Undefeated God of War - Chapter 313 – The Saber’s Name: Safe and Sound

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Chapter 313 – The Saber’s Name: Safe and Sound

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

Looking at the sword in Tang Tian’s hand, slowly waving up, the hair on Meng Wei’s body suddenly stood, the intense sense of danger made her want to turn her head and run.


She held her saber tightly, doing her best to control her breathing and summoning her will to fight. She had always thought that her willpower was as firm as steel, but at the moment, it was slowly crumbling.

Too strong! Tang Tian was so strong to the point that she did not even have the thought to resist him.

She was extremely experienced in fighting, and knew she did not have even the slightest bit of chance of victory.

I’ll most likely die….

Meng Wei’s mouth suddenly exposed a smile, she instead felt an unspeakable relief. If she died, then there was no need to fight anymore.

Countless scenes rotated past her eyes, her childhood when she wandered around, being picked up by the elder, the cruel competition in fighting, the weak and frail girl that picked up the bloodstained saber in horror, the quiet sobbings late in the night…. Had it finally come to an end?

Her dark and gloomy life was finally ending.

She could feel the sorrow in the saber, it was not a star treasure, other than being hard, it was nothing. It was just an ordinary training saber, no sharp edge, only its durability. She had used it all her life, after experiencing the cruel competition where the strongest survived, she had never changed it. It had followed her, it was the source of her strength and comfort, every time she felt scared, by holding on to the saber, her heart would become calmer.

After killing countless of people and being drowned in their blood, the ordinary training saber gradually grew a soul.

Please do not be sad for me, this is me absolving myself.

In Meng Wei’s gaze, there was a soft look, an ordinary saber with a soul, your life is just beginning. Next time, you must definitely be famous, and shake the world!

The body of the training saber already had wear and tear, with clearly seen jagged cracks. Although she cherished it, but it was in the end an ordinary grade weapon.

When I die, you will definitely be overlooked. Very little people like training sabers, but you’re so strong, you will definitely be pissed off.

Thank you for standing by me in battle, please accept my last gratitude!

Meng Wei grabbed the saber with both hands, raised it in front of her and closed her eyes.

Pa, a fragile sound burst in her body, and she trembled.

Pa pa pa!

The sonic booms sounded out from her body, causing her to be stunned. Her face that was always cold and emotionless, suddenly frowned as though she was suffering from immense pain.

Second Blood Meridians Beckoning!

The White Whale blood meridians in Meng Wei’s body were extremely special. The White Whale blood was just a branch of the Cetus Constellation’s blood meridians, but the blood meridian in her body, had a purity rate of 90%!

That might be why she was able to use the Blood Meridians Beckoning again!

Her whole body lit up with a white light aura, the Cetus Constellation that disappeared had formed in the sky once again, release a white colored light beam, continuously entering the saber in her hands.

“Ordinary nameless steel saber, to grow a soul after a 100 battles, with the White Whale Blood, Offer your life!”

The white light aura followed along the saber body, and suddenly started to flow very quickly, as white streams started to grow out of the holes.

The young lady’s sincere voice, drifted in the wind.

“Nothing can break thou!”

“Nothing will be as sharp as thou!”

“Thou will not be bathed in blood!”



Hearing the lady’s whisper’s Tang Tian’s cold expression did not change at all, but his heart, for some reason, had a slight ripple.

“A joke.”

Tang Tian’s cold voice sounded out, Ocean Prison which was in his hands, pointed straight at Meng Wei.


The surging black flames surged out from the sword body, and the black current pounced towards Meng Wei.

Meng Wei’s vision was completely enveloped by the black flames that covered the sky, she had nowhere to hide. The saber body suddenly lit up with a white light, enveloping Meng Wei’s body. The white light and black flames touched, immediately becoming unstable.

The black flames were extremely fierce, causing the white light to be in imminent danger.

The lady’s face was pale, her voice trembling, she continued to speak tenaciously.

“Thou shall have a life safe and sound.”

The white aura around the saber exploded out, in a blink of an eye, all the white aura was gone, all absorbed into the saber.

The black saber body, was covered with the fine and minute silver white lines, causing the saber to look extremely luxurious, without a trace of evil. But the body that had cracks and holes, made it look damaged. The image of Cetus Constellation in the sky suddenly radiated with a white light, in the blink of an eye, the sky became dark, as countless of grey clouds converged from everywhere.

The stars of Cetus Constellation all started to light up one after another.

Tang Tian withdrew Ocean Prison in his hands, the black flames in the sky disappearing. He looked towards Meng Wei.

Meng Wei’s feet started to disappear, they sky was changing, causing her to be shocked.

Cetus Constellation, wanted to destroy the saber!


Meng Wei panicked, the saber was the sole worry she had in the world, and her only partner. She wanted it to live better, but she never thought that she would face the wrath of Cetus Constellation!

Cetus Constellation wanted to devour it, which would cause it to turn to ashes.

Meng Wei was heartbroken and saddened. Suddenly she saw Tang Tian, she was like a drowning person who was trying to grab hold of the last life saving straw, and in panic, she pleaded: “Mister, please save it!”

“Please I beg you, please save it!”

A figure that even Cetus Constellation would be afraid of, would definitely be able to save the saber! Definitely!

Meng Wei bitterly pleaded with tears all over her face.

Tang Tian who had a cold expression suddenly opened his mouth, and spoke: “Sword name.”

Sword name? Sword name!

Meng Wei muttered: “Sword name…. Sword name….”

She raised her head: “It is called Safe and Sound!”

I hope for thou to be safe and sound.

The saber cried out, it’s light constantly revolving, the light shot out to the image of Cetus Constellation in the sky. At the same time, Cetus Constellation also shout out a light aura, both identical aura crashed into each other.

Bang, the sky trembled.

The dark clouds became even more dense, lightning and thunder started to appear, as though it was the end of the world.

That was…. Constellation Devouring!

Every Star Treasure was born from a constellation, and every constellation’s star treasure would have enormous and strict system. For man-made star treasures, they would receive an intense resistance from their respective constellation, and that was Constellation Devouring.

As long as it was able to resist the devouring of Cetus Constellation, it would be able to become a new star treasure.

This type of star treasure was unable to use the power of the constellation, but had other specialities, that it was not restrained by any constellation, and was therefore termed as Constellation Dark Treasures.

But the power of Constellation Devouring was extremely devastating, so there were extremely few constellation dark treasures in history.

Crane was dumbstruck, for a legend to appear in his eyes, caused him to be stunned. And when he saw that Tang Tian who was enveloped in the black flames did not even have the intention to retreat or dodge, his face suddenly changed.

That asshole, don’t tell me wishes to help the saber?

Crane chided in his heart, his figure became like lightning, as he frantically flew towards Tang Tian.

Ling Xu was the same as him, although Ling Xu did not know what Constellation Dark Treasures were, he relied entirely on his intuition. Tang Tian, danger!

Tang Tian’s eyes glanced at the two figures coming towards him, and a ripple resounded in his heart, he immediately spoke out: “Stupid!”

Ocean Prison, in his hands, immediately released two rays of black flames sword aura.

Crane and Ling Xu immediately realized that the black flames sword auras were flying towards them, and immediately quivered.

Crane subconsciously swung the Crane Sword in his hands, causing a wave of astonishing power to be released from the sword body, causing him to fly outwards. His reaction was fast, he could feel that although the energy was surprising, but it did not harbor any feelings of hurting him, so he followed the power along.

Ling Xu was not as clever as Crane, both the figure and the bird flew out like a bullet, and immediately covering a distance of a few hundred metres. Ling Xu who was in midair, broke out in angry words, and flew further and further.

“Asshole! You’re dead….”

Tang Tian lightly said: “Idiot.”

Meng Wei who was in front of Tang Tian, her body was quickly becoming transparent, looked at Tang Tian in gratitude: “Thank you!”

Tang Tian was emotionless, with a wave, the saber flew into his hands, with words on it’s body: “Safe and Sound”.

Meng Wei disappeared into the air, without a trace.

Safe and Sound which was in Tang Tian’s hand released a wail.

The dark clouds in the sky was very black, only Cetus Constellation, was extremely bright.

Tang Tian raised his head, and looked up into the sky, the black flames were fuming, causing him to be imposing and fierce, calm and without fear.

“Will he succeed?” Sima Xiao said after a long while of silence.

The black flames figure in the sky, for some reason, was brimming with intimidating power. With just his power, in the face of the wrath of the heavens, he did not have any trace of backing out.

“I do not know.” Qiu Zhi Jun shook his head, his eyes filled with respect.

Any person facing such danger would have long run away with their tails between their legs, but Tang Tian….

No one could have thought that, the battle would actually end up developing to this extent. But the scene before everyone, was far more stunning than two people fighting. This was a battle between a human and the heavens!

Before their screens, everyone was speechless.

The cold and berserk Qi, flowed along the Ocean Prison Sword, continuously entering Tang Tian. His indifferent heart that was like a mirror, was not afraid, as countless sword techniques that continued to roll around in his brain, they were extremely familiar yet foreign.

Left Hand holding the Safe and Sound saber, right hand holding Ocean Prison hanging down, his body slightly crouched down.

The might of the sky was getting more and more intense, the black clouds getting more condensed.


A light beam dropped loudly, it was completely different from the light beam previously, being much more fierce and dangerous.

Chilala!(Sound Effect)

Concentrated lightning wriggled and followed the light beam, converging into a network of electricity.

Tang Tian remained emotionless, the hanging down Ocean Prison sword was lifted up, and released.

The fierce black flames sword aura, was like a black flame beam, soaring towards the sky, crashing into the light beam summoned by Cetus Constellation.


The white light and black flames splashed, the electric aura scattered, the astonishing Qi swept in all directions.

The sky trembled violently.

All the screens watching trembled, becoming fuzzy. The intense energy wave and affected all the star treasures.

Tang Tian swayed, but his mouth turned into a cold sneer. The sword techniques that were flooding his brains, and Wu Wang Hai’s entire life. Wu Wang Hai’s life had been all about being chased and killing for 20 years, he had been suppressed by all kinds of high level powers, and was filled with disgust and hatred. The feeling of disgust and hatred, was deep into the bones.

But he could use this feeling, he could use this mood, to completely display Ocean Prison Sword’s might. And the true body of Ocean Prison Sword in the void, due to its hatred, inevitably increased the power given to the projected sword.

Tang Tian’s gaze suddenly turned vicious and cruel, as if he was an infuriated wild beast.

The black flames erupted out, causing his Qi to increase in intensity.

In the dark and boundless void, a figure stood alone, his hoarse voice laughed: “As expected of his son, to be able to even use my hatred, very good.”

“He he, I clearly know I’m being used, I still detest it.”

Wu Wang Hai’s throat sounded like an injured beast.

Tang Tian raised his head, looked towards Cetus Constellation in the sky, his eyes filled with hatred.

He swung Black Flames Ocean Prison.