned, and asked: “Then she cut me?”

Crane: “Then she gave you the saber.”

Ling Xu: “Then she died.”

“Hahahahaha!” Tang Tian laughed until his tears came out: “Hey hey hey, your stories are not professional enough, she even gave her saber to me, then she died? Wahaha! Is it because I am too handsome? Mosquito Cow, see, I am more handsome than you!”

Ah Mo Li’s expression turned weird: “Fundamental Tang, they did not lie to you.”

“This kind of low grade childish story, you want to cheat this godlike young man, ha ha, I have already seen through all of it!” Tang TIan smiled contentedly.

“The saber is on you.” Crane pointed to Tang Tian’s waist.

Tang Tian looked, and was startled, but confidently replied: “You guys must have placed it on me.”

He did not seem to care about the saber on his waist, but when he touched the sheath, he was startled. A weird feeling suddenly arose in his body.

“Eh, what a weird feeling.” Tang Tian face was perplexed.

Crane stared at Tang TIan’s expression and quickly asked: “What feeling?”

“It seems familiar yet foreign, Eh, this saber has a martial spirit!” Tang Tian was surprised.

Crane’s heart jumped: “Try thrusting with it.”

Everyone immediately scattered to create a space for Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was not smiling anymore, he touched the saber sheath, and the familiar feeling rose up again. It seemed as though he had trained sword techniques for a very long time, which was very weird, he knew he had not trained in sword techniques.

His heart was stirred, and he drew the saber out.

His movements was smooth, and extremely fast. Tang Tian was shocked by his own movements, and consciously thrusted out.


A straight sword trace appeared from beneath his feet, and extended out 15 meters.

Tang Tian was stunned.

“He really doesn’t remember.”

“So mysterious.”

“Could it be amnesia? Wa, we better study him!”

“Yes yes, this is definitely the best chance….”

Excited discussions started sounding out from behind him.

Tang Tian regained his senses, and was unhappy: “Hey, what exactly happened?”

A lively discussion was quickly started by everybody, and everything that happened that day was all said out once. Tang Tian listened until his eyes became big, his face in disbelief.

After listening the entire story, Tang Tian was quiet for a moment, then suddenly asked: “Then where is the saint sword?”

“Disappeared.” Crane explained.

Tang Tian’s heart tightened: “Disappeared? How can it disappear! Oh my, it is a saint sword, how much is that worth! If i sold it, we will all be rich, and can eat until we die!”

Everyone was stunned.

Tang Tian muttered to himself: “Seems like I should just sell this Safe and Sword Saber, Constellation Dark Treasure, hearing this name, it should be able to be sold for a high price.”

The Safe and Sound Saber in his hand trembled.

Feeling the fear in the Safe and Sound Sword Saber, Tang Tian laughed out loud: “Kidding Kidding!”

“But, with that said, we won?”

“I think so.” Crane was unsure.

“Ha ha, then we must definitely eat a feast and celebrate!” Tang Tian raised his arms in elation, with that, he immediately rushed to the goat that was being barbequed.

The rest all looked at each other.