Undefeated God of War - Chapter 312 – Saint Sword Ocean Prison

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Chapter 312 – Saint Sword Ocean Prison

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: XRCO and DeAndreR

The sword had a width of a palm and about 2.5 m long, its overall size was bigger than Tang Tian. The sword body was straight, without any guard, and a rich black flame flowed along the sword body.

Tang Tian who was also enveloped in the black flames, stood straight with the sword. His Qi was completely different from before, violent and cold.

Meng Wei’s saber shuddered, and the blood in her body almost froze.

Constellation Blood Meridians were blood meridians created and transformed that have experienced a long duration of saturation under the power of the constellation. This allowed the blood meridian to have a deep connection with the constellation. Blood Meridian Beckoning was like the martial spirit of a star treasure combusting. The difference was, after combustion, the star treasure would be destroyed, but for the Blood Meridian Beckoning, the user would suffer a huge backlash, but if the user was able to hold on, there was a probability that they would transform.

The blood meridians in Meng Wei’s body had an extremely high purity rate, and for her to communicate with Cetus Constellation, was much easier compared to ordinary martial artists because of her rate of connection with the Cetus Constellation.

But at the same time, she was extremely sensitive to the changes of the power of the constellation.

When Tang Tian was enveloped in the black flames, the dramatic increase in the power of Cetus Constellation wished to suppress the black flame of Tang Tian’s. But when Tang Tian took out the sword from thin air, the power of Cetus Constellation actually quickly lessened, as though it felt that it had no way of winning.

Even the Blood Meridians Beckoning did not have a chance of success?

Meng Wei laughed bitterly, as her gaze landed on Tang Tian.

This guy… who exactly is he?


Crane raised his head and glanced at Tang Tian who was in the sky, his heart suddenly having a trace of worry. The posture of Tang Tian holding the sword, was definitely not of a novice. But Crane was extremely clear, Tang Tian’s sword techniques were extremely shallow, also….Tang Tian’s current Qi….. was too foreign….

As though he was an entirely different person.

Crane exercised restraint on his thoughts, and turned his cold gaze onto Old Jun Tou. Seems like I need to quickly finish this person in front of me!

Ling Xu had also noticed Tang Tian’s transformation, and was equally shocked. The figure in the black flames in the sky, was cold and berserk, Ling Xu’s first reaction was that he was not Tang Tian! He had a simple brain, and trusted his own instincts. Tang Tian was an openly dumb person, and never was cold and berserk.

Something must have happened!

Ling Xu’s eyes narrowed, Single Blade who was in front of him was like a wild beast staring at him with a gloomy expression.

Although he did not know why, the opponent’s attacks made him feel that they came from the same origin as his Pointed Sea Spears, although Ling Xu was clear that his Pointed Sea Spears was stronger.

I need to win against him as quick as possible!


“Ocean Prison!” Qiu Zhi Jun said with a tremble: “Saint Sword Ocean Prison!”

“Saint…..Saint Sword?” Sima Xiao stammered, he thought he heard wrong.

Qiu Zhi Jun calmed down, his eyes fixated on the sword: “About 1500 years ago, there was an eccentric sword saint, called Wu Wang Hai. It was rumored that, when he was young, he was suddenly enlightened on a sword technique able to cut space, but he was not hailed as a successful saint. With his eccentric character, he became ruthless and addicted to murder, causing him to even face off with six saint martial artists who chased after him, but he would somehow always escape. After 20 years of being chased, he was bestowed as a saint, and stepped into the saint domain. His sword, was called Ocean Prison. Legends said that, before he died, he threw Ocean Prison into the void, never did I expect….”

Sima Xiao was dumbstruck, he had never heard of this sword saint before, but he knew in this aspect, his senior brother would never judge wrong.

Sword Saint!

No one knew how many sword saints had been produced in Heaven Road, but each sword saint was an extremely strong person. Maybe for existences from the long established 12 Ecliptic Palaces, they would not be surprised. They had a long history and who knew how many people who had stepped into the saint domain. But to the new organizations such as the Clan Union, a sword saint was like a legend.

To think that the sword in that fellow’s hand was actually a saint sword!

This fellow…..what exactly is his background…..

“Can we steal it?” Suddenly, Sima Xiao’s eyes flashed a cunning look. Previously, he was just sitting on his mountain and watching the tigers fight, and planned to take advantage of the crisis for his own personal gains, but now that a saint sword had appeared, it had caused him to change his plans.

Qiu Zhi Jun Shook his head: “Impossible. That sword, is sealed in the void. Yes, I thought about it, the black flames are the flames hidden in the void. Without reaching the saint domain, no one can break into the void.”

“Then why is he able to draw that sword?” Sima Xiao asked.

“The sword in his hand is not the real body, it is a projection.” Qiu Zhi Jun said: “His body should have some of Ocean Prison’s hidden flames sealed in him, all these hidden flames, are able to resonate with Ocean Prison which is sealed in the void, and borrow it’s power.”

“Such a pity.” Sima Xiao was filled with regret, if he could obtain the saint sword, then his voice in the Clan Union, would be unmatched. He immediately felt envious: “That’s just a projection, yet it is already so grand, it truly is powerful!”

“The power of a saint sword, is not something he is able to control currently. A bestowal by a sword saint, is the strongest tempering under the heavens, even an ordinary steel sword that is bestowed by a sword saint, will become extremely strong.” Qiu Zhi Jun’s eyes exposed a far sighted look.

“Is Tang Tian a descendant of Wu Wang Hai?” Sima Xiao asked with suspicion.

“Impossible! Wu Wang Hai had never married, and, that was 1500 years ago, it is too distant.” Qiu Zhi Jun.


Tang Tian did not lose his consciousness, but his consciousness was in an extremely queer situation. It was as if he was in void of primal chaos, all around him was countless black flames, and a blurred figure in the distance.

“Hey hey hey! Uncle! Where is this?” Tang Tian shouted out.

When he saw that the black flames produced by his blood meridian with Old Fei, Tang Tian had a brazen idea. If he could use the black flames, how awesome would that be! ‘The Black Flames could even melt star treasures, if i can use it in battle, wouldn’t I be super advantageous?’ In the end, he truly found a way to utilize the flames, and that was his red eye.

(TN: AMATERASUUUUUUU. If you guys realized…. He is actually the descendant from Hagoromo Otsutsuki of Naruto, the blue eye is Byakugan, and the red eye is SHARINGAN, therefore forming the Rinnegan!!)

But, he could merely get his fists to light up with the flames the last time, what actually happened?

The figure in front of him did not seem the hear him, Tang Tian looked around, and suddenly realized, he was actually wielding a weird sword.


Tang Tian was startled, how long had it been since he touched a sword? The last time he touched a sword, was in the school courtyard training the fundamentals of sword techniques. Suddenly, countless amounts of information, flooded in like a tide.

Tang Tian suddenly felt bursts of pain in his head and a drilling pain in his heart. He subconsciously wished to grab his head.

“Hold the sword tightly!”

A voice suddenly said.

Tang Tian ignored everything else, and gripped the sword tightly with all of his might, the pain gushing over him relentlessly.

He held onto the sword with all his strength, and his entire body trembled.

“Hehehe, as expected of his son.”

The figure in front of Tang Tian suddenly released a hoarse and unpleasant strange laugh, and gradually disappeared.

Meng Wei looked at Tang Tian, who was standing still like a wooden doll. Unless, he suffered from some sort of reaction? Meng Wei was stirred, it was not weird, many star treasures when recognizing their masters, the martial artist’s power would usually weaken.

The amount of Qi released by the black flames, proved how strong it was.

Meng Wei was not sure, but she knew, it was her only chance.

I’ll fight!

Meng Wei who was standing there, eyes suddenly lit up, and made her move.

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s body stooped into a crooked position.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Bellowing out like a wild beast, his voice sounded out like thunder and swept across the entire desert. Following the roar was a cold wave of air pressure, swiftly sweeping past like a hurricane!

A visible ripple permeated out with Tang Tian in the center.

Meng Wei rushed up, but only felt that she was clashing with a beast, with a snort, her entire being flew out over 30 m. She held on and stopped herself from flying further, with a trace of blood flowing down the corner of her mouth.

Crane’s reaction was fierce, upon hearing Tang Tian’s roar, his face changed and without hesitation he forsook the idea of flying outwards like his opponent. In the air, he was like a big black crane, when the wave rushed to him, his expression congealed, expanding out his arms, his body relaxed, and when the wave hit him, his heart trembled, quickly struck downwards, his vision becoming a mess.

He took the chance to ride with the wind, in a blink of an eye he had flown over 200 m away, his face full of shock.

Crane’s opponent had his back facing Tang Tian, and when Crane suddenly flew out, his face changed, but he was too late, and could only persistently protect his back, as the ferocious wave of energy crashed into him.

Instantly, he spurt out blood, and his entire person was flung out.

Ling Xu’s attention had always been on Tang Tian, and when Tang Tian roared, his face changed, ignoring Single Blade who was in front of him, his spear tip changed direction, protecting his body from the wave.


An extremely fierce power transmitted through the spear body, causing Ling Xu’s muscles to tense up, all of his True Power frantically revolving, he bellowed, and his spear aura exploded out.

But Flamingo was unable to withstand the terrifying Qi wave, and as though it was sliding on the sand, Flamingo retreated over 10 m before stopping.

Single Blade took too long, before he had even summoned his power, he was struck by the wave and flung over 10 m away, landing heavily in the sand, he stopped moving.

Bing’s expression congealed, he instantly shouted: “Blade!”

Tang Yi was the first to react, waving his Zanbato, he had around 70 to 80 people who reacted with him to release their blade aura. Bing’s expression was solemn, both of his hands lightly waving, he caused the blade auras to form into one, and slice towards the qi wave approaching them.


The qi wave was like a wall, after crashing into the blade, a deep weakness was formed. The berserk qi wave devastated the entire troops, but because of its weakness, it quickly died down, and did not cause any severe injuries or death.

Bing crawled out of the sand and looked towards Tang Tian.

This fellow….

All the martial artists on their sand dunes who were 20 km away, only saw a ripple that swept outwards, like an incoming wave from the sea, in a moment coming towards them.

Countless figures splattered out from the sand dunes as the sand dunes exploded upon impact of the ripple.

Tang Tian dropped down from the sky, half kneeling and leaning on the sword, he seemed to be in pain.

Tang Tian suddenly raised his head, and stood up.

The eyes in the black flame, were unusually demonic red, yet extremely cold.

It was not the cold from being cold of the King Peacock’s eye, but the type of indifferent cold that appeared to be someone who overlooked the others. In Tang Tian’s heart, there was not a bit of

undulations, he swept the entire surroundings with his look, in his mind, countless sword techniques surfaced, it was as though these methods had always been there to begin with.

“Who am I?”

Tang Tian lowered his head and looked at his own hands, and at the sword in his hands.

His gaze, slowly swept across the whole battlefield.

Bing, Ling Xu and Crane, his past memories, he remembered all of them, but they all seemed to be of a distant past, and was unable to cause any stir in his heart. His heart, seemed to have gone through countless experience of life and death, and was a heart of stone.

His gaze, landed on Meng Wei’s body.


He emotionlessly waved the sword in his hand.